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3/23/2018 Oracle Applications - Functional: Oracle Application Implementation Methodology (AIM)

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Oracle Applications - Functional

This Oracle Apps blog is dedicated to beginners and Functional users. Here, I will be discussing about Set ups, Business Flows and various Functionalities o
Applications. CRM Service, Order Management and Learning Management Modules are of my interest. Please visit my blog regularly for recent updates and
comments for further enhancements.

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Index Tuesday, August 2, 2011 Sea

Human Resources Oracle Application Implementation Methodology (AIM)

Interview Questions The Oracle Application Implementation Methodology (AIM) is a proven approach for implementation of Oracle
Oracle Apps Basics Applications across business domains. This approach has been developed by oracle in constant collaboration
within its partner network. Tra
Oracle CRM According to Oracle "AIM provides the tools needed to effectively and efficiently plan, conduct, and control project
steps to successfully implement new business systems." Se
Oracle CRM Service The AIM is delivered in the form of a software bundle that packages the various document templates, which have Powe
been identified as deliverables under the AIM approach. These are in the form of easily editable Microsoft
Oracle Depot Repair
documents like word, excel and map documents.
Oracle Field Service The Software is currently available only to Oracle Partners through the Oracle Partner Network (OPN). The
software installation itself is quite simple and gets running within a few clicks.
Oracle Financials The A.I.M. methodology can actually be used for any type IT software implementations however the value of A.I.M Add
is within the documentation template. The software includes the documentation templates, manuals and an html in H
Oracle Implementation website to manage these templates. the
Oracle Install Base
Deliverables of AIM are as follows:
Oracle Inventory Business Process Architecture (BP)
BP.010 Define Business and Process Strategy
Oracle Manufacturing BP.020 Catalog and Analyze Potential Changes Sou
BP.030 Determine Data Gathering Requirements Ora
Oracle Order Management
BP.040 Develop Current Process Model
BP.050 Review Leading Practices Pro
Oracle Pricing
BP.060 Develop High-Level Process Vision in O
Oracle Purchasing BP.070 Develop High-Level Process Design
BP.080 Develop Future Process Model Cre
Oracle Service Contract BP.090 Document Business Procedure Pro
Oracle Shipping Ord
Business Requirements Definition (RD) Con
Trouble Shooting RD.010 Identify Current Financial and Operating Structure
RD.020 Conduct Current Business Baseline
RD.030 Establish Process and Mapping Summary
RD.040 Gather Business Volumes and Metrics Live
Archive RD.050 Gather Business Requirements
RD.060 Determine Audit and Control Requirements
► 2013 (1) RD.070 Identify Business Availability Requirements
► 2012 (10) RD.080 Identify Reporting and Information Access Requirements

▼ 2011 (60) Business Requirements Mapping (BR)

► Dec (1) BR.010 Analyze High-Level Gaps
BR.020 Prepare mapping environment
► Nov (8)
BR.030 Map Business requirements
► Oct (3) BR.040 Map Business Data
► Sep (10) BR.050 Conduct Integration Fit Analysis
BR.060 Create Information Model
▼ Aug (19) BR.070 Create Reporting Fit Analysis
Business Flow BR.080 Test Business Solutions
of Drop Ship BR.090 Confirm Integrated Business Solutions
Order BR.100 Define Applications Setup
Mandatory BR.110 Define security Profiles
Setups for
Internal Sales Application and Technical Architecture (TA)
Order (ISO) TA.010 Define Architecture Requirements and Strategy
TA.020 Identify Current Technical Architecture
Business Flow
of Internal TA.030 Develop Preliminary Conceptual Architecture
Sales Order TA.040 Define Application Architecture
(ISO) TA.050 Define System Availability Strategy
TA.060 Define Reporting and Information Access Strategy
Procure to Pay TA.070 Revise Conceptual Architecture
(P2P) Cycle
TA.080 Define Application Security Architecture
in Purchasing
TA.090 Define Application and Database Server Architecture
Order to Cash TA.100 Define and Propose Architecture Subsystems
(O2C) Cycle TA.110 Define System Capacity Plan
in Order TA.120 Define Platform and Network Architecture
TA.130 Define Application Deployment Plan
TA.140 Assess Performance Risks 1/4
3/23/2018 Oracle Applications - Functional: Oracle Application Implementation Methodology (AIM)
Back to Back TA.150 Define System Management Procedures
(B2B) Order Av
Flow in Module Design and Build (MD)
Oracle R12 Swa
MD.010 Define Application Extension Strategy
Creating an Item MD.020 Define and estimate application extensions
in Inventory MD.030 Define design standards
MD.040 Define Build Standards
Defining Pay
A v
MD.050 Create Application extensions functional design
Release Pur
MD.060 Design Database extensions
Rules for App
MD.070 Create Application extensions technical design
Shipping Ord
MD.080 Review functional and Technical designs A v
Defining Pick Cyc
MD.090 Prepare Development environment Cal
Slip Grouping Man
MD.100 Create Database extensions App
Rules in MD.110 Create Application extension modules Bill
MD.120 Create Installation routines Ora
Defining Av
Release Data Conversion (CV) Sch
Sequence CV.010 Define data conversion requirements and strategy view
Rules for CV.020 Define Conversion standards App
Shipping Ena
CV.030 Prepare conversion environment Av
Creating Roles CV.040 Perform conversion data mapping Flex
and Granting CV.050 Define manual conversion procedures 17
to User in CV.060 Design conversion programs Def
Order CV.070 Prepare conversion test plans Ora
Manag... Av
CV.080 Develop conversion programs
Creating Price CV.090 Perform conversion unit tests
List "Or
CV.100 Perform conversion business objects
CV.110 Perform conversion validation tests
Setting up Av
Transaction CV.120 Install conversion programs
Types in CV.130 Convert and verify data
Order Ord
Management Documentation (DO) A v
DO.010 Define documentation requirements and strategy Fran
Order Line Man
Status Flow in DO.020 Define Documentation standards and procedures view
Oracle 11i in DO.030 Prepare glossary App
Detail DO.040 Prepare documentation environment Cre
DO.050 Produce documentation prototypes and templates Av
Order Line Con
DO.060 Publish user reference manual Ora
Status Flow "Or
DO.070 Publish user guide
Defining DO.080 Publish technical reference manual Fun
Context- A
DO.090 Publish system management guide
Sensitive Kar
Segment for App
Business System Testing (TE)
Descriptive... Bac
TE.010 Define testing requirements and strategy
O d
Value Sets in TE.020 Develop unit test script Real-tim

