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This agreement is made on the 19th day of March 2018, by and between:

SKENT PRODUCTIONS PVT LTD having its registered office in Bangalore, represented by
Shaji K (SK) Address (1142, 19th Main, 8th Cross, Nr. RTO Office, Bangalore - 76, Tel: +91-

TEAM ARABIA EVENTS LLC having its registered office in Dubai represented by Mr.
Shameem, Address P.0 Box 235485, 304 Hilal Bank Building, Al Qusais, Dubai.

SKENT PRODUCTIONS and TEAM ARABIA EVENTS LLC has planned to conduct an
event titled “Oru Adar Show” which will be a Mega event participated by following artists from
film industry scheduled on May 04, 2018 in the UAE.

Artist List

Movie Directer. Sri.omar lulu, Priyaprakash Warrier, Siyad shajahan, Roshan Abdul Rahoof,
Noorin shereef, Ouspeachan vaalakuzhy, Thajudden, Vishakh, Roshan, Mathew
Singers: Samad, Nazeer Minnali, Rayana, Jenu (anchor), Comedy.Rajasahib+3, Dance: Riyas
(choreographer), Serial /cine artist, Jeeshmaa, Mridula, Remya, Parvathy

SKENT: Shaji k, Jubin, Roselinjolly (artist event supporting)

The understanding would be:

1) SKENT PRODUCTIONS would be signing with TEAM ARABIA EVENTS LLC for this
event and TEAM ARABIA EVENTS LLC has agreed to carry out certain part of the event and
details are as below:-

 License for conducting this event.

 Payment of INR 10 lakhs to Skent productions
 All artists, officials and technicians visa
 Venue booking and arrangements
 Venue permission letter
 Copy of all permission and other documents related to this event
 Event approvals
 Stage
 Generator and Diesel
 Barricade, Chairs, Sofas
 Security
 Press Conference
 Ticket tax, if any
 Ticket printing
 Parking cards and access cards
 Catering
 Rolls ups
 Food and Accommodation ( Stars at 7star 5 star category)
 Local transportation
 Print media ads and promotions
 Insurance
 Marketing support - Accommodation, food, local transport, Visa, Basic Salary and ticket
for marketing team.
 Business Award Purchase
 All Event ordinations, manpower etc.
 Badge Printing (as per category)
 Accounts of All the expense details.

2) The role of SKENT PRODUCTIONS will be as mentioned below:

 Artist Payments
 Assured sponsorship of minimum INR 15 lakhs which will be paid against the artist
 Artist Promo Shoot and Byte
 Rehearsals
 Channel Telecasting
 Copy of Event confirmation letter and all other documents related to this event
 Accounts of All the expense details
 Artist Press Conference
 Approval for dine with stars
 Approval on Mall Promotion
 Approval on store visit

3) SKENT PRODUCTIONS and TEAM ARABIA EVENTS LLC would jointly generate
sponsorship (“Clients”) towards the event.

The terms would be:

1. Term:

1.1 The agreement shall be in force from the date of signing the agreement
until the event and completion of all payments and documentation
formalities. The agreement shall continue in force till that time unless and

2. Personnel:

2.1 Both the parties shall allocate personnel with suitable levels of experience
and qualification to carry out the service. The agencies
acknowledge and agree that they may need to replace the personnel
with alternative
personal and both the agencies agree to ensure that such replacements are
of similarity suitable level of experience and qualification.

2.2 The agencies shall ensure that any key personnel are actively involved in
carrying out the services. The agencies shall inform the other
agency in the event that any key personnel leaves the agency or is
otherwise unable to continue to be actively involved in the carrying
out of the services.

3. Administration and reporting:


co-operate at all times during the provision of the services and in this
respect, all the agencies shall provide with all relevant information needed
for it to carry out the services.

3.2 The agencies shall prepare and provide each other with a written report
by email of all any significant matters arising at meetings or in
conversations, and of any specific points agreed between the parties at any
time, within one day. The parties agree that this written report shall be
graded as an accurate and binding report of the meeting or conversation,
or any agreed points; unless one of them gives written notice of any
disagreement it has with the content of any report within three working
of receipt.

4.0 Monetary Transactions:

4.1 The total cost of the project “Oru Adar Show” is estimated as INR 27,
00,000.00. Team Arabia Events will be paying INR 10 lakhs as advance.
The balance artist payment will be generated from the sponsorship funds.

4.2 SKENT PRODUCTIONS has to take responsibility of all

payment related to the role agreed by them and same way TEAM
ARABIA EVENTS LLC has to bear the payment related to the role
agreed by them.


agreed to raise the amount for income through sponsorship, ticket sales,
business award etc.

4.4 All sponsorship amount and income generated by all the parties involved
in the agreement for the event ““Oru Adar Show””, should be in the name
of account operated by TEAM ARABIA EVENTS LLC. All the income
and expenses for this project incurred shall be updated on a daily basis by
all the parties.

4.5 Marketing staff shall be deployed for marketing the event. They have the
responsibility to meet clients and close deals for the event. They will be
working on salary in addition to the commission for the volume of deals
closed. Apart from this, any sponsorships closed by external agencies,
may need to give 10-15% as their service charge.

4.6 All the invoices are raised in Arab Emirates Dirham. Where relevant, any
taxes will be included as a separate items on all invoices.

5.0 Profit Sharing Ratio

5.1 The agreement between all parties is that the producers of this event,
should be refunded his investment amount after the event. Once the
amount is refunded, after all expenses and taxes, the total profit should be
shared in the following ratio:



6.0 Termination

6.1 In case of any unforeseen circumstances due to natural calamities or any

other factors, if the show cannot be conducted, the event may be
postponed to a future date or the investment amount will be compensated
through arranging another event.

6.2 In case the event did not happen on the said date, both parties responsible
to conduct the same on another day.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have set and subscribed their respective hands and
seal the day and the year first hereinabove written.

Signed and delivered for and on behalf of

In the presence of

Signed and delivered for and on behalf of

In the presence of