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12 December 2011

Hi Folks,

Welcome to the re-launch of the Bagua Mastery Program. First I want to thank those who
bought the program before and also to all those who helped produce the program.

It took over five years to produce the 36 DVDs, 16 CDs, 1000+ pages of training guides and a
soft-cover book, Bagua and Tai Chi, published through North Atlantic/Random House.

For those who buy the Bagua Mastery Program I want to mention three important points:

#1 Stepping Up to Your Personal Best: One of my roles this lifetime has been to bridge
authentic teachings from China to the West. For many years I saw that the art of bagua was
degrading in the West. I didn't want the knowledge I learned while in China to disappear. I felt a
strong obligation to carry the tradition forward. The Program is a compendium of all of my
training PLUS it is specifically taught in a way to learn step-by-step in the easiest way possible.
When I was in secondary school I ranked in the bottom 5% for physcial fitness. I overcame those
limitations through practice and discipline. I truly believe that if you really want to learn bagua
you can do it and do it well.

Bagua is an moving art form that has been evolving for thousands of years. It is a precise system
for health, martial arts and meditation. When you learn something you can decide if you want to
dabble or if you want to go deep. If your reading this now it is likely that you want to go deep to
bring excellence into your life. The Bagua Mastery Program is for those who ask themselve:
"How can I raise the level of my internal arts?", "How can I use bagua to build my health and
chi?" and "How can I bring excellence into my practice? This leads to my second point...

#2 Building Your Foundation: After teaching over 20,000 people, I have found that a lot of
people want to skip over the fundamentals. They want something new rather than drilling the
basics. Many never build their foundation. I see this time and time again. I see practitioners who
have been working for many years but sadly their form is poor. Although I understand wanting
to add more techniques/palm changes/moves/secret methods, in opinion it is a failure strategy,
especially with an art like bagua.
A weak foundation creates gaps. A gap in martial arts can be deadly because it gives an opponent
an opening. A health gap compromises and/or injures the body. Then there are spiritual gaps
where you lose awareness or focus and thus go into an unconscious state.

Why am I mentioning this? The Bagua Mastery Program is designed to help you create a rock
solid foundation with bagua and the internal arts. We will initially focus on rooting, grounding
and lower body work. We will initially focus on the Single Palm Change, the most powerful
movement AND the basis for every other palm change. We will look at how to integrate the 16
neigong. Only then do we go into the Water Palm Change and the Earth Palm Change. There is
great power when you build an unshakeable foundation. This is how excellence is acheived.

#3 Bagua is Powerful Spiritual Practice: I am a huge fan of martial arts and if that is why you
practice bagua this program will give you what you need. Bagua practitioners are also known for
superior health well into their eighties which is amazing. Although bagua zhang is primarily
known as a martial art and for its health benefits, it was initially used as a moving meditation in
Taoist Monasteries. This is the actual source of bagua that predates the martial applications. The
monastic tradition is what my teacher Liu Hung Chieh learned and directly passed down to me.
Within each module you will also receive guided Taoist meditations to be used while you walk
the circle. This took a lot of extra work but we did it so you can experience bagua as a spiritual
practice as well.

The monastic tradition to my knowledge has never been shared in the West and is a unique way
to practice bagua. As you probably already know the word bagua means eight trigrams and is
directly linked to the I Ching, Book of Changes. Bagua is the system to learn how to manifest
the energies of the universe through your body. Bagua gives you an exercise to move energy and
work with your eight energy bodies. It helps you transform your consciousness.

I have endeavored to make this the most comprehensive learning guide ever created for bagua. I
am committed to teaching the classical tradition in a form that is non-diluted and at the highest
standard possible. So whatever your interest in bagua - martial arts, health, meditation or its
relationship to tai chi - I think you'll find something of great value in this program.

Bagua is something I am passionate about and if you are too I hope that you will enjoy and
benefit from this program.

Everything furthers,
Bruce Frantzis
Founder, Energy Arts Inc.

Bagua Mastery Program

The Bagua Mastery Program Contains 12 Content-Rich Modules

During the Program You Will Receive:

> Over 1000 pages of Step-by-Step Training Materials

> 36 DVDs taken from our LIVE Bagua Instructor Trainings

> 16 CDs with Guided Practice Session on Audio CDs

> Special Bonuses (see below)

> Access to member-only Forums

You will receive the 12 modules in two shipments:

>>>>>Delivery # 1: Modules 1 through 6

>>>>>Delivery # 2: Modules 7 through 12 (sent on ~April 1st)

What You'll Learn in the

Bagua Mastery Program
Module 1 - Bagua Foundation Building
Module 1 starts by explaining the context of bagua and how to use this program. One of the most
important elements is knowing how to warm up your body, so you start by learning the Bagua
Internal Warm-up Method. This is a powerfully effective approach to getting a larger return on
your practice time.

