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Registration #: *-APPLICATION-*

Service Request #: 1-6536894681

Mail Certificate

(Swedish Academy of Sciences, generally)

Mark Richard Hilbert / (Rossetti)
400 Duane Street
LOC Divisional (Library of Congress)
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 United States

Priority: Routine Application Date: June 07, 2018

Note to C.O.: Of original amendment bases, (the theory) in filing, one may in missing to amendment record amplify filing
(amendment completion required), in availing the supplementary registration (provision) (seeking 'processing' amendment
completion) … … public (policy) generally. … Of the course, this is left open ("same application" language … offering ...
of amendment, as one must retain sameness of original registration within augmenting accounting.) Kindly offered of: …; "Please see the attached. 1. Your completed application which is not clear what the edits are … ": offers
support to a 'general parenthesis' applicability of this general language statement. This attached, generally. (A Theory)
and (a theory) of among, this same missing information (clarifies): explanations (statements) (of) clarity in information
required in amendment completion: may attach (2) changes in certain facts permit—augment, amplification, supplementary
registration, (a complete(d) ethical filing). "Appropriate Supplementary Registration Situations" One may add subtitle
or alternative title; a change(ing) in the title of the work, ET, (among): (Title not, if unethical parameter acceptable, e.g.) –
sufficiently explicit of this missing information. Explanation(s) statements clarity, (theory); "changes" in certain facts,
(which produce) title not clear, sufficient again, generally—amendment completion required. {Certain facts of additional
information changes states "t i me" … "your special contribution" … "gi v- i ng" note of Solti, et Prime Minister of Canada.
Mv, mv attaches base literary, further adjusted of recording edit of Berlioz as Space Shuttle Euclidean Pascal (mc unknown)
et 'Margarit' Soloist: grant of original amendment Copyright. Transfer refused. Special contribution language: Refused.
Please send to Supreme Court of the United States, if failure arises, again. 1-6259201981}


Organization Name: (Swedish Academy of Sciences, "generally" Nobel Laureate, 1969. child,
Name: Mark Richard Hilbert / (Rossetti)
Telephone: (331)218-9925
Address: 05 13 201 008 (Tax ... PIN Number), (Redundant_-inappropriate answer,
(337 72 5274) Redundant_-inappropriate answer, regardless)
Glen Ellyn (Wheaton), IL 60187 United States
Registration Number
Effective Date of Registration:
June 07, 2018

Supplementary Registration

Supplement To: TXu00195699, 2014

Title of Work: Numeric Principleness Quantum Acquired Kinetic Mass Kinetic mv m mv.

Subtitle: child Nobel Laureate, physics, 1969, University of Oxford pamphlet


I did not find the Subtitle screen. Please ignore 'this' other than-- Where is the
Subtitle screen?

Previous or Alternate Title: Numeric Principleness Quantum Acquired Kinetic Mass Kinetic mv m mv.

Year of Completion: 2008


• Author: Mark Richard Hilbert / (Rossetti)

Author Created: text
Work made for hire: No
Citizen of: United States
Year Born: 1969

Copyright Claimant

Copyright Claimant: Mark Richard Hilbert / (Rossetti)

400 Duane Street, LOC (Library of Congress) 'Divisional', Glen Ellyn, IL,
60137, United States

Rights and Permissions

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Organization Name: (Swedish Academy of Sciences, generally)
Name: Mark Richard Hilbert / (Rossetti)
Telephone: (331)218-9925
Address: 05 13 201 008 (Tax ... PIN Number)
(Redundant_-inappropriate answer, regardless)
Glen Ellyn (Wheaton), IL 60187 United States


Name: Mark Richard Hilbert (Rossetti), Author

Date: June 07, 2018
Date: June 07, 2018
Explanation of Corrections: If permitted, Amplification Explanation (extended). Original Registration
Circular (8) "Information … incorrect" Respectfully, generally, one offers this
section strictly or restrictively of (statement standard). The original registration
identified the wrong … 'title' … of the work—'version' presumed--hilarity of
unethical. One may not state the 'title': prohibited; (I)t must place as wrong—
(definition)--however this identified the wrong title. Without presumptive
"mental health disability"(:) remedied or answered of (one states Title): "ncs ep
151016 32 a2803 B108 S000092," LSAT answer sheet, LSAC Account
L38022707, generally, again—and supported by the Calculus requirement
attached to Plane and Solid Geometry, which does not exist, currently, although,
a required academic pairing in completing the curriculum successfully. One
answers questions without the requisite course material curricula? Supportive
of the remedy or answer, one submits: Northwestern University ID 2160662
"OTHER," 1990-1991, Boston College Alumni Services, Justice
Sandra_Day_O'Connor;, Federal 'Appellate' '7th'
Circuit, mrhilbertros1122 Account (PACER), Agency Tracking ID: 07-39594-
811. (Professor John Nash did not suffer as remarkably as thought of "OTHER,"
as offered.) "Other," than, of this, one states the 'title,' correct title. Such, what
is the source of the initial paper submission inquiry request to the Swedish
Academy of Sciences—(explanation(s) language generally, clarity, again.) You
seek 'specificity' of these things as statements of a clarifying reapplication
supplementary process which offers corrupted or base amendment corruption? If
permitted, I state the Title … originally.
Explanation of Amplifications: Circular 8 " … information that could have been included … " "Changes in
certain facts" ... "Explanations statement(s) that clarify … information (not
sufficiently explicit) …" Appropriate Situations "To add subtitle; alternative
title; to reflect … change in the title …" This adds information to public record,
augmenting the original registration: … (could) did not include, as such,
(changes) in certain facts or "explanation(s)" (statements) that "clarify"
information as sufficiently explicit "statement"--when 'which' facts arise or
produced of the original filing. When. Again, if one may not state a 'title':
prohibited--(interpretive): base filing corrupted; the title corrupted—A2803
LSAT, LSAC offers Theory of certain facts, statement(s), could (did) not include
which permits sufficiently explicit Title statement(s): subtitle, alternative title,
"reflect a change" in title, offering. Permitted ethical statement of "Title of the
Work" 'positived' without presumptive "mental health disability" (and physical
threat present) explained. Public policy unreasoning or unreasonable freak/show
in amendment collapse. If an application (does) not offer sufficient clarity, I
offer, one revises. One does not review the legality or judgment of the thing of
First Reconsideration or offer appeal. General language progression(al) permits

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Amendment processing.

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