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Annex F

Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF)

Name of Employee: LINDO
S. LECERA Name of Rater: ________________
Position: Teacher I Position: Principal II
Bureau/Center/Service/Division: DepEd - Schools Division of Samar Date Review: December 2015
Rating Period: June 2015-March 2016
Weight PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (Quality, Efficiency, Timeliness) RATING
KRA Q E T Ave.
Basic Teaching * Prepared Lesson plans or daily June to 10% 5- All daily lesson logs had the following objective that aligned with the CG , indicating Teacher's
Education -Learning logs of activities. March guide, Manual, Textbook & Module, No. learners within mastery level, No. of learners needing
Services Process remediation/reinforcement, 4- lacked 1 indicator, 3- lacked 2 indicators, 2- lacked 3 indicators, 1-
lacked 4 indicators 0.000

* Facilitated learning through the June to 20% 5- Has provided learning activities that allow all learners reach their full potential, aligned the
used of instructional materials March lesson objectives, teaching methods, learning activities, instructional materials and other
and innovative teaching resources appropriate to the learners, 4- lacked 1 indicator, 3- lacked 2 indicators, 2- lacked 3
startegies. indicators and 1- lacked 4 indicators 0.000

*Monitored attendance, June to 10% 5- Has checked daily attendance, provided equal opportunities, recognized fairness and
maintained safe and motivating March consideration among learners and maintained safe and orderly classroom, 4- lacked 1 indicator, 3-
environment, cleanliness and lacked 2 indicators, 2- lacked 3 indicators and 1- lacked 4 indicators
orderliness of classrooms. 0.000

Pupils *Checked, recorded, evaluated June to 10% 5-Has conducted valid and reliable formative and summative tests as seen in the pupils portfolio.
Outcomes and monitored pupil's progress. March Has recorded, enterpreted and used test result in improving teaching learning process and
manifisted fairness in the interpretation of test results, 4- lacked 1 indicator, 3- lacked 2 indicators,
2- lacked 3 indicators and 1- lacked 4 indicators 0.000

*Conducted remediation for slow June to 5% 5- Evidences showed the records of remediation, reinforcement and one-on- one enrichment
learners, reinforcement for March activity. Has listed the benificiaries of the activities and given time allotment as shown in the class
average and enrichment activity program, 4- lacked 1 indicator, 3- lacked 2 indicators , 2- lacked 3 indicators and 1- lacked 4
for the fast learners. indicators 0.000
*Kept and maintained accurate June to 5% 5- Has prepared Teacher's portfolio contains the records of pupils such as; School Forms 1, 2 and 5,
pupils school records. March class record, nutrional status, records of feeding, grading sheets, age profile, form 137, report card
signed by parents, 4- lacked 1 indicator, 3- lacked 2 indicators, 2- lacked 3 indicators and 1- lacked 4 0.000

Community Conducted periodic Homeroom June to 15% 5- Has showed the minutes of meetings conducted, attendance sheet, action plan for pupils that
Linkages Meetings. March needs development and Memorandum of Agreement from parents of PARDOs, 4- lacked 1
indicator, 3- lacked 2 indicators, 2- lacked 3 indicators, 1- lacked 4 indicators 0.000

Conducted home visitation of June to 10% 5- 130% percent accomplished, 4- 115%-129% accomplished, 3- 100%-114% accomplished, 2-
PARDOs and pupils needing March 51% to 99% accomplished and 1- below 50%.
academic monitoring/follow-up. 0.000

Initiated projects and activities June to 5% 5- 130% percent accomplished, 4- 115%-129% accomplished, 3- 100%-114% accomplished, 2- 51%
with external funding/ March to 99% accomplished, 1- below 50%.
sponsorship 0.000

Plus Factor Acted as trainer/facilitator in the June to 5% 5- At least 3 for division level, 4- at least 2 for division level, 3- at least 1 for division level, 2-
national, regional, district and March district level and 1- school level. 0.000
school level