You will also learn the Bagua Dynamic Stepping System, the foundation for bagua walking
techniques. All serious students want to start by practicing and perfecting straight-line walking.

As part of Module 1 you'll receive the following print documents:

Introduction: How to Use the Bagua Mastery Program [34 pages]

Learning Bagua: Physical, Energetic and Mental Principles [23 pages]

Bagua and the Sixteen Neigong [45 pages]

Bagua Skills: Twisting [21 pages]

Bagua Internal Warm-up Method [65 pages]

Building a Foundation for Bagua: A Dynamic Stepping System [91 pages]

Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation: Overview [43 pages]

Module 2 - Bagua Circle Walking

Circle Walking can give your body all the aerobic exercise it needs. It brings up a vortex of
energy from the earth through your body, which energizes, nourishes and strengthens your body
from the inside out. It also sets the stage for using Circle Walking in Taoist meditation.

In Module 2, we’ll transition from straight-line walking to Circle Walking basics. You’ll spend
some time learning the basic footwork for walking a clockwise and counter-clockwise circle.

As part of Module 2 you'll receive the following print documents:

Learning to Walk the Circle: Circle Walking Basics [35 pages]

Circle Walking adn Taoist Meditation: Intermediate Meditation 1 [16 pages]

Module 3 - Bagua Body Unification and Direction Changes

The simplified turn for changing direction while Walking the Circle will be taught in this
Module. It works out the basic kinks of getting used to reversing direction—including
maintaining your balance and not getting disoriented. The complete turning method is the
fundamental technique of reversing direction germane to bagua, and will be taught in Module 7.

My strategy here is to ensure that when you begin focusing on the Single Palm Change posture
and Dragon Body that you have a solid foundation. Otherwise, you’ll build in a destabilizing
force that can make all future complete turns unbalanced and break the flow you generate while

You will also learn the Bagua Body Unification Method in this module, which is comrpised of
three exercises. Many move their bodies with very little internal connection, so these unification
exercises will firmly connect all parts of your body in a relaxed way without causing physical
tension. Unification exercises open up key energy channels in the body and provide a simple and
relatively concrete path for your mind to enter into your body.

As part of Module 3 you'll receive the following print documents:

Bagua Body Unification Method [84 pages]

Circle Walking Basics: Changing Directions and Important Considerations [54 pages]

Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation: Intermediate Meditation 2 [13 pages]

In Modules 1-3 you will receive over 528 pages of pure content...with hundreds of diagrams.
Module 4 - Bagua Energy Postures
In Module 4, the circle of learning begins anew. You will learn my Bagua Energy Posture Series.
A bagua energy posture involves the position of your arms while you Walk the Circle being
relatively fixed in relation to your body, so they do not move in space. Bagua energy postures,
like the standing postures of tai chi, hsing-i and qigong are used to develop a strong foundation
for all moving practices in the world of chi.

In Module 4, you will learn the first four postures of the series. Although many dozens of bagua
energy postures are widely practiced, all derive from the complete system of two-hundred static
arm postures within the Taoist monastic tradition. Each posture opens up specific energy
channels within the body. I designed my energy postures series, consisting of twelve in total, to
open specific energy channels in a progressive manner and connect chi flows in very deliberate
ways to help you advance to the Single Palm Change.

As part of Module 4 you'll receive the following print documents:

Bagua Applications: Tai Chi - Shifting Weight from the Back to the Front Leg [12 pages]

Bagua Energy Postures [130 pages]

Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation: Intermediate Meditation 3, Parts 1-3 [18 pages]

All bagua energy postures are designed to serve three primary purposes:

1. Physically open and strengthen particular areas of the middle or upper body.

2. Seamlessly connect, integrate and open different parts of the arms with all parts of the torso,
spine, head, waist, hips and legs.

3. For intermediates, connect specific energy channels and flows within the physical and etheric
energy bodies.

Module 5 - Bagua Single Palm Change Posture

Holding the palm posture of the Single Palm Change (SPC) while Walking the Circle focuses
and develops the chi of the body, mind and spirit more than any other independent single
technique in the world Taoist chi arts. It has tremendous value on every level from health to

Besides the formation of the palm itself, a palm posture also includes how your arms and torso
both externally and internally mold or morph to hold the palm position. Together they are called
the Upper Body Palm Posture. Both strongly influence all aspects of your body-energy-mind
while walking This module focuses on learning to hold the Single Palm Change Upper Body
Palm Posture while Walking the Circle and changing direction using only the simplified turning

In addition, you will learn Postures 5 and 6 of the Bagua Energy Posture Series.

