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In the beginning, my topic for the project is not ' How can Heineken expand their market in

Thailand?'. It was 'How does Heineken Holding Company gain more profit than Thai Beverage
Company?'. As you can see, both of my topics are about alcohol. At first, I believed that comparing
two business, which are in the same industry revenues will be fascinating and also challenging
myself as well. But after I start my research on this topic, I realized that times might not be enough
for me to gathering all of the information, summarize as well as analyze it. So, I choose to change
my topic to ' How can Heineken expand their market in Thailand?'. The reasons that I chose
Heineken are because I think that it is a famous company in worldwide, to find the information will
not take so much time. Thai people love to drink alcohol especially, beer. Along with a current
economic situation in Thailand presently, I think my project could find the way for the company to
survive not only for Heineken but for any of them that might need help. I sometimes struggle with
reading the information as well as finding the information. I think my topic is too narrow, I should
change it to something that is not too narrow.
I prefer to do this project individually because it is easy to control and I don't have to waste
my time on arguing with my partner. I changed the topics after I have been researching for two days
which mean that I have less time more than others. I should consider the topic clearly for the first
time. During the researching process, I spent lots of my times on thinking about the information
that I need to understand. I read some of the studies about Alcohol Consumption and Laws about
Alcohol in Thailand. I gained lots of new knowledge from doing research. I also struggle with
reading some of the studies, some of the words that the authors use are too complicated. But after
all, My research process went pretty well. I have enough information and I started my final product
as a three pages infographic. In my final product, I include the product lists, brief information about
Heineken, an example of Heineken Campaign and also the Marketing Strategies.
I am a lazy person thus, the work at the school is a lot which means that I need to manage
my time very well if I want to finish all of my tasks. I put the stickers on my screen desktop to remind
me the works that I have to finish. I have been wasting so much time on summarizing the
information and turn into the final products, I had too much information to put in the infographic so
I have to cut some of them which were very hard for me. I decided to read through them all again
and cut some parts that are not important. I love it when my things are perfect. After My journal
book was finished, I think that it was too dull, I should add some art. I am good at art sometimes, I
painted my journal or work process to make it looks more perfect. I love to watch K - drama,
therefore I promise myself that after I finish the works, I can continue watching the dramas agian. I
don't like to lie to myself so, this strategy works very well for me. I don't like to rush when I am
working, I always make sure that I understand all of the words, I wrote down. That one is one of my