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(tinistry of Hurmn Rmuree Dapbptnsfi C'ovt. of lndio)
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Ph.: 0t t -fiill6il08nffi9sl
Prof. Rajnish Jain for : 0ll-x}2ll s58
Secretary [-rnoil : sccY.rry@nkin

D.O.No. r-1/2018(CPP-il) 18th May,2018

Sub: Pledse Ceremonv on the occasion of Anti-Terrorism Dav on 2l't Mav.2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

This has reference to MHRD letter No.l6-3l2018-S&S dated 18th May, 2018 forwarding
therewith a letter No. l9lZl20l8-Public dated 8th May, 2018 of Ministry of Home Affairs
regarding observance of Anti-Terrorism Day on 2l't May. (available on UGC website

You are requested to kindly celebrate the Anti-terrorism Day in a befitting manner in your
esteemed University and also in the colleges affiliated to your University by observance of
pledge taking ceremony on the occasion of Anti-Terrorism Day on 21't May, 2018 and by
organizing the appropriate programmes as per the Ministry of Home Affairs letter referred

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Rajnish Jain)

To the Vice-Chancellors of all Universities

Copy to :

o Mr. Sujit Kumar, Under Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Dept. of
Higher Education, Govt. of India, S&S Section, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001.
o The Publication Officer, Website Division, UGC, for uploading on website.
(i=). u['\r! ' I /-,,
(Rajnlsh Jain)
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Unhnnl[ 0nnfs (onmh'slon
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,n hl mid
{tinistry of Humon leoune Da,?bpnent, Gon of Indio]
*. wft$ *t r6qfi q{Kl rdg{dc ffi't wf, cf Rr$ttooor
fr{ Shh Zohr lhry, lhr D.lhi-llmz

Ph., 0 | t -f, ilInt8f2il3}sl

Prof. Rainish Jain hr : 0ll-lo2il885t
Secretary f+roil: sttt4r@nicin

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f{'; 16-.j:?i-l18-S&S
' Governn:ent r:f fndia
il4 i n rsir-y r*eri F ggc*lc* flev*l*prn* l,t
r,i "j u

Dep€fiment ol Higlter Educeticn

S&$ $sclron

i'.iew Deihi. lffiay, 2016.

Subject Observance cf Pledge Ceremony on the occasion cf Anti-Terrorlsm

Say {2t*t frlay, tSl8} * regarding.

The undersigned is directed to forward herewith a copy of Ministry of Horne

Affairs fetter No. 19ftfz}1$-Public dated 8n May, 2018 an the subject mentioned above"
lt is requested that the Heads of Attached/Subordinaie Offims and Autonomous
Organizations under the administrative control of the Bureau rnay kindly be advised to
take appropriale action in the mafter as per the guidelines

(Suiit Ku T1 g
Under Secretarylo the Gotrt. of I

All the concemgd Bure-au .Hgade PPS/PS are, requested to forw?rd the to._alj the attaqhe{i svboFlirya}.q. orsanization$,offices/ institutions/ bodieq
under their administrative controlof MIO HRD.

2. CMIS for placing it on e-office, MHRD


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!',iqrth 8iock, Nev; Delhi.

i-la1*<i the 7tf: Ma'y' Zti18
Chief $ecreiar"ie5 6f ail Iitate {3r:verr:ments,
Adrninistrators of all Unirrr Territories, and
B I [iAy j'Jig
$ecretaries of all l"{inistrieslDepariments
0f the Govt. of lndia

Subject: Observance of Anti-Terrorism Dav-


am cJirected to say tlrat every year May 21 is observed as Anti-Terrorism Day.

youth from terrorism
The objective behind observance of this day is to wean away the
and the cult of violence by highlighting the sufferings of common people and showing
as to how it is prejudiciat to the national interest'

2. The ways in which this objective can be achieved have been enumerated
belovr -

(i) by organizing debates/discussions in schogls, colleges and universities;

( ii) holding of symposiums/seminars, lectures, etc. on the dangers of
& violence.
(iii) a determined ancj sustatned drive to bring about a mass awakening
terrorism and violence by making projection through the media
i.e newspapers, lournais, maglzines, All tndia Radio and Doordarshan
etc incluclrng postertng and pamphleteering
(iv) for the mass education programme, to highlight the ill-effects of
and terrorism. imaginative ise of the eteJtronicJprint media by involving
and distribution of
frominent sports, dtm anO other prominent personalities
T-Sh irts with attractive a nti-vioNe nce/tenorist slogans'

(vi invotving vCIluntary organizations, social and cultural bodies to have their
own prograrnrnes through lectures, talks, discussiOns, rnUSical and
recitation programmes and cultural functions;
(vi) anti-terrorism/violence pledge to be taken inallGovernment offices,
sector undeftakings and other public institutions"


3. The a*ov* a!'e sorne illustrative items af the propcsed prCIgramme; you rnay
kindly add or modify to suit special requirenrent, if any, prevailing in your State. I
request you to kindly look into the matter personally and provide guidance to all
concerned in your State including necessary publicity, tcl organise various
pro!;rammes all over the Stale in observing 21., May as 'Anti-Terrorism Day in
a moi;t
befitting manner, The ceremony may preferably be held in the forenoon,

4- An importanl feature of the observance of the Anti-Terrorisrn Day is the

"pledge-taking" ceremony in all Government offices, public sectnr undertakings
other public instittitions, A copy of the "pledge" {both in Eng}lsh & Hindi} is enclosed.

5' You are, accordingly, requested to organize appropriate programmes,,

including the pledge-taking ceremony, to observe theAnti-Terrorlsm Day in a befitting
Yours tuithtully,

{v. B. Dubey}
Joint Secretary to the Governrnent of lndia
Tele. No.011-2307il{t
Encl. :As above


No. 1Sffl?Sl8-Public Ner,s Delhi, the ?th May, ?018.

copy, with enclo*ures, forwarded for information and n*cessary action to:-
t. President'* $ecretariat
2. Vice-President"s $ecretariat
Prime Minister'* ffice
4" Ragistrar. .$uprerne Court of Indla
5. Registrar, Delhi ltigh Court
6" Cabinet Secretariat
7. Rajya Sabha Secretariat
8" 'Lok Sabha Secretariat
9" NlTlAayag, Yojana Bhavan, New Delhi
10" Etection Commission of India
11, Unian Public Eervice Commission
12" Office cf Comptroiler & Auditor General of India
1a Centraf Vigilance Comrnission
14" University Grants C,onrmission
15. National Cornmission for $Cs
16. National Cornmission for $Ts -
17^ National Commission for Backward Classes
18" National Ccmmission for Minorities
19. National Commission for Women
20. National Human Rights Commission
21 Manager, Reserye Bank of India
22 Allattached & suhordinate offices of the Ministry of Home Affairs
23. Ad.ltl $ection/MHA far making neces$ary arrangement in connection with
holding of ceremonY.
24" Principal Information Officer, Shastri Bhawan, !*ew 0elhi-110001 for
appropriate media coverage of the event
25 ANG {M&C}, MHA

{v B DubeY}
Joint $ecretary *o the Government of lndia
Tele. No.01 l- l30?g'l'l 1

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{dsm 0'11- 2367 5111


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