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Chromosomes that are J or L shaped known as

a.Telocentric b.Acrocentric c.Submetacentric d.Metacentric

2. Chromosomes with diffused centromere is known as

a.Acentric b.Holocentric c.Dicentric d.Polycentric

3. Diagrammatic representation of karyotype of a species is

a.Karyotype b.Ideogram c.Banding d.All

4.Chromosome found in Dipteran salivary gland

a.Polytene chromosome b.Lampbrush chromosome

c.B-chromosome d.Holokinetic chromosome

5. longer phase in the cell cycle

a. Interphase b.Mitotic phase c.Prophase d.Telophase

6.Shorter phase in the mitotic phase

a.Prophase b.Metaphase c.Anaphase d.Telophase

7.The term meiosis is coined by

a.W.fleming b.Falmer&moor c.Morgan d.Bateson

8.Bouquet configuration of chromosome occurs during meiotic

a.Leptotene b.Zygotene c.Pachytene d.Diplotene

9.Karyotype are made in

a.Prophase b.Metaphase c.Anaphase d.Telophase

10. Total number of genotypes in human ABO blood group system

a) 3 b) 12 c)
6 d) 4

11.Blending inheritance is the

a.Complete dominance b.Incomplete dominance

c.Codominance d.Sex linked character

12.Inheritance pattern of sickle cell anaemia in haemoglobin level

a.Complete dominance b.Incomplete dominance

c.Codominance d.Sex linked character

13.In sickle cell anaemia which condition provide some protection against malaria

a.Homozygote dominance b.Homozygote recessive

b.Heterozygote d.None

14.Universally applicable mendel’s law

a.Law of segregation b.Law of independent assortment

c.Law of recessive &dominace d.None

15.Exception to mendel’s law of independent assortment

a.Linkage b.Crossing over c.Mutation d.Polyploidy

16.Albinism in human is a………..trait

a.Dominance b.Recessive c.Codominace d.Incomplete dominance

17.Back cross phenotypic ratio

a.1:1 b.1:0 c.3:1 d.1:2:1

18.Which cross is used to test the individual homozygous or heterozygous

a.Back cross b.Test cross c.Multihybrid cross d.All

19.A gene modify a character determined by a basic gene is known as

a.Supplementary gene b.Complementary gene

c.Masking gene d.Inhibitary gene

20.White leghorn and white Plymouth rock is type of

a.Dominant epistasis b.Duplicate Dominant

c.Recessive epistasis d.Dominant & Recessive epistasis

21.Apperance of character of offspring which resemble their remote ancestors are called

a.Throwbaks b.Atavism c.Reversion d.All

22.Example of sex limited recessive lethal

a.Agnatha b.Umbilical hernia c.White heifer disease d.All

23.The ability of a given gene or gene combination to be expressed phenotypically to any degree

a.penetrance b.Expressivity c.Pleiotropism d.None

24.Gene which interact so as to allow each other to express in a new characteristics

a.Supplementary gene b.Complementary gene

c.Masking gene d.Inhibitary gene

25.Lethal gene defective phenotypic effect is

a.Dominant in nature b.Recessive in nature c.Codominant d.Incomplete dominant

26.Ability of lethal gene to reduce viability or death

a.penetrance b.Expressivity c.Pleiotropism d.None

27.Antibody present in the blood group A is

a.Anti-A b.Anti-B c.Both d.None

28.Presence of deletion,a recessive allele of normal homologus chromosome will behave like a
dominant allele is

a.Dominance b.Recessive c.Pseudodominance d.Pseudorecessive

29.Which chromosomal mutation effectively supress the crossing over

a.Deletion b.Duplication c.Inversion d.Translocation

30.2n+2 chromosomal mutation is

a.Monosomy b.Nullisomy c.Trisomy d.Tetrasomy

31.All chromosome come from same species is

a.monoploidy b.Autopolyploidy c.Allopolyploidy d.Segmental allopolyploidy

32.Mongolism normally occurs in which chromosome

a.21 b.18 c.13 d.17

33.Bateson and punnet discovered linkage in

a.Pisum sativum b.Lathyrus odoratus c.Triticum aestivum d.None

34.Who coined the term crossing over

a.Sturtvant b.Morgan c.Bateson d.Lamprecht

35.Gross hopper sex determination system


36.Slow feathering in poultry is

a.Sex linked dominant b.Sex linked recessive c.Sex limited d.Dominant gene

37.Christmas disease is

a.Haemophilia A b.Haemophilia B c.Colour blindness d.Both a&b

38.Horned or polled condition in animal is linked influenced c.Sex limited d.none

