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UPHM. Universidad politécnica Hispano-


English exam level: Psychology VI.

Write exam Oral exam
Spelling Pronunciation

Composition Fluency

Reading comprehension Comprehension

Use of vocabulary Use of vocabulary

Grammar Grammar

1.- What did you do each day? Write 3 activities for each day. (Daily activities)

Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

2.- Write the correct form of the adjective in comparative.

Bikes are than cars (cheap)

January is than June (cold)

My sister is than my brother (thin)

Sue is at English than me (good)

Hares are than tortoises (fast)

My shirt is than hers (colourful)

Alan's eyes are than Peter's (big)

Mount Everest is than K2 (high)

Football is than tennis (popular)

Paula's hair is than Martha's (long)

My girlfriend is than Rose (pretty)

Elephants are than giraffes (heavy)

3.- Write the correct form of the adjective in superlative.

4.- Complete the sentences using the superlative form.

1) Cedric is (young) .
2) Maria is (old) .
3) Fiona is (tall) .
4) Cedric is (small) .
5) Fiona is (fat) .
6) Vicky is (slim) .
7) Fiona is (beautiful) .
8) Fiona is (pretty) .
9) Eliot is (strong) .
10) Fiona is (attractive) .
11) Dan is (intelligent) .
12) Cedric is (curious) .
5.- Complete the sentences. Use the past simple form of the verb in the
1. You (arrive) in England last week.
2. My mom (study) Russian at university.
3. I (phone) you yesterday, but you weren't at home.
4. Last night, Marga and Alice (plan) their holiday.
5. Tom (invite) us to his birthday party.
6. The children (carry) the books to the classroom.
7. We (finish) the exam at half past three.
8. I (chat) to Jane about films and fashion.

6.- Complete the sentences. Use the past simple form of the verb in the
1. we visit →
2. they like →
3. she dances →
4. I play →
5. you carry →
6. he stops →
7. you change →
8. we enjoy →
9. she uses →
10. you try →

7.- Complete the fairy tale with the correct verbs in simple past.

Sleeping Beauty
lived lived woke slept took was cast
grew came married cut saw
A long time ago there _________ a beautiful princess. She __________in a very high tower. A
wicked fairy ___________ a spell and the princess ________ for a hundred years. A big forest
_________ around the tower. One day a handsome prince ________ to the tower. He ________
his sword and _________ the trees. He ________ the princess and ______ her with a kiss. The
prince ____________ the princess and they ______ happily ever after.

8.- What did you do on weekend? (Oral exam)