As part of Module 5 you'll receive the following print documents:

Bagua Applications: Twisting and Coiling Silk in Tai Chi [10 pages]

Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation: Intermediate Meditation 3, Part 4 [6 pages]

Single Palm Change Palm Posture: The King of All Postures [48 pages]

Module 6 - Bagua Dragon Body

The Dragon Body is distinct to bagua. It should only be learned after stabilizing the Single Palm
Change posture. The Dragon Body’s form has the following two qualities as you Walk the
Circle: Waist turns toward the center of the circle; and the Torso maintains the four points and all
of the other alignments of the preceding sections.

In this module, you will learn how to safely turn your waist into the center of the circle in
incremental stages. In addition, you will learn Postures 7 and 8 of the Bagua Energy Posture

As part of Module 6 you'll receive the following print documents:

Bagua Applications: Creating an Elastic Body [4 pages]

Bagua Dragon Body [34 pages]

Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation: Intermediate Meditation 4, Parts 1-3 [16 pages]

Module 7 - Bagua Complete Direction Change & Advanced

Energy Postures
In Module 7, you will learn the complete footwork for changing
and reversing the circle’s direction. First, you use a toe-in step to turn your torso from the waist
and shrink your body into itself, toward your body’s centerline. Then, you use a toe-out step to
turn your torso to the outside of your body’s centerline and in the opposite direction 
from which
you started.

I teach the classic bagua method for changing direction, as traditionally it has shown itself to be
the best way to develop the expansive energy qualities of mud walking in the legs, allowing the
chi to circulate all the way to the toes. After these two qualities are stabilized in a practitioner’s
body, the toe-out step is incorporated into bagua energy postures and the Single Palm Change
with more complex combinations of waist turning and straight-stepping, toe-in and toe- 

You will also learn the final four postures (9-12) in the Bagua Energy Posture Series. These four
postures develop your energetic body to its highest level, opening up and working with the
channels of your body. So they should only be practiced by intermediate practitioners who have
a solid grounding in the first eight postures.

As part of Module 7 you'll receive the following print documents:

Circle Walking Direction Change: Complete Footwork [108 pages]

Bagua Applications: The Calligraphy in Bagua [6 pages]

Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation: Meditation 5, Parts 1-2 [8 pages]

Module 8 - Bagua Single Palm Change Warmup

In this module, you will learn a physical and energetic warm-up that will help make the Single
Palm Change one single, fluid movement as you change directions while Walking the Circle.

The central goal of the Single Palm Change warm-up is to integrate arm movements with foot
movements as you Walk the Circle. Later, because you’ll be familiar enough with the
movements already, changing direction won’t be so overwhelming.

As part of Module 7 you'll receive the following print documents:

Single Palm Change Warm-up and Transition [120 pages]

Circle Walking and Taoist Meditation; Meditation 5, Part 3 [10 pages]

Module 9 - Bagua Heaven Palm Change and Changing


All of the techniques and principles in the previous modules will now be
applied as one integrated whole while you Walk the Circle and change direction using the Single
Palm Change. This module puts all of the components you have learned together so you can do
the Heaven Single Palm Change. Once you have reached this module, you'll have already built a
solid foundation from which to learn the Single Palm Change.

Module 10 - Bagua Water Palm Change and Roll the Ball

The Water Palm Change trains the complexity of the spiraling arm actions.
Although they are best learned through live instruction (due to the often hidden complexity
within its arm and waist movements), learning to perform this palm change well has immense

Module 11 - Bagua Double Palm Change

The Bagua Double Palm Change is represented by the second triagram of the I
Ching, known as “earth” (or kun in Chinese). It signifies the essence of yin energy as the prime
yin or soft power generation method of bagua.

Module 12 - Bagua Wind Palm Change

The Wind Palm Change develops the spinning techniques of bagua whereby
the practitioner’s body spins like a whirlwind.

What You Get In Each

Monthly Module:
PDFs, Audio, DVD and
Online Content
1. Detailed Training Guides
Bagua Mastery Program Full Course

All instructional and supporting informational material is presented in-print with an

accompanying binder where you can include your personal notes, such as from live trainings.
Each module contains pictures, images and graphic aids to provide a complete explanation of
each technique.

Intermediate-level material is typically offered in separate sections within each document.

