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Deadball is a fast, dice-based baseball For each at bat, the batter rolls a d100 BASIC HIT TABLE (D20) You hit the ball, you throw the ball, you
game for one or two players. It uses (that’s two 10-sided dice). The pitcher catch the ball. After nine innings, the
1-2 Single
real statistics to simulate a baseball rolls his Pitch Die, and adds the result team with the most runs wins!
game between two teams from history, to what the batter rolled. We call that 3-7 Single, roll for DEF
modern day, or your own imagination. the Modified Swing Score (MSS). 8-12 Single, runners adv. 2 BUT I WANT MORE!
13-15 Double, roll for DEF
Deadball uses stats that every fan knows If the MSS is equal to or less than the There’s way more to baseball, and
and understands, like batting average Batter Target, it’s a hit. If 1-5 points 16-17 Double, runners adv. 3 there’s way more to Deadball, too. The
and ERA, allowing new players to pick higher, it’s a walk. If it’s more than 5 18 Triple, roll for DEF rulebook explains productive outs,
it up in minutes. Because the game is points higher, the batter is out. double plays, stolen bases, and pitcher
based on real stats, you can play as any 19-20 Home Run fatigue. The advanced rules contain
team you want. Replay classic seasons. If the batter is out, On a roll that calls for DEF, the defense everything from defensive shifts and
Pit the all-stars of today against the find the final digit has a chance to take away the hit. Roll player personalities to pitch outs, bun-
legends of history. Any match-up you of the MSS on the 0 Strikeout (K) a d12 on this table: ting for a hit, triple plays, and stealing
imagine, Deadball will make real. Out Table. Write 1 Strikeout (K) home.
the result (the part DEFENSE (D12)
2 Strikeout (K)
in parenthesis) in 1-2 Error. Runners take an extra base. The rulebook lets you create players
GETTING STARTED the box on the 3 1st Base (G-3)
3-9 No change. and teams on the fly, or generate whole
Write a lineup on ERA PITCH scorecard next to leagues, playing season after season,
4 2nd Base (4-3)
the scorecard on the DIE the batter’s name. 10- Hit goes down a level. Double simulating trades, injuries, rising
back of this sheet. Move down a row 5 3rd Base (5-3) 11 reduced to single, runners adv. 2.
0-.99 d20 prospects and fading stars. It includes
Next to each name, for the next batter, 6 Shortstop (6-3) Triple reduced to double, runners complete rosters for the Southern Cir-
1-1.99 d12 adv. 3. Single remains a single.
write the player’s and over a column 7 Left Field (F-7) cuit, a fictional eight team league, and
position and his 2-2.99 d8 for the next inning. 12 Hit turned into out. Runners hold. the revolutionary Five Tool System for
Batting Target—the When the game is 8 Center Field (F-8) creating dynamic new players.
3-3.49 d4
first two digits of finished, you’ll have 9 Right Field (F-9) If the batter is out, write DEF. When a
his batting average. 3.5-4 -d4 a complete record player gets on base, draw the first leg of Play by yourself, or with a friend. Play
Find the pitcher’s 4-4.99 -d8 of what happened! a diamond to show his trip to first base. a series, a season, a career. A game of
ERA on the Pitch Draw the second leg when he goes to Deadball takes fifteen or twenty minutes.
5-5.99 -d12
Dice table and write Hopefully, once in a while, somebody second, and the third when he goes to It’s not baseball, but it ain’t bad.
down what it says. 6-6.99 -d20 will get a hit. When that happens, roll third. When he scores, complete the
That’s the Pitch Die. 7-7.99 -20 a d20, and find the result on this table: diamond and fill it in. Visit for more!
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 R H E


NAME, POS & TRAITS BT, L/R 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 HITS

NAME, POS & TRAITS BT, L/R 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 HITS