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Paper 2 Section Aand SL Paper 2] ... Chapter 3: Defending your opinion (HL Paper 2 Sectian 8) Chapter 4: The written assignment — HL oo... Chapter 5: The written assignment — SL .. Chapter 6: The art of effective communication (the internal assessment) Chapter ?: Putting it together [further exam practice) __ Introduction English B Skills ond Practice has been designed to-complement the English B Course Compairion and to give you the latest, up-to-date information, advice and practice with the skills you will need to complete each of the four assessment components required fur Standard and Higher Level English B (first examinations May 2015). The chapters are designed to provide speciite advice and guidance regarding each assessment component, fn some companents, such as the written assignment and Paper 2: Weitien praductive skits, there ate major differences between Stand ML. To simptify matters for you, we have provided individual SL and HL chapters to cover those differences tn english & SkiMs and Practice, we have provided essential information ta help you succeed in each ossessment component. In each chapier, you will find advice about the best Woys to tackle questions and/or tasks, For instance, in Chapter F, there Is expert guidance on tackling the different reading tasks in Paper 1, tn Chopiers 2 and 3, the authors have provided Insights into impreving your writing skills im English, There is also a unique and detailed analysis af all the individual text types and writing tasks, In Chapters 5 and 6. you can read detailed examiners’ comments tn the nature vf the written assignment, You veill also see how exam iners assess student work and learn how to maximise your chances af scaring well, Chapter 6 tells you all you need tw know about the oral examinations and gives expert advice on oral activities, and approaches to stimulus material for the individual oral Within each chapter of Engst & Skifts aad Practice, you will also find many opportunities to practice the specific receptive, productive, and interactive skills you need far each assessment component in English B. To round off your revision, you can turn to Chapter 7 and find practice papers ta help you to prepare for the final examinations has been our intention to make Bnglisi # Skills and Practice as practical and accessible as the #nglisit B Cource Comparnion. We sincerely hope that the book now in your hands helps you to develop the esseatial communicative skills in English B for the final examinations and for the wider world beyond, Deconstructing Paper 1 e@aoveeveeneeeeee ee eee eee ee eee When leaming a new language, you will ofien heara number of skills mentioned: reading. welting, listening. and speaking. Reading fs & primary receptive skill, and becoming proficient at reading is one of the aims af English B., We read fora variety of purposes like enjoyment and learning, In English B, the main purpose of developing reading skills is 19 enhance Your conirsunicative and critical thinking abilities. When reading any’ written text, you are to digest H In its entirety by understanding ite main purpose and its finer details, such as use of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure, Consequently, you will become a better communicator in English because you will learn how to recognise vritten features and interpret them. In this chapter, we will concern ourselves with developing the reading. skillsthat are required for Paper |, in which you are asked to respond ta questions that test your undersianding af written texts. In other wonds, Paper I measures your engagement with, and understanding, of, a written text. Skimming ‘When you skim a text, you read it quickly to understand the overall message it advacates. This overall message does not only appear in the content of the text, but itis also clarified in the fane, content, and communicative purpose the wrriter uses. When skimming a text, ask yourself the following questions © whor is the main idea in the test? # Wher is the oim oF purpose wf the text? Haw does the writer achieve this aim or purpose’? Read the following paragraph, paying special attention ta the highlighted words “A private equity etlent asked © teleweneea 4 portfolio cempany. The candidate's credentials 10. he had nei been particularly eireumspael about the stacked up easonably well. as slid his elerences languagesar tone he used" 5 Then, one of aur researchers trawied his pubic soelal Sonal Agarwal. Mind Your @-Longuage, 2012 esia profiles, Like most af ws, he had opinions on Indian polities, cortuption, football ears, the US. elections, etal Like many of us, he had chosen to bie Eandidate whe had been recommended ta run his views on sacial media platforms. Unfortunately, Inthis chapter, you vil find the following examples of Paper textshandlingexercises: © Chaosing which of a number of sentences aretrue according to the text © Gaping exercises based on comprehensian ofthe text © Iderultying clear inference from concepts (HL only) © Idomtijing precise references of key phrases or structures (© Identifying related ideas:that ate in different parts ofthe text ‘© identifying specific content items © identifying wether an explanation ardefinition is ‘rue or false, and finding the evidence for this inthe text © Identifying who says what ina ‘ext ara series of short txts (© Justifying an interpretation by locating evidence ar key phrases (HL only) © Matching summary sentences with different paragraphs of the text © Matching words or phrases from the text with definitions © Multiple-chaice questions © Short-ansmerquestians, mF PE hd be] From the highlighted words, we construe that the main idea in the parograph is to discuss the negative impact assaciated with expressing sane’s views vociferously on social network platforms Reference a candidate > eredentiats good >> pubic social media nrofites > aiving views > UNFORTUNATELY > mol circumspect > Janguage or tone ‘The use of the word ‘unfarunately” in line 9 implies that the candidate hax not got the job he applied for. Why? Because the writer chose ww use the Word ‘unfortunately’ in relation to the views the candidate shared un public socal media platturms, Wt iealso the same word that shows the reader what the focus