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cereal porridge egg milo

banana toast milk orange

Healthy Breakfast

Name these breakfast meals correctly.

Science Homework April 2012

Topic: Healthy Breakfast

Circle the correct words.

1 Cereal Toast

2 Banana Apple

3 Egg Porridge

4 Ketchup Milo

5 Milk Water

6 Egg Porridge

7 Banana Toast

Chips Orange juice

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Science Homework

Name:__________________________________________________ Year 2 ___

Topic: Healthy Lunch

Match these foods with the correct names.

 Sandwich


Roasted fish




Roasted Chicken

Rice and prawn
Day: _____________________ Science Date: _______________________________

Topic: Healthy Lunch.

soup rice and prawn spaghetti salad broccolli

roasted chicken sandwich roasted fish steak

Colour only the healthy foods
Science Homework

Name: ___________________________________________________ Year 2___

Fill in the blanks with the correct words. breakfast / three / healthy /
doughnut / apple / strong / dinner /
toothaches / lunch / overweight

1. I eat ________________ times a day.

2. In the morning, I have my __________________________.

3. At noon, I have my ________________________.

4. At night time, I have my __________________________.

5. It is important to eat _________________________ foods.

6. Eating healthy foods will keep my body __________________

and healthy.

7. Eating lots of fatty and oily foods will make me


8. Eating lots of foods containing too much sugar will give me


9. An example of a healthy food is _______________________.

10. An example of an unhealthy food is _____________________.

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Day: _______________________ Science Date: _________________________________________

grilled chicken rice beef

Topic: Healthy dinner

salad grilled salmon fruits

vegetables orange juice noodles