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ffiy &t^$-
f her eby dedicate this book
to those of you who ar e the
d r eamer s of this countr y -
You are the. people who make
E ne gr eatest technlcal ad_
vances possible when you do
sonething about your d.reans

All-an lfila1lace

: Publlshedby
Fort lrlorth, Texas
II p"s" 1
1 972. - . R a 1 p h Mo o d y Jr o f o a k H i l - l Flor ida gets
1,. Bls miles per galton fr om
lhis modj-fi-ed Ford capri whi-ch has been equippEo - a- - - f,r - - wiiir a turbocharged" 4-cy1
d i e s e l e n g i n e o .....
lPerkin s
I - ] 97q - T h e F l e x Ga s V a p o ri ze r (r" aclver tised in national- maga.zines) and
ls e l1s f or a r e a s o n ? b l " p ri ce , cl a i ms fo oouur ; g;; *ir ""g" fr om m ost any
lc a r and g_
e t s t o 1l O Mp G'o n ,o *" ......
| ,

| 1 9 7 7 -- A - s t a n d a rd v1 ''/R a b b i t d i e sel- with tur bochar ger is tested and g ets

lu p to 5 5 m i l e s p e r g a l 1 o n ......
| 1 977 T o m o g l e o f E l P a so T e xa s claims- to ggt loO m ir es per gallon
lh is 4 6 0 0 l b 1 9 ? o F o rd Ga l a xi e w i th v- B engine."Running or r " r ound- tiip"tl"t on
lfrom El Paso Texas to Demrninglrlewuexico ind 6ack used only two gallons of
Fts. His v a p o r S"1 fvste m e l i mi n a tes the standar d car bur etor , only has a
g a ] l o n t a n k a n d e mi ts n o ca rb on dioxide o" ,r "ur "ned
[thr ee hydr ocar bons. r ..
I t 9 7 6 - A m o d i f l e d F o rd P i n to e q ui- pped with a. tur bochar ged
en gin e is t e s t e d a n d g e ts to B o mi 'i ul' - per gauon.:- :;;. Ni- ssan dies el
19 7 4 - a n a r t i c l e fro m Me ch a n i x fll- ustr ated about nHum Type Fuel
svste m s 't t e r l s o - f - ma n .b y th e n a me- "i i"p;"- *r r J""iL*"
1OO r n il-e s p e r g a l l on " w i th - h i s syste m . ;.: , . to get fr om 60 to
19 73 - T h e a n n u a l sh e l l o i 1 co mpany-
recc:'d for high mi-leage at \,rloodRiirer"iitil;I-;.-a"rrisitly _er nployeescontest tur ns out a wor l d
1959 rrin t a g e 6 e t s th e " re co " o *i t-r.-ti 6.i6 modified opel of
r nir es per galr on......
1958 - Ford Motor. company begins experiments with
fli f fer e n t k i n d o f co mb u sti o h ch L rn b er . i fuel ,i"i"ci"O an engine that has a
ver sion of 4fO ci-d
[s tested and runs y-ely we1] on an lirTyuel_ mix[u""- ot Z6zl
px oer i* ert i n g Ford. is now
w i t h th i ; f;; iG;iil" pr oducti_on by 1985......
1a.te )ors and early 6ots - The Kendig and Fj-sh rr""1*;i"'"""trr"t
L Tl"
puretors have some very inter_esting car-
miteage"tigu"""r..trr" et-str gets
ln to p ro d u c t i - o n o n-a -ve ry sma l l scl l e - u[t r oi ",i""both of
ph ese c a rb u r e t o r s fa d e a w a y o ve r th e next r ew- unknown,
rr """ions

19 3 3 t $ t 1 9
3 6 - ch a rl e s l d e l so n .Pogue is issued. sever al patents on h i s
faporizer type carburetors and claim5"of 2O-0*ii;; per-galfon crop up aLl
lug" the world. ]le never se!s- proouclrJn ;ii U;-Ir5i"o"""o-iii"- ILuuretor
[ades awav, but Mr PogueIno rrii ;;ililtor trave ;;;; a regend ever since.
Ivlor-ethan 50 years a8o -, George Arl:lngton Moore
In f uet - e f f i c i e n c y was issued more patents t
syste ms th a n i n y r nan in hidi;r ; iJ- o*t".;.- .:- :- - ,e
Ar e all t h e s e s to ri e s trn e ? Y o u bet tlr gv ar e, and these
rf t he Ta l y t h o u s a nd s th a t vre h a ve n rt mentioned. ar e just a few
iur soci'ety when r finci that information I sometimes abo ut
or t.hii r.itrJ"""t be dug up by any
ne who vrants to tal<e the ty:, but trie puuri;-;";;;
n any k it r d o f m a ss sca l e . B u t'th , en seems to get inforrned
r gulss when.yo" ir r ir r tn auoilt iin when
verY ore is informed tirey all want on6 and
he oil ind'ustry. rf one 6f these g9il these_-""r, panic
mi-leage systems rirere to ever
ake it to market on a mass scale it-cou1d"r"i"-o"i-"forro*y ltt*n
ut ti ng ml l l i o n s . o f by literally I
p -e o p l e o u t o r w or r ..- .o"g- Ji"uii- pJlpr e
ountr y de p e n d d i r e ctl y-o n wno wor k in th i s I
th e a u to moCive inausir y i;; their paychecks, & le
ho kn o ws h o w m a n ; d e p e n d o n th e o i l _ industr y.
nl y se] 1 h a l f a s - m u ch g a so l i n e n e xt *"nir , ff"t[;- ?l]- ;;d;i;; coul_a
Duld certai-nIv have to-fire tast nonth they
one hetl ot a tg1 "i- tr tgv- "Jlo
ng out that trugg payroll for- which they woul-d,;i. piJir" to keep from pay
ur whole economic- system is uuirt--on -"tto*oull;;-"iiI not'rraie the money. you eee
gasolj-n€r. o
page 2
Because our economy ls based on the automobile and the gasoli-ne J-t uses
al-l these inventors who come up with a better idea, are never allowed to
get thelr i.nventlon onto the market. Of course you-w:tl-l- never get any one
to a d m i . t th a t i n ve n ti o n s can be suppr essed", but- never the less- - they do.
T have put thj-s i-nformation together from the research f have done in
my own venture to build a super high mj-leage system. Because i-t would take
a s e t o f vo l u me s th e si ze of an encyclopedi- a to gi- ve you all m y r es ear c h
n g t e s e T r ve j -n cl u d e d o n l y the m ost i- nter esting and feasible sys tem s j - nto
this book. I feel the public has a right to know and be given the know-
l e d g e t o pro d u ce th e i r o w n system if they so desir e and to r un i t on thei r
own automobiles. If enough people are runnlng around in lOO l4PGcaJ's, the
economy w:ill have to change and industry wil,t have no choj-ce but to go
a l o n g w i - th th e ch a n g € ...

f t s e e ms th a t e ve r si n ce the advent of the autom obile, the p ubl i c has

b e e n b u f f a l o e d i n to b e l i e vi ng that the car bur etor instailed on our c ar s
i s t h e m ost e ffi ci e n t th a t can be pr oduced. And that an A:- r /Fuel r ati o of
1521 is the ultimate mixture for. gasoli-ne to burn. But thi-s i-s not true
g a s o l i n e wi l l b u rn a t mi xtu res of up to 2OO:1 and the 15:1 r atio - i s the
b i g g e s t o u tri g h t l i e w e l ve ever hear d. The car bur etor , as lir sta l l ed on the
automobile formore than lO years now, is nothj-ng mor6 than an automatic
f u e l f l o w co n tro l va l ve j - t does not vapor ize the fuel at all, w hi c h m us t
b e d o n e b e fo re th e fu e l w i l l bur n. 15t1 1s about the cor r ect m i x tur e w hen
y o u i n t e n d to b u rn o n l y 1 a % of the fuel as is done by som e aut om obi l - es .
l:+q"+9_ fuel will not burn, it must be j.n a gaseous state (vapor:ized.) before
i.t wi-ll burn - and the carburetor does not do thls.

T h e c a rb u re ti o n syste m begins at the point of air entr y into the s y s ter ,r

a n d e n d s at th e p o l n t o f i g nltion, ther efor e- the intal< e m anifol d ar r d the
h e a d s a r e p a rt o f th e ca rb ur etion system as ar e the combusti- on c ham ber s .
T h e h e a t w i th i n th e se p a rts of the"system is what tends to vap or i z e fuel
s o t h a t l t ca n b u rn . T h e car bur etor only tur ns the fuel lnto a: fi ne m i s ty
p p { a y a n d me te rs j -t to 'C o tncide with the air flo' w. .fn the aver a ge c ar of
t o d a y - o nl y a b o u t 2 0 % o f the fuel ever gets vapor j- zed for the bur ni ng
p r q c e s s , th e b a l a n ce i s w h at ends up as car bon build- up inslde the engi ne
a n d w h a t i s ca l -l e d u n b u rn e d hydr ocar bons being cotlected by the c atal y ti c
c o n v e r t e r o r co ml n g o u t th e tailplpe.

You can di-sprove the 1521 air,/zuel- ratio with your own car and a littlc,
of your time. nil1 your tank and then take your car out on the highway,
drive at )) ml1es per hour for one hour - turn around and return to the
sane station you filled up at and reflll your tank. ltrote the mileage on
your odometer at the beginning of the test and at the end,. Now go iiome anc.:.
g e t o u t y o u r ca l cu l a to r. Y oufr e golng to figur e the air r /2el r ' ati o for the
e n g i n e u n d e r i d e a l co n d i tj -o ns at a steady speed. You dr ove 1 1O m i l es now
figure youl mileage by di-viding the number of gallons to refil] your tank
i . n t o t h e 11 0 mi l e s. N o w sa y for example if you- got 18 mil_es per gal }on,
y o u u s e d 6 .1 g a l l o n s o f g a s - at six lbs pei gallon that i, 36 .6- 1bs . W ow
y o g - w i - l l h a ve to fi g u re th e amount of air you usedl an.d at jj.1 l bs per
cubic foot. Tf youq engine is a 3OO cubic inch V-B and turns 22fl rprr- at
f5 r a i l e s _ pe r h o u r (ti n d th i s out by installing a tachom eter ) it w i l l d" r aw
i n 1 1 r 7 1 9 .7 2 _ cu b i c fe e t o f air per hour - two lour s wil] be 23t4 3?.j c ubi c
Ig "! _ o I 1 J8 9 .1 l b s. N o w d i v ide the alr by the fuel- ( 1r 789.t in s ai r and
J 6 . 6 t U s fu e l ) a n d yo u g e t a F\.r e1/Air r atio of almost 4921.....
THE formula for fuel ratio to air is always figured i-n weight , so the
pa8e 5

comect fornula is as follows: Gasoline at 5lbs per gallon / air at 13.1

}uq per cubic foot. --- Cubic inch displacenent of engine dlvided by two
lflsloq draws alr onlV on every other stroke) nultiplied by engine rpm
c.inided by 17Zg (1728 cubic inches per cubic foot) nultiplied 6v 6O (tfre
ru:mber of minutes_ per hour) equals cubj-c feet of air / gasoLine- gal.lons
ru}tiplied by 5 tUs equals weight of gasolane / cubic'f5et of aii multi- 13.1 equals wei-ght of air -- divide weight of air by weight of
gasoline conguned for sane peri-od of tlne equals-Airr/nrel ralj-o.
I!t" plain to see that i.f you get a 49:1 .&1r F\rel ratio at a steady
spggd on th.e h:,ghyay and if _your carburetion systen ts only 20% etticient,
a 50 to 80% efflciency_ryogld increase rnlleage drastlcal-ly.-ff you are get-
1ng. 18 yPe ngw and could tncrease to 80% your-rnileale would-be
b e t t e r t h a n 7O n i l e s p e r g a Il o n ..r

The carburetor as we know it is about the same as it was n years ago

and the modern carburetor is even less efflcient than those of 30 years
ago when gasoline was cheap. The fuel injection systens of today are not
nuch better than a standard carburetor when it come6 to efficiency. To sum
it all rpr of every 20 gallons of gasoline you put in your tank - only J
gallons or so url11 be used by your engine. fhe balance will build up in
thg engine as carbon and w:i1l be coll-ected ae unburned hydrocarbons by the
catalytic converter or come out your tail pipe as pollutlon...

I once drove a 1956 pontiac with V-B and autonatj-c transmission that
got about 13 mpg on the highway. f was a hot rodder ln those days and I
wanted as rrruch pourer as I could possibly - get so f set out to get the car
to go a little laster. f had just come 6ut of the Air ForcJwhere f was
an engine mechani-c so J used one trick that airplanes use to get more pow-
er for take offs. f leaned the carburetor out as much t*s posslble and put
in water injection to help keep it cooI. The leaning process di-d gi-ve ne
more powerr but due tc the 1iquid fuel r,v:lthln the conbustlon chamber the
heat build up wa6 intolerable until the water: injection was i-nstalled. At
the same time f was increasing ponrer urtth thj-s methoO - I found out that
f was also increaslng efflciency and ended up getting better than 2l mpg
o n t h e h i g h w ay...

Ever since then f have been lltgrested in high mileage systems and an at
present working on a simple modification that 6ould befter- than doubl-e the
nileage on any car that uses g.asoline and a stanaara carburetor. As a
resul-t of ray research f have put together the foLlowlng lnfornaiiott for
you to use as_you see fit in your ovn srdearzorto obtali uettertmileage in
yor{ automobile. However the printed materiaL here has been copyrigtrEea
and may not be reproduced for resale. Dealershlps for this UooL-ar6 avail-
able though; conte.ct the deaLer where you bought thi; morr i;"--*or; i"to-
or contact me directly if he cannot help you.