Acted as coach or trainer to June to 2.50% 5- recognize as 1st placer, 4- recognize as 2nd placer, 3- recognize as 3rd placer, 2- recognize as 4th
award winning students or group March placer and 1- recognize as 5th placer
of students in academic and non-
academic contests recognized at
least at the division level. 0.000

Served as demonstration teacher June to 2.50% 5- national level, 4- regional level, 3- division level, 2- district level and 1- school level.
for peers, cooperating teachers March
resources, teachers in the service
and pre-service teaching 0.000

* To get the score, the rating is multiplied by the weight assigned OVERALL RATING FOR

_____________________ _____________________
Teacher I Principal II Schools Division Superintendent
(Ratee) (Rater) Approving Athority

DEPED RPMS For Teachers


Performance represents an extraordinary level of achievement and commitment in terms of quality and time, technical skills and knowledge, ingenuity,
creativity and initiative. Employees at this performance level should have demonstrated exceptional job mastery in all areas of responsibility. Employee
5 OUTSTANDING achievement and contributions to the organizations are of marked excellence.

Performance exceeded expectations. All goals, objectives and target were achieved above the established standards.

Performance met expectations in terms of quality of work, efficiency and timeliness. The most critical annual goals were met.

2 UNSATISFACTORY Performance failed to met expectations, and/or one or more of the most goals were not met.

Performance was consistently below expectations, and/or reasonable progress toward critical goals was not made. Significant improvement is needed in
1 POOR one or more improtant areas.
This rating scale is based on the Civil Service Commision Memorandum Circular No. 06, series of 2012 that sets the guidelines on the establishment and implementation of the Strategic Performance
Management System (SPMS) in all government agencies.


4.500-5.000 Outsanding 5 Role Model
3.500-4.499 Very Satisfactory 4 Consistently demonstrates
2.500-3.499 Satisfactory 3 Most of the time demonstrates
1.500-2.499 Unsatisfactory 2 Sometimes demonstrates
below 1.499 Poor 1 Rarely demostrates
The overall rating/assessment for the Competencies shall be monitored for developmental purposes. In evaluating the individual's demonstration of competencies, this rating scale shall
accomplishments shall fall within the apply.
following adjectival ratings and shall be in
three (3) decimal points.
Grievances and Appeals
1. A grievance Committee shall be created in each 3. Individual employees who feel aggrieved or dissatified with their final performance ratings can file an appeal with the Grievance Committee at
level of the organization to act as appeals board and their level within ten (10) working days from date of receipt of notice of their final performance evaluation rating from the rater. The ratee, however,
final arbiter of all issues relating to the shall not be allowed to protest the performance ratings of co-employees. Ratings obtained by the ratee can used as basis for reference for
implementation of RPMS. comparison in appealing the individual performance rating.

2. The office performance assessment as discussed in 4. The Grievance Committee shall decide on the appeals within one (1) month from receipt. Appeals lodged at any grievance Committee shall follow
the performance review and evaluation phase shall be the hierarchical jurisdiction of various Grievance Committees within the agency. For example, the decision of the Division Grievance Committee is
final and not appealable. Any issue/appeal on the appealable to the Regional Grievance Committee, which decision is in turn appealable to the Central Office Grievance Committee.
initial performance assessment of an office shall be
discussed and decided during the performance review
5. The decision of the Central Office Grievance Committee is final. DepEd RPMS Form for Teachers
Form for Teachers
Final Performance results Rating Adjectival Rating

Accomplishments of KRAs and Objectives

Rater- Ratee Agreement

The signatures below confirm that the employee and his/her superior have agreed on content of this appraisal form and the performance rating.