39.Father of modern genetics

a.Mendel b.Bateson c.Punnet d.W.Harvey

40.Jacob’s syndrome is

a.XXX b.XXY c.XYY d.XO

41.Book origin of species

a.Herbert spencer b.Darwin c.Aristotle d.Ernst Haeckel

42.Extra nuclear gene present in

a.Plasmid b.Mitochondria c.Both d.None

43.Example of cytoplasmic inheritance

a.Plastid inheritance in mirabilis b.Shell coiling in snail

c.Kapa particles in paramecium d.All the above

44.The chromosome number in Riverine × Swamp crossbred buffaloes is

a.48 b.49 c.50 d.52

45.The difference in Y chromosome of Bos indicus and Bos taurus a result of

a.Translocation b.Inversion c.Endoreplication d.Deletion

46. Y –chromosomes of Bos indicus are usually

a.Small and acrocentric b.Small and submetacentric

c.Small and metacentric d.Small telocentric

47. In a genetic cross having recessive epistasis, F2 phenotypic ratio would be

a. 9:6:1 b. 15 : 1 c. 9 : 3 : 4 d. 12 : 3 : 1.

48. The allele which is unable to express its effect in the presence of another is called
a. co dominant b. supplementary c. complementary d. recessive
49. Colchicine in cell cultures added because it :

a.Stops the growth of bacteria b.Maintains the temperature of RNA Ligase

c.Act as spindle poison d.Helps in nutrition

50. R banding is:

a.Same as G banding b.Reverse of G banding

c.Same as C banding d.Reverse of Q banding

51.The frequency of a recessive allele is 0.40 in a random mating population.What is the

frequency of heterozygote?

a.0.42 b.0.48 c.0.60 d.0.24

52.AA=20 and aa=10 in a complete dominance

a.Aa=5 b. Aa=10 c. Aa=15 d. Aa=20

53. 10.Sum total of all gene of the individual in mendelian population known as

A) Gene bank B) Gene ratio C) Gene total D) Gene pool

54. Gene pool include

A) Kind of genes B) Proportion of genes C) Distribution of genes D)All the above

55.Frequency of zygote is known as

A) Genotype frequency B) Gene frequency

C) Frequency of population D) Frequency of male and female

56.Frequency of Gamete is known as

A) Genotype frequency B) Gene frequency

C) Frequency of population D) Frequency of male and female

57.Which is the range of gene frequency

A) 0 to infinitive B) -1 to +1 C) -1 to 0 D) 0 to 1
58.Sum of the gene frequency is always

A) Equal to 1 B) Higher than 1 C) Lower than 1 D) Zero

59.Individual of AA genotype are one quarter of total population then frequency of genotype is

A) 10% B) 25% C) 50% D) 75%

60. If A1A1=83,A1A2=165, and A2A2=27 then gene frequency of A1 and A2 allele is respectively

A) 0.65 and 0.35 B) 0.3 and 0.7 C) 0.4 and 0.6 D) 0.6 and 0.4

61. If A1A1=83,A1A2=165, and A2A2=27 then genotype frequency of A1A1 and A1A2 and A2A2 is

A) 0.3,0.6,0.1 B) 0.6,0.3,0.1 C) 0.1,0.3,0.6 D)0.3,0.1,0.6

62.Panmixia is also known as

A) Assortative mating B) Disassortative mating C) Random mating D) Biased mating

63.In a population H.W equilibrium ,the maximum genotype frequency will be observed when the
frequency of dominant gene is

A) 0.4 B) 0.5 C) 0.6 D) 0.25

64.H.W equilibrium was formulated in the year

A) 1809 B) 1908 C) 1918 C) 1928

65.If 25% have the recessive phenotype (aa) and the population is in equilibrium with respect to this
locus ,then q is