? , I _tltlv hope the information given here will be of'some help to you &
r- hope to see many autonobilee running around getting 50 mpg or bett6r in
t he. n e x t _ f e w ye a r6 . Ma yb e w e can.get our econoily to Etir t' cta"Si"g for the
bet t e r i f w e d o so n e th i n g a b o u t iI...... !....
pa8e 4

Decenber 28r 197t Patent #

Inventor: JOSEPHH BAIDWIN 3 r 6 f r , 6 98

BurEn p.y {ntve


.Sgereo A'*
Ftoer FEranYArn
AA'D lller YAtv€
t *- Vellru c t
Ft6. I
Sroe ,'lrc,tl

\g ./;.

Fl6. 2 Ft6. t
fo e t/te'u'l 'TbP t/re at,
( r/entus )
( r^it/va"uun cunnaea)
page 5
l:e 3aldwln carburetor shown here is of a type that uses a vacuum which
-- G6"u!'.,. uJ the engine to l-ower the pressure on the surface of the fue]-
-: -F-A+-J

a:l :;;s boiling the fuel to produce a vapor. ft elimj-nates the standard
r ^€ : ; * : " t y p e c a rb u re to r w j -th j e ts entir elyr and r eplaces j- t with a seal ed
llr3gla- containi-ng a float t1th a standard needle & seat - a deli-very tube
ar: a renturi type air inl-et and mixture control.
Ir the Baldwin system, alr is cut off by the rotary air inlet valve to
ir : iu c e a c h o k i ng e ffe ct o n th e engine fol star ting. Thi_s pr oduces a v er y
::gi: vacuum and therefor boils enough fuel to get the engine started from
::a rrapors produced along with the air already in the iniake mani-fo1d.
i j:a r starting, th e a i -r va l ve i s opened enough to continue oper ation of
::- : e rg l n e a n d fro m th e n o n a cts as the thr ottle valve to contr ol the ai r
:::e ring t h e e ng i -n e . B e ca u se o f the vacuum cr eated by the engine, the fuel
'm::ri-n the sealed chamber boil-s and produces a fuel vapor
- thi-s fuel
;'a:!r 1s then sucked along the delivery tube to the venturi type mixture
__r. r, n. j
_ _ _ - v f v!a

Iiithin the venturi type mi-xture control is a butterfly valve to control

: : . e f lo w o f t h e se va p o rs a n d th i s butter fly valve m ust be connected w i th
*irj<age to the rotary inlet valve so as to be able to control- the Air
:-ilel mj-xture. The rotary"i" ai.r lnlet valve can be -of any type that w:tU- do
::- e jo b a n d c a n b e co n n e cte d to the acceler ator pedal for thr ottle contr ol ,
The inventor says that heat may be applied to the seafed chamber for
:e t t er e f f i - c i e n cy (i n e ffe ct, n o t r equir ing so m uch vacuun to boil the gas
mitiiin it). No fuel pump is required wlth thls system as the vacuun withi.n
::e sealed chamber will continue to suck in fuel from the tank as requj-red,

The rotary a-ir valve is the controlling factor in this systen producing
::re vacuum required by allowing less air i.nto the engine. It nay be very
lrff,icultto get this system to allow an englne to turn a hi-gh rpm and r,lay
r:cduce a loss of power for the lack. of ai-r. However the system will work
a:a could be experimented with to get the siz#;'o'f the valve and venturi to
l::e point required for high rpr. The inventor makes no clalms as
-;3 nlleage, effi-ciency or pollutlon produced by hl's carburetor.
page 5

Aprl.l, 4' 197" Patent #

fnventor: OLfVffi M TUCKER 3 16531643

Secelonnf A l{' Flur€R


flrrarn,A rr





page 7

The Tucker carburetor shown here j-s basicall-y a system of fuel and air
lilters working together to create a vaporous nixture sufficient to burn
ln:i,hin the cylinders of an internal cornbustion engine.

Because the bottom of thls cafburetor i-s fj-lled entirely with the main
napori-zing filtere a float chamber must be mounted seperately
-of and at such
a position as to frai-ntain a fuel level below the top the filter. Main
aj-i entry into the carburetor J.s through an ordinar! type aj-r filter, and
;lie air then passes downward into and thru. the maj-n vaporlzing filter and
tce liquid tuel where upon it bubbles upward lnto a mixing chamber. The
a-ir passing thru this liquid fuel and filter creates bubbles whi-ch are bro'
..en up by the part of the filter above the liquid level thereby vaporizing
:n e f u e l .

An auxj-liary alr inlet is provided :along with its own air filter and a
eutterfly valve to act as a mixture control, thi.s allows extra air to ent-
er the mixing chamber to keep the original mixtrlre from being too rich. As
:his auxiliary a:ir enters the mixing chamber it is swirled away from the
center by a turbulator to help in the mi-xing process anti to keep it from
--raveling straight do'wn into the engine and creat-lng too lean a mixture.
lhis auxiliary a'lr must be controlled by linkag.e to the the accelerator
redal along with the main butterfly valve control ,

A simple system that works well when fitted to stati-onary er:si-nes where
r.he engine rpm i.s constant. Mixture control by h-nkage can be tri-cky when
engine rpm is constantly changed up and downo Mixture control can be your
biggest problem when building any mileage carburetor.

This carburetor is of the basic form or type written about ln an article

from a 1974 i.ssue of Mechanlx fl-lustrated where a man by the narne of LaPan
cl-aimed to get 6O to 100 mpg. The article luas more about humidifier type
carburetors though, where the ma-i-nvaporizing fi-lter rotates through the _
liquld fuel ald air is drawn through a pa-rt of the filter that is not under
'the liquid.

l,lr Tucker makes no: s:peci.fic claims to efficiency, but does clairn thi-s
carburetor will del-iver a completely vaporized or dry gas to the engine
rhich is raixed $rtth sufficient air to conplete the burni-ng process within
:h e c y l i n d e r s . ':
page B

Febuary 24, 1970 Patent #

fnventor: I0RRESTE GERRARD 3r 4 95t919

lt1tp AtR lnlcf
CoWwr VeWe' _
*e n
//der Exqn'{
-\ rqlmuu
l*r#s*r€d r{<rqn
Eor-?I t
s BumertY

Ftoarcanis"R Eil< r*e

rlet4t' Heer €*cnettdeu

+ /or6xnAutT

frn- PrPe
page 9

lhe basics of the Gemard carburetor shown here are sirupl-e, but can be
e. :i: conplieated to buil-d. It works on the basis of a slmple heat exchang'
;l :: vaporize the fuel-.

-iis carburetor uses two impellers driven by electric motors to suck alr
:5:rrgh a venturi type fuel noZzter and then s6nd this atomized fuel & alr
-*:.:;Ce through a heat exchanger to fu11y vaporize the fuel. This vapor-
- -ea mlxture [hen rema-Lns inside the heat exchanger til such tirne as needed
:[ -uh€ engi-ne. A sli-ght pressure is maintained withln the heat exchanger by
::3 im n e l l e r s .

As the engine requires fuele a valve controlled by li-nkage to the butter

:-;,'va1ve is-opened and allows the vapor to mix with incoming air to the
*:-ij-ne. Thi-s vllve for mixture controlr &s wi-th most other systems of this
:t'!e, can be tricky to get into co-ordination with throttl-e opening. Tlis
:a:buretor is a simple version of the Pogue carburetor shown later on in
: r-j s book, and coul-d be hi-ghly dangerous due to the ai-r entering the heat
*:rchanger along the fuel. The wi-se bullder would be to have one
-: :lore heat ccntrol- valves afflxed to keep temperatures from rising to a
::irt where the fuel wi-ll explode. AJso this air/fuel nixture w:Lthi.n the
::at exchanger should be kept very richr so rich in fact, that an explosi.on
llrr::1C normally be impossible.

l;o specific cl-alms are made by the inventor other than conplete burning
:i t he l u e l a n d a re d u cti -o n o f pollutants being r eleased to the atmos pher e,
page 10

Decenber 261 1956 Patent #

fnventor: HAROLDSCHWARTZ 3 r294 1381


@s % oo
Ftr6L ^
oo \-,
o .fd' d.
Top oOo o
Zlpral g rrl
c0 FtctReT en
-Qr ? t
Yten/ v s
:-= o6oo \
o o o a/

Ex n eust



-Stng F,e.R

page 1 1

lhe Schwartz carburetor is somewhat different than most heat

::l:cl-ianger type carburetors i-n that it all-ows hot exhaust gases directly in
:: ; h e e x c h a n g e r.

-he top view shows the air inlet suruounded by a vaporizing chanber in
ruri-'chyou will find a a fuel inlet and a fuel return liner and surrounding
::-a vaporlzing charnber is the .hot exhaust inlet. The sj-de view shows the
: : e i i n l - e t t o a sp ra y n o zzL e w hich is ver y close to the exhaust outl et i - nto
: : e ch a m b e r . Li -q u i d fu e l th a t h as not been vapor ized by the spr ay n oz z T e &
:j: e h o t e x h a u st w i l l d ro p i n to the bottom, and after r eaching a pr edeter -
:-'n e d l e v e l - w il l b e su cke d o ff by the r etur n li- ne.

I . o t s h o w n in th e se d ra w i -n g s, ar e a ser ies of baffles just above the fuel

- e -re l i n t h e b o tto m o f th e ch a mber . These baffle catch.any fuel that i s not
i:il-y vaporized as the fuel exhaust mixture passes through them before gett'
::,g to the air inlet. Vapori-zed fuel passes through the vapor nozzl9 to be
:" r{ed with the ai-r for the burning processo

Th i s c a r b u r e to r sh o u l d b e consider ably safer than m ost, because no'ai - r

- s all-owed i-nto the heat exchanger. Thls carburetor should, work well with
a::r engi-ne that contlnually changes throttle settings due to mixture -being
'ut om a t i c . T h e mo re th e tro ttl e is opened, the mor e exhaust thus m or e of
:5-e fuel being vaporized upon demand. No mechanical mlxture control- should
: e re q u i r e d .

lhe inventor makes no specifi-c clalms as to mi-leage increase, but does

:-aim the carburetor to be al-most 1OO%efficient and thus producing virtu-
'- f y n o p o l l u t io n s.
page 12

May 2, 1961 Patent #

rnventOr: ROBERTS SHELTON 2t9 B2t52B

F/G.T 'fVan,nostar
ELE)T{Ic Hreu Puilp Ca'v-tR'4t-
latt moN
Fre" Frr'ran { sw,r"n

lll ll-.t
+ Barre n/

A n F t t r e a. f Hsu sr ^ tq

I f/e 2
ft;n__+ TnenraosTA'r
Ntses To Heett'tla 6ret


Errt"ar ry
page 13
The Shelton carburetor uses both heat and vacuum to create a vapor from
tn9 gasoline. This carburetor consists of a large chamber in which a resi-
rlir of fuel is maintained. Shelton used an elctric float type switch that
nould s h u t o f f th e e l e ctri c fu el pum p when the desir ed fuel 1evel has been
:eached and to turn the pump o! again when the level falls. Howeverr arly
: ] -pe o f f l o a t :trra n g e me n t w o u l d suffice.

At th e bo + o f th e ch a mb er is an electr ic heating elem ent contr ol l ed

: y a the r m o ,q I lhu liquid fuel and turned on and off by the ignltion
s w l t c h. She I a.ims the heating element shourd be maintalned at a temp-
: r a t u re of l .re s fa re n h e i ght. This temper atur e should a
: c n s j .d e r a b i- < of fuel which then must pass upward through "vr po*r C"
a se,ries
: f b affle s \r ,:: : ]_ coll-ect any liquid droplets and allow them to
. , a c k i nto tl i " l -: o f th e ch amber .

A t t h e t o p o f i ..n ee va p o ri -za tion chamber the fr esh air is allowed to ent-

: F j-h a m i v - i n c ch a ru b e r vi a a typ e of ventur i. Thi.s ventur
$r 4r !4r r b
i is the mi x tur e
^ n r f n n- I'1 i- m
J v !! vL v ! a4r r 5
tr | fcr this carb u re t o r - as the t h ro t t . le c o n t ro lle d butten
f ly va l v e i s op e n e d , a va cu u m i s cr eated ar ound this ventur i suckin g the
f uel v a p o r s i - n to th e mi xi n g ch amber .

B e l - o w t h e c h a mb e r i g - p ri mer or acceler ator pump being connected by

: : e c h a n i c a l l j . n ka g e to th e" th ro ttle valve. Pur nping the acceler ator pedai a
f ew ti r n e s p r i me s th e e n g l n e fo l star ting, after star ting the enginb thi s
lunp a c t s t h e sa n e a s th e a cce ler ator punp on the standar d jetted v entur i
c a rb u r e t o r y o u n o w h a ve .

Th e i n v e n t o r cl a l ms th a t u p to eight tim es the m lleage of the standar d

c a rb u r e t o r c a n b e o b ta i n e d fro m his m odel. lio other claim s ar e mad e.

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October 2?, 1940 Patent #

Inventor: IVOR B NEWBERY 2 1 2 1 Br g 2 2

A t P l, r lr e t
Jw-2. '
'o |o"o" ii i i t..ut {
o'*, rz

l..i Heet
T1 E'Ac;ANfreR
Exueusr ilrll ENHA
Ourter Ittre

,^\r, Deurt'c
\-j, f,rsE


Entt e n.y
page 15

The Newbery carburetor i.s not rea11y a carbttretor in the nornal sense
f the worcl. iather, it i-s a series of two heat exchangers that dellver a
aporized fuel to the intake manifold of the engine.

