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Health-insurance certificate in the security situation in individual countries and regions What should the student bear in mind when
A proof of adequate health-insurance issued by the health- when taking its decision to issue or renew a temporary attending in person at the immigration office?
insurance provider or a copy of a valid health-insurance residence permit for studying. Should the student speak little or no German at all it is
card must be presented together with the application form, This may result in additional documents or items of necessary that he will be accompanied by a translator
keep in mind that health insurance for travel abroad isn’t verification being required in individual cases. who is of legal age at his own cost. This is of particular
applicable. Important notice: the immigration office kleve county importance when complex matters need to be discussed
Tip: this item of verification usually should have been (Ausländerbehörde Kreis Kleve) will only provide legally and it is helpful to avoid misunderstandings caused by
provided already to the diplomatic mission abroad or to the valid information concerning questions that can be answered language barriers.
immigration office as part of the visa application procedure within its own competence.
and may not be needed again for the process of the issue Is attending in person necessary in all cases?
or renewal of the temporary residence permit for studying. Will a temporary residence permit for a two year Attending in person at the immigration office is not
period be issued in all cases? necessary in every single case. The student will be
7. National passport The decision about issuing a residence permit and about the informed when he is required to appear in person, for
A valid and internationally accepted passport including the validity of this permit always depends on the circumstances of example when more information is necessary or when the
entry visa must be presented together with the application. each individual case and the situation in general. Therefore, storage of biometric data is involved. It is then imperative
Tip: It is a good idea to arrange for a very early extension the validity of the very first temporary residence permit may that the student appears in person at the immigration
or renewal of your national passport if necessary, as the be restricted to one year due to the overall situation. office.
validity of your visa will expire together with the expiry date The temporary residence permit might be issued for a shorter If additional documents or proofs are needed they don’t
of your passport even if the visa is issued for a longer period. term than two years should the national passport expire soon have to be delivered in person to the officer who is in
Just get into contact with your home country’s diplomatic (as explained above under 7.). charge of your application. You can hand in the documents
mission in Germany to arrange the extension if necessary. Of course, the temporary residence permit for studying at the information desk of the immigration office or send
cannot exceed the term necessary for the completion of the them by letter. Information about a temporary
8. Biometric passport picture study in question.
A current biometric passport picture has to be provided
residence permit for studying
together with the application Opening hours of the immigration office at Rhein-Waal University
monday 9.00 a.m. till 12.00 noon Conditions and required documents
Will the above mentioned documents and proofs tuesday 9.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m.
guarantee the issue of a temporary residence wednesday 9.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m.
permit? thursday closed
In most of the cases the application for a temporary friday 9.00 a.m. till 12.00 noon. Imprint
residence permit will be successful. However, there can be
exceptions. Due to the very complex legal situation the above Kreis Kleve - Der Landrat
mentioned rules are not applicable for each and every one of Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
the students. Nassauerallee 15-23 . 47533 Kleve
The immigration office is obliged to take into consideration E-Mail:
the various legal regulations and the very many complex
instructions that are to be observed as well. The immigration
office must consider day to day circumstances and changes Status as of January 2014 w w w. k re i s - k l e v e . d e w w w. k re i s - k l e v e . d e
Details as to which documents are necessary: In order to qualify for a temporary residence permit valid 4.5 by proving sufficient and regular income from
for at least one year a proof must be provided stating that an employment. Students who engage in permitted
1. Application form these funds are available each month for a period of at employment while studying are required to submit
The application form for the issue or renewal of a least one year: the contract of employment (indicating the term of
temporary residence permit has to be completely filled in, employment agreed) together with a current statement
dated and signed personally. 4.1 either by way of proof of actual payment of an about the monthly earnings within the last three months.
Tip: application forms are available at the immigration amount of at least 7.908 Euros (= 12 x 659 Euros) onto The statement of earnings must show a minimum monthly
office of Kleve County, at the “International Office” a blocked account for students at a Germany-based net income of at least 659 Euros.
This leaflet, published by Kleve County (Kreisverwaltung of Rhein-Waal University or can be downloaded for financial institution. The blocked account must contain Should the employment be ending soon, the employer has
Kleve), aims to provide detailed information about the completion at, Suche: (search:) a restriction stating that a maximum of 659 Euros may to issue a letter of confirmation stating the continuation
temporary residence permit which is necessary to study at “Studieren mit Visum“ as well as at the integration portal be withdrawn from the account each month. Both facts or extension of the employment contract on sufficient
Rhein-Waal University for students from outside the EU. It of Kleve County at “Infos require to be certified by the financial institution; conditions (= same amount of monthly net earnings as
contains details about which personal data and documents und Rechtliches / Studium (information and legal issues / mentioned above), provided that the temporary residence
have to provided in order to submit an application. The studying)”. 4.2 or by way of proving a surety bond in favor of the permit and the work permit will be extended as well;
immigration office of Kleve County is the right place student which must be issued by a financially stable
to apply the temporary residence permit for studying at 2. Letter of admission to Rhein-Waal University person (=guarantor) and valid for the entire duration of the 4.6 by way of a combination of proving. Evidence of
Rhein-Waal University. A letter of admission to Rhein-Waal University is period of studying at Rhein-Waal University. sufficient funding (659 Euros per month) can also be given
required. by providing a combination of documents of verification.
Foreign students may be issued a temporary residence Tip: Foreign nationals who require a visa and have just 4.2.1 The surety bond can only be declared by the For example, you can provide a statement of your monthly
permit for: arrived in Germany will already have dealt with this guarantor at the relevant German diplomatic earnings together with your contract of employment (4.5)
· the period of applying for admission to the university matter at the German embassy in their home country, so mission in his country of residence. while studying (with a monthly income of less than 659
· studying at the university when renewing the temporary residence permit this will 4.2.2 If the guarantor currently lives in Germany the Euros) together with a proof of the availability of funds in a
· taking part in preparatory courses for studying not be required any more. surety bond than can only be declared at the blocked account (4.1) with a guaranteed amount of at least
at the university. immigration office at his permanent address in 12 times the difference between your monthly income
3. Enrolment certificate of Rhein-Waal University Germany. while studying and the minimum required net income of at
A current confirmation of your registration at Rhein- least 659 Euros per month.
To submit an application at the immigration office of Waal University must be enclosed as well as an up-to- The diplomatic mission abroad (4.2.1) or the immigration
Kleve County you will need the following documents: date certificate of your student status for the ongoing office (4.2.2) must be provided with appropriate evidence 5. Study progress certificate
semester. stating that the guarantor is financially stable; Applying for renewal of the temporary residence permit
1. Application form will require a study progress certificate issued by Rhein-
2. Letter of admission to Rhein-Waal University 4. Proof of funding 4.3 by way of proof of the award of a scholarship by a Waal University. The certificate must be completely filled in,
3. Enrolment certificate of Rhein-Waal University A letter of admission to Rhein-Waal University is recognized scholarship provider; signed with the day of completion and verified by the official
4. Proof of funding required. stamp of Rhein-Waal University. This is only necessary
5. Study progress certificate According to current legislation (as of 01.01.2014) 4.4 or by depositing a bank guarantee of at least 7.908 when the residence permit ist due to be extended.
6. Health-insurance certificate sufficient funding is considered guaranteed, when the Euros at a financial institution based in Germany, which Tip: application forms can be obtained at the “International
7. National passport student has a monthly amount of at least 659 Euros at needs to be extended annually if the guarantee is not valid Office” of Rhein-Waal University or at the immigration
8. Biometric passport picture his disposal. for a period longer than one year; office.