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Team Tools: Team Profile

MGMT 609

Member name Contact: Connections to members Potential Restrictions on Performance

Address/ Email/ Phone (classes, dorms, etc.) (job, courseload, athletics, family issues, etc.)
123 39th St., DC
Ex) John Smith Two classes with Chris Working 20 hrs./wk.; 18 credits






M. Clark, American University

Team Tools: Team Inventory
MGMT 609
What resources does each member bring to the team and its task?
 TRAITS/ATTRIBUTES - e.g., extroverted, introverted, fastidious, creative, detail- or big-picture- oriented, high
 SKILLS - e.g., clear writing ability, financial or logical analysis, experience with particular software
 KNOWLEDGE - e.g., relevant work history, academic background/major, legal aspects, industry knowledge
 OTHERS? – what other resources are relevant to the team and task?
 MATERIAL - e.g., laptop, software, A/V equipment, meeting space
 NETWORKS - e.g., relationship with company, industry, connection to an outside expert
Have each member inform the team about what (s)he can contribute to the task at hand.
Team Member Traits / Attributes Skills Knowledge Other

M. Clark, American University

Team Task Chart: Assignments & Timelines
MGMT 609

Overall Due Date ____________ Report To ______________

Team Task/ Who is OT – PT (optimistic & Start End
Activity Description responsible? pessimistic time estimate) Date Date




M. Clark, American University

Team Performance Feedback Instructions
MGMT 609

*Due Dates: Criteria = Midterm Completed Feedback = End of term

Performance feedback is used to provide developmental information to team members, as

well as to make administrative decisions (promotions, grades) in line with organizational
strategy. Through your team’s task efforts, you have identified goals and normative
expectations for collective and individual behavior. Use the form below to develop a
performance feedback instrument for your team. This instrument should specify and
reinforce behaviors that your team believes are important to achieving its goals.
 FIRST, your team must agree on the evaluation criteria (i.e., the basis on which you will provide
feedback at the end of the semester). These criteria should be consistent with (or build upon) your
team’s agreed-upon Charter of purpose and behavior. Submit a copy of these criteria to your
instructor by the date specified & KEEP A COPY!

 AT THE END OF THE TEAM PROJECT (on the date specified by your instructor), submit
completed feedback forms for each member to your instructor. Your instructor may also ask you to
share this feedback with your team members in or out of class time.

 REMEMBER, good managers/team members never surprise others with new information when
giving performance feedback -- the feedback content should be clearly connected to team goals,
norms, and consistent with prior communication.
Please note that your instructor will keep all feedback COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL unless
otherwise discussed in class.


For criteria 1-7, you will provide feedback on each member's INDIVIDUAL performance.
For criteria 8-10, you rate the TEAM as a whole. (Everyone on your team receives the same score for
this part of the grade, which will be the average of everyone's evaluations of the team.)

Criteria 1-6: TASK PROCESS & EXECUTION (60 pts)
Choose 6 aspects of the task preparation process to evaluate, such as the behaviors outlined in your
team’s Charter. EXAMPLES include: finds outside information sources, gets work done on time, does
assignments completely, does extra work for the project, presents material well, or ANY reasonable
factor your team agrees on.
Fill in the criteria that your team chooses on the blank lines numbered 1-6.
Criterion 7: OVERALL EVALUATION of team member (10 pts)
Criteria 8-10: TEAM-Level FUNCTIONING (30 pts)
Choose 3 factors that measure the team as a whole, in accordance with your team’s Charter. These
could include: works well as a team, works efficiently, upholds psychological contract, effective
problem-solving strategies, effective conflict resolution, good communication patterns, or ANY
reasonable criteria your team agrees on.
Fill in the 3 factors that your team chooses on lines 8-10.

M. Clark, American University

Team Performance Feedback Form (p. 1 of 2)
MGMT 609
MY name (member who is doing the rating): _Aditiya Aggarwal____________________
Part I of II - Rating: Insert the names of your team members in the “Ratee Names” section below. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being
highest), evaluate performance during the semester for the criteria previously selected by your team (based on your team goals). Add
all scores to compute an overall score in the last row. *Note: All members receive the same score for items 8 through 10.

1. Finds Outside Information Resources # # # # # #

2. Gets Work Done on Time # # # # # #

3. Does Extra Work for the Project # # # # # #

Process & # #
Execution 4. Presents Material Well # # # #

# #
5. # # # #

# #
6. # # # #

# #
Overall 7. Overall Evaluation of Member # # # #

8. #

Functioning 9. #

10. #

TOTAL SCORE (0 -100)

M. Clark, American University

Team Performance Feedback Form (p. 2 of 2)
MGMT 609
Part II of II – Written Comments: Provide a brief rationale for your evaluation of each team member. Failure to provide
adequate rationale may undermine your credibility (& detract from your own evaluation grade).

Task Process
& Execution


Other /

M. Clark, American University