The two heat exchangers are of a type that provlde a large surface of
heated metal (in the form of baffLes) and a rather long path for the fuel
to travel before being nixed with the fresh air. This large heated area &
long path are the means for vaporizing the fuel before it is . mixed with the
air-in ttre intake mani-fold. The fuel enters into the flrst exchanger via
a controlled spray nozzle, this first exchanger vaporizes a large portion
of the fuel which is then passed lnto the second exchanger for further va-
porizing and. expansion to a true dry state.

Exhaust fron the engirie enters the second chamber first so as to produce
a highei temperature to be transfered to the fuel- just befor e being- all - ow ed
to mix w:ith the fresh ai-rr supposedly to bring the-aLready vaporized fuel
to 6. truely dry state.

As no means for mixture control i-s provj-ded f presume that the fuel is
controlled by the spray nozzJ-e and the choke valve being interconnected to
the throttle- so as irot- to al1ow too much air for too l-ean a mixture. The
inventor no system for startingr so a primer of some kind would
have to be affixed.

The i-nventor makes no specific claims as t o effi-ciency other than thj.s

carburefor delivere a truely dry vapor fuel t o the engine and produces
ver y li. t tl e r i f an Y r P o l l u tj .o n s,
pa8e 18

<- €iaaurst OqTuGr

-SecoP DAcY/
l--on<eoArr ltuet

I madea test today of the pogue Carburetor installedon a Ford eight"cylindercoupe.The speedometershowedthat this car had alreadyrun over
I drove the car 26.2 miles on one pint of gasoline.The temperaturewas averagingaround zero with'a strong north wind blowing. I drove south
fifteen miles and back on the sameroad, and the distance .ho*n by the speedomelerreadingswas 26.2 miles when the gasolinewai cxhausredand
car stopped.
The performance of the car was t0090 in €very way. t tested fcir acceleration,get-awayfrom a standingstart, and at all speeds,and it performed
to, if not better,than any car with a standardcarburetor.
, At very slow speeds,under ten miles an hour, it was much smoother in.operation than a standardcar. tn facti below fivc miles.anhour it pulled up
slight gradewithour laboring of any kind. I steppedon thc acceleratorwhcn the spcedometerwas below five mitesan hour and the car got anay wilhout
BREEN MoroR coMpANy LtMtrED.
(Siened)T'G' Breen'President

Mr. W. J. Holmes,E94WellingtonCresccnt,
Winnipeg.Manitdba, Winnipcg, Maniibba. April lOrh, I
Dear Sir:
Mr. Purdy and I appreciatevery much your interestin arrangingtesr for us with Mr. Pogue.
Ar lhe time the test was madewe covered25.7 mileson one pint of gasoline.
Beforesrailing the test, the car wasrun until the rnotor stalledfor want of fucl. The pint of gaswasthcn conncctcd;the main supply tahk waslutned
and the test startcdfrom a stalledmotor.
We are at a lossto understandthe reasonfor sirchmarkcd Gconomy.However, cvery considerationwas shown in carrying out tcst and acqpainting
wirh rhe designof the carburetor.
Yours truly,
(Signed)D' F' SMITH'

34? College Avcnuc, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Augusl t(Xh' t'9t6

I havetoday had the pleasureto make a tcat of thc Poguc Carburetor. Samewas instaltedin a Ford V-E Coupc, t934 model. I rakcn
tions to rurn off thc speedometcrto nil on thc ttip mileage.
I I dro"c thc car twcnty-eight milcsperhour and aslow as lhreemilcr
rdileson onc pint of gasolinc.I test€dthe car for speedup to seventy-fivc
hour;andthc car pcrformcdexceprionally fact, I canssythc performance wasall anyonccoulddesirein cveryshapeor'form'
Pa6s t>

Airii 9t 19jj Patent #

1 t997 t497

VatYg ForfiRy
.f ti2. Ptuq (a*e


fioar (auve frAceo
Fue" l-eye, A t e Nt e r

Kertq4 tute y'

a a a aa l a a
aa a a a

a a a
Pu'vt P
aa a


a ac
a tt
I oaa
aa a
a a aa

rGp t/tew

page 20
April p, 1935
Patent #
fnventor: CHARLES
N POGUE 1f9? t49?'



A or,tstAgt-€ Lw xe cre
{o* /''"'

K" t).\s

'- il

' ,'|
These itens are tdentica]. for
plug valve ls used. instead of E#2026798
except that only d:ne'rota.ry

page 2l

January J, 1935
Canadian #
fnventor: CHARLES
( ldentical to u.s. #1gg?49?)

Tigt+ 2
J.J r e s 9
o o .J r, .
{! O v'

v rJsO
r vq J


33 o g orl

c : i os
0ooi l
. page 22

This inventionrelatesto a devicefor obtainingintimatecontactbetweena liquid in a truly vaporousstateand a gas,and

particularlyto sucha devicewhich may serveas a carburetorfor internalcombustionengines.Carburetorsas commonly
usedfor supplyinga combustiblemixtureof air and liquid fuel to internalcombustionenginescomprisea bowl in whicha
supplyof fuel is maintainedin the liquid phaseand a fueljet whichextendsfrom saidsupplyof liquid fuel and terminares
a passagethroughwhichair is drawnby the suctionof the enginecylinders.On the suctionor intakestrokeof the cylinders,
air is drawnoverand aroundthe fueljet and a chrge of liquid fuel is drawntherefromand brokenup and partiallyvaporiz-
ed during its passage
to the enginecylinders.In suchcarburetorsa relativelylargeamount of the atomizedfuel is not
vaporizedand enterstheenginecylindersmoreor lessin the form of microscopic
droplets.Whensucha chargeis ',fired" in
the enginecylinder,only that portion of the liquid fuel which hasbeenconvertedinto the vaporousand consequently
molecularstate,combinesthe air to givean explosivemixture.The remainingportionof the.liquidfuel whichis drawninto
the enginecylindersand remainsin the form of smalldropletsdoesnot burn and therebyimpart powerto the engine,but
tendsto increasethe cylinderheadtemperature abovethar at which the engineoperatesmost efficiently.
I havefound the efficiencyof a carburetorcan be increased if the liquid is brokenup and convertedinto the vaporous
phasein advanceand independent of the suctionof the engine.I havealsofound that the efficiencyof rhe engineis further
if thepreviouslypreparedfuel vaporsarecausedto expandbeforebeingintroducedinto theenginecylinderand if
a reservesupplyof suchliquid fuel vaporsfor introductioninto theenginecylinderis maintainedundera slightpressure,
that when the conduitthroughwhich the vaporspassto be mixedwith the atmosphericair beingdrawn into the engine
cylindersis opened,the pressurewill causethe gasesto be forcedthroughsuchpassage
and their introductioninto the
enginecylinderswill not be dependent
solelyupon the suctioncrearedby the enginecylinders.
It is an object of the presentinventionto providea carburetorin which the liquid fuel is brokenup and preparedin
advanceof and independent of the suctionof the engineand in which a reservesupplyof dry vaporswill be maintained
underpressure readyfor introductioninto the enginecylinderat all is alsoan objectof the inventionto providea
carburetorin which the dry vaporsare heatedto a sufficientextentprior to beingmixedwith the main supplyof air which
carriestheminto the enginecylinderto causethemto expandso that theywill be relativelylighterand will becomemorein-
timately'mixedwith the air prior to their explosionin the enginecylinders.
I have found that when the reservesupply of dry vapors is heatedand expandedprior to being admixedwith the at-
mosphericair, a greaterproportion of the potentionenergyof the fuel is obtanedand the mixture of air and fuel vaporswill
explodein the enginecylindersat the correct rate and without any apparentraisein cylinder head temperature.
More particularly, the presentinvention comprisesa carburetorin which liquid fuel vapors are passedfrom a main
vaporizingchamberunderat leasta slight pressureinto and througha heatedchamberwherethey arecausedto expandand
ih which dropletsof liquid fuel are eithervaporizedor separatedfrom the vapors,so that the fuel farally introducedinto the
enginecylinderis in a true vaporousphase.The chamberin which the liquid fuel vaporsare heatedand causedto expand
preferablycomprisesa seriesof passages through which the vaporsand the exhaustgasesfrom the enginepassin tortuous
pathsand in sucha manneras the exhaustgasesare brought into heat interchangerelation with the vapors
and give up a
part of their heat to the vaporsto causetheir heatingand expansion.
The initial vaporizationor atomizationof the liquid fuel is causedto a largeextent
by the passage of atmosphericair
througha constantbody of liquid fuel maintainedin the bottom of the main vaporizing
chamber,but fbr reasonswhich will
be hereinafterpointed out, suchvaporizationof the liquid fuel is preferablysupplimented
by one or more atomizingjets,
but the vaporsfrom suchjets are alsocausedto passthrough thg heatingchamber
wherethey will be.expandedto haveany
liquid dropletsremoved.
i rhe nozzles(9) are externallythreaded
at their lower endsto facilitatetheir assembry
into the chamber(r) and to permit
lhemto be removedreadilyshouldcleaningbe
required.The upper endsof the nozzres
(9) are surroundedby venturi tubes
n"utnt a baffle plate (l l) locatedat their
upper endsopposirethe outlets of
ltol the nozzles.The Iiquid fuel beingforced
from the endsof the nozzles(9) into the restrictedportions of the venturi tubes
causesa rapid circulationof the air and
fanorsin the chamberthroughthe tubes(10)and bringsthe air and vaporsinto
L intimatecontactwith the liquid fuer,with
resultthat a portionthereofis vaporized'
fe Unvaporized portionsof the liquid fuel
strikesthe baffles(r l) and arethereby
brokenup and deflecteddownwardly
into the upwardlyflowing current
fft of air and vapors.
(7) is regulatedto supplya greater
amount of liquid fuet to the nozzles(9)
::ttvaporized than wilt be vaporized.The excess
-' will
!!'r' srvP
drop into the chamber(t)
rrrscramDer (l) and
and cause
i 'rLU the liquid
tn be
ha nai-+^:-^r .,
-- the
maintained at indicated
the li_ level. when
and ,n"
throughan overnow pipe(r3)into
il:ff ffi::::r,l,lil"ly:
pe (14) reading ::,::iiil:,,,
back to the pipe (6) on T of the pump (7).
the intakeside
'uE' a'overrlow ptpe(t3) intoaa
Suchan arrangementpermitslargearnounts
of liquid fuel to ui.iriuriGa by the pump (7)
without more fuel beingdrawn
om the tank than is actuallyvaporized
and consumedin the engine.As the float valve (12)
Itlet pipe (13)as soon as the liquid level will set upon the end of the
drops belowthe indicatedlevel,thereis no
dangerof vaporspassinginto the pipe
{) and henceinto the pump (7) to interfere
with its normal operation.
The upper end of the vaporizingchamber(l)
is open and vapors formed by atmospheric
air bubbling up through the
|- ,.n.': rormed as the result or thearomization at thenozztes
neatlngand expandingchamber(2)' As is (e)w't passinro
clearlyshownin fig. l, the chamber(2) comprises
a seriesof tortuouspassages
F)and (16) leadinr from the bottom to the top' The vaporspass
i- through the passages (15)and the hot exhaustgasespass
fough the passages (16), a suitableentrance(17) and
exit (lE) beingprovided for that purpose.
tbht passingupwardly in a zigzagpath
"apo" through the passages (15) will be brought into heat interchange
ih the hot walls of the passages relation
(16) for the exhaustgases.The totar
rengthof the passages (r5) and (16)
htively large reservesupplyof the dry is such that a
vapor is alwaysmaintainedin the chamber
(2), and by maintainingthe vaporsin
rt exchangewith the hot exhaustgases
for a substantialperiod.,the vaporswill
absorbsufficientheat from thosegasesto
hsethe vaporsto expand'with the result
that when they are withdiawn from the
top of the chamber(2) they wilr be in a
Fly vapor phase,and due to their expansion,
any minute dropletsof liquid fuel entrained
by the vaporsin the chamber(l) will precipitate
out in the lower passages
Dand flow backinto the chamber(l) or elsebe vaporized
by the heatabsorbedfrom the hot exhaustgases
ough chamber(2). in their passage
page 24

