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About Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited (Chola)

Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited (Chola), incorporated in 1978 as the
financial services arm of the Murugappa Group. Chola commenced business as an equipment
financing company and has today emerged as a comprehensive financial services provider
offering vehicle finance, home loans, home equity loans, SME loans, investment advisory
services, stock broking and a variety of other financial services to customers.

Chola operates from 873 branches across India with assets under management above INR 42,900
Crores. The subsidiaries of Chola are Cholamandalam Securities Limited
(CSEC), Cholamandalam Home Finance Limited (CHFL) and White Data Systems India Private
Limited (WDSI).

The vision of Chola is to enable customers enter a better life. Chola has a growing clientele of
over 8 lakh happy customers across the nation. Ever since its inception and all through its
growth, the company has kept a clear sight of its values. The basic tenet of these values is a strict
adherence to ethics and a responsibility to all those who come within its corporate ambit -
customers, shareholders, employees and society.

Vision and mission

Enable Customers to Enter a Better Life.
Customer first:
Switch from product focused to customer focused
Improving Efficiencies:
Long term Customer focus requires profitability and sustainability
People Power:
People are our Primary Asset. Happier people = Happier Customers


Cholamandalam Home Finance Limited (CHFL)

Cholamandalam Home Finance Limited (CHFL) is of the belief that every family should own a
home. CHFL offers home loans to suit all budgets with convenient repayment options and fast
track approval process. CHFL offers home loans for construction of houses, purchase of new
home and balance transfer of the home loans from other financial institutions.

Cholamandalam Securities Limited (CSEC)

Chola Securities is a wealth management company offering investment solutions to individual

clients and stock broking and equity advisory services to institutional investors, including many
of the largest mutual funds in India. Chola Securities is a member of Bombay Stock Exchange
Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited.

White Data Systems India Private Limited (WDSI)

White Data Systems India Pvt. Ltd (WDSI) was founded in April 2015 with a mission to
improve reliability and quality of service through innovative and integrated solutions for the
Road Freight & Transport Sector through its I-Loads platform.

WDSI is located in Chennai with operational facilities in Bangalore and Coimbatore. The
company offers a holistic range of services, providing tangible benefits to truck operators,
booking agents, brokers and load providers at an optimal price. The focus is on improving
efficiencies and service levels of the sector in an inclusive manner.

The I-Load platform will provide transport service providers new and scalable business
opportunities that will lead to increased truck asset utilization, sustained growth and better
economic opportunities.


Chola is a pan-India company operating from over 873 branches across India. This
helps us get closer to you to help you enter a better life.

Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited have a strong legacy of being a
responsible corporate citizen. At Cholamandalam, we believe that social responsibility is not just
a corporate obligation that has to be carried out but an intrinsic part of our ethos, and hence we
have engaged in CSR activities for several years in the past too.

We endeavor to positively impact the lives of the disadvantaged sections of society by

supporting and engaging in activities that aim at improving their well-being. Cholamandalam is
dedicated to the cause of empowering people, educating them, improving their quality of life
thereby helping them enter a better life.
We endeavor to protect the interest of our stakeholders and contribute to society by making a
measurable and positive difference, by supporting several causes viz.,

 Providing basic health care facilities to economically backward societies across

geographical areas
 Improving access to education
 Provision of skill development / vocational training
 Rural development
 Environmental sustainability
 Promoting arts, culture and sports
 Sustainable livelihoods
 Entrepreneurship development / through incubators
 Research


 Equities,
 Bonds,
 Real Estate,
 Gold,
 Mutual Funds
 Life Insurance
 Wealth management

Our belief in the 5 lights drives us to excellence and innovation.

Chola is part of the Murugappa Group and derives its core values from the 5 lights of the
Murugappa Group. The 5 lights being INTEGRITY, PASSION, QUALITY, RESPECT and

Mr. M B N Rao
Chairman & Independent Director

Mr. N Srinivasan
Executive Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. V Srinivasa Rangan

Independent Director
Ms. Bharati Rao
Independent Director

Mr. Ashok Barat

Independent Director

Mr. Arun Alagappan

Executive Director

Key Features:

 Unbiased and client centric approach

 Dedicated Relationship Manager
 Risk profiling and financial planning
 Goal specific solutions