Oracle TE.030 Develop link test script

Applications TE.040 Develop system test script
Oracle TE.050 Develop systems integration test script
Application TE.060 Prepare testing environments
Implementatio TE.070 Perform unit test
n TE.080 Perform link test
Methodology TE.090 perform installation test
(AIM... TE.100 Prepare key users for testing
Enabling TE.110 Perform system test
Descriptive TE.120 Perform systems integration test
Flexfield in TE.130 Perform Acceptance test
Oracle Apps
Performance Testing (PT)
► Jul (1) PT.010 – Define Performance Testing Strategy
► Jun (10) PT.020 – Identify Performance Test Scenarios
PT.030 – Identify Performance Test Transaction
► May (4) PT.040 – Create Performance Test Scripts
► Jan (4) PT.050 – Design Performance Test Transaction Programs
PT.060 – Design Performance Test Data
► 2010 (3) PT.070 – Design Test Database Load Programs
PT.080 – Create Performance Test Transaction Programs
PT.090 – Create Test Database Load Programs
PT.100 – Construct Performance Test Database
To Your Inbox PT.110 – Prepare Performance Test Environment
PT.120 – Execute Performance Test
Email address... Submit
Adoption and Learning (AP) or User Training
AP.010 – Define Executive Project Strategy
AP.020 – Conduct Initial Project Team Orientation
Don't Miss a Post AP.030 – Develop Project Team Learning Plan
AP.040 – Prepare Project Team Learning Environment
Posts AP.050 – Conduct Project Team Learning Events
AP.060 – Develop Business Unit Managers’ Readiness Plan
Comments AP.070 – Develop Project Readiness Roadmap
AP.080 – Develop and Execute Communication Campaign
AP.090 – Develop Managers’ Readiness Plan 2/4
3/23/2018 Oracle Applications - Functional: Oracle Application Implementation Methodology (AIM)
There was an error in this AP.100 – Identify Business Process Impact on Organization
gadget AP.110 – Align Human Performance Support Systems
AP.120 – Align Information Technology Groups
AP.130 – Conduct User Learning Needs Analysis
About Me AP.140 – Develop User Learning Plan
AP.150 – Develop User Learning ware
AP.160 – Prepare User Learning Environment
AP.170 – Conduct User Learning Events
AP.180 – Conduct Effectiveness Assessment

Production Migration (PM)

Pavithara Rathinavel PM.010 – Define Transition Strategy
PM.020 – Design Production Support Infrastructure
View my complete profile
PM.030 – Develop Transition and Contingency Plan
PM.040 – Prepare Production Environment
PM.050 – Set Up Applications
PM.060 – Implement Production Support Infrastructure
PM.070 – Verify Production Readiness
PM.080 – Begin Production
PM.090 – Measure System Performance
PM.100 – Maintain System
PM.110 – Refine Production System
PM.120 – Decommission Former Systems
PM.130 – Propose Future Business Direction
PM.140 – Propose Future Technical Direction

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Alex Bandit March 11, 2013 at 5:02 AM

hank you for sharing such great information with us. I really appreciate everything that you've done here
and am glad to know that you really care about the world that we live in :) it outsourcing


Anonymous September 8, 2013 at 10:37 AM

Thank you, my friend, it is really useful.

Raja Singu


Moriah December 10, 2013 at 3:42 AM

Hi i m Moriah. Oracle Consultent. Nice work and thank you for sharing your oracle knowledge


Anonymous November 24, 2014 at 6:26 AM

Which of these deliverables are mandatory for any typical implementation. I am sure not every project will
have all these documents prepared. A lot of them are skipped...


Jack Son May 27, 2016 at 9:49 AM

This is an extremely well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful
information. Thanks for the post.
Apps Development


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3/23/2018 Oracle Applications - Functional: Oracle Application Implementation Methodology (AIM)

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