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Understanding identified by examining the number of CD4

+ T cells in the blood and the presence of
AIDS stands for Acquired Immune
certain infections.
Deficiency Syndrome is a collection of
symptoms and infections or so-called Without antiretroviral therapy, the
syndromes caused by damage to the human average length of progression of HIV
immune system because of the HIV virus, infection to AIDS is nine to ten years, and
while HIV stands for Human the median survival time after AIDS is only
Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that can about 9.2 months. However, the rate of
weaken the body's immune to humans. If a progression of this disease in each person
person is exposed to this kind of virus will varies greatly, from two weeks to 20 years.
be susceptible to opportunistic infections or Many factors influence it, including the
easily affected by tumors. To date, HIV strength of the body to survive against HIV
AIDS has not been cured and found the (such as immune function) of an infected
cure, even if there is only to stop or slow the person. Older people generally have weaker
progression of the virus alone. immunity than younger people, making it
more at risk of developing rapid disease.
HIV viruses and other viruses such as
Less access to health care and the presence
SIV, FIV and others are usually transmitted
of other infections such as tuberculosis, can
through direct contact between bloodstream
also accelerate the progression of the
and body fluids in which HIV is present, ie
disease. Genetic inheritance infected person
blood, semen, vaginal fluid, preseminal
also plays an important role. Some people
fluid, and breast milk. Transmission of this
are immune to some variants of HIV. HIV
virus often occurs when someone is having
has several genetic variations and different
sex, contaminated needles, blood
forms, which will lead to different rates of
transfusions, breastfeeding mothers, and
clinical disease progression as well. Very
various other forms of contact with the
active antiretroviral therapy will be able to
prolong the average duration of AIDS
AIDS is the worst form of HIV development, as well as the average time of
infection. HIV is a retrovirus that normally survival ability.
attacks the vital organs of the human
What are the early signs of HIV
immune system, such as CD4 + T cells (T
cells), macrophages, and dendritic cells.
HIV damages CD4 + T cells directly and Despite increased awareness about
indirectly, whereas CD4 + T cells are HIV, AIDS and unsafe sex risks, many
needed for the immune system to function people do not know anything about early
properly. If HIV has killed CD4 + T cells signs of HIV. Although the chances of
until the number shrinks to less than 200 per contracting the virus are still relatively low,
microliter of blood, immunity at the cellular it is important to be aware of the early signs
level will disappear, and the result is a / symptoms, especially if you have just had
condition called AIDS. Acute HIV unprotected sex.
infection will continue to be a clinically
However, part of the problem is that
latent infection, then symptoms of early
about a third of people affected by the virus
HIV infection, and finally AIDS; which is
will not show any initial symptoms at all. In the above symptoms, but many others do
fact, many live with HIV for years without not show it.
realizing that they are infected. Of course,
Getting diagnosed:
the earlier the infection is diagnosed with
the HIV test, the greater the chance of If you suspect that you may be infected
treatment. with HIV, do not panic. Low infection
possibilities - almost zero if you have used
a condom during sex.
What does HIV do to the body?
However, if you are worried, or if you
HIV is a sophisticated virus that can show symptoms a few weeks after
cause AIDS terminal condition (Acquired unprotected sex, it is important to test for
Immuno Deficiency Virus). It attacks the HIV (unlike the AIDS test). If symptoms
cells in the body that fight infection - disappear after a few days this does not
leaving you more susceptible to disease. A mean that you are free. Often people will
person infected with HIV does not always experience early signs and then show no
develop AIDS. In the late stages of HIV, other external symptoms until a few years
symptoms may have a debilitating effect on later. By the time the infection may have
the patient. developed in your body and become
difficult to treat.