The upperend of the vapor passages (15)communicateswith openings(19)adjacentthe upperend of the downdraft tube
(20)leadingto the intake manifold of the engine.Valves(21)are interposedin the openings(19)so that the passages
of the
vapors therethroughinto the air tube may be controlled. The valves(21) perferablyare of the rotary ptug type and are
controlled as hereinafter described.
Suitable meansare provided for causingthe vapors to be maintained in the chamber (2) under a pressuregreater than
atmospheric,so that when the valves(21) are openedthe vaporswill be forced into the air tube (20) independentlyof the
suctionof the engine.Suchmeansmay comprisean air pump for forcing the atmosphericair through the pipe (4) into the
chamber(l) beneaththe falsebottom (3), but I prefermerelyto providethe pipe (4) with a funnel shapedinlet end {221and
locatedjust behindthe usualfan (23)equippedon most all automobiles.That will causethe air to passthroughthe pipe (4)
with sufficientforce to maintainthe desiredpressurein the chamber(2) and the air beingdrawn through the radiator by the
fan will be preheatedprior to its introductionthe chamber(l) and hencewill vaporizegreateramountsof the liquid fuel. If
desiredthe pipe (4) may be surroundedby an electricor other heater,or exhaustgasesfrom the enginemay be passed
around it to further preheatthe air passingtherethoughprior to its introductioninto the liquid fuel in the bottom of the
chamber(l). The air tube (20)is providedwith a butterfly valve(24)for throttle, and a chokevalve(25)as is customarywith
carburetorsused for internai combustionengines.The upper end of the air tube (20) extendsabove the chamber(2) a
distancesufficient to receivean air filter and/or silencer,if desired.
A low speedor idling jet (25) has its upper end communicationwith the passagethrough rhe air tube (20) adjacentthe
throttling valve (24) and its lower end extendinginto the liquid fuel in the bottom of the chamber(l). :
The low speedjet will supply fuel to the enginewhen the valvesare in a position such as to closethe passages(lg);
throughthe idling jet (25)is so smallthat undernormal operationsthe suctionthereonis not sufficient
however,the passage
to lift the liquid fuel from the bottom of the chamber(l).
To preventthe enginefrom backfiring into the vapor chamber(2) the endsof the passages(19) are coveredwith a fine
mesh screen(26) which operateson the principal of a minerslamp, and will preventthe vapors in the chamber(2) from
explodingin the eventof a backfire,but will not interferesubstantiallywith the passage of the vaporsfrom the chamber(2)
into the air tube (20) when the valves(21) are in the open position.The air tube (20) preferablyis in the form of a venturi
with the greatestrestrictionbeingat that point wherethe openings(19)are located,so that whenthe valves(21)are opened
therewill be a pulling force on the vaporsbecauseof the increasedvelocityof the air at the restrictedportion of the air tube
(20) oppositethe openings(19), as well as an expellingforce on them due to the pressurein the chamber(2).
As shownin fig. 3, the operatingmechanismfor the valves(19)is so connectedthe operatingmechanismfor the throttte
valve (241that they are openedand closedsimultaneouslywith the openingand closingof the throttle valve, so that the
amount of vapor suppliedto the enginewill at all timesbe in proportion to the demandsplacedon the engine.To that end,
each valve (19) has an extention or operating stem (27) protruding through one of the side walls of the vapor heating and
expandingchamber(2). Sealsor packingglands(28) of the ordinary constructionsurroundthe stems(27) wherethey pass
through the chamberwall to preventleakageof vaporsat thosepoints.
Operatingarms (29) are rigidly securedto the outer endsof the stems(27'1andextendtowardseachother, the arms are
pivotally and adjustablyconnectedto a pair of links (30)which at their lower endsare pivotally connectedto an operating
link (31) which in turn is pivotally connectedto an arm (32) rigidly securedon an outer extension(33) of th' sternof the
throttle valve (24). The extension(33) also has rigidly securedthereto an arm (34) to which is connectedan operating link
(35) leading from the meansfor acceleratingthe engine.
The meansfor adjustably connectingthe upper endsof the links (30) to the valve stems(2?) of the valves(19) so that the
amount of vapors deliveredfrom the chamber(2) may be regulatedto causethe most efficient operation of the particular
engineto which the carburetor is attached,compriseangular slides(36) to which the upper ends fo the links (30) are fasten-
ed, and which are slidablybut not-rotatablymountedin guideways(37)in the arms (29).The slides(36)havethreadedbores

page 25
which screws(38)pass.The screwsare rotatablymountedin the arms(29), but are
,lhroTeh held againstlongitudinatmove-
ment so that when they are rotatedthe slides(36) will be causedto move along the guideways
(37) and changethe relative
position of the links (30) to the valve stems(27) so that a greateror less
movement,ahd consequentlya greateror lesser
openingof the ports (19) wiil take placewhen the throttle valve(24) is operated.
For safetyand for most efficientoperationof the engine,the vaporsin the chamber(2)
shouldnot be heatedor expanded
beyonda predetermined amount and in order to control the extentto which the vaporsare heatedsrru and !vrrJ!\iu
consequentlythe ex-
lent 10 which they are expanded,a valve(39) is locatedin the exhaustpassage(16)adjacentthe inlet (17). The vatve(39) is
preferablythermostatically controlled,as for example,by an expandingrod thermostat(40) which extends
through the
chamber(2)' However, any ogher meansmay be provided for reducingthe
it -
amount of hot exhaustgasesentering the
passages (16)when the temperature of the vaporsin the chamberreachesor exceeds
'The the optimum.
enginehas6eendescribed in detailin connectionwith a down-drafttypeof carburetor,but is is to be understood
its usefulness is not restrictedto that particulartypeof carburetor,but couldbe madeadaptable
to the side-draftor eventhe
up'draft type of carburetorif desired,and that the mannerin which the mjxture
of atmosphericair and dry vaporsis
introducedinto the enginecylindersis immaterialas far as the advantages of the engineare concerned.
The term "dry vapor" is usedhereinto definethe physicalconditionof the liquid
fuel vapor after the removalof all
liquid dropletsor mist which is frequentlyentrainedin what is ordinarilytermed
a vapor.
From the foregoingdescription, it will be seenthat the presentinventionprovidesa carburerorin which the breaking
of the liquid fuel, or total vaporization,for subsequent usein the engineis totallyindependent of the suctioncreatedby the
engine,and that after the liquid fuel is broken up and totally vaporizedit is maintained
under a tight pressurein a heated
spacefor a length of time sufficient to permit all entrainedliquid or mist particles
to be separatedor vaporizedand to
permit'thedry vaporsto expandprior to their introductionand admixture
with the main volumeof atmospheric air passing
into the enginecylinders.

CharlesN. Pogue
page 25

. Although- the Pogge carburetor is a legend, it j-s at the same time some-
wha-t 9f a phantom. fn the past 45 years no one has ever placee it-o" ifr"-
marketr. sJld many-peoplq have successfully built working iiodetrs of the Fogu"
carburetor. Working models of the phantom are so rare ftrat no one ever
s eem s t o b e a b l e to tra ck o n e down and actually see lt ln oper atlon. As of
the first of this yegq thoughr w€ have been in-contact withtone man who h-as
a wcrki-ng model of hj-s own manufacture.

several mag-azine_articles have been printed. about tire poAue carburetor gr

a b o u t t h e m an -h i mse l f. o n e su c h ar ticle- fr or a tir J oec ii; ig36- iiil"" of the
Canadian Automotive'Industrles states that the average impeiial gallpn of
gasoline contalns_ab9q! 1401000 ETU of energy. And t6at the a.verEge Ameri-
can sedan takes 72 ftrllbs of torque t9 t<eep*it moving at * *i-1""
per hour. Using figures and a 2J mpg figure they show"for4y"ao in a formula
t hat t h i s o n l y a 9 % e ffi ci e n cy - Ther etor - if fne eogue car bur etor del i v er s
2oo miles to the gallon, over-all efficiency is rei:LEec ti 7j;7"
An article ff9 * t!" -Qg q te mb er 1953 issue of Car s magazine states that i n
lF" opening r.ognlhP ol. 1936t Pogrl_epanicked the Toronto"stoct< and
t hre w a f r i g h t 1 n tg . l h " ma j o r. oil iompanies. Stock exchange or r"""tt"rrg"
ices & br ok -
ers were swampedwith orders to dump all oil stock immedlately. Thls sajie
artj-cl-e refers- to a manager of one of Winnile[;s-fargest au.tonobile dea]-ers
who claims to have made a test of the Pogue cJrUuretSr and had driven it6.B
miles on one imperial Ba!19n. of gascline. The sa.rnearticle pr""""t" what is
supposed-to !" g_personal interview with CharleJ noguer s.nd d.escribes him.
as_ q resigned old man who accepts the past and keepE nis secrets to hirn-
s e 1 f . Si . t t i n g b e h i n d ra b a tte re d old wooden desk he- r uns a ti- r ed ol d m ac hi - ne
shop making oi-1 filters.

In this intervj-ew Pogue-wj-ll not make speclfic clains as to performance

of his carburet?r, nor *+ll he d"ly the claims of others. The aiticrL-ilt;
ltt"l Pogug admi-ts to.having been threatened. and to iravine-his-worrnshop-"
broken into with unfinished carburetors being stolen luI that he was not
bought off. Pogge says that he lost $100,O00-and hj_s -partner lost $io-Ordoo
t ry lls t o _ g e t th e ca rb u re to r_ i n to pr oouction - still has $Z Or OO0
worth of dies i.n the back room. "ta- h"
Sonetime later an article from Our Sun describes Pogue as a typical_ wel_l-
dressed busi-ness m?lr successful and w:lth a keen mind Ina i
siasim in his €Ye. H5 runs his own uuJiness called Economy Carburetor Slini-;i*;";h;:
eor t
alt h o u g h h e - p ro d u ce s o 1 1 fi l te rs and not car bur etor s. The- ar ticl- e s tates '
lF"l Pgsu" ls somewhat bltter about the treatment he-ge[s i"o*-""porters &
t l" I -t h e y u s ua l l y w ri te w h a t they want lnstead of the"facts. logu- el r " " a- or r "
of his carburetors on his own car for about ten years ald that-inout ZOOof
that same model had been produced. "

{g!" t}rat none of the articles state that }4r pogue himself makes claims
of- 49.nP8r and as far as vre can find -
nor did he state aly i:articular lggtr" nevei oio ptat e suctt
mileage ti[ure--io"-f.i" carburetor. " We"r"i*;
heard that the carburetor was as big Is th; i.tseff and that it was
{a4serous to operater b,lt- pogue denles these "nginu r'Iolt mag-azine art-
i-eles about th:is man-and his-carburetor seem "[.t"*"ttt".
to contradict each other 1n
v ario u s s t a t e me n ts so frm n o t s o sur e m ost of it G- pufi- i"g;;ii o"'p,r " "
fictlon. However the carburetor, phantom as it ii real and it does do
a, very qogd job of. using. mosi of the energy in'a gallon oT gasofine in-
s t ead o f d u m p i n g l t o u t-thlrP
e e xhaust.......
p age 27
The phantom carburetor of charfes Pogue h?" dlsappeareri from the publ1c
rs and stories besin-to circulate anoili-sor-e Evervnewvearssome
e :1.1'1:-l3b*i.?ll"i^,ll!
carburetorneverfra.i<es *f?r.1omu reason_ the srories die out and
it_ ""[-"o*"
to **r.-"i. p"opr" ;;;"-;;Ii["oilt"n:fi""il"
ne have b e e n v e ry su cce ssfu l . We have- a' ' teit' er
i"- o"" files fr om a Mr Gai l
quit plavins aroundwith these f;., *l:.
o::1.:il;l:*":-*ii9;ooo:?. i"*r job
d of N e s t o r , c A sa -ys th a t
Another r"it"""i.IX,i,"X"rit{"3i'"*3i,
h e - a n d i i""t"u" built eogr u about 25 year s
;_oyl problems *iti, ia- "
;";;; tc conrinue work_
g s h e l v e d th e ::ig
o n it , "{l:T_.13u*lg ";J*;;to it,
p ro 3 e i t a n d never - - got back
But now the phantom is no longgr a phantom _- a_fler 45 years the ghost is
tlil:Ts,]!^o.*:f";^*y:^gtg glr"$'+*;oii.r'""-u"iii-a-roush
the posue model
that has increasederriciEn;yl1v-ag%:-d;"t;"i"$'j""fi1;"'fffi"fi;f;"t
g brother - william J sgrignoli of tB hivervibw pA l?oz5 and we
---rv* r4v'r in
+' nfiorar
tained the following photc,lraphs:
page 28

T h e m c d e l sh o w n i n -th e -p h o to gr aphs is all hand built of copper , bhe uppe

chamber ls 6 i-nches hlgh and 6 inches in diameter - the lower-btrariUer ls-i
3/l+ j-nclnes
3/4 ::nclnes hleh and 4 in inches in diarneter
diarneter r the vapors
vanors are drawn
dravm from the to
instead of down through a central air inlet Using a hair dryer for th
heat source, Mr Sgrignoli ran the lawn mower engi-ne for 13 minutes on four
o u n c e s o f g a so l i n e a s o p p o se d to the 7 r oinutes on four ounces with the s t
d a rd c a r b u r e to r re p re se n ti n g an incr ease of 86% tn fuel- efficiency. As of
l-ate last year Mr Sgrignoli was working on a dra-ft model to be i-nstall
ed on hi-s pickup truck. Tf left al-one to work on ltr we have no doubt that
he w i l l b e Su cce ssfu l -.

