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Document Code Title : Ducting Revision Date : 02.01.2017

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1.0 Activity and Responsibility:

Activity of Ducting is intended to create a Air passage for HVAC work The concerned Project
Manager is responsible for the job which will be monitored and supervised for efficient & effective
completion by LWBS Engineer.

2.0 Inputs For Activity

a. Drawing & Adequate level instruments / IS codes / Technical specification.

b. Tools & machineries and necessary arrangements.
c. Duct , Insulation material, clips, Sealant, Anchor fasteners, gasket and nut bolts
d. PPE.

03.Flow of Activity

a. Existing ceiling levels has to be checked with drawing & marked with the help of
instrument at the relevant areas.
b. Install hanger rod and bracket support.
c. For TDF type - join ducts together with flange/clips. Ensure matching flanges are
secured firmly.
d. For Slip Joint type - join ducts together with slip joint and apply necessary sealant along
e. Lift the joined ductwork to the required elevation.
f. Support the elevated ducts with angle brackets secured to previously installed hanger
rods .
g. Continue to install adjacent section of ducts in the same manner described above.
h. Complete the installation for the duct sections.
i. Cut off any excess hanger rod, if any.
j. The volume control damper / Spigot / Variable air volume damper will be connected to
duct using nut bolt system the joint will be made air tight using gasket and sealant.
k. Fire damper will be mounted on wall and the sleeve of fire damper will be connected
to duct using “S” slip (drawing attached).
l. Grills will be connected to duct system using factory fabricated collars, the collar flange
and grill will be connected using riveting.
m. Supply air duct carrying cold air shall be externally insulated with insulation material as
per specification.

4.0 Monitoring and checking :

a. Check the levels of ducts with the drawing.

b. Check for safety measures like barricading, tools & tackles required.
c. Check for straightness / level of the installed ductwork.
d. Check levels in drawing & at site before ducting, periodical level checking during lifting
and final level checking after lifting.

Method Statement Revision No: 0

Document Code Title : Ducting Revision Date : 02.01.2017
INT:MEP:HVAC:01 Reference to Procedure Page 2 of 2

e. Check the inside / outside ducts are cleaned properly.

f. Check for all the joints.
g. When check indicates non conformity, take suitable such as rework to ensure
correction of non-conformity. Post re work a re-inspection is done to confirm
effectiveness of correction.
h. Check all check results are captured in RFW/IMIR.

5.0 Output of the Activity

a. Properly located and cleaned duct.
b. Scrap of sheets, gaskets and clips.

6.0 Operational Control

a. PPE
i. Nose Mask (Dust Hazard)
ii. Ear Muff (Noise Hazard)
iii. Safety Shoes (Sharp Edge Hazard)
iv. Safety helmet
v. Safety jacket
vi. Barricading sign / boards

b. Controls for Environment: Proper collection & stacking of scrap sheet, gaskets and clips
for safe disposal.

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