A) 0.25 B) 0.5 C) 0.75 D) 1.00

66.Country and subject of Hardy was

A) England and Physician B) England and mathematician

C) Germany and physician D) Germany and mathematician

67. If the factors responsible for change are absent according to H.W law ,during successive

A) Gene frequency of progeny > Gene frequency of parents

B) Gene frequency of progeny < Gene frequency of parents

C) Gene frequency of progeny = Gene frequency of parents

D) Gene frequency of progeny have no relation with Gene frequency of parents

68.Genotype frequency of the progeny depend upon

A) Gene frequency of parents B) Genotype frequency of parents

C) Gene constitution of parents D) Genotype constitution of parents

69.Frequency of heterozygote in H.W equilibrium is always

A) Equal to 0.5 B) Less than to 0.5

C) More than to 0.5 D) Never exceed to 0.5

70.If we consider autosomal locus with two allele than to make population in H.W equilibrium how
many random mating required

A) one B) Two C) Three D) Four

71.Which is the effect of selection on recessive trait

A) Very slow B) Slow C) Rapid D) Very rapid

72.Selection is most efficient at

A) High gene frequency B) Low gene frequency

C) Intermediate gene frequency D) At any gene frequency

73.Selection against recessive allele is most efficient when frequency of recessive allele is

A) High B) Low C) One D) Rare

74. In all generation random drift occur in which direction

A) In same direction B) In opposite direction

C) In differ direction D) All the above according to gene frequency

75. Word random drift given by

A) Bateson and punnet B) Hardy Weinberg

C) Sewell wright D) Johanson

76. The ……… is the genetic constitution of an organism

A) Genotype B) Karyotype C) Phenotype D) Gene pool

77.Random fluctuations in gene frequency in small population is

A) genetic death B) genetic drift C) genetic load D) genetic slippage

78.The process which can bring about drastic change in the genetic constitution of a population in
farm animals within a few generatins

A) Mutation B) Migration C) Selection D) Random drift

79.If there are two allele with equal frequency at a locus in a population ,what is the chance that two
randomly chosen animals will have the same genotype at this locus?

A) 1/8 B) 1/4 C) 3/8 D) 5/8

80.Number of breeding individual of population known as

A)Population size

B)Genetic group of population

C)Effective population size

D)Breeding group

81.Dispersive process that change gene frequency

a.Random drift b.Founder effect c.Bottle neck effect d.All

82.Phenotypic value of metric character follow

a.Binomial distribution b.Poisson distribution c.Normal distribution d.None

83.Breeding value is due to

a.Additive gene action b.Non additive c.Dominance d.Epistasis

84.Reproductive fitness traits are

a.Low heritable b.Moderate heritable c.High heritable d.None

85.Covariance of regression of offspring on one parent

a.1/4 VA b. 1/2 VA c. 1/8 VA d. VA

86.Intra sire regression of offspring on dam,Regression value is

a.1/4 h2 b. 1/2 h2 c. 1/8 h2 d. h2

87.Heritability estimate has better precision in

a.Offspring on one parent b.Offspring on mid parent

c.Half sib method d.Full sib method

88.Mean environmental deviation in random mating

a.0 b.0.5 c.0.75 d.1

89.Which is the corrective mating

a.Positive assortative mating b.Negative assortative mating c.Cross breeding d.None

90.Breeding method used for development of shorthorn breed cattle

a.Close breeding b.Line breeding c.Strain breeding d.All

91.Most commonly affected farm animal due to inbreeding

a.Bovine b.Caprine c.Ovine d.Swine

92.Inbreeding depression depends on

a.Dominace b.Inbreeding coefficient c.Frequency of allele d.All

93.Two alleles are similar nucleotide sequences but not copies of the same gene from common

