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Personal Details
Address AmpelGading Street, Bandungan
Place of birth Semarang District
Date of birth 11 February 1999
Nationality Indonesian
Phone number +6285803713613
Email address
Gender Female
Marital status Single

Educational Background Work Experience

D4 Telecomunication Engineering EXCV Company (Exclusive Graphic Company)
State Polytechnic of Semarang 2016-2020
Graphical Designer
GPA : 3,68
2016 - Present
Relevant Courses :

 Digital Technical A Making exclusive logo, Branding, making any

 K3 & Employee’s Law A poster and brocures.
 Computer Network A
 Radio Technical A Duties :
 Managing the EXCV Company
 Serving Client
Organization Experience  Fast Fun service with customer
Employment History  Company branding on social media
 Managed seeking funding to our UKM
PT. Langgeng Lestari Abadi
Administration division 2015 – present
event “Galaksiar2017 - Galaksiar2018 ”
Making monthly letter, common letter, and manage letter’s inbox and outbox. Also
making about : invoice;e-billing).
Hard Skills
- Managed snack sales everyday
Duties :  IT skills (Ms. Word, Power Point,
- Organized the sale of used clothing
 Making bill of payment to our client that use our services
 Create data of our letter’s inbox and outbox CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop,
 Making online weekend
tax invoice every month
 Making e-billing that use to pay the tax invoice Macromedia Flash 8, Wondershare)
  Making
Organized UKM
MOU with our partners promotion
if the time of agreementto
is upnew
 Computer Networked (Routing, Switching,
students : Cakra2017
EIGRP, Network Security)
Duties :
 Electric Technical Support
- Organized the crew to determine how
 Fashion Stylist
our perfom in Cakra2017
 Interior Designed
- Organized the needed to our perform
in Cakra2017
 Organized the decoration in one of UKM’s Soft Skills
event : Pendas Siar 2017
Duties :  Time Management
- Organized and making decoration to  Public Speaking
Pendas Siar 2017  Desire to Learn
 Team Working
Interest Workshop & Seminar Experience
 Broadcasting
 Networking National Seminar (Bangun Inovasimu dengan Startup) 2016
 Video editing Conducted by Polytechnic Computer Club
 Animating
 Jurnalism

Will be provided on request