A man i-n Richardson, TX is se11lng plans to a carburetor mc d e led a f t e r t

Pogue but used in conjunction with the standard carburetor for starting and
cold running. Ar automat'ic thermostat swltches over to the Pogue ty pe c ar b
retor when temperature j.s hot enough to vaporize the fuel. Hi-s nodel i.s muc
the satne dirnensions as that of Mr Sgrignoli - upper charnber is 5 i nc hes hi
and 7 inches diameterr lower chamber ls 2 lnches deep and 4 inches di am ter .
He clai-ms to have i-nstalled the d.evice on a Lincoln and has obtalned up to
1OOniles per gallon.
. M a n y t h o u sa n d s o f'b a cxya rd inventor s have come up with systens. that ggt
muc h t e t t e r e ffi ci e n cy fro m g asoline than does the moder n car bur et or e and a
few have built systems that get a drastic i-ncrease. The Pogue i.s the rnost
famous of allr yet there aTe easier rlays to vaporize fuel and control mixt
than those used by Pogue. Exhaust injected directl-y i.ntc the flow of a mist
of fuel will vaporize the fuel very rapidJyr &I1d a venturi can confrol the
rnixture much more accurately than can mechanical valves. We are worklng on
system of our own at this time. fn our experiments we are using a standarC
two barrel carburetor with which to control mlxture thru the venturi-ls. \l/e
haverun several turns of copper tublng around the exhaust plpe to parti-a1ly
vaporlze the fuel before the venturi suck it into the air stream. The fuel
aii are then drawn thru a series of filters of a highly absorbent materj-al.
The filters catch any fuel that ls not fu1ly vaporized and absorb it onto a
surface that allows the air passing thru to rapidly evaporate the liquid..i

RIR lV',mnFtreu CAP.Fuee,roR*-seo Foc'Th Rorrte

CeNTRot , fteccl.Rf.roR ?umo Atto
l{\ rrraRe CaNTRaL
loae fraa;e.; Oanv- /vtnlil Fr{eL
ls Brocreo
/rrPoeI OFF
-F+ ?\
ft FwtPrlpr Can Bu-LeroR
i @:1"\
Fueu Frare e FieuLuc
I Fnou Ftost Bo nt- % thx ffit#t
tll The device l-ooks so good we are looking forward to a range of JO mpg and
better from a heavy American car vrlth autornatic transmission and V-B engine
ll How about you? Can you bui-ld one? ff not, how about a fr iend or r el - ati v e
tl, that is a shade tree mechanic 2 Some day we all- might have something better
Iu but for Rorv - if you waht it, ya gotta bui-ld it yourself.
I Good.Luck / Allan Wallace dba RoadRunner Publications
lili Raymondville, T)( 7858A

1 9 8 1 U p date
aaaaaaaar taaaaaaaa

The I,T,EXGAS VAPORIZORdeveloped by ONMEWTRONICS of Carson Cityr NV

w as b e in g d i s t r i b ute d b y: V a n M P olowchak - 111 Pine - For t Mor gant
Colorado BO 7 O 1- /- n e ce n t i n q u J.ri .es have gone u[- &]r sW €r ed..........
The man who clalmed to have built a Pogue type carb to run in con-
junction with the standard carburetor wasdolng business as: FIIJiLMfZT:R
Itox 5O2) - Itichardson, 'fX 75OBO-/-/ Recent j.nqui.ries go url-flrlsWered.
Have heard from sources in El Paso that TOM OGLE sold out to ADVANCE
FUEL SYSTEMSof Seattle, Washington for $a5O,OOO.OO - while still re-
taj-ning ?O ol tnLerest j-n his device that got lOO MPG on a 1970 Ford..

As of January Bi CHARLESNELS0N POGUEis still alive at age Bl and

is j.n a rest hone in Winnepeg, Canada. He refuses to tal-k ' to
any o n e o r t o r e c e i ve vi si to rs fro m outslde his outn fanily,... o.... ' ..
The worl-d record for high mileage now starrd.s at an incredible 11368
miles per gallon - obta-tned at the Shell Motor Mileage Marathon in
Great Brita-in. A special uith a 90cc engine made
t he ru n u s i n g t h e sp ri n t & co a st method of dr ivingo o. o...... o.......

The systen shown on page 28 of thj-s book has been revised to use a
compl6te carburetor (fEss butterfl-y valve) at the point of ai-r entry
instead of the hand bu1lt venturi shown. The orlginal. carburetor is
used for the throttle butterfly valve only and the added carburetor all fuel to the engine via the evaporator filter system. _A
few problems are stil1 popping upo but have obtained 50 MPG on a 50-
)) mph run of 6O mj-les.-Stiff experimental though and not yet avall-
ablg fo r gener al usg. . . . . r r . . r . . o. o. . . . . . . . r . r . . . . . o. . . . . e. . . ?. . . . . .

ULTRA-LEANCARBURETORS of Northridge, Californla i.s selling a set of

plans for a Pogue carburetor for $5O.OO A very high price for info
that you already have from this book, Except they give you dinensions
for a- device thht they clairn wj.l-J. woik, but we tiied i.t - and :it dont t, thousands of gadgets have come upon the market lately that supposed to increase your gas mile&B€. Fbon COWMAGNETSto VAPOR-
IfTZTNCSCRIiIiNSobut be careful about wasting your money on these dumb
things - very few (if any) really work any better than a good tune-up.

Need more j.nfo on patents ? Complete patents are available from the
U.S. PATtrNTOIIFfCE - WASHfNGTON, DC ZOZjt at flA"each. You,;:musttell
them the patent number, the inv6ntors nane and the date 9f issue and
they t a k e a b o u t 9 0 d a ys to g e t yo ul or der to you;' ..- .' .........r ......



Al].an Wa-1lace
out of
Takethe BilTfiE
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it costsnothingto run. . .because it by-stepinformationyou needto:
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the high cost of energy*your own, otherauxilliaryenergysourceyou can D Obtaina FederalDistillation
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carburetorsthat only technicians FUEL OF THE FUTURE ! Makethe EasyModifications
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, I
i Onceyour energyplant is finished, will provideyou with all the step-
I JUST RELEASED! Order from the addresson the back cover.


Supercedes A1i Frevious Updates a-ndReulsions .,r,... .



Over the past year and a half we have had many qr_restions for further
j- nf o rm a i l o n r e g a rd i n g th e se h i g h m ileage car bur e
tor s and som e of the
statements tve have rnade in our ori-ginal book. Hopefully this ilupdate
of in f o rm a t l o n ' r w i l l b e o f so me h elp to our readlers and anewer moet
the y o u r q u e s t i - on s ...

a t o a a a a a a a aoa aaaa a a a r aa a a. a a r a r t a o a a aaa a a a a a a aa a t a a o a.!a a r a,,

f n ih e i e x t f or th e Pogue carburetor on page ZZ, a few
r eaders h a v e n o t e d th a t re fe re n ce ls m ade to f:Lgur es tir iee and ei otr r
and t h a t i h e s e f jg u re s do.not. appgar_in the Uo'cf;--anywhere. Vle wiif;""
i o appo l o g i z e f o r o u r lnadvertantly leaving these oirt and have pi"cuo
the ful-i page frora our files contai-ning these figures on the Uaik
si de o f t n i s s h e e t vn l r are reading now.

Many have
-hav e rep r o d u c easked for further info on ihe Ftllx GAS VAPORIZORand we
d th e l n fo rma ti o n w e have in our files bepinnine.o?.r
p ag e t hie e o f t h i s u p d a te . V a n M Poiovr chak was a distr i;;;;;^ ?oi"' th"
sys t en a t o n e i i me b u t ma i l to i h i s nan has gone unar swer ed.,r or - some
lit-"_ now, however one of our read.ers phoned u.s to say that h; tai*eO -hao
to Mr Pol-ovrchak by phone and that Mr Pol-owchetl<had siio. that you
bette r n o t f o o l aro u n d w j -th i h e se things causie the gover nment" witi
get y o u ? ? ? ? V r / ele a ve 'i t u p . to yo u to decide for yo[r self what ti*- **y
have meant by that statemeirt.

The man from Richardson, Texas has been asked about many tlmes and
s i nc e we c a n n o lo n g e r g e t a re sp onse from hlm - we have reproduced
the lnfornati-on we recieved from hi_m starilng on page six of this new
updat e. V r / en e v e f co u l d g e t h i s n a me, bU t he W aS ggl l i no tho i nf6 by
mal1 under the name of FUELMfZER.

TOM OGLE the rnan in EI Paso who got 1o0 rnpg from his 19?o Ford )ras
past awa y . . 9 u r s ou rce s i n E 1 P a so told us
rumor has i-t that he di.ed of an overdose, Some le- dted August ig, 1.991 r .r r1c
ti,rne igo T rn'Ogie si;-d
an interest in his-system io ADVANOE ruEL sysrEMs-,61d'rnousiiy D.,,"rr"
- - seattl e , y $ 206-575-1594.&
2 0 6- 5 7 5 - 3 8 3 5 . L a st' we h e a r d , lir "v- n o *
claim that they could not rnake 0g1e t s systbm work "Ilowevef,'*u h6a:nd
some rumo r s t h a t th e y w e re a t o n e time tr ylng to ' sell the pr ototynes
that they had made at about XlBoOeach. They are now seLlinA a svbt*nt
t hat we h e a r d w a s o f a ma n i fo l d o r thr ottle body injection- type- r .1,1 it
9!1V increases_ mileage by about 3O%. they also want ,$&.0O, tp, hlOO for
the unit lnstalled on your ca.r.

3lfcontinued on page 9 !;i


Cbnt,ua.^e-tan 353538 rNveNToR

2ffawa, ,/frr,ua,y 3t''{ jB5

,-ttrl n&
D O U U L E Y O U N O A S M I L E A O E.

( l t,,r l r ',r !r ,tc t O / y OU l r nO r ) Ay t,nC h, ( i ,tr
v nF ol l /n/. l l ni i l l l nd 0i r S r r O O.10, F C r r r r .
onl y l 0( ) r no0. V. Pol ow c hl k , r t r P[tc
F r , M or gan, C O 8070t ( J 03) 807- ;586

t8 PA GE I8 FROM FLVER g€NT BY g'ltt s(A'.tr U 6uaFrvrer.o

lr s r i, r po to wc l{ A K 111 p t tl c r F T . MOR i 3 A N ,e O,
l . n ovlst NG PRE 6 ALE DEALEFSHt PS A?
59 . 5 0rroLA ?ER QUIRYS G O T NO REPLY I |Jnre- cn'17Drrus
L2 taPe. c,n 17 it'ncoi-" C,

' ttlai;0,


D ato:
I rr/t n
Doar S1r:

Tbank you for yortr lnterest tn the Flex gaa vaporlzer. 0nnewtronLea of
Careon C1*.y, lievada, has dq..'eloped a pnoduct lhar" lncrenses the effeclency o! your
veh1c.l"egreatly. A tt'frlcal. carbucr'at,or 'J:rjee+.s only l1qulC dr<lplete of gas
|-he +,o vapor in yottr
lnto your englne. OnLy -nart of thooe drols whieh turne
engine (roughLy 25%) burns, f,hus r.he carbuerator bys+.en 1s very lnefftclent.
Thje Jnconplete burnln6:'esults 1n polLut,lon anC carbon builcttp 1n yotrr engj-no.
Flex correcte th:s inefficiency blr turning a).1 of your gas lnto vapor bsfore
lt enter s the engine. Thus you 13et r"he rrse of nearly IQ% of your 8aa, poLlutLon
is virtualiy ollrnlnat.ecir 4r)rl carbon br.rj-.r.dupis elinlnated. $nclosed
vrlrr lr'{1'1 f ind Forr[o]lLerature on t]r1e nroJuct (exce':lt 1rr cases where.literatura
hss already beel sent vritlr a prev:ious cr"rer letter)r Thou6h expenelver 1f a
per6on Coes nuch Crivi-n6 the produt:+"wi-ll pay for itself qulclrly and give many
years of eavlngs on Aas exr)ensos. The eng:ne nust have a L2 r:o-Lt electrlcal
eysten and shoulci be under 500 cubl.c lnches, nnd nust be cooled.

F1rst, here 1s a lltr"]e b1t of Lnformat,l'on abou+- the conpany. Dr. Rlchard
Strenr ls the Presldont anct founCer and afso the lnventor of tbis;rroduct whlch
1e cal-Led the rr!'.lex Arrto Gasollns !'rrel Conservatlon Systen." The Fl.ex 1e paten-
ted. Dr. Stren is also the Proslderybof Internatlenal Water Dtstlll,ors. Last
bui not leasf,, Drr Strern is a true patrlor" jnteresr-ed J.n the weLL-being of our
country a.nd willing to oppose those in our governnent who no lon6er seen to be
out for the good of the oeopl e. I have been inforrned that h1s 11fe hae been
threa+uened by thc,se r,rho oppnse thrs product ln an attenpt to keep 1t off the
rnarket, bul that, Dr. 5t,ren has 40 url.t.,Lj-ondollars bo see +.o it that the product
reaches the publlc. Late last yea.r !h1 s prorlrrct' began to be advert{seC 1n
Calilornla. Inmedlateiy noney and orcle:'s began 'i n by +,he thousanCs'
The conrany walj not exllectin6 such a rasslve response go soon and ao was not
6eared to handle al-l t,he ortlers that cane. fn DecernberSacrrrmento County Dis-
trj-ct: A*utorneyor offlce obta.'r-neda.n 1n;':ne+-ion against the cotnpany slnce they
fel+. tha", the eonnpanyhad no lntenllons of ever oroduclng and delivcrLng such a
uni|" to 1ts cuslorn€rsr Thin6s loolrerl bad for the company since at that ?irne
+,hey were indeed ns+, rrcared to handfe such a nasslve nunber of orders (whlch the
Dlstrlct Attorney apyiarent,Iy lnte::preted as thelr havlng no intentlons of produc-
*ng Eho unlt). But srrch vras not the case. Thls fn;unctLon froze tlrelr funds,
so everythlng was bro:rf,ht to a near sl,ar'.Cstj.11.