of the whole article will be. ‘Skim the following extracts and determine: © the main wea in the text © the aim of the text © how the aira/purpose was achieved. Extract 1 Why is it that non-native English speakers can speak the worst - or mast creative ~ English imaginable, and we, native speakers, understand them, but although you've studied French or Thai for fifty years, only people who really love you understand what you are saying? Linguists define dominant languages as: a set of very unforgiving languages, which demand that learners speak perfectly. With dominant languages, it's my way or the highway. In this sense, French and Thai are dominant languages. English and falian ave not, You ave free te speak English as badly as you desire, And as for ttallan, if yaw speak any at all, alians are hoppy to chat with you. Antanio Gracetfo, Asian Tribune; 2008 Extract 2 Gune are the days when women used ta play the second fiddle to men, with their rights being trampled upon quietly without the possibility of claiming their due or their rights, The society has evolved much to their benefit, allowing them to play 2 ‘more participative and active role-at the highest levels. Much credit can be given in Mauiritivs te the Labour Party for bringing Jong awaited changes especially for instance by increasing representation of women in their party (through for Instance at ast one woman per constituency) and by assigning the role of vice president to a woman in the name of Mrs Monique Ghshan Bellepeau. This is clear evidence that the vaice of women in our society Is being heand and that gender discrimination is bound to crumble, Women had been contributing actively in the econamy of the country as householders, to which mo ecanomic value has been assigned and which remains unaccounted for, This is part of the hidden economy. With enhanced rights and liberties. women are more and more moving out of the house to be a main player at all levels of society. BouzerMaurice Online Directory, 2011 Deconstructing Paper 1 Scanning Scanning a text involves reading selectively to find specific Information, ‘When answering camprehensian questions. more aften than ne, you are asked 10 produce specie answers such as whe said what, which words have similar meanings, or what happened at a specific point, Example | don't 1ead for pleasure ~ | read to get information. was Jackanory, Adults read t6 young traopers —that Idid havea novel about Brian Boru in 1993, but lent was the ender of the Unive It to a fellow Commanda in Norway and he never To be honest, | wasn't wally aware of all the positive: returned 1 think i took me two weeks to notice. 15 benefits that reading @ut laud would gle ry troopers 5 Yotwhon my first son came along,1started toread was helping them lear the language ofcourse, but aso to him ~ alot. Everything about my own upbringing: helping them develap theirown clear speech patterns: told me it wasthe right thing todo: my parentshad —_tand believe me, have three eloquent reapers here read to me; and my three biathers,every night leven who can dernonstrate how successful that was) remember some ofthe stories: MrsPepperpot and Wall Haein compere carrer hemaded 1a MrPink Wize. At primary school, every day ended teading to themt 2012 ‘with 3 story, One of my favourite pragrammes on TV Q: Which phrase shows that reading is not orie af Sinclair's hobbies? ¥ dont read for pleasure the question important as understanding the text, A tebby és aie activity one enjoys; therefore, Rot reading for pleasure indicates that reading it wot owe of Sinclair's hobbies. Q: Why did Sinclair read to his chill? ¥ thwos the right thing to dat that was the order of the Universe! ‘his parents had read to him every night ‘The operative word in tke question és why. This means that we dare leokineg for a reason, Wed We read Ute text. we malice that Sinclair, to whom reading was not « habby, started reading to this child becase he tought it was the right Using to bo for hit parents da read Jo him every igit ~ “hart was tire onder of ste Universe" is also corvest because it shows why Sinclair songh reading le ns child was at good idea, M8 parents read fe hin, aadulis read fo young troopers, so it is just te righ thing te do Q: To what does the word ‘thar’ in ‘that was the onder of the Universe’ refer? ¥ odulls reoding to young troopers Ts very importent to grasp how certain words are sed in tex. | Jn non-pitysic! refeseats (ie. when we are not using “this a “tht, here’ or ‘there’. to express ‘distence’), the pronowt ‘that’ fc used express someriting that had abready been explained, ‘Therefore, ‘iat refers to something which had atready been explained, and which is considered “he order ofthe Universe in0t reading an general, but “adult reading to young troepees’. CHAPTER 1. @: Which ward shows that Sinclair's children are articulate? eloquent ston are very specific, When asked for a word, you ane expected «0 provide ante ward, ta plitase ov a seutenee. The word we ave dooking for means “speak cokerently and wel” Therefore, tte ony OMe word int he text tat carries the same miganing fs “elagueenc’ ©: Give two advaniages to reading aloud tw children 0, leaning the languoge b, developing clear speech potterns, Sometimes you are asked ven Srom ohe vext itcetf, tthe question aber ‘two acto trout sear dhe text aind idernly tine atv you azswer, In addition, one aniglt woe not accepied as an aaswer, Rete ‘Wirt do you re rom kearning the famgrca vty can the 1 ts below to answer the questions that follows. Extract I ‘You must go back with me to the autumn ‘of 1827. My father, as you know, was a sart of gentleman farmer in-shire: and I, by his express desire, 5 suecceded him in the same quiet occupation, not very willingly, for ambition urged me to higher aims, and self-conceit assured me that, in disregarding its voice, Twas burying my talent in the earth, and hiding my light under a bushel My mother had done her utmost to persuade me that [ was capable of great achievements: [but my father, who thought ambition was the surest road to rutin, and change but another word for destruction, yrould listen to no seheme for bettering either my own condition, a that ‘of my fellow mortals, He assured me it was all rubbish, ond exhorted me, with his dying breath, to continue in the goud wld way, to follow his steps, and those of his father before him, and let may highest ambition be to walle honestly through the world, laoking neither to the right hand nor te the left, and to transmit the paternal acres to my children in, at least, as flourishing a condition as he left them to me. Im ascending. to my room T was met upon the Stairs by a cmori, pretty giel of nineteen, swith a tidy, dumpy figure, a round face, bright, blooming cheeks, glossy, clustering curls, whet tte question looks general. your anawer wast conte rove are asked (0 provide iges” but Eds nota generat karowtedge question, You mages mentiowed before “eloquence” is dead specific part it the tet. ? Flaquence is not axa adviemtaat ind developing elear specs patterns to give an expression, & phrase or wo wards. Moke sure you read the questian carefully and understand what the question asks you wo do beare you attempt to answer resdts and Tingle m ry brown eyes, I need not tell 30 you this was my sister Rose, She Is, know, a comely matran still, and, doubtless, no less lovely ~ in your eyes ~ than on the happy day you first beheld her. Anne Bronté, The Tenant of Wildjel! Hall 1. What is ‘the same quiet occupation” line 52 mentiones 2. To what docs ‘its’ in ‘disregarding its voice" line 8) refer? 3. Which phrase in the first paragraph indicates that the speaker was not very keen on following in his father’s loatsteps? How did the father of the spe ambition and change? 5. Which word In the first paragraph Is closest in meaning to “improving” 6. To what docs ‘that’ in “or that of my fellow mortals’ (lines 15 and 16) refer? 3. Which phrase in the first paragraph indicates that the son was expected to maintain the prosperity of the lands for his descendants? |. Which phrase in the second paragraph tells us: that the speaker's sister wax on the plump side? 4 ker regard 9. Who is the ‘comely matron’ referred to in ling 3 10, Which word in the second paragraph indicates that the speaker does not expeet reodes a chonge ther opnin oft ster” Deconstructing Paper 4 20 ‘Bxeract 2 English continues to serve as the language of prestige in India, Efforts ta switch w Hindi or other regional tangues encounter stiff ‘opposition beth from those who know English well and whose privileged position requires proficiency in that tongue and from those who see iL as a means af upward mobility, Partisans of English also maintain itis useful and indeed necessary os a link to the rest af the world, that India Is lucky that the colonial periad left a language that is now the world’s Predominant intemational language in the fields of culture, selence, technology, and commerce. They hold. too, that widespread Knowledge af English ts necessary for technological and econamic progress and thal reducing its rote would leave India @ backwater in world affairs. ‘Linguistic diversity is apparent on a variety of levels. Major regional languages have stylized Iiterary forms, often with an extensive body of literature, which may daic back from a few centuries to two millennia ago, These literary languages differ markedly from the spoken forms and village dialects that coexist with a plethora of caste idioms and regional lingua franca. Part of the reason for such linguistic diversity lies in the complex social realities ” of South Asia. India’s languages reflect the Intricate levels of social hierarchy and cost. Individuals have te qheir speech reperwire a variety of siyles and dialects appropriate to various social situations, In geeveral, the higher the speaker's status, the more speech forms there are at his ar her disposal. Speech Is adapted in countless ways to rellect the speclitc social context and the relative sianding of the speakers. henp:é, 2013 Why have efforts to make Hindi the Indian official language failed? To what docs “i’ in ‘see It as.a means of upward mobility” (line 7) refer? Which word between lines 1 and 14 is dosest in meaning to ‘supporters? What, according to the article, will happen if India minimized its use of English? How have maja languages in {ndia affected ‘literature? Which word between lines 19 and 30 is -closest in meaning ta ‘excess’? Why, according te the article, is India so linguistically diverse? The text claims that sucial status affects a person’s speech positively. Which sentence ‘between lines 30 and 38 supports this elaim? CHAPTER 1 Text-handling exercises Word, words, everywhere! ‘When dealing with gap-hlling questions, you need to understand both the gist of the text and its specific features Example Challenging racisoy in the media requires -1-] effort, resilience and tenacious resistance, Wie need to continue to wiglantly -2+), protest, demonstrate, document and appese every Foren of raeicmy in the 5. media, We need to ralse our volcesevery time me read racic views expressed in the print media; every tise Wwe hear [-3+] bias communicated across airveaves; and every tine we see it F441 in the images on billboards and flyers, We need te.demand employment equity 2s doviant behaviour ~ itis called democracy! [- colleagues, allies and friends are attacked, we need to ‘quickly and publicly comette thelr defense. We need to demand equity in the hiting and selection practices ‘of media organizations, [-B-]in twenty more years, but nowt We need 10 dewelop neturorks and alliances between communities that are seqularly subjected to raciuin by the media. We [-8-] need a monitoring agency that regularly avercers and responds to bias 10 within media organizations We need to vigorously and discriminatory practices inthe media. We must challenge those who atternpt to silence resistance, press for more effective press councils and other sell- With allegations of peltical eorectness and [-S-. We requiating bodies, Most ofall weneed to continue to need to respend tethose wha speak ineade words 50 demand responsibilty, aeeauntability and meaningful such a freedom of expression, artistic licens national change in the decision-making processes and [-10-) 15 Identity, unity, commen values, special interest groups, practices of media erganizations in Canada, special prhilege, ane. quotas. -6-1faimness, equity and. jutice in the media and in ather social ystems & not Caro! Tator, 195 ‘Some of the words have been removed fram the text, but before you embark on tilling the gaps, ask yourself this question; What is the writer Irying (o communicate W her audience? By skimming the text, we understand that the authar insists that strong effort be made to fight racism in the Canadian media. Rearing that in mind, wry 10 make the text more meaningful by illling the 0p using some of the words below, ee A IR 2p rehans —"ntng | dved om irwing | Pate apeve ir) GE sue — Noun ain Vert Adjective ctverts Preposition painstaking [eae 9) regularly Conjunction ‘When filling the gos, take into consideration (he appropriate port of speech required, Additionally, make sure that the ward you have chosen makes sense in content, The words have been assigned to the appropriate gop in the table chat follows. Fill in a justification for the placement of cach ward. The first two: have been done for you Interjection For more information on parts of speech, visit hpyAnww, voitingeentre hypergrammar/partsp iienl Deconstructing Paper 4 - painstaking The part of speech needed is an adjective, and the only adjective thai completes the sentence meaninglully fs ‘painstaking’ becouse of the use af the word ‘tenacious’, which means persistent. Therefore. the word required must be something that complements ‘tenacious’, racial ‘rani censorship when ead the following text Extract | Theliewe that tourism isa good thing for tiger conservation. It gives them extraondinary protection [F1-] the passive viewing and monitoring of these creatures. Tourism has a [-2-] impact on the perceived status of a park and its-ability to attract local, governmental or [-3-] funding and tourism enhances the motivation and quality of its rangers and management, whilst the [-4=] vigil and > attention from conservationists, naturalist guides, visitors and hotel ovrners cancerned over ‘their’ invaluable wildlife resource ensures park staff and management are kept on their toes. [-5-I parks fil is when communication, integration and cuoperation collapse between any of the parties in this conservation equation. [6+] the Indian Farests Service (IFS), under [-3+] auspices all Indian parks and sanctuaries are 1 managed, has seen tourism as a necessary [-8+], a harbinger of doom to be boxed up and contained within specific areas, whatever the crush; whatever the consequences. Last Christmas, tourism was even [+9] of being the reason for the collapse in tiger numbers in Ranthambhore in Rajasthan. Woodcutters cut forests, poachers paach tigers, but tourism cannot be accused of [-10-] tiger populations! Julian Matthews, ‘Can ecotourism save tigers in India? 2007 Which words go in the gaps (1-10) in the text? Choose the words from the box on the right, Be prepared to justify your answer. accused concerned confirmed constant, decimating do evil historically increasing individual international Past rarely significant small sporadic throwgh where which whose CHAPTER 1. ....| q Extract 2 The di di Historians depend on the written reeond. Perhaps a better way of saying that isthat they are [-2-] that record, Land wansactions, birth and death records, weather reports, government documents— 5 tw the historian, [-3+], because it all contributes to the picture we have of the past. In the last century oF $0, a8 historians have turned away from their fixation on [-4-] and included the lives of average people in their study, the letters those people left behind are invaluable evidence of how lite ‘was once lived. We know what our ancestors atc, how they dressed, what they dreamed about love and what they thought about warfare, [--], Without that correspandence, the guesswork mounts, Malcolm Jones, ‘The good word’, Newsweek, 2009 Which plirases go in the gaps (1-5)? Ghoose the phrases frou the ist Betow. Be prepared to justify your answer. inc in letter writing constitutes a cultural shift so vast that in the future, historians may le time not between B.C. and A.D, but between the eras when people wrote letters and [++] a. all from their letters b. at the mercy af t everything written is trivial} vice rn aeietan as ©. modern trivia it f, nothing written is trivial : & quite liberated by : h. the doings of the great i i. when they communicated foce-tw-face J. when they did not Phiases, instead of woids, may be taken out from the text at times. IF you are asked toil the gaps with the appropriate phrases, apply the same techniques you use when filing the gaps with words, The whole truth, and nothing but the truth When asked to provide a number of true statements based on the in 1s 2 formation given in text, you have to remember @ number af things: Only folly true statements are required: half-truths donot count, Do not jump to conclusions simply because you are familiar with the subject matter; you base your choice only on the information given in the text Handwriting is of uemost importance. You will be asked to write the appropriate letters in boxes; therefore. you will need tw make sure that your leiters are legible t someone who does not know you (the examiner), You will not be given the benefit of the doubt if the examiner connor tell whether the answer gives in the box is. @ © oF an E, for example, Deconstructing Paper 1 Example So why de people think mutichould beblamed while the eal causes ofa Societys problems ge for negatityinasociaty? Onetemson Ithat kts, unaddressed. falivaahyke doas many pitancinormearen) | cals Eide e plane musk frinewegecrir inn wellmeaning tnd to fal for Blamiog what they society? Of course Is not fale 0 do 30, However dontendersuind wither than exploring some of -—_~has become a comvenlant scapegoat which is ona the problems in thei own ack yard. Im addltian, reason why people in every generation seer to do many proponents of Blaming musictend toleck It. tls much easier o blame certain songs one may nastalgically at the era they grew up in through a dislike and disapprove of rather than address the real filtered view. They tend ta think thelr generation issu 0s Of 8 society at large, Because af this fact, It bs vwasrmuch better ehavedthen today'syouth and iltaly thatthe popular music of an era will continue forget that thelr parents’ generation was likely. to get blamed for the negative impact of a society raaking the sare cornplalats that theyve meting (ths goes back to Pato. unfcrtunateb athe! thon now. Inthe process those wha blame rausicfora _fiaing the actual prc blama and making the socety © society: negative turn alto see thatthe music may better place to ive, raf of the pars of soclety wee Raving peeblemns a RESET: bianca ra nercareT with and unfertunately sometimes choose to ignore] and mightin fact be shaoting the messenger society.on musical influence? 2008 From statements A to F, select the three that are true according to the text above. Write the appropriate letters in the answer boxes provided. A, Parents prefer blame factors other than familial problems for their children’s negetiviny. B. People have objective views of their teenage years. ©, Parents actoss generations tend to make similar complaints about their childre 1D, The author believes thar music definitely reflects societal problems, EL The author believes that one day people will quit blaming music for the failures af a society. F. The author asseris that blaming musie for the negativity in a society isa very okt practice. Justifications A. The text says that parents ‘...tend to fall forblaming what they don’t understand rather than exploring same of the problems in their own back yard’, which means that itis easier for parents to blame factors uther than their own internal prablems as a family 1 their children’s behavior. Therelore, A is true. B, Inthe text, the author clims that people have ‘filtered views’ of their teenage years, When you filter samething, you get rid of the impuritics; therefore, those people do not have an wbjective Aimpartiol, unbiased) view of their teenage years, Therelore, B Is untrue, ©. The author claims that today’s parents tend to forget that ‘their parents’ generation was likely making the same ewmplaints that they're making now’, Therefore, € fs true D, Dis what we mean by @ halfetruthy; the author uses the word moy’, He does not assert his apieion by using words like ‘olvoys', jor even stick t using the simple present, Therefore, D is untrue, E, ‘The authorstates that ‘the popular music of an era will continue to get blamed for the negative impact of a saelety", which is the ‘exact opposite of “quit blaming’. Although the author says ‘ikely’, he links it to a fact. Therefore, E is untrue. F. The text states, this goes back to Plata’, with “this referring to “Dlaming music for the negative impact of a society’. The wse of the simple present shows Us that the author confirms the claim ‘Therefore, Fis true, Read the texts belaw and answer the questions My last dear fuel of life 19 heap on my soul that follow each extract. And kindle my to a Mame that shall consume Extract I ‘Their dross of indifference; and take the tall Last Lesson of the Afternoon Of their insults in punishment? — 1 will not! — 1, H, Lawrence (1885-1930) J will not waste my soul and my strength for thi When will the bell ring. amend this weariness? What da I care for all that they de amiss! How long have they tugged the leash, and What is the point of this teaching of mine, strained apart, and of this My pack of unruly hounds! [ cannot start Learning of theirs? Tall goessdown the same abyss, Tren atin on a quarry of knowledge they Pate ogc does it mater to me, M they can vk A descriptian of a dog, or if they can't? What is the point? To us both, it is all my aunt! No longer now ean I endure the brunt Pare ereatres ca earelanth al Of the books that lie out on the desks; a full my nigh. threescare: Of several insults of blotted pages, and serawl Of slovenly work that they have offered me. Tom sick, and what on earth is the good of it all> Whai good to them or me, I cannot see! Tcan haul them and urge them na more, Ido not, and will non; they won't and they don’t; and that's allt {shall keep my strength for myself; they can keep theirs as well Why should we beat our heads against the wall So, shall Ttake Of cach ather? {shall sit and wait for the bell. Deconstructing Paper 1 that are true according to the poem. Re prepared to Justify your answers, A. At the end of the schoo! day, students are manageable albeit unconcemed with learning. 1B. The speaker is willing but unable to teach students anything new at the end of the school day The speaker hardly sees anything good in attempting to teach a new lessan at the end of the schoo! day. 1D. The speaker regards the education system asa complete waste 1B, The speaker thinks that he beneflis more ‘om teaching then students do from learning, Although largely uninterested, the speaker is expected to give his all when teaching students G. The speaker views attempts to teach students asa never-ending battle. The speaker and the students sit ducilely awaiting the end of the school day. = Defending ticks Extract 2 This is not a play; it is mata lecture; it is not an interactive workshop: it is nota physical theatre piece: its nota public conversation. How te Eid Poverty i 90 Minuies fs all of these things, Most significantly. i's an apportunity to challenge a different audience every show with the question: how do you attack the problem af paverty in America? Over the caurse of 96 minutes. the audience will listen, explore and ultimately choose how to spend $1,000 from ticket sales that will be sitting onstage in cash. tt fs an experiment in dialogue, in collective decision- making, in shared responsibility and in the potential forart to help us make our world a better place. Spectacularly eclectic in form, often delightful and occasionally uncomfortable, How to Find Poverty will engage students and Chicago- area audiences alongside community experts, Come spend with us. Northwestern University, 2013 From statements A to H, select the four that are trite according to the text. Be prepared to justify your answers, A. How fo Enid Poverty dir 90 Minwtes tsa theatrical show, B. How ie End Poverty dr 90 Mimcies facuses.on the issue of poverty in the world, C. How te End Poverty ir 90 Mimuies lasts for more than an hourand a halt, D. The audience interacts with the perfarmers. E, $1000 will be given: to the person who chooses how to best spend them, F. How te-End Poverty ir 90 minnctes highlights 9 number of important competences ° The audience is a mixture of community ‘experts, Chicago residents and students H. How te End Poverty dr 90 days encourages thrity spending, When asked to decide whether a statement is true or false and to justify your answer, you need to rent mber that the justification ‘you provide has to be an exact quote fram the text, This quote, whethe) it be a few words ar a slighily longer sentenee, has to defend your choice of the tick (true OR false), Do note thas both the correet tick and the correct justification are requir J. Bo not atuempt to paraphrase the justification and be very careful when you choose your quote, for sometimes quoting the whole seatence shifts the focus or nullifies the justification. [n ather words, when writing the justification, be precise and concise. Example The scrubby desert ouside Port Augusia, three hours from Adelaide, not the kind of counuryside you see fn Auisigalion jourist brochures, The bockdeey to an rea of enalsficed power stations, lead smelting and mining, the soasial landscape is spiked with saltbush shat con live on a trickle of brackish seawater seeping up throwgh the arid oil, Poisonous king brawn snakes, redbock spiders, the odd kangaroo and er tre seen oevasionilly, Iles eonstontly: When the lov! Landowners whe graze 3 few sheep here get a chance {sell some of this crummy real estate they jarip ati even for botiom dollar, because the only real natural reyource in these parts is sunshine. ‘Which makes tall he mare remarkable that a grou of young brains fram Europe, Asiaand nonh America, faankcr but inspired by a London thesire lighting engineer of 62, have bought & sizeetbe Inmp of this ungromising outback territary and wilt an i an ‘experimental greenhouse which holds the seemingly realistic promise of solving the words lest problems, Indeed, the work that Sundrop Farms, as they all themielves, ore daing In South Ausiralla, and Just starting up in Garay, is beyond the experiments] silage. They appear ta have pulled off the ulimate someihing-from-noihing agricultural feat = using the sun to desalinate seawater for lrrigation and to heat and coal greenhouses as requited. and thence cheaply grow high-quality, pestietde-free vegetables ‘year-round in commersial quansities, Jonathan Margolis, The Observer, 2012 led by 9 33-yearseld German former Goldman Sachs The sentences below are cither true ar false. Tick [¥] the correct response then justify it with a relevant brief quotation from the text, True False 1. The desert outside Port Augusta is picturesque ‘and tourist-friendly Justification: ‘not the kind of countryside you see in Australian tourist brachures! Tourist brachures normally publicise arear teat are of exireme natural beauty. Since te desert outside Poet Augusta ii “ot the Bit of courryside you see ie Awstratia tourist bvochuree’, iis hardly seenic oF prcturesque. Tike remainder of the paragraph describes the area but does wot aftucte 1 magazine-worthy severe beauty or ta wheter towrits ee interested in it 2. Sundrap Farms’ vast land is owned by a former banker and his colleagues, Justification: “have bought ¢ sizeable lunp (of this un promising outback territory)" The text menitone a former banker art provides a gemerat description of ls colleagues: “brains from Europe, Asia and America’ tn addition 10 the lighting engiarecs. Buying rometiing denotes srequiringfowning it. The remaiwder of the senientce ‘arid butt on it an experimesttal areemhouse which Molds the seemingly realistic promise of solving the world’s food probleme’, if usec, shifis the focus from “owaring tre fanaa ‘wht the lant i wed for’, and wit! resutt i your not being awarded the mark. 3. Experimentsare still required to determine if Sundrap Farms can pruduce cheap, high-quality and pesticide-tree vegetables Justification: ‘(is beyond the experimental stage’ The word ‘beyond’ means gotag past the experimental stage. ‘They appear te ave pulled aff te wttimrate something from-noshing agrieutuurat feat’, although it emphasizes ‘gaing beyond the experimental sage’, : toes nat clearly show that fuser experiments are not required tke ‘beyond the experimental sage" does Deconstructing Paper 4 Read the texts below to.answer the questions that follow each extract, extract 1 Distance learning requires a virtual dasstoam that facilitates qualitative higher education where highly motivated stuslenss are willing to take advantage of state-of-the-art wchnologies to ensure Knowledge transfer, F-learning consists of both real-time and asynchronous classes, meeting the needs of flexible modern students with multiple extracurricular responsibilities. On-line foreign language pragrams should provide a virtual community that captures and captivates foreign language earners with meaningful dynamic content while utilizing the target language as the medium of communication, Foreign language study in a virtual classroom through e-learning offers several advantages over classical mediums for foreign language learning and provides state-of-the-art foreign language raining, furnishing multimedia in the classtavm previously deemed Impossible. Multimedia classrooms armed with the Internet render a historical precedent af a positive language learning. environment which celebrates cultural diversity, cross-cultural awareness through cross-cultural exchange, and intercultural communication unlike mever before, Collabaration in the target language within an an-line foreign language program reinforces the concept ofa communicative curriculum. Keeping the target audience in mind, educational content providers should heed the adage that content is king. Correct input in the target language diminishes the possibility of future grammatical and phonological errors in addition to cultural misinterpretations, On-line programs for studying foreign languages should manipulate traditional teaching methodologies to construct a positive learning environment where fluency in the target language with native ta near native accuracy, according to the foreign language learner's proficiency level, would be the norm instead of the exception Eric Paul Monroe, ‘Evaluating online prograins for studying foreign nguages’, 2007 ‘The sentences below are either true or false. Tick [¥] the correct response then justify it with a relevant brief quotation from the text, Be prepared to defend your tick and justification, True False 1, Advanced technologies are used in online learning environments. 