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Facult) of Engineoring & Technolog)'

B.E. (Civil) Scmcster-llI (C.GS.) Examination
(10t 73)
Paper-3 CE 02
Sections-A & R
'lime : Three liours]
[Maximum Marks : 80

(l) All queslions carry marks as indicated.
(2) Answer THREE questions tiom Section A and THREE questions ftom Sc'ction Il.
(3) Due credit wilt be given to neatness and adequate dimensions.
(4) Assume suitable data wherever necessary.
(5) Illustratc your answers wherever necessary *ith the help of ncat skelches.
(6) IJse pen of Blue/Black ink/rcfill only lbr writing the answer book.
(a) lhc bat shown in fig. l(a) is having E = 200 GPa. Detcmine the total elongation or
contraction of the bar

20 kN 60

100 mmi 50 100 mm: 20 kN

60 kN
20 kN 60 kN
rzoo -'n T J T
350 mrn 2oo mm 1

Fig. I (.)

vsl 94t I (Contd.)

(b) A bar of stcel is 60 mm x 60 mm in section and 180 mm long. It is subjcctcd to a tensile
load of 300 kN along the longitudinal axis and tensilc load of 750 kN and 600 kN on
_ thc lateral faces. lind the change in dimcnsions and change in volume. Take
E = 2xl0JMPa and Poisson's ratio - 0.3. 8


2. (a) A copper sleeve, 2l mm intcmal diameter and 27 mm extcrnal diameter. surounds a

20 mm steel bolt, one end of the slecve being in contact with thc shoulder of thc bolt.
'l hc sleeve is 60 mm long. Aftcr putling
rigid washer on the other end of the slecvc.
a nut is tigh(ened on the bolt through l0'. Ifthe pitch ofthe thrcads is 2.5 rnm. find the
strcsses induced in the copper sleeve and steel bolt. 'lhke I1"- 2 x 105 MPa.
E.= 0.9x lOs MPa. 7

(b) A copper llat measuring 60 mm x 30 mm is brazed to another 60 mm x 60 mm mild

stecl flat as shown in Fig.2(b). If the combinalion is heatcd through 120'C.
detcrmine thc stress produced in each bar. Take cr. = 18.5 x l0 6per "C. ll.=. ll0 GPa,
d. = l2x l0 6
F,€r "C and E, = 220 GPa,
30 mm Coppcr
60 mm Sreel
-r 400 rm

Fis. 2 (b)

3. Draw thc SIjD and BMD for the beam shoutr in Fig. 3. Also determinc the maximum bending
momcnt. KN 18 kNln 4kN

lnr lm lm

vsl. .941I (Conrd.)

4. Draw the SFD and BMD for the cantilever beam shown in Fig. 4
24 kN
/-36 kl'Um I2 kN/m

)aaJ 0a t0lI
r )0( i6t c
lm T 2n
Fig. 4

5. (a) Stat€ the assumptions made in theory ofSimple Bending. 3

(b) A cantilever beam has hollow rectangular cross section with outcr dimensions
300 mm x 600 mm and inner dimensions 200 mm x 400 mm asymmetrical about both
X and Y axis. The larger dimensions are along the depth. The bearn has span of 3m and
is loaded with u.d.L. of l0 kN/m of full span. Determine the maximum bending strcsscs
developed. 10

6. (a) Prove that maximum flexural shear stress induced in a rectangular cross seclion is
1.5 times the average. 5

(b) Draw the shear stress distribution in the cross section of the beam near support for the
data given in Q. 5 (b). Determine shear stresses at each point of inlluence. 8

7. (a) State the assumptions made in theory of pure toNion. 3

(b) A solid circular shaft transmits 75 kW power at 200 r.p.m. Calculate the minimum
diameter required if the twist in the shaft is not to exceed Io in 2 m length and shear
stess is limited to 50 N/mm2. Take modulus of rigidity = lxlo5N/mm'?. 10

8. (a) A closely coiled helical spring is to carry a load of 500 N. lts mean coil diameter is
to be l0 times that ofthe wire diameter. Calculate these diameters ifthe maximum shear
stress in the material ofthe spdng is to bc 80 MPa. 5

(b) A cylindrical shell 2 m long has an internal diameler of800 mm and shcll thickness of
l0 mm. Detcrmine change in length, diameter and volumc, if it is subjected to internal
pressure of 1.5 N/mmr. Take E:2'l0J MPa and Poisson's rutio = 0.1. 8

VSL-9411 I (Contd.)
9. (a) Delinc :

(i) Principal plalcs

ii) Principal stresscs.
( 4
(b) For the state of stress at a point in a strained material shown in Fig. 9(b),
determine principal stresses, position of principal plancs, maximum shear stress and
position of shear planes. 60 Mpa

E0 MPa

.10 MPa

60 MPa

ris. e(b)


10. A column with hollow rectangular section is subjected to vertical load as shown in
Fig. 10. Determine the stresses induced at all extemal comers of the basc section.

50 mm
50 I
50 rnrn

J so 200 mm___- 50 t_ l3
Fis. l0

vst, -941l 1 ((bntd )

11. Determinc thc slopc and dcflection at frec cnd ofthc cantilcver bcam shorvn in Fig. 11.

12 kN/m
24 kN/m
'4 J1 B

" l* t r. t 2^ - u
Fig. l1
12. (a) Whar is the cquivalent length lbr columns with end conditions given below :

(i) Bolh ends hinged or pinned

(ii) Onc end fixcd other frce

(iii) One end fixed other hinged

(iv) Both ends fixed. 4

(b) t-ind the Euler's and Rankine's crippling load for a hollow cylindrical cast iron
column 200 mm external diameter, 25 mm thick, 6 m long and fixed at both etrds.
Il = 1.2 xl05 N/mm2, o"= 550 N/mm, and a = **. l0

vst. 94 t I 5 425