On February 2\, ;rfter.e eourt apDearanee thelr funds wero raleased a6alnr Bo
thlngs wel.r: ab-l.c to be6ln tncrJ:n6,'iqaj.n. The Bureauerats nttenpted to hinder
thir procluct by lnpoojrrg a 50" below .ze: o startlng tenperErture on thls prodttcf
w]'.'ch previousl.y onl-y vrorkerl at rrOo belorv z,e!'o, but'-he conpany has eaelly mot
t)r1n requiremen! (fcnti; it Jntelec'.Jn5 ihat, F.lex has to::tart,',r+- 5Oo belovr, but
the auto rnanufac+.urerg Contl ha're to nralcea car that st;rrts at hardly even JOo
belov zero ). 1e no,.,rbe.lng very eauttoue beforo the product le agatn releaged

for narl<et, to be sure that it i.s abfe No produce the l,argo number of unlts vrhlch
vrlll. be rlernandedl lest a sinrllar injunctLon be brought rrgainst then a6a1n. In
tha next fevl rnonths, tho conpany n.i,t1 be conpletlng conc exf.enslve testlng on tho
product and also gear:',-n6up for prociuctlon. In or around Ju)y,
wilL be produoed. Thls vrlll take eare of the baclrlog of ordcrs. BV August 1t
1s feJt tirat one rn{Illon units vril'l be produced. After that, rni.Lllone of unite
to becornlng a doarer now Ls that co"rpelitlon ls ttJl' T feol lhat once 1;)ro1ro-
thc aeos jt Ln actJ.on thcrc V II-Ii bo ;r
duct 1e reLeaseC on !5o rnariret and irttbll.ic
nasslve d.emand for !he' protluct arrrd clca,tor!.1 evorywhere vr bc c18njn8 up lnt)ny
other doaLers evory\rrio1.e to rnoot IhIo rlcm:tttu und trtucll e()tnDettL.r-on w1.1.1&.rl 6o.
]rj.u of tttrtLLurl lrs
tvt".L,l ertJ. ru,irdY to
A clcaler vho har: aLr.carly built
go and sef I lmrnecilnfely at Lhe tir,rc ol' []r:Ls masol vs tloralrttdboforo nr,'.rtty
b rt ng c olnpo!.i l i o n . ' !h J .E i rrrl s u i v o trubLi c dontr.rndrray bc ful fi .IJcd n.i thl n
d , oalofe
,ul l 1
6 nonths !o one year ailer bhe lroducU cones to nanJrcb, after r';hlctt saleu
tapor off. so you can 6ee thaL clue to tho shortnecc ilttr.lcxplosivertes8 oI t.he
per:od of large sales, the one r.rho 6ete into tho narket frrst hao by far t )re rro c t
chance +"o nal<e tlte r,roney of a }iJetime.

Havlng a un1.t yoursolf wJ-Ll be tho Sroatest olngle factor for offec llvo r,ha
c1f,g of
eel11n8. If you s16n up nov, yo',t t'rll.l recej-ve your unlt bofore over
country do€sr Inaglnc the sofl:yr5 poten+-ial you rv lrl lrave J-f yotr ure the flrst
in your aroa to hav e l h i u rrro c l u c + ,.' L .1s o r S ettl ng busy i :nd s15ni n6 up Otlter
on the msrhet tr)o '.vlricluy1-11 be
er6 a6 600n as po6$1 o .L o v i l L C i v o fh e m a i ut,tp -
+ . oo .
to your benefit;
llere 1s a Coec1;ljrllon of hon';he Plex vrorlte (rofer !o the Clagrarn). sas
punpod frore your 6as tank by.yo"rr fuc.l punp j.nto ljre so,l,eno:Ld box fltai: contaJns
a eoteno-1-clvaf ve w1::-eha.t bhe f Lj.c!<of the nanuaL s'rritci. on tc'il elther dj-rccts
the 6ao to the carbuerator vrhere j t brtrns the regu.lnr \'."1yor ilirects it
reaclt. ThJ-s
the F1ex, Tl:lc box can be rnOuntcd orr ths pane). of you:'car for eacy
eryltch ryil.l bo valuab.le for denronstra*"lnB the dlfferenco:In f,ag tui.La5ebettveen
the FLax and +-lle olci:l-lqutd gas syoten, A.lso contalnccl in thi.s box ie a fucl'
per :Lnclr flow conll.ol vafve irhlcn calt bc easi'li
f11ter anct a A - r pouncla 6qr,l.fc
r:ar. Tlte gtts: then contlrtues on to';hc fl0ut
oet for the neelo of cach:i rrd.lvi-dual.
gh'ieh alwaye l-.ecpe crbout ono lnch of lJ-quld gae at the bottorn of the vaporizer
box. F.'rot,there, tltc gas i.s pttrnlreclby the electrjc FLox fuel purnp throu8lt fhe
hoat exchanger vrhlcir ie natle up ol 5 feet of colled cor)ner tublng vrl:lch I s splicec
lnto your racLlerr-or1oce. The gas !rcr'/ tra.rrncontinuea on to Lhe heat 8en6or
cholre' Tho 8as tlren continttes
conlrol.s Lhe oricning rrnd closing of ihc au';cnatic
orr !o t1e vapor..i.zer box ncasures about LO lnches cquale by about J inches
wldo vhere sone of it vaporizes r;inee:"t i-s lv&rnl' That I'lltlch does not
fa]le to thc bottonr ol'blrc box c.nd:-s:'eci:'cu1aled through. tl,c fuel 9r'InPr heat
exchan6cr ancl hcrt,; scit60r nhC'b:rr;lc to tho box again. i.-?c1.rt''-l'.a1;1oncont:l nues
+.hrough tlte FIex alr i1lter',
un+.:i.I it 1s va1;orizec.. AIr 1s C:.asn by your ear t'ho
+,hrough the vapcrlzol box Yrhere J.l nixes rvith Saso)ittc vapot'and on lnto
+-hrtru6hyoul carbueritLcr artil on 1:rfo yottr englne
aj.r' c.leaner anc fron thencc
rvhero lt burns. Except at the utne of starting and ra:'ntn8 ut Trhen sornc.llquld
naybopreeent'yourcaJ|.l)urnson'lyv;rporrrhichi cthelnlypaftofyourgas
that burns anJn?ay. Thero vj.ll- be no 1n i)orrer rzith thie explool're vapo!'
in factr Jou vlLl probab.Ly nOtlJc an.i ncleace, rerhaps dranaticl since your.8a6
ts nlmoct ),OV;',usable in vrrpor forn. \That happens 1f the capbuorator bacl:flre's?
Thero ts a valvc at tho entranee of the vaporizer box tlrat t'rj'11 allovr no back-
flow of lire irrto the box. If tho lrresiur"e of lire bacl:firo -is very rnrJchra
6ure aenaltive opring on the by-pass doon olrens 1t'r! atld the pre6suro eacape6r
t4any of tho frlex parl:s (air filtor, fuel rrumn, pounds f,er c(luaro inch nei,ert
etc., are roplacabl-e by 8oin8 to ]'our local auto parts store.

Thorrgh f have noL yct ceen !'Iex myself, I os cunvJ.nced it work6 becauea
Bllloroenrr ogion'aldlrectorofitg-statcarearandcspecial'Lyhisdadt'rho
of Fort Mor6an'
aponsored nc, aro wel.l-knor,/n ancl 1on6-t':tnc relldents
to 51ve concernin5
Bltt creen ac L'nenb.ioned e;rrLler, hari a l')crconal. tcet:nony
Flex of llO nj-l c3 l,or galIon.


, F/EzM/zE,e
r 7?,ao/6ie /-{'
i aele eDsof) VAPO
K r/-i .(

ft{.7sa9o r ^ftr I
i l l sl -

l I

i -:<l=v-\
fi,--#(,;* 1l

/ tl
\o nil(
j uf

T, )]
, 5" tlt!t'1t-
fi..-lt| clJ,ttrrrttttf .
16tlou,,,o.,tn#Afl{frnool II
8---6 - L/2" coppar co1ls.
C- - - l'iakel arge enoughto accomo d a t teh e n n o s t a t fromtruck radlatorshutter' l
o b talnab'lofrom any wrock ln gy a rc i. I

D ---Adju s t b u t t e r f 'l y va l ve w h e rei t i s full openwheneold.
E- --1 " -b r a s st u b e 2 -" l o n g th re a d e do n front end'
F---L/ 2" c o p p e rt u b e i n t6 e xh a u stp i p e - ins.ulate'
G ---3 ', fu n n e i d o w nto 1 /2 " tu b e -mo u nbt ehindfan, cover edwith fintii $6f881' 1'
H---4 " d j a m e t e r ' p an ,2 " d e e p --S o 'l d earl 'l fittings insicie aneieiut'
I- --'l / 4 , , c o p Vc r t r . r h i n g , C gt6ei -e n a 'cctpietciy.tosed, ti' i*,' ru:,* *e;#tr e' ll^iil
t o m a kei e ts o n eac htube. $creen
l---iouni Z Iarge-m.iii rr*ing thimbles(cut iop off); solder?0Snn*:sh
utl itltl .
fr ---; l: , ' - t i - r e s1e/ 4 " tu b e s i n to g a s l i n e abovefue' l pump
L- --Ret u r no v e r t l o w tu b e to ma i n g a s l i n e uelovtfuel pum p.
n- --f io it w j t h t a p e re dvre i g h to n S o tto mio seal taper edover fi#H tiilis o
I 'i ---G akse t s t o P a n d b o tl o m.
O---I / 2 " i u b e b a c k j n to e xh a u stp i p e .
P- --| / t " t u b e t o c on ve n ti o n aca 'l rb u re to r .
R -- -Co n t r o l v a l v e , (th ro ti l e ).
S-- -E x h a u Spt 1p e . i' l" r" ' r'
T- --T woQ ) w a y v a 1 ve'i n qas l'ine above fu e l p u rn p- u s e s a me ' t : r' P *
as in ( c ) t o c o n tro 'l ihi s va'lve. A diu s t s o I i n e t o c o n v e ni' 1 i-t i1 ' 1 ;. l
is o p e n t o s t a rt co 'i d thermostaton s'ideef-t'i:"' t
m a nfio ' l d . U h e nh o t, turns on l i ne to v a p o r iz e ra n ds h u t s0 ? r i
c a rb u r eo- tr '

U -- - Sl j P a P'ie ce of /(u B 7 ttt? h o se over th' is tube to a coFpqr 't

g' ;t
ru n s fro m to p -o t- vatve cover to botto;n6f
P l a ce d i n ho se tn a f

heVaporizorchanges the gas ('iiquid) to vapcrrso your car burnsjusg "'

nsteadof gallonsof gas. Some cars are gei,trlng100,npg'otherso "V u
t is not h a r d t o b u i l d ; th e b 'l u e p ri n t a n d fu' !' l details if studjed fi;ir ' ' : iti;i
he bu ild ing o f i t a n d th e i n sta l l a t'i o n .
he Va p o riz o rc l o e s n ' tre p 'l a ceth e re g u l a r car bur etor , but tvonksgiih i ' , I
Dt or s t a rt s o n t h e r e gu i a r ca rb u re t6 ra n d a s tile notor and the Vdi) oi^::' r .'. i'" ' i:u.-
mo u n te d
o n the hot manifold actuate!;' , ir ' "iiv*
P, a0 e x p a n s i o nt y p e i h e rmo sta i
f 6wt y s hut ti n g o f f ' t h e l i n e g o i n g to i h e re gular car bur etor , and sl' ti' r i; :
[s iirto the 'line going to th6 vaiorizor wiriin i:i a]reaclyp'lenty wariiii':'"ii': '"'r'iri{l
te m ot or t o s t a r t r u n i i n g o n ttre 'va p Ors. S o yor :tiust siai' t and goo.;;{" ,' ' r l{ ' Cl t
I ttvo on your wqy beforetthe vaporizor takes bvrlr, but it will whenb;'rr"ri'i r" iFi &''j[o-
tti cal ] y .
,S, - 0 n 1 y o n e q u e s t i on , th e l i ttl e ta n k th at thr : coppercoils ar e il' i t:"' i .,": . i th,*
t he va p o r i ' z i n gi s 7 " d i a me te rX 5 " h i gh. lilomeof the late r nocial { ;,;,t ' .t.,i !"t l r& V Q
extraspaceava{lableunderthe ltood. DQES
that much
fiIot'7- *e/ro p*Ers ttoucat .4AyE raTta 1ylgre r/fs n'
t.t't 'ttsred * s;;; t'l# t:" '" "r"r"+""1/#
FCR t) s E a al ptd&, 3,'P raucl€'
l6A O O d Ft
Ad d ti
i o n al detai Is on tl ri s fab u ' lo u sd e v ic e ( v a p o r iz e r )t h a t I hope vri1'l ltelp
m a i<eit a l i i tj 'e eas i er and un d e r s t a n d a bio
' ler y o u t o b u ild , and i nsta' lI on
y0 u r ca r .
I r ' r o t t l ds i nce re l y l i ke to se e millions of them built and put jn ser vlc€
t l r e r v a yg as p rf ce s a re to cta y. - :-

i h a v e i n r pro vcdco n si cl ear b l y o n this design fr om r ,r hatit vr asr ,r henit vas fi r s t

p a t e n t e d b a ck tn tl re e a rl y 1 9 30' s; nr y impr ovem entsmakeit m or e autom ati cand
m o r e s e J f c.o n ta i n e dth a n th e o r iginai.
O n eo f t h e o i 1 . co rn p a n i easfte r test' ing sever al car s vr ith the vapor izer on
t h e mr v a ss o i mp re sse dr.ri th th e over i00 m iles per gal1on of gas, ihat they
p a i d o v e r trvo n rjI I i o n d o l l a rs for : the pai:ent to keep it off ihe r ,nr liet fr om
b e in g m a nu fa C :tu re d T . h e y sh e lved tlr e pateni, which has' long since r an o ut.
'i n rp ro vedde si gn so it can be bu' i' lt and ins- ,,a' l' led
I . c o p y r { g hfe -d _ !U by ind i v i dual s
1i k e y o u , a n d ,a fe r,rmi 'lI i o n o ther s.

T h e r e . i s n o 'c,h i nco
E n rp 'l i ca te a
d bout i.i. Havea sheet m etal shop r o1' l the 7" D i a.
x . 5 " d e e p .e sn ta i n e ra n d rve l d a seamon t;he side. This is the bn' ly we]ding I
d i d o n m : i tfe oa l l o f th e o tl re r;ojnis I s;o' lder edinsjde and out.

