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The Concept Of Teaching

Self – Assessment Exercise / Reflection – Activity 01

1. What is your personal view of Teaching?

Teaching is a profession which acquired by a person after years of study. They are in a form of
job in which people who profess such has purpose of having it, in order to gain remuneration
due to the said profession. Base on my personal experience, I engage into teaching profession
for me to have a regular job, and earn myself a just compensation. But not until it came into my
realization that teaching was never been all about the positive impressions, benefits and
advantages it give into the person who ever possess such job, for teaching is all about passion
and dedication to the job. It is a mission which engages people to love the profession even to
those who never expect that they will be one of those noble people who aim to help, educate
and inspire people through the views and thoughts they instil whether they are in academic or
an inspiration.

2. How do you work in making teaching as a mission?

As for the quote said; “The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say, 'the children
are now working as if I did not exist.’" – Maria Montessori. The importance of one’s existence
doesn’t depend to the aim of having one’s name marked on the mind of others which claims
one’s greatness during their moment, or the legacy which they left as they stop serving, but
instead focus on what constitutes the profession’s mission. What always matter is how the
person where able to give difference to someone’s life, that is due to the efforts they exert
during the realization of profession’s purpose. Great teachers often strive for the success of his
student, he work unconditionally for him to achieve his mission, for teaching was not simply a
profession in which you teach because of this is the type of career which you happen to engage
with or wanted to have, but instead you teach because of you are called to educate and inspire
people. Another quote which conforms to the principle of teaching as a mission; "A teacher
affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." – Henry Brooks Adams, which means,
the teacher’s mission does not simply end to the students whom he teach during his career or even
up to the time of his existence in this world, but also transferred to many different people whom
others have influenced with his wisdom. It is a mission in which knowledge should be embarked not
only to the number of specific people or whom he lived with, but also spread the comprehension
about the universe which he wanted to impart in the future.

Submitted by: GLENN S. ARANGOTE

THE NCBTS as the Theoretical Framework of the TEACHING PROFESSION
Self – Assessment Exercise / Reflection – Activity 02

What domains are you strong at and weak at? What will you do to improve your weaknesses?

The domains which I considered I am strong are Planning, Assessing Reporting and Personal
Growth and Professional Development. They are considered strong, because of aside from
they’d been practiced recurrently and mandated accordingly as dictated by the law of nature
and the code of conduct for professional teachers, it is also considered to be the fundamental in
teaching, in which teacher able to demonstrate his / her artistic ability on how to design and
craft a plan on how lessons should be related to students, show congeniality and
professionalism for it shows good character and set a role model, all of this in order to build a
much comprehensive classroom environment, have a harmonious teacher – student
relationship, and have a student centered classroom management.

The domains which I considered I am weak are the Diversity of Learners and Curriculum
Development. Weak, not due to unawareness or doesn’t know how to develop or design one,
but weak due to failure to act and prepare. Fail to prepare necessary tools in order to sustain
the needs of those domains particularly the lack to devise the appropriate actions in dealing
individual differences, and at the same time the lack to demonstrate mastery of the course
assigned which doesn’t connect to one’s field of specialization. Additional barrier which
prohibits one to comply is the lack of period to allot in preparing necessary tools and methods in
order to meet the requirements asked by the following domains. Furthermore, the ignorance to
other methods and the lack of plans of the following categories under each domain are factors
which sometimes considered why we fail to implement with focus the criterion of becoming a
competent teacher. To give solution to the following predicaments, additional time is spared for
the accomplishment of all the supposed tools which to be utilized in order to demonstrate
effective delivery of classroom instruction, engage into peer to peer mentoring with
experienced co – educators to have some expert advice on how to deal the considered
ineffectual domains, and lastly, submit oneself into trainings or workshops for a much deeper
understanding in meeting standards.

Submitted by: GLENN S. ARANGOTE