However, in the early stages, HIV is
known as a major HIV infection. Symptoms Clinics like Freedom Health in London
usually appear several weeks after exposure offer HIV testing that can detect the virus as
and can only last for a short time early as 10 days after infection. You can
also find treatments such as Post Exposure
Early symptoms that need to be watched:
Prophylaxis. This is a one month anti-HIV
The early stages of HIV have many of treatment program aimed at those who
the same symptoms as common conditions believe they may have just contracted the
(such as flu or glandular fever). The key to virus.
determining whether you experience any of
Initial signs of infection are shown
the following symptoms after unprotected
differently in men and generally occur
sex has recently been:
within two to six weeks after HIV infection,
1. Dry throat. and is known as Immunodeficiency
2. Headache and high fever. Syndrome that damages a person's immune
3. Feeling tired and lacking energy. system.
4. Pain in the joints, muscles and
Early symptoms of HIV can be
lower back.
inferred by the following signs:
5. Feeling nauseous and have a low
appetite. 1. Fever
6. Swollen glands (especially in the
Fever is one of the most common early
neck and underarms).
symptoms of HIV. This happens either in
7. Rashes on the chest and sometimes
men or women. These symptoms generally
appear immediately after infection,
8. Diarrhea
occurring for two to four weeks, and
As mentioned above, although about gradually disappearing like a common cold.
60% of people infected with HIV will show
Usually a mild fever and increase body heat How to Transmit HIV / AIDS Virus,
around 100-101 degrees F. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency
Virus, a virus that attacks the human
2. Headache
immune system. AIDS stands for Acquired
Most people infected with HIV will get Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS
a fever plus mild to moderate headaches. comes after the virus (HIV) attacks our
This headache looks normal like a common immune system for five to ten years or
headache in everyday life. more. The immune system becomes weak,
and one or more diseases may arise.
3. Swollen glands Because of the weakness of the immune
In an infected man can be found a system, some diseases may become more
number of swelling or inflammation in one severe than usual.
or more lymph nodes. The glands in the HIV is present in some body fluids,
neck, armpits or groin gradually become namely:
swollen and raised. In general, this swelling
or inflammation will not cause pain or 1. Blood
discomfort to the gland. In addition, these
2. Semen
symptoms can be mistaken for other
diseases. 3. Vaginal fluid
4. Fatigue 4. Breast milk (breast milk)
Infected people can also be found with HIV is transmitted through:
dramatic changes in their energy levels or
1. Intercourse that allows the blood,
stamina. They are easily exhausted or tired
semen, or vaginal fluid from an
than others without explaining why.
HIV-positive person to enter the
However, physical exercise can cause them
bloodstream of an uninfected
to be different and it is understandable that
person (ie, unprotected intercourse
feelings can also cause a little more fatigue
through the vagina or rectum, also
in the workplace.
through the mouth, albeit with a
5. Rash small chance).
2. Used needles used by others, and
In early HIV symptoms, it is possible
containing HIV-infected
that a rash develops as a skin patch that
blood...Receiving an HIV-infected
gradually changes color. The rash may
blood transfusion.
appear and only fades within a week to a
3. From an HIV-positive mother to a
month after it first arises.
baby in the womb, delivery time,
If there are such signs, the best advice and if breastfed alone.
would be to test yourself. The idea of
Make it a habit to have your own
examining HIV infection may be
toothbrush and razor, as in addition to
frightening. But testing HIV itself does not
personal hygiene, if there is blood there
cause you HIV-positive or HIV-negative.
will be a risk of transmission with other
This is very important not only for your
viruses transported blood flow (such as
own health but also to prevent transmission
hepatitis), not just HIV.
of the virus to others.
HIV is not transmitted through: people. However, the case is an
iceberg phenomenon, more of
1. Shake hands, hug.
which are not observed than
2. Kissing.
reported. The Ministry of Health in
3. Cough, sneeze.
2006 estimated the number of
4. Wearing household appliances
Indonesians infected with HIV
such as dinnerware, telephone,
AIDS ranged from 169 thousand to
bathroom, WC, bedroom, etc.
