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Name: ________________________________ - Date:____________

A. Reading
1. Read the text and answer the questions - ____/10
2. Look at the texts in each question. What does it say? Mark a, b or c. - ____/10
B. Use of English
1. Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space. ___/10

2. Complete each gap with ONE word. ___/10

Albert Einstein is 0. one of the best -known scientists of the 20th Century. Yet he was not
1._________ particularly good student. At school in Munich , Einstein got fairly good
grades in nearly 2._________ subjects and was excellent in mathematics and physics.
However, he disliked doing 3._________ he was told. He didn’t like exams and neither did
he like attending classes, so he left school early.

4._________ failing the entrance exam , Einstein was eventually admitted to 5._________
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1896. Although he did well, he did not get a job
at a university after graduation, mainly because he was thought to be very lazy. Instead,
he worked in a secondary school, 6._________ he taught maths and physics, both of which
he was good 7._________.

About two years 8._________, Einstein received a job as a clerk in Bern. Shortly afterwards
his special theory of relativity 9._________ published - one of the greatest scientific
achievements in the history 10._________ mankind.
3. Change the form of words 1-10 so they fi tinto the gaps to complete the following

article. ___/10

We live in a new 0. RESIDENTIAL (RESIDENT) area in the suburbs of London. It is a quiet

1.____________ (NEIGHBOUR), which is a great change after living in one of the noisiest

parts of London for years. The house is set in beautiful place, but there is one major

2.____________ (ENVIRONMENT) problem: a chemical factory a few miles away in the

3.____________ (INDUSTRY) zone.

Unfortunately, the waste from the factory has been causing serious 4.____________

(POLLUTE) of the atmosphere and the Thames River. Another 5.____________

(ADVANTAGE) is the night life, which doesn't exist. If you want any 6.____________

(ENTERTAIN) you have to drive into 7.____________ (CENTRE) London, where you have

the 8.____________ (DIFFICULT) of finding a 9.____________ (SUIT) parking space.

10.____________ (LUCK), it is only a five-minute walk to the nearest underground station,

which then takes me directly to Oxford Circus.

C. Verb Tenses ___/10

1. Everybody will be at the office at about 08:30 tomorrow because the meeting ____________

(start) at nine o'clock.

2. That candidate ____________ (be) still my favorite.

3. While climbing onto the mountain top, I ____________ (encounter) a strange animal.

4. The chairman was sure that his plan would work out fine because no other member

____________ (oppose) it up to that time.

5. I wasn't surprised to hear that Monica ____________ (have) an accident.

6. Urbanization ____________ (always / causes) several environmental challenges.

7. When I ____________ (come) home this evening, my parents had gone out for a walk.

8. By the time the troops ____________ (arrive), the war will have ended.

9. Archaeologists ____________ (explain) recently that there was an ancient underground city.

10. I ____________ (play) tennis tomorrow but I won't be able to do that because I have injured my

right ankle.
D. Writing

1. Rewrite the sentence while the meaning of the sentence does not change. __/10

1. I have never read such a romantic story. (ever)

This is the most ______________________________________ read.

2. I had never seen a more beautiful building. (time)

It was ____________________________________ like that

3. I haven´t enjoyed mysef so much for years. (since)

It´s years _________________________________________________ so much.

4. Mario is the guy who cuts my hair every month. He's 37 today. (who)

Mario, _______________________________________________, has his birthday today

5. Give me the scissors. Give me the ones that cut well. (cuts)

Give me the _________________________________________________ well.

3. Choose one option and write about 120 words. ___/30

You have recently bought a Tablet PC in You read in El Tribuno that Tabacal needs a
Chango Más. When they delivered it to you, the person for the position of chief accountant. Write
table had the screen broken and it didn´t turn on. a letter to Mr Correa to apply for this position.
Write a letter to complain about the tablet and
ask for a refund or a change of product.