a.Autozygous b.Allozygous c.Autoallozygous d.None

94.Measurement of relative loss of heterozygocity

a.Coefficient of relationship b.Coefficient of correlation

c.Coefficient of inbreeding d.oefficient of regression

95.Which method of inbreeding coefficient is used to study the effect of linkage

a.Path coefficient b.Probability method c.Coancestry method d.Generation matrix

96.Heterosis is due to……….gene action

a.Additive gene action b.Non additive c.Both d.None

97.AA= 10 , aa= -10 and d=0 in that case heterosis is

a.0 b.5 c.10 d.15

98.Four way crossing commonly used in

a.Pig b.Poultry c.Cattle d.Buffalo

99.Widest possible kind of outbreeding

a.Grading up b.cross breeding c.Species hybridization d.Top crossing

100.Breed substitution is

a.Grading up b.cross breeding c.Species hybridization d.Top crossing

101.Cross between Mithun bull and cow ,the F1 male known as

a.Jatsa b.Jatsamin c.Jechha d.Jessam

102.Cross between Jatsamin and Mithun bull

a.Nupsa b.Nupsamin c.Jechha d.Jessam

103.Haploid chromosome number of ostrich

a.39 b.40 c.78 d.80

104.Deamination product of Adenine

a.Hypoxanthine b.Xanthine c.Uracil d.Cytosine

105.Chemical compound that causes frameshift mutation

a.Base analogs b.Acridine dye c.Alkylating agents d.Deaminating agent

106.Mutation produced by Deaminating agent is

a.Transition b.Transversion c.Frameshift mutation d.All

107.Functional unit of DNA

a.Recon b.Muton c.Cistron d.Exon

108.Coding part of the DNA is

a.Intron b.Exon c.Cistron d.Recon

109.Wobble hypothesis is given by

a.Watson b.Crick c.Laderberg d.Holley

110.Genetic transformation Experiment

a.Griffith b.Hershey c.Martha chase d.Gilbert

111.Reverse trancriptase

a.Jacob & Monod b.Temin & Baltimore c.Hershey & Chase d.Frankel & Sanger
112.Promotor sequence in replication of eukaryotes

a.Pribnow box b.TATA box c.Hogness box d.Klenow Fragment

113.Promotor sequence in transcription of prokaryotes

a.Pribnow box b.TATA box c.Hogness box d.Klenow Fragment

114.Removal of introns from mRNA is known as

a.DNA Splicing b.RNA splicing c.Protein splicing d.None

115.Anticodon present in

a.mRNA b.rRNA c.tRNA d.DNA

116.Start Codon


117.Stop codon(Opal)

a.UAA b.UAG c.UGA d.None

118.Postal system of cell

a.Cytoplasm b.Golgi apparatus c.Endoplsmic reticulum d.Ribosome

119.Guinea pig diploid chromosome number

a.64 b.68 c.44 d.32

120.Karyotype of Sheep male

a.54XX b.54XY c.60XX d.60XY

121.Most efficient method of multi trait selection

a) Tandem method b) Independent culling level

c) Selection index d) None of the above

122.The selection index method was introduced in animal breeding by

a) Lush b) Smith and Hazel c)Lerner d) Comstock

123. Order of efficiency of multi trait selection

a) Tandem method > Selection index > Independent culling level

b) Independent culling level > Selection index > Tandem method

c) Selection index > Independent culling level > Tandem method

d) Selection index > Tandem method > Independent culling level

124. Selection index using information from different sources is known as

a) Restricted selection index b) Multi stage selection

c)Multi trait multi source selection index d) All the above

125. Restricted selection index is constructed by

a) Lush b) Smith and Hazel c) Comstock d) Kempthorne and Nordskog

126. The selection index followed for traits , Which have negative genetic correlations

a) Restricted selection index b) Multi stage selection

c)Multi trait multi source selection index d) All the above

127.Which is called as “Keystone of the arch”

a.Natural selection b.Artificial selection

c.Random mating d.Non random mating

128.Trait that shows discrete variation and influenced by many pair of genes

a.Quantitative traits b.Qualitative traits

c.Threshold traits d.Multiple traits

129.ICAR started herd book for sahiwal breeds in the year

a.1914 b.1918 c.1934 d.1941

130. Pedigree selection is more effective if the heritability of the trait is

a. Low b. medium c. High d.Moderate

131.Culling can be practiced with few records if the repeatability of the trait is

a. High b. Low c. Medium d.Moderate

132. In individual selection, animals are chosen on the basis of their

a. Progeny’s performance b. Pedigree c. Own phenotype d.Sib performance

133.The most accurate aid to selection is

a. Individual selection b. Progeny testing c. Pedigree d.Family selection

134. Mass selection is applicable for

a. Sex-limited traits b. Traits expressed late in life c. Traits with high h2 d. All the