Name of employee Name of Superior

Signature Signature


Action Plan (Recommended

Developmental Intervention)
Strengths Developmental Needs Timeline Resources Needed

Teacher I Principal II Schools Division Superintendent

(Ratee) (Rater) (Approving Authority)
DepEd RPMS Form for Teachers
Self-Management Teamwork Oral Communication
Sets personal goals and direction, needs and development. Willingly does his/her share of resposibility. Follows instructions accurately.
Undertakes personal actions and behaviors that are clear and purposive and takes Promotes collaboration and removes barriers to teamwork and goal accomplishment Expresses self clearly, fluently and articulately.
into account personal goals and values congruent to that of the organization. across the organization. Uses appropriate medium for the message.
Displays emotional maturity and enthusiasm for and is challenged by higher goals. Applies negotiation principles in arriving at win-win agreements. Adjust communication style to others.
Prioritize work tasks and schedules (through grant chart, checklists, etc.) to Drives consensus and team ownership of decisions. Guides discussions between and among peers to meet an objective.
achieve goals. Works constructively and collaboratively with others and across organizations to Written Communication
Sets high quality, challenging, realistic goals for self and other. accomplish organizational goals and objectives. Knows the different written business communication formats used
Professionalism and Ethics Service Orientation in the Deped
Demonstrates the values and behavior enshrined in the Norms of Conduct and Can explain and articulate organizational directions, issues and problems. Writes routine correspondence/communications, narrative and desciptive
Ethical Standards for public officials and employees (RA 6713). Takes personal responsibility for dealing with and/or correcting customer service report based on readily available information data with minimal spelling
Practices ethical and professional behavior and conduct taking into account the issues and concerns. or grammatical error/s (e.g. Memos, minutes, etc.).
impact of his/her actions and decisions. Initiates activities that promotes advocacy for men and women empowerment. Secures information from required references (i.e., Directories, schedules,
Maintains a professional image: being trustwothy, regularity of attendance and Participates in updating of office vision, mission, mandates and strategies based on notices, instructions) for specefic purposes.
punctuality, good grooming and communication. DepEd Strategies and directions. Self- edits words, numbers, phonetic notation and content, if necessary.
Makes personal sacrifices to meet the organization's needs. Develops and adopts service improvement programs through simplified procedures Demonstrates clarity, fluency, impact, conscience and effectiveness in his/
Acts with a sense of urgency and responsibility to meet the organization's needs, that will further enhance service delivery. her written communications.
improve systems and help others improve their effectiveness. Computer/ICT Skills
Result Focus Innovation Prepares basic compositions (e.g., letters, reports, spreadsheets and
Achieves results with optimal use of time and resources most of the time. Examines the root cause of problems and suggests effective solution. Fosters new graphics presentation using Word Processing and Excel.
Avoids rework, mistakes and wasted through effective work methods by placing ideas, processes and suggests better ways to do things (cost and/or operational Identifies different computer parts, turns the computer on/off, and work on
organizational needs before personal needs. efficiency). a given task with acceptable speed and accuracy and connects
Delivers error-free outputs most of the time by conforming to standard operating Demonstrates an ability to think "beyond the box". Continuously focuses on improving computer peripherals ( e.g. Printers, modems, multimedia projectors, etc).
procedures correctly and consitently. Able to produce very satisfactory quality of work personal productivity to create higher value and results. Prepares simple presentation using Powerpoint.
in terms of usefulness/acceptability and completeness with no supervisio required. Promotes a creative climate and inspires co-workers to develop original ideas or Utilizes technologies to: access information to enhance professional
Expresses a desire to do better and may express frustration at waste or inefficiency. solutions. productivity, assists in conducting research and communicate through local
May focus on new or more precise ways of meeting goals set. Translates creative thinking into tangible changes and solutions that improve the work and global professional networks.
Makes specific changes in the system or in own work method to improve performance. unit and organization. Recommends appropriate and updated technology to enhance productivity
Examples may include doing something better, faster, at a lower cost, more efficiently; Uses ingenious methods to accomplish responsibilities. Demonstrates resourcefulness and professional practice.
or improving quality, customer satisfaction, marale, without setting any specific goal. and the ability to succeed with minimal resources.



DepEd RPMS Form for Teachers


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