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May 24, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

Abigail Trocinski is a strong-minded, and bright young woman, and I believe that any institution will benefit in many ways
from her magnetism. I have known Abby, as I call her, for two years and have found her character to be admirable.
Among the personal traits she possesses, the following seem to me to be the most outstanding:
She is an autonomous scholar. She likes to consider all the facts of an issue and then make up her own mind. Her
performance has always been nothing but her very best. Ms. Trocinski has earned a place in various student
organizations including the Spanish Honor Society. Abby is an active member in not just her classes, but in all
organizations to which she belongs. Helping people in need is one of her passions!
Ms. Trocinski has a superior understanding of people. She has a rich circle of friends with people of different races,
cultures, and social-economic status. To be brief, Abby is an incredibly open-minded person with her own beliefs and
dreams. She has a clear mind and has high standards for herself, for her family, and for her community.
Ms. Trocinski is an enjoyable person. She believes that what she is doing is indispensable and worth doing well.
Maintaining her grades in good standing in all her courses and balancing her extracurricular activities and her owl
personal time are examples of the things she takes extremely serious. Her preparation for everything she does is
outstanding. I believe there are not many things she cannot do. If there were something she cannot do, she will find a way
to get it done well. Abby is an amazing young woman, and I believe she will make a valuable contribution to the world. I
urge that you choose her as one of your own. I can think of no one who has what Ms. Abigail Trocinski has to offer your


Sr. Leroy Salazar

Spanish Teacher, Heritage High School
Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Advisor

Where Students Learn, Professionals Grow and Communities Partner.

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