135.For carcass traits in sheep the practical aid to selection is

a. Family selection b. Sib selection c. Progeny testing d. Individual

136.Selection that cannot be used for sex-limited traits is

a. Individual selection b. Progeny testing c. Pedigree selection

137.The environment effects, which are different for different families but same for all members of
one and same family is known as……

a. e-effects b. c-effects c. d-effects d. a-effect

138.Which of the following aid to selection is used to identify the carrier individuals for harmful

a. Mass selection b. Pedigree selection c. Sib selection d. Progeny testing

139.The population derived from 4 way cross has inbreeding coefficient F=…………………….

a. 1.0 b. 0.25 c. 0.125 d. 0.5

140.Population derived from 2 way crosses are equivalent to progenies of one generation of……………

a. Back crossing b. Strain crossing c. Self- fertilization d. Inbreeding

141. ……………….tend to change the gene frequency in a manner predictable in amount but not in

a. Selection b. Random drift c. Mutation d. Imigration

142. …………………… the process which results in different proportion of offspring being produced
by different genotypes

a. Selection b. Cross breeding c. Inbreeding d. Out breeding

143. The contribution of offspring to the next generation is called as…………………

a. Breeding value b. Additive gene effect c. Non additive gene effect d. Adaptive

144. If the fitness of standard genotype is taken as 1 then what will be the fitness of the genotype
selected against it………….

a. 0.5 b. 0.25 c. 0 d. 1

145. In an endangered deer population there are 40 dams and 8 sires then what will be effective
population size

a. 24 b. 27 c. 20 d. 12

146. The objective to maximize the genetic gain and to produce superior males and females will
done in which step of the nucleus breeding scheme

A. Commercial B. Multiplier C. Nucleus d.All stages

147. The improvement lag can be reduced by

a. Transferring of sires and dams from commercial to nucleus

b. Transferring of sires and dams from nucleus to farmers herd
c. Breeding stock should not be replaced at longer intervals
d. Keeping sires and dams in upper tires for shorter intervals

148.Which is the example of cooperative breeding scheme

a. ONBS b. CNBS c. MOET d. neither b nor c

149. This will reduce the rate of inbreeding in the nucleus flock

a. Group breeding b. CNBS c. Cross breeding d. All the above

150. Genetic improvement will be slow in

a. Cooperative breeding b. Cross breeding c. CNBS d. MOET

151. Turkey was first domesticated in

a. Mexico b. Spain c. China d. Turkey

152. Single humped camel was first domesticated in

a. Asia b. North Africa c. West Europe d. Arabia

153. Robert Bakewell who is known as father of animal breeding developed

a. Hereford cattle b. Long horn cattle c. Shorthorn breed of cattle d. None of these

154. Hereford cattle is developed by

a. Cooling brothers b. Robert Bakewell c. Tompkins and Galliers d. W.


155. Which of the following is not the principles of Bakewell

a. Breed best to best b. Cross breeding produces refinement and prepotency

c. Like produces likes d. None of these

156.ONBS commonly followed in

a.Sheep b.Cattle c.Goat d.Both a & b

157.Top and Bottom of the nucleus breeding scheme is

a.Nucleus & Multiplier b.Nucleus & Commercial

c.Multiplier & Commercial d.Multiplier & Nucleus

158. First livestock census in india

a.1919 b.1929 c.1939 d.1949

159. Heritability of milk yield in cow

a.0.25 b.0.30 c.0.55 d.0.60

160. Annual genetic improvement due to Open nucleus breeding scheme is

a. 10-20% b. 10-15% c. 8-10% d. 12-15%

161. Mating between inbred line between breed

a.Top crossing b.In crossing c.Incross breeding d.Strain crossing

162.Relationship coefficient of single first cousin

a.0.25 b.0.125 c.0.625 d.0.3125

163.Sire index used in mount hope farm

a.Yapp’s index b.Rice index c.Tomar index d.Krishnan’s index

164.Most efficient method of sire evaluation

a.Tomar index b.Dairy search index c. Yapp’s index d.BLUP

165.Who suggested formulae for MPPA

a.Bakewell b.Lush c.Tompkins d.Galliers

166.Change in the performance of progeny due to artificial selection is

a.Genetic gain b.Selection differential

c.Intensity of selection d.Accuracy of selection

167.The superiority of the selected parents over the population mean before selection is the
phenotypic superiority and is called as

a.Genetic gain b.Selection differential

c.Intensity of selection d.Accuracy of selection

168.Selection differential is expressed in terms of phenotypic standard deviation is called as

