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Alleviating Hospital Suffering at Death

Every day in hospitals around the world, patients die, Isolated death in a hospital setting is a problem
alone and without any human contact. Upon meeting facing many people today. To help alleviate this
with staff at the University of Washington Medical problem I have done research through an in depth
Center, it became clear that while there was a need to literature review as well as an informational survey
alleviate this suffering in the hospital, there was little that was sent nationwide. The results of these two
knowledge of how to combat this issue. This is when I summarized that in the creation of a NODA
discovered the No One Dies Alone program, a model program, volunteer support, staff support, and
that provides dying, isolated patients with a human proper training, a NODA program can be well
volunteer until the time of their death. Throughout the implemented. From this, I have created a guideline
course of this project, I have done in depth research on to take to hospitals in the effort to convince more
the creation, implementation, recruitment, and healthcare providers to establish a NODA branch.
sustainability of this hospital palliative care programs With this, hospitals can benefit the lives of dying
in order to instruct other hospitals on how to create a patients, while having an easy time creating this
NODA program.  death-changing program. 

For this project, I conducted an in-depth review of
published literature and informational survey to all
existing NODA branches that I could contact. In total, I
read hours of literature to discover the best methods
of implementing a hospital program, as well as
recieved feedback from 14 NODA branches scattered
throughout the nation. With these results, best
practices and recommendations were gathered to
create a guideline convincing hospitals to create the
NODA program, as well as an aid in how to create this

Through this outreach, I discovered the best practices to The creation of a NODA program requires aid from
create a program, such as using staff coordination and multiple parties. While this program may be
well placed marketing and recruitment of volunteers. difficult to establish, the creation and
Training volunteers is best done when an extra grief implementation of a program is achievable, and
counseling training is added onto the normal volunteer can be done through the cooperative efforts of
training program, in order to assist new volunteers of staff and volunteers in order to change the way
the harsh environment. Volunteers are also sustained lonely patients die in a hospital setting. Through
through regular meetings, and check ups on the mental my research, I have been able to create a
health of a volunteer. Patients who qualify are identified document to present to hospitals, in which I lay
as people who willingly consent to having a visitor, while out the reasons for creating a NODA program, as
having no other resources and are in the last 24-72 well as a guideline to assist a hospital in the
hours of life.  creation and implementation of a NODA program. 

Derek Dragseth