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Eugene City Hospital

1234 Willamette Street

Eugene, OR 97405
Contact: Danielle Carson
Phone: (541)652-8000
Eugene City Hospital

April 25, 2018 at 11:59 pm


EUGENE, OREGON – In response to new federal standards, Eugene City Hospital (ECH)

will amend its admission policy for Medicare patients seeking hospitalization. Based on the

hospital`s research, approximately 60 out of 1,500 patients may be affected. John Mitchell,

Eugene City Hospital administrator, reassures the patients and their families, “We have options

for these patients.” The hospital will work with these Medicare patients, their families, and

their physicians to find the appropriate outpatient care program.

Admissions nurses will examine Medicare patients against two sets of criteria. Medicare

patients will only need to meet one criterion from each list. The first list will determine the

severity of the illness and the type of service the patient needs. This list includes: vital signs

(e.g. temperature, pulse), blood pressure, blood lab, functional impairment (e.g. impaired

breathing, unconscious), physical finding (e.g. wound, appendix) and pain. The second list will

determine the intensity of the service that the patient requires. This includes: monitoring,

medications, treatments (e.g. physical therapy, speech therapy) and procedures (e.g. surgery).
Mitchell states that, “no Medicare patient will be denied admission when medical treatment is

requested by a physician.” For Medicare patients who may not meet the criteria, ECH provides

three outpatient services. The first service, paid for by Medicare, is the hospital`s home

healthcare program. This service will provide staff from ECH to care for the patient in their

home. The second service is a volunteer-staffed hospice program. The third is a discharge

planning service.

The Oregon Medical Professional Review Organization (OMPRO) will monitor the

hospital for compliance. This policy change was established to determine if a patient meets the

criteria for hospitalization and exists solely to determine the payment source of Medicare

patients, according to Mitchell. Eugene City Hospital is the first hospital in Lane County to

comply to the new policy change.

Further questions can be directed to Danielle Carson mobile: (949)360-3455, email: