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Linda Gomez

Professor Moore

Health Education

April 25, 2018

Project 2: My Calorie Intake

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Total

4/19/2018 Scrambled Chicken Salmon w/ Pb&j Paleo 1489

eggs with Fajita Salad coconut style (420)
bacon and (425) cream sauce and water
veggies (244) And water (400)
and water And water

4/20/2018 Sausage stir Spicy tuna Chicken & pb&j Paleo 1719
fry (237) and Salad (425) sweet pot style (420)
water and water with shallots and water
w/ sauteed
kale (637)
and water

4/21/2018 Breakfast Chicken & Pepper steak Deli meat and 1514
smoothie sweet pot w/ (367) and veggies
(358) and shallot w/ water (152)and
water sauteed kale water
(637) and

4/22/2018 Western Pepper Steak Spicy Paleo Trail 1619

omelet (284) (367) and breaded pork Mix(496)
and water water chops w/ and water
(472) and

4/23/2018 Almost Spicy Chicken Trail Mix 1974

oatmeal w/ breaded pork Cutlets w/ (496)
sausage links chops w/ olive and
(455) and roasted tomatoes w/
water asparagus mixed greens
(472) and and simple
water salad dressing
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(551) and

4/24/2018 Eggs w/ Chicken Cilantro Fruit (330) 1658

avocado and Cutlets w/ turkey and water
salsa (415) olive and burgers w/
and water tomatoes w/ rosemary
mixed greens Green beans
& simple (362) and
salad dressing water
(551) and

4/25/2018 Fried eggs w/ Cilantro Beef pot roast Jerky & fruit 1500
sweet pot turkey (509) and (3 oz jerky
hash (299) burgers w/ water and medium
and water rosemary banana) (330)
Green beans
(362) and

Calorie Intake Reflection:

I am a person who enjoys feeling healthy and wants to continue feeling healthy. Food

overall, has always been something I really haven't been interested in. I always had in my head

that food is just something I need for my body to maintain itself to function on a day to day
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bases. I admire people who enjoy the taste of food and eat it because they simply taste all these

rich flavors in the foods we have all around us. For me, I don't see food that way and it does

make me sad at times but for most part, I am fairly thankful for it as well.

After keeping track of my calories this week, I do want to change my eating patterns and

star caring for myself and those who I love and be considerate in what I eat. I shouldn't worry

about how I look and start enjoying food more. Who knows, maybe by changing my eating

habits as well, not only will it make me a healthier person mentally but I do believe that it will

help me financially too because restaurants and other places make you spend a lot of money. I

want to start making food at home for me and my boyfriend and encourage others to do so as

well! My overall experience, was for sure an eye opening experience. It changed the way I want

to start eating from now on and start enjoying my food in a creative way.

I do have three goals for myself from now on. My first goal is to cut down on water by a

lot and replace it sometimes with tea or something sweet like a treat, because I have noticed that

it became very unhealthy for me to drink lots and lots of water. I also noticed that the color of

my pee isn't normal and I think it is a sign to start making changes. My second goal would be to

replace steak or meats with more veggies and greens, this week I noticed I ate very little greens.

My third and final goal is to break the rules of eating healthy for once, I should replace things

like oatmeal for maybe some delicious cereal instead.

My ‘menu’ for a day would be having cereal in the morning with almond milk and a

glass of water, for lunch eat a huge source of salad with little dressing and have lemonade, and

for dinner eat something like soup or spaghetti. Also remembering to balance the amount of

water I take in my body, remembering not to intake more than I need.

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All in all, I was very surprised but the amount of calories that my body was taking in. At

first I couldn't believe that calories add up fairly quickly, and how surprising it was to see that at

times little snack have so many calories! I noticed that there are days where I eat more then other

days, and that was also very surprising for me. With all honesty I didn't bother looking at calories

before because I didn't see the importance of it. Now, I see great importance in keeping track of

my calories and seeing the nutrition label in everything I eat.