T h e - c o PD e F tu baet th e fro n t e nter ing the exhaustpipe also the one at bac k , I
s e a ' l e dr + i th p u rn b e rs
se a j , th a t you can get at most har dvr ar estor es.
The fhrottte.(R) shou'ldbe mountedr.rher"e armr'ri'l'lbe conneci,ed
the 'r.lrroti'le to
the rod..-thdt
operatesthe throlt]e to i;:heregu'larcarburetor.
(C ) a n d 'a t (T ) m usi be cover - ed( i nsuiated)
T h e t l g - r + mi 'std ts' I had one of thes e
v a p o r i z e ' n s0 n a L i n co l n 'a n .dg o t r .r el' lover 100 r n.p.g.

I f I c a n ' bteo-f :,fu rth e r h e ]p o n thi s pr - oject, fee' l fr ee to r ,r - it,e.

O n ei m p o r ti i n t'th i n g ', u n d e r Ite m "U' ! ilt the deiai Js, instaJ' l a ' f ine scr een
( 1 5 0 m e s h )o ve r th e fi tti n g th at goes jnio the ' lor /erside of the car bur e tor ,
t h i s w i l l - p re ve n t a fi re j f th e motor ever backfir ed.

ft|,4rA u &/fTE/V fa 76zt .wr€

,f uGG ,f s rloil ) SE t/ERAe ,br,
? ., ,r'
n' y'*Fa&
,LEp r dFF / fatvt g .+/1/a 'L. A.{ D ftE R

u'o &kA A d( eutf# d./ T 7-4't4rt . ftey r.o FR€- trt/ TftE .OEs/4/
ou'ffial FHoE^tr/ ts/rrl
45 A f*fari/ f-Rftrt"uf/t'.( "wcalrt$
r 'r/pt E t t{ ,gv/a,o t.t/6. f n


Last Januray ( 1981) talked to a Mrs Albert pogue in Wtnnepegr
_Canqdaby teiephone. ""
She is the wife of Albert Pogu6, Char3-esP6gilers
brother and she confirmed ihat Charles Pogue was at that tLme still
alive ai the age of 81 and thirt he was living ln a rest home there Ln
Winnepeg. She would not tel-l- us which one and she wouLd not deny nor
conflrn any firrther questions. We got the i.mpressi.on that ALbert was
there w'ith her as she kept asking soneone else in the room what she
Should say to our questions, but she said he was not at home. She also
said ihat Charles would not ialk to anyone nor would he arrswer any of
his nall and kept refusing to help in any way ln our endeavor to rnake
contact wlth him. Since they have been hamassed and called by phone
more than they would l-i-ke over the past 45 or ao yearsr vre wiLl- keep
their phone number our secret and lei ihem have some peace.

In our own research into a better way to use gasoLine in automobiLes

we have yet to make our systera vrork out as we had hoped. We can do a
reasonable Job of increasing efficiency at a constant highway speed and
have better than doubled the gas mi.leage of our 1975 OldsmobiLe vrj-th a
455cLd V8 engine. Howeverr w€ are unabl-e to keep the systern working
at constantly varying throttle settings. ft insists on floodlng out at
tl mes of d e c c e l e r a ti o n a n d l e a n s too much upon acceler ationr w@have
declded that if we are going to have this nany problems we ut}l attempt
something in the range of super hlgh rnlleage lnstead of just
mi.leage. Therefor we have dropped our research into the system shown
on page 28 in favor of a super heati-ng system that will total-Ly and
f,uLly vaporize the fueL before it is ever mixed wj-th the incoming air.

The Latest world. mil-eage record has been upped to nore than 20OO mpg
in Sydney Australia at the Warvrick Farrn motor racing track. A three-
whee ler p o w e r e d by a l O cc (0 .6 1 cubic lnch) engine- of the model- air pla ne
variaty drove the vehicle at an average of 15 miles per hour around the
track and obta:i-neC a fantastic 21236 during a fu1l throttle rurlr
The second place vehlcl-e used the spri-nt exd coast rnethod or fulL power
for short birsts and then coasting wittr ttre engine off untilI almost
conlng to a stop whj.le the first place w:ith the fantastic mileage used
f,ull throttle wide open for the entire run, The prevlous 1980 record
was 1 1368 npg set in Great Brltain beating out the then previ'ous 1973
recor d of 3 7 9 n p g .

We purchased. an original FISH Carburetor some time agor nade adapter

and some f-inkage changes on our 75 01ds to install it. The carburetor
rnade the car run excellent, increased pourer and acceleration but could
not be adjusted lean enougfi to increase our fuel mlleage. In fact it got
worse (2.7 mpg) and after three weeks of adjustlng and experimentlng -
u/e got ttred of it and put the carburetor on the shelf. Mike Brown of
The Madison Company- Box 206- Berea, KY 40403 606-986-9744 has gone
lnto production of the FISH Carburetor recently and guarantees that you
can get a 20% lncrease or he vrlIl refund your noney. We presume frorn
his drawings that he has nade a few rnodlflcattons to the originaL FTSH
deslgn and probab3-y has more luck than we had w:lth one of the origlnal
N :$
C=v sd$>


d (o
t (
il (D
r o (o t
-t x'
r qP

r( Dc
f, o@
Hr 4J
(o stl
E gs {
oo N
[tJ .l
. io
of (o o o c'=
(t -{ o o (p 6<
.} a
i* th
I f y o u r t n t e r e ste C . i n o n e o f th ese flsh car bur etor s contact Mike
Brownr. no ! - j J S . H e se l -l s th ? I fo r $189.10 with a m oney back guar antee
o f up t o 2 0 % t n c r e a se i n mi l -e a g e or .your m oney back.- He has- limited
produciion so far and you mqy have to walt some time to get shiprnent
of your order so be prepared. to walt. I{e also seIls Machi-nlst Prlnts
for t h e c a r b u r e t o r a t fi 2 4 .9 5 a n d Castings to the car bur etor at fi49.95
1f your are j-nterested i-n making your ov/n or goi-ng into manufacturlng
o n y our o w n . Ag a -i n co n ta ct Mi ke B rown, not us if you wish m or e j.nfoi

lV e fv e s e e n a l o t o f ra a g a zl n e a n d newspaper ar tj- cles over the past

c ouple o f y e a r s a b o u t h i g h mi L e a g e autor aobiles in the 100 m pg and up
r ang e. S o f a - r v , ' i th o u r o w n i n ve si i g ations we see ever y one of these
v e hic les t u r n o u t to b e u l -tra h g h t machines, usually ar ound 1000 lbs
or less. trr,fe presune the public does noi realJ-y want this type of car
a s th ey n e v e r s e em to g e t ma n y mo re than a few vehicles into pr oduct-
ion and v e r y f e r v o f th e se e ve r g e t so1d.
E v e ry y e a r t h e r e a re l i te ra i l y hundr eds of ltem s golng onto the
mar k et t h a t c L a - i m to i n cre a se yo u r fuel nileage. These r ange fr om the
cow n a g n e t s i o v a p o ri zi n g scre e n s to a little air valve that fits ln
our PVC vacuum line - be careful about buying these gadgets as very
few ( if any) vi-l1 work any better than a good tune up. Ilowever a. good
wate r inje c i : o n syste rn ca n d o w o n d er s for most car s. ff you invest in
any t y p e o f w a t e r i n j e ci i o n syste m be sur e it is of the type that is
o ntr o lle d b y a b o ve th e th ro ttl e va cuum or by electr oni- cs, those that
c ontr ol th e w a t e r fl o w b y a va cu u m line that connects below the butter -
f1y v a lv e c a n d a ma g e yo u r e n .g i n e a .s they inject m or e water dur ing. the
decceleration than they do at any other time and thls i-s the wrong time
t o in jec t t h e w a t er. B e su re th e syster n you pur chase or build will give
ou m o re w a t e r d u ri n g a cce l e ra ti o n and less water dur ing decceLer at-
j-on or you m4y end up with some broken exhaust valves oi a'broken head
o r p ie t o n .

Ga l1 D y e o f R t # 1 B o x 9 - B e n to n, fL 62812 is the m an we, r aentioned

n p age 2 7 a s h a v i n g b e e n o ffe re d a $1001000 a yea.r job to' quit play-
ng aroun d w i t h h i s h o b b y. We h a ve nr t hear d fr om hir n for som e' tim e so
ayb e h e d e c i d e d to ta ke th e j o b . Many people have contacted uF in the
ast y e a r t o s h a r e a b i .t o f j -n fo a bout their own pr ojects' and we would
ke t o th a n k a l l th e se p e o p l e a n d shar e a blt of this with a1l of you
ho read this book. 'Please do not abuse the,qe people a.nd i.f yqu wish a
espons e f r o m t h e m w h e n yo u co n ta ct them include a dollar to help them
ith postage and other expenses in answering your inqulries or at
he very l e a s t s e n d th e m a se l f a d dr essed siar nped envelope no sm aller
h an a # 1 0 s i z e ...

JOHN WESLING- Preston, MIT 612-389-444A has been worklng on an idea

hat u6es a heat exchanger and modified carburetor parts and both heat
d vacuum to double fuel mileage. lle has hls own shop and the number
hown is his business phoner you can catch only during busj-ness hours.


0Bo. 403-472-2475 has been working on hls own version that he
aYq is working gut qutt well and ls a simple system to make. He Eay6
that so far he can get at least JO mpg on hls 1978 DoCge )200 truck
uri tL
rv4 w. r
<An oi A
Jvv vL4 VB engine and the engine runs Very smOot:l tv:;i. sOnevihat
m o r e p o w e r o u tp u t.
RICHARDPAUL of Janesvil-le, '//isconsln 608-756-1180 avera€es 8O mpg
o n h i s Ol d .srn o b i l e T o ro n a d o. He says he got as hlgh as 1l=9:.?g xl i i th hl s
first prototype model and is now worklng on another one io :-:.rstall ln a
Chevy with 283 VB that he expects to do better than 18C :---pg',',:th.

IIERBHANSONof Elginr, fL says he has developed a vapo::z-!-g system

f o r u s e wl th a l co h o l . U si n g 140 pr oof alcohol in a For a ?:::fo h e s ay s
h e g e t s 0 to 7 5 n p g a n d the engine pr oduces m or e pov/er ' r r ' ;:- s cool er &
' c l e a n e r , 7T h e sa rn e ca i w o u ld only get 32 npg on gasollne. - e- .:els tc o the
man have gone unanswered though and we do not have a curre:i-- ai.drese.
JOIOI G MESAL- Star Rouie 92334 - Box 374 - WriShtv,'ooa, aA 9239i
has bul1t a Pogue carburetor and has yet to be success:'u- ','E::1 r:gher
mileage but sals the englne runs yery wel-i, -Yery smoot;: a:-: i-as 8999
il;;il n ro ta tfy o n ce h e -ca n get the tning adjusted cor r ec:- ]' ;:e w 111 be
a b l e t o ge t ve ry g o o d mi l -eage.
JIM FOV'ILER (f'OW:,nnMACHII{E& MFG) - Box 1568 - Corfez, CO 81321_has
been working on a few pro jecis of hls own. He has one built
n o w b u t do e s n o t ye t h i ve any test r esults. Sayq he wll- L be w:- ':- ng to
e x c h a n g e i n fo w i th a n y o f y ou who ar e inter ested.
3 3 BB Op h o n e 8 1 3 -9 5 6 -4 0 4 0 S ays he can ejiectiviy double tl:e 3as - 'r eage- -
o f m o s t an y i {e i s'a n infor nation coll- ectoi tii< e maxy oj ue and w 1l l -
" u i .'
t a l k y o u r e a r o f f i f Y o u '-et him .

RICHARDGORANIT,O (UnnAeU U](LIMTTED) 109 Longlea-f Lete - l.*-anont

Sprinss. Ff, jnOl
g;t +5 to 65 111pe
305-869-4939 }ias been Seninars allc c-ai-ms to
on a 1976 Cadrl-Iac with 425 cr-d VB engine.
BERNARD WI{ERRY - Box 148 - Saint Mary?s, \,4(/ 26170 3Ai'-5E+-7223.Has
b e e n w o r ki n g o n th e se th l n gs for sever ai year s._ le now has - ualee di ffer ent
c a r b u r e t ors o tru o f th e il gets nim 60 m lg on hi- s Chr ysler - Co:c oba. Las t I
we heard about " rO him was that ne lvas going :-:ito production aJia rai,{€-u one
of the carbs al about fizro.
RAy COVEY - g?OO - El Faso, TX ?9925 IIas workei. on his devic{
for m o r e than a year now and h a s a p p l-ie d f o r p a t e n t . -He : a s : ? ? 1 -1 b1 : !:"
g "t a s h i g h a s-'ti O-*p g u n der ior " i6sting but- nor m"al]V tite average- i s not
and has
E u i t e t f r ai g o o d . H e L Is h ad a couple of m echanics helping.t' of
ever having in
worked out just about every problem anyone could. thlnk
o f" th i s-typ e . R a y"hls been in touch with_ us quite cjien dur i ng'
; - ; t ; t "; -ready
his reseach and he" irow tebls that the devi-ce is about to market. He
i s f o o k i n g fo r A a cte rs l f y ou mlght be inter ested get in touch w i th hi m .