a.Genetic gain b.Selection differential

c.Intensity of selection d.Accuracy of selection

169.The practice of improving one character by selecting on another related character is called

a.Direct selection b.Correlated response c.Indirect selection d.All

170.Change in the response in an unselected character resulting from the selection of another

a.Direct selection b.Correlated response c.Indirect selection d.All

171.The average performance of a single line in cross combination with other line measures

a.SCA b.GCA c.Both a & b d.None

172.Method of selection for improvement of SCA

a.RRS b.RS c.Indirect selection d.None

173.RRS is proposed by

a.Comstock b.Robinson c.Harvey d.All the above

174.Inbreeding coefficient (F) through full sib mating reaches 0.986 after how many generations

a.10 b.15 c.20 d.25

175. In a population sex linked genes are carried by homogametic sex is ………..of the
total sex linked genes in the population
a) 1/2 b) 1/4 c) 1/3 d) 2/3

176. Type of gene action in general combining ability (GCA) is

a) additive b) non additive c) both a and b d) none
of the above

177. . Father of modern animal breeding

a) Robert Bakewell b) S.Wright c)J.L.
Lush d)Gauss

178. Reproductive traits in animals usually follow …………… type h2

a) High b) medium c) low d) none of the

179. The goat breed, toggenberg originated from

a) Spain b) Denmark c) Switzerland d) Franc

180. Grading up produces pure breed in how many generations

a) 2-4 b) 4-5 c) 10-12 d) 7-
181. Genotypic correlation is due to
a) polymorphism b) linkage c) pleiotropism d) both b
and c

182. Carcass quality and quantity is an example of

a) non additive gene interaction b) additive gene interaction c) both a
&b d)none of the above
183. In MN blood group system, genotypes are MM = 153, MN = 260, NN = 87, then the
gene frequencies of M and N alleles are
a) 0.64, 0.36 b) 0.5, 0.5 c) 0.566, 0.434 d) 0.518,

184. A new breed can be evolved by

a) out crossing b) cross breeding c) grading up d) none
of the above

185. If the coefficient of selection is 0.25, then the fitness is

a) 1 b ) 0.25 c) 0.75 d)0.5
186.Mildest form of out breeding is
a) Cross breeding b) close breeding c) out crossing d)
rotational crossing

187. The proportion of population which shows genetic death is

a) genetic sterility b) genetic linkage c) genetic load d)
genetic drift

188. Degree of genetic determination is

(a) h2 in narrow sense (b) h2 in broad sense (c) additive variance (d) none

189. The strength of selection is expressed as

(a) coefficient of selection (b) response to selection (c) selection differential

(d) none

190. The precision of heritability estimate is known by the __________

(a) standard error (b) magnitude (c) method of estimation (d) experimental

191. The first progeny testing scheme was launched in India during first five year
plan at:

(a) Hissar (b) Karnal (c) Ludhiana (d) Anand

192. The sum of the additive or average effects for all loci influencing a trait is
referred as

(a) additive genetic variance (b) average breeding value (c) dominance
variation (d) epistatic variation

193. The difference between the genotype value (G) and the breeding value (A) of a
particular genotype is

(a) dominance deviation (b) no dominance (c) directional dominance (d)

none of the above
194. Number of generations 't' required to change the gene frequency from q0 to qt is

(a) qt-q0 (b) 2(qt-q0) (c) 1/qt - 1/qo (d) none above

195. Repeatability sets an upper limit to

(a) VA/VP (b) VG/VP (c) both above (d) VA/VD

196. By increasing the intensity of selection, breeder can increase the _______

(a) response per unit time (b) response per generation (c) realized response
(d) realized heritability

197. Heritability of a trait is given by

(a) rAP (b) bAP (c) bGP (d) none of above

198. The intensity of selection depends with number traits considered ‘n’ is
a) 1/n b) 1/n2 c) n d) 1/√n
199. In the second generation, hybrid vigor will be
a) same as the first b) doubled the first c) half of the first d)none
of the above
200. Hissardale is the cross of
a) Merino ewe x Bikaneri ram b) Lincoln ram x Rambouillet ewe
c) Merino ram x Bikaneri ewe d) Lincoln ewe x Rambouillet ram