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Vedic Particle Physics (Beyond Quarks) : Science of the Dark Matter (Brahma Vidya):
The System of Nuclear Growth and Life Grown Up from the Sad-Brahma as in Rg Veda
(Sad-Brahma is the Ground State of Dark Matter): The Complete Atomic Structure
Having Spir
Pandit Khem Chand Sharma, Academic Excellence, 2008, xxxiv, 508 p, ISBN : 81-89901-70-7, Price : Rs. 1,500.00
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"Today is the age of particle physics. Scientists are very keen to find out the original fundam ental particle from which all
other particles are developed step by step with different types of forces in a systematic way. The particle physics has
become the boon for the nuclear science. The atom ic structure is being revealed to d iscover the sub-atom ic particles.
The modern scientists have found the six flavors of the Quark particles considering them the basic fundam ental
particles. This is their last knowledge up to this time in particle physics. But still, there are so many questions in this
particle physics, which are not answered up to this time. In m y view, these modern scientists have not becom e
successful in finding the fundamental particle up to this time, from which all other particles with their forces have been

The figures of all the structures of the subatomic particles are given with the explanation of their related Mantras of the
Holy Ag-Veda concluding at the complete atomic structure of 300X110 atom. The symbolic technical terms of the Vedic
science are used in this book. The terms of the Modern Science and Modern Mathem atics are also used where it became
necessary. There is new theory of the developm ent of particles at several places of the Vedic science in this book, which
differs from the theories of the modern Science. This theory provides perfect knowledge of the sub-atom ic particles in
more right way.

The particles developed from the ground state of the Dark Matter are divided into three categories according to their formation of the content. Some
particles are formed by the pure content of the Dark Matter in the form of quanta of energy only. Som e particles are being converted into physical
mass of matter from the content of the Dark Matter. Som e particles are getting bigger size having more and m ore physical m ass of matter by
absorbing smaller mass particles and getting them bonded in their bodies.

This book provides theoretical knowledge, which will lead a path for further researches for the scientists of present and future time to make further
discoveries in this field for the peace and prosperity of the universe."

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