JOHN DRAPERo f cro fto n , M D 301- 261- 6847 Says he has fed all i nfo 14
r e g a r d s to th e ch a ra cte rl 6 tics 6f gasollne into a com puter and then fed
1n all the info he could get on the Pogue car'Ouretor into the 6ane Coil-
p u t e r r a n d th e computer Eays the system vrill work.
ARTHU|R SGRTGI{OLI the man rnentj-oned on page zZ \rtth the photographs
of him and his. bro-ther along with ttre iJsne-carburetor
ha d m u c h t i r l e t o fu rth e r h i s re se ar ch. g[! r or tr r os"- or ire buil-t hasrnt
you who might
i n h i s d e vi ce hi_s or "- or ",i"e"h." i"", r epr oduced
l : . i"
*s rs: : v r r lul lr:l",
r ,""t
>peedg€ . A s yo u ca n se e ther e ar e some d.lmensio;;r ;;;;- -

C+R BuPErd< 7 u Ot*re


\tl \\
| \\ f u0rnt6
{i :

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- Rt #6 Box i18 - oseto, M9 6rczo
has a fuel vaporizor that
-# " -lthev
-i i l i -r"are makir,g bui
i l a i "b we have- no deta:Lls
n or do w e k n o i r i f on lt
th e y ur " device.
FREDHOT,STE - 3920 Federal riilr- Rd - Jarrettsvllle,
has been working on one of these va-oorizlr MD 21084 Also
carburetor;. so far he has
obtained- YP to i{e may not give you any answers thorrph i f wnr:
15 TpS.-
contact him as h6 ti'ia u" firht he #outd"denyhavins
of miieag e i - f w e pri n i e ci h i s n a me . "bt;il5fi"rfri"tfln"
Fo r t h o s e w h o do n tt b e l i e ve .th e ,P ogu.e ls r ear r w€
the n e x t ' o a Ae- a - co p y o f a n a d ve rtiiEm ent wher e one have r epr oduced. on
tho m a rk e l i o r s i t e.tb rri " wa6 at one tim e on
n i a n s.b i i r has tno.*lu""ior ( t, never sold it)
and las t w e h e a r d w a s g o i n g to d o some testlng- ;;- ii]- w"
f ew . phot o g r a p h s a n d so me fu rth e r d .etails and,dim ensions tr ied to get a
sai-d he would send them but has not Oone so. fr or a hlm and he


vir^Fsl^?at't- rYtft
L' )i rf'J
_ . S 9 r y y a b o u t th e p o o r r epr oCuctlon
ir\{.r *--tj,st.j.j3
b u t t 4 e b e st 9 9 p y w e h a v e is a poor trJOP".:,,DSAI:'TOUS
r e p r o d u cti o n i tse l f a n d c opy r na6hines
j u s t c an tt ma ke i t a n y b etler .
a \lty\l/

. We talked to this man l-ast year &

o f f e r e d h i m $ 5 0 0 0 fo r th e ca:.bir etor
b u t h e to l -d u s h e h a C a l r eady tur ned
d o w n o ffe rs o f a l mo st fo ur times that
rnuch. I{e said that he v,rould siiil
give some thought about set -r-rng if
but right now he was arranging for ,
s o m e t e sti n g to b e d o n e on- ii- wi,;h .
a l c o h o l-, ke ro se n e a n d g a sol- ine as the
t y p e o f fu e l s. --qlr.-f

The mans name is IVAN PINIVTA and.

hj-s address i-s 'l0J Houde D:'ive Thts 13the P oGu€ orV /IH }{t PEG
carburetor,' .bel tev€d' l ? be :ie
Sai-nt Norberto Alberta CANADAand onl y one rn e* l stdhce.' :-* .-: . ": )
his phone is n 4 -2 6 9 -1 5 1 4 rvorth i rJi LLrC .'.i 3 l l t-'5:c: l , nd
moC tfl cc' :ri ayJ go1';. ?rl r.1k
o? tl rc pr .1l J:r.i c1,....
We asked hirn how he cane to otvn
t h e c a r b u re to r a n d h e to l d us that he
is a f:'i.end of the pogue faniiy and
t h a t h e so rt o f ta l ke d C har les pogue
o u t o f i t so n e ye a rs b a ck .

"ooflf"it'il"u'i1 :::k'lr iSif i3 g:1,

qn y 1 g q uested info when pe o p ie a s k
for ii. ;H€has fai-Ied. to-s e n d in f o t o
others al-so when he said. he I'rouid. do

ff you do happen to be lucky enough

t o g e t mo re d e ta i l s fr.o m hin l_bt us
k n o w a s 'w e w o u i d b e ve ry inier ested too,

l g _ ? d b y th e w a y, a p pear ed in the
- _ T h1980
July lssue ot ttbrluningsMoior ttewi.

7O SOLD $f
!.:li:ialLS'J' l.itt)
ii Ic Hl'.'Jil) ;iY
Jut'r,iJ, i:io
$ticce.igftiI brrjcci "
notrfioe Lryphon,r'
owncl h,ls tira
i l e i 'r t t c f ) ? u o o
l n : , S r e s t l n l lt l a d o s

FoGltq !/ilitt... l,itlo+ 26e.t1;l1

i ,. 1. :..;1.
S't''. i v vlrs iiir J,ir1.i{. I C.iI'ir\DA

oil compatios,oilshaiksnoednoiapFly

ll ^r)

For those of _youwho desire ful-l and complete patent drawings for
any of these carburetorsr order them fron the Ii.S] PATBI\ITOFTIdE
WASHINGTONT_ DC 20231 not from us, They cost 5Oc each and you must -
them know the patent nurnber, the inventors name and the islue d.ate.
T_n"y are sl-ow like all other government agencyr s so be prepared. to be
about 90 days i-n getting your order from them.
BRA! DENNISa combustion englneer in St Paul, MN has been quoted.
as saylng: Carburetion systems being installed on new toddy are no
nor e ef fi c 1 e n t t ha n th e y w e re i n 1920. The best use for a fixed- ventur j-
styl-e c^arbureior should be aF_? 1"rg9 paperweight. Todays iiquid
expel fuel particles in the 400 to )00 mlcron sj-ze which travel at"url" about
1, 50 f e e t p e r s e c o n C fro m th e ca rb u r eior to the combustion cham ber in
l ess t h a n . 0 7 s e co n d s a n d e ve n th e n only spend about .OZ5 second.sin th e
com b u s t i o n p h a s e .On th i s b a si s, i t is lmposslble to tr 4r n the fuel- j- nto a
vaporr mlx it w:ith the air and oxldize or burn it to froduce power.
.-,. Pogue and others have been rlght all al-ong, the liqui-d fuel must be
vaporlzed fuliy before belng mixed with ihe incon-ing alr or most of the
fuel goes right out the exhaust nanifold in the form of HC or as most
us know i.t 'ljnburneci l{ydrocrbons (Carbon Monoxide, Etc). ff almost all
of t he f u e l g o i n g i n to th e cyri n d e rs wer e io bur n, ther e would be no
need for the catalytic converter. Cars uslng propane and bu',ane fuel- &
not fltted wlth a carburetor for l-io-uid :ueis- are exempt from federal
l?wg 'req u i r i n g _ ca ta i yl r-q co n ve rte rs as the fuel- is in a vapor to star t
wlih and the unburned hydrocarbons are so minimul that ihe ?ehicles d-o
meet federal s'band.a-rdseven ',viihout ihe catal-ytic converter.

Some o t h e r t r l vi a th a t mrg h i 'i n ter est you if you do star t a pr oject

of yorr own with any hlgh mi.l-eagetype of system:
oI+n" ='.?tt?r' t?3 nii,T:tf nr'Lrlz"iff gitllilr.
:l*i L
fo9! / 7.48"ed'lons per cublc
nbtu per
"{ foot /- 1z4roo0
Atr = 13.i cubic feet per pound (note our formula on page J
h a s-th i s re ve rse d even though the end figur es ar e r ight)
. 0 7 6 4 p o u n d s p e r cubic foot-
, ft seems that carburetion is sii1l tod.ay what night be consi.dered.
a .bl ac k a r t - v e r y fe w p e o p l -e ca n seem io agr ee on the cor r ect air r /pel
'rnlxture for the rnodern or any oiher j-nternal combustion engine. The
old standa.rd of 15 to 1 is just a bunch of hoggwash and anione can prove
it. However it seems thai noione can prove what ls the coriect mixture.
our car runs on a 49t1 ratio average - Ford has ex'perimented with some
t hat ra rr 2 O : 1 - s o rl l € d e i se i s ca n e asily r un 40:1 and yet deisel does not
h ave 2 . 5 t l m e t h e b tu a s g a so l i n e ... ?????? so who is- r ight ? pr obably
anyone and everyone. If you can rnake your car run on a 1t:1 ratio with
whatever fuel prepa.r'ati.on systern i.t has then that i-s coryect for that
system. If you ca:: make it run on a 100:1 ratio then that would. be the
coffect ratlo for that system. Nej-ther system would make the engine run
u si ng t he r a t L-o of th e o th e r .....


4 A/r"@iz
WASHII'IGTI-,N--The nations car owners are bej-ng ritaken for a rlderr. aCeoCdlqg
To Allen Ja- Il.ace, author and hl gh- m i l eage ex per L. T hough the ex ter l or cf
the new c.r s of the B0ts ane bec om l ng m or e futr .r r i dtl c , bas l c c anbur etor
deslgn...the technical l :ey N o gneatep fuel effl l c l enc y ,..has ntr c hanged
appr eclably in r nor e than hal f a c entur y . fn a s oetety w her e any thl ng m or e
than 24 m onths old is us ual l y obs ol .ete, it 1s s hoc k tng that dr i v er s ar e
wllrins ro put up wlrh rhls klnd of

T h ls Je t e n g in e r u n s o n sl mpl e kerosj rre, a crude ano rei aS i -vel y i nexpensl ve

iu e l. It, ls a n e w d e slgn empl oyi ng i moorl ant rel l nements, A ndr l t total l y
r cp la ce s lls p r e d e e e sso r w hi ch w as i n proddct,l on f'or Just 38 months, Why?
Be ca u se , th r o u g h r e - e n gi neeni n6, i t w as possi Ll e to doubl e the pemge of
a lr cp a ft e q u ip p e d wlth thl s new engi ne...w i th onl y hal f the fuel
co n su m p tio n - - a fo u r - fo ld l ncrease l n orreral ] orri ni .naw rf thi <r kl pd of
lm p r o ve r n e n t se e r 4 s u n r e a l i s tl c f or autornool I Js I' i i -'"' trrl ' *i r.i l " ui ; rn.
Sh e lI M tte a g e M a r a tn o n : a speci al , threc-w heel ed """.
vehi cl e t"hat C el i vered an
ln cr e d lb le I,3 6 8 m ile s per gal l on, Therers room for Lmpnovement.

The device aL the forefront of the current race fcr reccrd-breaking rnlleage
ls th e le g e n d a r y Po g u e Carburetor: Its cl ai m to fame l s i ts ni l l age tei t
co lr d u cte d b y th e F o r d Moton C ompany of C anaC a i n rrhi ch l t achl eved a
r e n a r ka b le 2 5 .7 m ife s p er pi nt--or 205 mi Les per B a]l on on a negdl .ar Ford
se d a n ! T h a tr s a h o t e n ough new s l ten to bounC e ofi Tel star todat. If al l
th is so u n d s ve r y "2 1 st C enLunyr', consi den that C harl es N . P ogue, l ts
in ve n to r , wa .s b o r n a t the l urn of the 81 years ol d, and h1s
o r lg in a l p a te n ts e xp lr e d i n 1953!
'r :L:i '
As a result, anyone can bulld thls revolutionary deviice (lliany people have
a lr e a d y d o n e so ) a n d b egi n mul tl pl yl ng fuel effi ci ency, S pi ral i ng fuel
co sts ln th e la st 2 tc K rraohc hE e e+.,f^A a w ave of popul arl by for the
;;s,;; ;;";;i.;;- ;.;"i;s- ":il;;";-;";";;i i ;"" across'the natr.on. I{und,red$
o f in d ivld u a l ca r b u r e to r s have been bu11t by arnj chai r mechanl -cs l l sl ngr'l i 1
part, the lnformatlon and technlcal drawingb provlded in th1s manual. -And,
a fe w ve r slo n s a r e e v en bel ng offered to the publ i c"..under heavy
o p p o sitio n fr o m De tr o it, the oi .l conpani as ar,'i tl ra +n,/rF^nmFntal i sb
The eye-opening informatlon 1n thl-s book w111 alfow-ryou realige tn.
p o te n tia ls a r e ...a n d , offers severaf met,hods of achl evl ng them w"nrf
l th your
o wn ca r . Bu t, 1 t is th e hope of thc edl tors Lhat the i mpact of thl s Look
wiII h a ve a n e ff.icl th a t neaches even the l nner w orkl ngs of
a u to m o b ile d e sig n . T h e ti me has cone to produce fue]-e1'fi ci ent carburetors
a s a sta n d a r d fe a tu r e on al i new ears.. The tl me has come to decl qre our
ln d e p e n d e n ce fr o m OPECand afl forei gn oi l l mponts. A ndz the Li me has come
to b r e a k th e str a n g le - h o ld of ol f companl es on the j ugul ar vei n of domestl c
transportation and energy costs. 'l
.: .i..:
Wh a t is 1 t g o in g to la ke to get some resuLLs? P erhaps, w hen enouB h peopl e
ye a lize h o w e xistln E! p o tentl al -s are bel ng thw ar:ted and arer.w l l l trng to Jol n
to g e th e r with _ th e cr y,' rgl ve us hi gher gas ml Jeage or gl ve us deathl r!,
so m e ih ln g r e vo lu tlo n a r y w 1IL occur, :