216 thousand people. Of the total
5. Mosquito bites.
number of sex workers (180 rbu-
6. Working, going to school,
265 thousand people), 8,200-9,640
driving together.
people have been infected with
7. Using public facilities such as
HIV. Though customers of sex
swimming pools, public toilets,
workers in this largest Muslim
saunas, etc.
country reached 2.5 million people
HIV can not be transmitted up to 3.8 million people. Of the
through the air. This virus also 96,000 inmates, some 4,300-6,000
quickly die if it is outside the body. inmates have HIV infection. In
The virus can be killed if the body 2010, the estimated number of
fluids containing it are cleaned with people with HIV viruf reach 500
bleach such as Bayclin or Chlorox, thousand people. Indeed, the
or with soap and water. HIV can not number of people with this deadly
be absorbed by the skin that is not disease will continue to increase. If
injured. infected by HIV will lose the helper
T lymphocytes by 3 stages:
How Effective Treatments &
Prevention Of HIV Aids Health A healthy person has CD 4
Tips | How to Avoid HIV Malignant lymphocytes as many as 800-1300
Aids Disease cells / mL of blood. In the first few
months after HIV infection, the
How Effective Treatments & number decreases by 40-50%.
Prevention Of HIV Aids Health During these months the patient can
Tips | How to Avoid Malignant HIV transmit HIV to others because
Disease Aids - How To Avoid HIV many virus particles are present in
AIDS is the wisest & most effective the blood.
thing done by us, because treating it
will be longer and more difficult, in After about 6 months, the
Indonesia HIV AIDS case is a number of virus particles in the
frightening specter because the blood reaches a stable level, which
disease is contagious. preventing is different in each patient. The
this disease such as not to exchange destruction of CD4 + cells and the
spouses freely or use the needle spread of disease to others
alternately, Meanwhile, the number continues. High levels of viral
of HIV AIDS patients in Indonesia particles and low levels of CD4 +
continues to increase. As of lymphocytes help doctors in
September 2006, the total number determining people who are at high
of HIV positive people reached risk for AIDS.
4,617 people and AIDS 6,987
1-2 years before the onset of HIV positive patients and prolong
AIDS, the number of CD4 + life.
lymphocytes usually drops
Tips on How to Prevent HIV
dramatically. If the levels reach 200
cells / mL of blood.
HIV prevention programs are
Symptoms of HIV infection
focused primarily on community
within a few months or years before
education on how HIV is
infection or tumor is typical for
transmitted, with the aim of
AIDS. Symptoms include: swollen
changing the habits of people at
lymph nodes, weight loss, missing
high risk for contracting. Prevention
fever - arise, feelings of malaise,
fatigue, diarrhea
For healthy people, Abstinens,
recurrent, anemia, thrush
Sex is safe (protected).
(fungal infection in the mouth). By
definition, AIDS begins with a low For HIV positive people,
number of CD4 + lymphocytes (less Abstinens, Sex safe, No blood or
than 200 cells / ml of blood) or the organ donation, Prevent pregnancy,
occurrence of opportunistic Tell her sexual partners before and
infections (infection by organisms after known to be infected.
that in people with good immune
systems do not cause disease). For drug abusers, Stop using
Cancer can also occur, such as used or joint injections, Follow the
Kaposi's sarcoma and non- rehabilitation program.
Hodgkin's lymphoma, the For health professionals, Using
symptoms of AIDS come from its latex gloves on every contact with
own HIV infection as well as body fluids, Using disposable
opportunistic and cancer infections. needles.
Many drugs can be used to treat
HIV infection: Nucleoside reverse
transcriptase inhibitor (AZT
(zidovudine), ddI (didanosine), ddC
(zalsitabin), d4T (stavudine), 3TC
(lamivudine), Abakavir), Non-
nucleoside reverse transcriptase
inhibitor Nevirapin, Delavirdin,
Efavirenz), Protease inhibitors
(Saquinavir, Ritonavir, Indinavir,
Nelfinavir), These drugs prevent the
reproduction of the virus to slow the
progression of the disease. HIV will
soon form resistance to the drug
when used singly. The most
effective treatment is a combination
of 2 drugs / more, Combination
drugs can slow the onset of AIDS in