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Integrating Technology

RI & Content Support

Ellen Weaver
My Lexia
Give the high-risk students absolute, structured time to work within the software weekly/daily.

Correlate student data directly into lessons in individual and small group lessons.

Utilize program lessons & skill builders both digitally and paper copy.

Help organize data building wide and support learning within the classroom.
Seesaw - The Online Learning Journal
Parent Connection Peer review Teacher Integration

Parents will be logged Allow all students to build Teachers will have free
onto RI/T1 student and their own learning access to all work
be able to see (only) community and use safe, undertaken and
their student’s work, secure social media to shared, along with a
progress, and give/ build their understanding private teacher
of learning targets
receive messages and comment and skills
through digital citizenship
comments to/from the (CCSS aligned) view to
while supporting one
teacher(s)/student. collaborate in real
another via comments
(both written & audio).
With Seesaw as a Platform:

Students can collect and showcase their work and learning in an online

Communicate and collaborate with teachers, stakeholders (principal,

parents, support staff) and other students.

Students will have an access point for all other integrated educational
technology for easy reference, repeated use, and the advantage of
accessing material at home at no cost to the district.
The following slides
showcase educational
RI/T1 Instruction technology that can be
via Educational used to supplement:
● In-classroom
Imagine the impact of a
technologically customized ● Pull out instruction
curriculum supporting our learners
inside and outside of the RI or T1
● Independent
pull out sessions, centralized on learning
Insert Learning

Take online articles from reputable

sources (like TFK) and insert learning
opportunities through videos,
discussions and questions on the
article itself.

Automatically saves student work.

Independent/group work.

Easily shared with classroom teachers

Use reputable content (youtube, etc.)
or create teaching videos to
supplement learning (phonics,
vocabulary, sight words etc.).

Automatically saves student work.

Independent/group work.

Integratable with Insert Learning.

Easily shareable with classroom

Formative Sight Word Sample

Create formative and summative

assessments to gauge/increase
student understanding of vocabulary,
phonics, etc. in multimedia formats
accessible to all ages.

Automatically saves student work.

Differentiated independent/group

Integratable with Clever.

Frontrow Ed

Select grade level appropriate content

supported by integrated CCSS.

Includes comprehension elements (ELA

and Math).

Independent/group work.

Automatically saves student


Easily shareable with classroom

eBook Creator
Students can have an ongoing creation
or publish individual works on specific

Text feature instruction and

application of the understanding of
text, directionality, and much more--
potentially invaluable.

Independent/group work.
Gamify the learning process with
tailored “missions”, integrated with
other tech to guide students on a
learning journey.

Independent/group work.

Automatically saves student


Easily shareable with classroom

Potential Models
Class by Class Pull Out/Push In Multi-Group Pull Out/Push In

25 minute min. session model - Take students from one - Take 2 groups of students
(Standard pull out time) classroom at a time, at a time, each at the same
regardless of level or a different level
Ideally <5 students per group
Fluid rotation model Rotation model
Flexible rotations
- Online instruction - ½ Online instruction
Accomodates students from
multiple grade levels - Face to face instruction - ½ face to face instruction
Small group Small group
Online only instruction supports 1-1
available to any student who 1. Gamified
may benefit, but may not overtly 1. Gamified 2. Hit multiple
qualify for resources 2. Students all miss one small grades/classrooms, but
classroom moment instead similar levels at once
of a variety of moments
Session Example: Class by Class
Mixed level needs. Stay or relocate to
hallway/classroom or central area like
Pull out or push in (3 min) - 5 students A, B, C, D, E
computer lab/library (reduce walking
Differentiated Seesaw activity , accessed through students personal folders time)
(First 10 minutes)- 3 students (A, C, E)
2 groups operate at once
Word sort/phonics lesson (First 10 minutes)- 2 students (B, D)
Online content pre-created or found
SWITCH and reusable with multiple groups as
they progress by being added to their
MyLexia (Last 10 minutes)- 3 students (B, C, D) student folders

Teacher guided Guided reading lesson, inflection and fluency progress check Students record themselves reading a
(Last 10 minutes) - 2 students (A, E) section of text, and self-select
supported goals to work on.
Wrap up (last 2 minutes/walk back)
Skill/drill with limited visuals or
take-home practice explanation
Session Example: Multi-Group
Multi-Level. Relocate to hallway or
Pull out or push in (3min) - 8 students A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
central area like computer lab/library
(reduce walking time)
Differentiated Seesaw read aloud, accessed through students personal
seesaw folders (First 15 minutes)- 10 students (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,)
2 groups operate at once

Leveled sight word lesson/sort (every 5 minutes for the first 15)- 1 student
Online content pre-created and
(A), 3 students B, C, D, 3 students (E, F, G)
reusable with multiple groups as they
progress by being added to their
Independent MyLexia Skill builder, reversible letters b,d,p (Last 10 minutes)
student folders
- 3 students (A, B, C,)
Students interact with leveled, Lexia
MyLexia (Last 10 minutes)- 4 students (D, E, F, G,)
Teacher guided -MyLexia lesson, short vowel o (Last 10 minutes) - 1
Skill/drill with limited visuals or
students (H)
take-home practice explanation
Wrap up (last 2 minutes/walk back)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

12:50-1:15 Teacher 2, 4 Student C, G, H Teacher 2, 4 Plan Teacher 2, 4

1:20-1:45 Student A, F Student B Plan Student B Student C, G, H

1:50-2:15 Teacher 1 Teacher 1 Student E, D, J Teacher 1 Student A, F

2:20-2:45 Student E, D, J Student A, F Student B Student E, D, J Student I

2:50-3:15 Plan Plan Teacher 1 Student I Student E, D, J

3:20-3:45 Student B Student I Student C, G, H Student A, F Plan

Weekly schedule sample - mixed model, limited

Device Requirements
Student Teacher

5 student device minimum (could pull from Teacher iPad

teacher allocation if timing allowed)
- With monitoring app for ipads students use
-current standard for classroom teacher at Dicken (PLTW precedent)

-Blended teachers who have completed the Teacher Laptop

cohort have opportunity to control additional
devices -Blended learning training via District’s Blended
Learning Cohort, a short specialized PD or a
-Make use of available carts/computer lab certificate/degree in educational technology may
resources and PLTW cart when not in use be necessary to fully implement outside of Dicken
Additional ● All created content could be shared
with RI/T1 teachers across the
Applications district.

● Content could be made available for

students who do not qualify for
Include support staff & teachers of services but would benefit from
access at teacher discretion with
non RI/T1 students
limited effort on RI/T1 teacher’s part.