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Service Agreement N° Year of the Title of the action Status Amount of the

responsible award grant

and (in EUR)

Swiss Labour N/A 2010-2011 Strengthening of Lead 42.232,00 SEK

Assisstance - Autonomous Metal beneficiary
SLA Workers’ Union of Serbia

EC, DG EMPL N/A 2012-2013 Trade Union Training in Co-beneficiary 140.998,60

Macedonia and Serbia to
Support Labour Market

EC, DG EMPL VS/2014/0051 2014 Information & Associated N/A

VP/2014/003 Consultation – Into a New Partner

EC, DG EMPL VS/2014/0379 2014 MULTI CULTI TEAMS. Associated N/A

VP/2014/003 Effective information Partner
management in

EC, DG EMPL VS/2014/0322 2014 Associated N/A

VP/2014/003 More dialogue + less Partner
stress = improved quality
of work

EC, DG EMPL VS/2015/0369 2015 „PICK“ – Participation, Associated N/A

VP/2015/003 Information, Consultation Partner
Key for shaping
EC, DG EMPL VS/2015/0415 2015 “The Value of Safety: Joint Associated N/A
VP/2015/003 Participation in Creating Partner
a: Win-Win Situation in
Metal Sector”
EC, DG EMPL VS/2015/0381 2015 „Know your RIGHTS, be Co-applicants 216.509,44
VP/2015/003 on the RIGHT track, and
shape your future!
Influence decision-making
in metal sector company
by knowing and applying
national and EU laws,
instruments and policies“
EC, DG EMPL VS/2016/0275 2016 Miners Matter! -Miners
VP/2016/003 for Innovation in Trade Co-beneficiary 230 685.79
EC, DG EMPL VS/2016/0274 2016 The power of information.
VP/2016/003 Effective exchange as a
Co-beneficiary 216 902.78
key to effective protection
of workers' rights
EC, DG EMPL VS/2016/0303 2016 Steeling for Change:
VP/2016/003 steelworkers’ 254 568.52
involvement in
undertakings at times of
industry’s downturn
EC, DG EMPL VS/2016/0304 2016 Innovative dispute Co-beneficiary 227 843.98
VP/2016/003 prevention and conflict
resolution methods – a
key to successful
employee involvement in
mining industry
EC, DG EMPL VS/2016/0302 2016 TO.GET.H.E.R - To GET Co-beneficiary 239 471.10
VP/2016/003 High Effective Results in
information, consultation
and active participation in
employment relations
EC, DG EMPL VS/2016/0228 2016 IQ TEST- Increasing Co-beneficiary 193111.16
VP/2016/006 Quality of information
and Transnational
Energising of Social

EC, DG EMPL VS/2016/0223 2016 Posted Workers: Co-beneficiary 138 912.84

VP/2016/006 Promotion of
International Cooperation
among Trade Unions and
Improvement of
Knowledge on Directive
EC, DG EMPL VS/2018/0012 2017 (AIR)SPACE for worker Co-beneficiary 216 711.75
VP/2017/008 participation in the future
aeronautical industry
EC, DG EMPL VS/2018/0010 2017 Greater Employees’ Co-beneficiary 265 000.00
VP/2017/008 Access to Training through
Consultations within
Undertakings GEAR
EC, DG EMPL VS/2018/0008 2017 WISE – Wider Integrating Co-beneficiary 274 828.26 EUR
VP/2017/008 and Sharing Experience on
information, consultation
and participation of
representatives of
EC, DG EMPL VS/2017/0353 2017 GuideForYou - Mutual Co-beneficiary 210 716.20 EUR
VP/2017/003 cooperation of social
partners in Europe on
ensuring better legal
provisions, transparency
and access to information
for posted workers and
posted temporary agency
EC, DG EMPL VS/2017/0350 2017 Promoting fair treatment Co-beneficiary 122 166.87 EUR
VP/2017/003 of posted workers via
increasing transnational