2. E-learning focuses on synchronous communication Justification 3, Using multimedia in the virtual classroum has been achievable tn the past, Justification 4, Developers of foreign language e-courses should focus on content. Justification: , cones 5, Fluency in the target language should be achieved by all students in a fareign, language e-course: Justification: , Extract 2 Its just past lunchtime-an a Friday afternoon and Lansbury opens the cupboard in her compact and modern kitchen. It's stocked with HobNobs and she offers to prut some on a plate while explaining why she’s going to resist, About a month ago, she woke up with a mysteriaus stress fracture im her right hip and now, standing in front of the apen fridge, she points t the calcium beverage she’s had to constantly drink, “ve put on weight from all the muscle milk,” she says, sounding alarmed. “1 had to drink more than a pint — twice e day!” Whatever weight she’s gained doesn't show. Her trim figure and lively manner Pp CHAPTER 1 betray that of @ woman half her age and ax she elegantly moves around her kitchen, dressed in @ tailored tweed blazer and black slacks, gold earrings that mateh a gold brouch, it’s hard to believe that she's nearly 87. Lansbury has received numerous lifetime achievement awands and she’s earned them, One of Britain's most beloved, durable and revered actors is currenily siarting on Broadway in Gore Vidal's The Rest Man, eight times a week, Doesn't she get tired? *t’m the bionic woman,” she giggles, picking up the tray with tea and biscuits and moving us into the livieyg raom to eh Other shows have required # lot mare energy, she says, citing her performance as Medame Arcot in Natl Cowand’s Blithe Spirit, a8 an exomple, But then, she prefers hand work and it pays off, She won the Tony Award in 2009 for the rol was her fifth win, having won previously for Mamie, Gypiy) and Sweesrey Toe. Arlel Leve, The Telegraph, 2012 The sentences below are either true oF false. Tick [%] the correct respanse then justify it with a relevant brief quotation from the text. Be prepared to defend your tick and justification. and i True False 1, Angela Lansbury eats some of the HobNubs she offers the interviewer, Justification: , 2, Angela Lansbury is anxious about gaining weight. Justification: 3. Angela Lansbury looks like an 87-year-old woman. Justification: , 4. Angela Lansbury is currently enjoying her retirement Justification: 3. Angela Lansbury won a Tony Award for her role in Btihe Spirit. Justification: , A, B, C, or D? Answering multiple choice questions correctly is nat The allernatives given are sometimes so close, Therefore, an ‘you read the question, you need to re-read the (ext.and the choles while mentally ticking off rhose that are wrong. Example Although we, asa society, have come along way The frst and most prolific form of gender fom the oppressinn of women in South Afries, there diseriminatien in the workplage fs through the inability ‘ee stil instanees where gender discrimination in the af werner teenter into management or executive workplace s an issue, Despite all the efforts being positions in a company. This basically moans that made to stamp out this problem, complaints efgender men will be placed in higher level positions before a discrimination in the workplace have in fact increased. woman Is considered for ahigh level vacancy. Same Whether this is due increase in awareness-of 3 companies even go 98 far 2ethe outright refusal of woman's rights or whether the ineiclence level has ‘employing wameen in certain positions within the Incroased is hard to tell Its therefare important for company, It is important tonote here that there both employers and employees to be aware of what —_is sometimes a reversal of roles here whero some constitutes genderdiierimination in the watkplace and campaniesprefer woman emplayres and discriminate hhowr this canbe prevented. against men instoad, ‘The second factor thatisoften an Issue ls the ameunt of money that a weman will earn performing ’ certain job when compared to her male counterpart In the same position of employment, Statistics reveal that women eam around 15% less than theirmale Deconstructing Paper 4 ‘counterparts. Its very important to address the issues of| ‘gender discrimination in the workplace as soan as they aredetected to eliminate this problem once and for all. “Gender discrimination in the workplace, SHA ‘Attorneys, 2013, ‘Choose the correct answer fram A, B,C, ar D. Write the letter ‘in the answer box provided, 1. Gender discrimination in South Alviea A, still permeates the society, B. is the norm C. is decreasing, 1D. has been effectively dealt with. GF 2. Women in South Africa A. are in general considered inferiar to men, B. come second 10 men In executive positions. €. do not apply for executive positions, 3. When employed for similar jobs, women in South Africa A, are given the same wages os men. B. ask for less money than men. ©. ask for more money than men. 1D. make less money than men. {im the first paragreph, the author is ‘ saying tht despite the feet that the South African society is working on == +4 giving women their rights, gender ! 1 discrimination is still a problem. Nothing. in the text alludes to it being normal, decreasing or dealt with; itis sill an issue that more of less ‘permeates the society”. 1 The second paragraph species the A Sesan cn mcr a carr ogc el, [mthea i aonm mew uwanana tigen. tcorldered infer wo men, UL Wwe kno 1 enanusnbassara ied Tek de me mecaperlyslden A Heiiaitaur eneeeics ieee Sree Tuoi ‘inthe third paragraph, the author states | 4 that wamen earn “15% less than their 1 | male caunterparts’. This means that ' they make less money than their male {| colleagues. The text docs not mention | whether women, in fact, ask for more or t { less money. Excrace 1 Twas a blazing hot day in August, Baker Street was like an oven, and the glare of the sunlight upon the yellow brickwork of the house across the road was painful to the eye. Tt-was havd to believe that these were the same walls which loomed so gloomily through the fogs of winter, Our blinds were half-drawn, and Holmes lay curled upon the sole, reading and re-reading a letter which he had received by the morning post. For myself, my term of service in India had trained me to stand heat better than cold, and a thermometer at ninety was no hardship, But the morning paper was uninteresting. Parliament had risen. Bverybady was out of town, and T yearned for the glades of the New Forest or the shingle af Southsea, A depleted bank accaunt had caused me to postpone my holiday, and as to my companion, neither the country nor the sea presented the slightest attraction to him. He loved to lie in the very center of five millions of peuple, with bis: filaments stretching out and running through them, responsive to every little rumour oF suspicion of unsolved crime, Appreciation o nature found no place among his many gilts, and his only change was when he wrned his mind from the evil-daer of the twwn to track oven his brather of the country. Sir Archur Conan Doyle, The Adventure of the Cardboard Box? ....| q Choose the correct answer from A, B, Cor D. Write the letter in the answer box provided, Be prepared ta justify your answer. 1, Sherlack Holmes is A. enjoying the break B, reading the paper, €, lying of the couch D. feeling very hat, 2, The narrator can wlerate the heat because A. it is better than the cold. B, he dreams of his upcoming holiday § at the keaside, G, his body is used to it D. he can stond it a¢ much as he can stand being cold Extract 2 Going forward, Saturday nights will keep music enthusiasts occupied, as the much-awaited India in Concent initiative is all set to go live taday! An initiative by music lovers for music lovers, India int Concert is the brainchild of Supratik Ghosh, who left his full-time job with an advertising agency years ago and pursued his passian far music through his band, Aurko. The objective is to make music available to all. traversing the boundaries of caste, creed and language. Anyone with a passian for music can take part in this grand event and showease his/her skills to (Choose the carrect answer fram A, B,C, oF D. Write the letter in the answer box provided. Re prepared to justify your answer. 1, India in Concert A. Started a good number of years age. B, Is the Idea of Ghosh. Is a week-lang concert, 1D. is going live in a number of years. 2, The iniuasive alms to “A. waite art lovers world wide, 1B, ensure the accessibility of music to everyone. €. reduce social and linguistic differences, D, introduce Ghash’s band, Aurko. 3. The narrator hes not gone an holiday because ‘A, many people were out of town. B. he does nat have enough money ©. he is not interested in either the country or the sea. B, he does nor mind the heat 4, Sherlock Holmes is ‘A. obsessed with evildoers. BR. obsessed with mysteries, appreciates natural beauty Iikes the countryside. the rest of the city. And this time, six contestants, will be competing with one another to make their name in the music world: Rahul Sharma, an Infosys employee: Abhilash, a hardeare musician: Pallavi, a relationship manager with ID#I Bank: Reena Hebbar, employce at Airtel, Suraj Biswas, who is quitting his present job ta pursue music: Komal, an employee of Genpact and Rahul Sindagi, who works at Aricent. Caroline Diana, ‘India in concert: Music for a cause’, 2012 Performers in the concert are ‘A, professional musicians, B, music lovers, city dwellers D, employees. Contestants are competing to A. get a monetary reward 1B. quit their jobs, © take port in the grand event 1D, become renowned musicians, You were saying? When identif Deconstructing Paper 1 ing wha says What, you need to read the passage carefully, determine who the speakers are and scrutinize what they say. This need not be ima conversation setting: entity comments or ideas made by the ‘speakers’ Example Our Readers’ Comments Chris Jones: Lon of tte Flies is the story of a group of boys who find themselves on @ deserted jand in the middle of nowhere, The boys convince themselves that they ore surrounded by a heinous beast, and work assiduously on shedding all remnants of civikzation while on the and. William Golding beilliantly uses imagery to show us haw humans degenerate and how eastly ic is to fall into savagery when our baser instincts are allowed to reign. Petra Dean: I liked this book because [ identified with the characters, especially Piggy. Piggy. one of the main characters, knows exactly what going on around Rim and guides Ralph in taking tinportont decisions, However, his general appearance and demeanour make him the last person 10 be listened ro. The most disturbing incident t found in the book wos when the boys encompassed by the frenzy of offering 2 sacrifice to the beast all take port in murdering simon Trey Wilkinson: This bouk is definively a ust read for anyone who is interested in human natute, After weading this book, your understanding of the world around you vill change. You will start questioning how much sociely Influences our characters and helps in ping them, 11 is really amazing Lo realise that the boys revert to their original selves - actually act as children rather than savages ~ at the end. on may be asked to Read the "text’ and answer the following questions, Who mentions the changing In the childre behaviour? Troy Wilkinson While the others mention the bays om ake island, ‘only Trey Witkinsow higitighis the change én dete behaviows ai she end of the novel Who comments un the writing style? Chris Jones Both Petra aud Troy mention the book. However, Petea mentions wity she likes the book and Troy rates on she lessons that can be tearned frou it, Only Claris comments ant Golding 's use of tmaaery. Who makes a speciic reference tp the novel's characters? Petra Dean While Chris and Troy refer to ihe boys, dd not specifcally meriow characters, 1148 Paice whe refers Piggy aad Relph specifically, their Who describes a character's weaknesses? Petra Dean Troy and Cheis de mention how the boys act an she island, Petra, however, refers 10 Piggy't demeanour and appearance and fink them ia-why the other bays id mot see a feadinng figuse dt dui. Who gives a sh Chris Jones Chris stants by summarizing the revel, white Petra gives her personal opiation sank Frey recommends ite novel for others it synopsis of the novel? Who makes a personal observation on one of the novel's events? Petra Dean and Troy Wilkins B ons how she felt abou Tray conements ove Row aamaczg it was teat the bays actually behaved as childret ofthe end of the move. mon nae and