Regardless of whether you are new to bagua or an intermediate practitioner, all other material is
meant to be read by everyone.

2. DVD Instruction from the Bagua Instructor Training,

Bagua Wind Palm Event, and Bagua Earth Palm Event
Live footage from my Bagua Instructor Training and other demonstrations by me and my Senior
Bagua Instructors will help you learn various techniques and components of bagua and the
Single Palm Change.

In each delivery you will receive over 12 hours of live footage (more for the second delivery).
The instructor training is special and Bruce has held only once in the last ten years. Bruce has
never before offered DVDs from his LIVE trainings.

Participants paid over US$6,500+ to attend this four-week training, wind palm and earth palm
3. Guided Audio CD Practice Sessions
Each module includes guided audio practice sessions on CDs. You can copy them to any MP3
device (ipod, iphone) or you can listen to them directly. I’ve recorded two levels of guided
practice sessions for each module to help you learn the components taught in that module. The
first is for everyone and the second is for intermediates only. If you’re not an intermediate-level
practitioner already I recommend you save the intermediate sessions for later when you have a
stable foundation in the basics or you’ll be wasting your time.

4. Teleconference
During this program Bruce will offer a teleconference where he will answer questions given to
him by members of the program.

5. Member-Only Bagua Forum

Access to a member-only online forum that is moderated by senior Energy Arts bagua students
and where Bruce will answer questions about the Bagua Mastery Program. From time to time we
will post addtitional bonus and relevant material directly to the forum for members.

Two Additonal Bonuses plus

Discounted Shipping
Bonus #1 - A Copy of Bruce's Book:
BAGUA and TAI CHI: Exploring the Potential of Chi,
Martial Arts, Meditation and the I Ching [240 pages]
Discover the Taoist chi practices that power the internal martial arts of bagua and tai chi. Inside
the slow-motion movements of tai chi is a sophisticated mind/body/spirit practice. Derived from
the I Ching (Book of Changes), bagua is unique in its circular movements, spiraling energy, and
unpredictable changes of direction. At the core of both of these arts lie practical ways to
understand change and how energy flows within the universe.

Drawing on insights from his main teacher, Lineage Master Liu Hung Chieh of Bejing,
China, Bruce reveals how how you can use these powerful arts to:

> Promote vibrant health and well-being

> Build chi power for fighting applications

> Cultivate meditative awareness

> Relax all aspects of your being

>Flow smoothly with change

"Bruce Frantzis is the successor and inheritor of Lao Tse's Water method of Taoist meditation
passed down by his teacher, Liu Hung Chieh. Frantzis presents a uniquely experiential approach
to the I Ching as a living manual on how change manifests at all levels of existence. Frantzis'
ability to communicate his comprehensive understanding of the health, fighting and mediation
aspects of bagua allows the student to experience in body, mind and spirit, the profound
embodied wisdom of the I Ching's spiritual vision."

Dr. Alan Peatfield, Ph.D., Lecturer in Archaeology at University College Dublin, Ireland
Bonus #2 - Free Meditation Book
The Great Stillness - TAO Meditation Vol. 2
Body Awareness, Moving Meditation and Sex Qigong

In this second meditation volume, Bruce guides you through energy practices unique to the
Taoist Water Meditation method, including how to:

> Feel your internal energy and make your body conscious

> Perform circle walking as a form of moving meditation

> Use Inner Dissolving to go beyond your everyday thoughts and resolve inner demons

> Have more vibrant sex and make it a meditative experience...

"Frantzis' style of teaching demystifies ancient Chinese Taoist arts that have rarely, if ever, been
taught in the West."
- Elizabeth Whitney, Yoga Journal

"Frantzis has spent most of his life studying various martial arts, meditation, and traditional
Eastern healing systems. His fluency in Chinese and Japanese has allowed him to pursue thse
arts to an unprecedented depth for a Westerner."
- Clarence Lu, contributing writer, Inside Kung Fu

Plus Discounted Shipping

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Bagua Mastery Program Relaunch Offer

You will receive:
> 1000+ Pages of printed content

> 16 CDs of Audio Content and Guided Sessions

> 36 DVDs from the Bagua Instructor Training

> Access to the Bagua Mastery Program Forum and Teleconferences

> Bonus 1: Bruce's Tai Chi and Bagua Book - $24.95 Value

> Bonus 2: The Great Stillness TAO Mediation Vol. 2 Book - $20 Value

> Discounted shipping for the entire program - $25 to $80 Value - Billed on first shipment

> Shipment #1 (Modules 1 through 6) sent immediately

> Shipment #2 (Modules 7 through 12) sent ~ 2 April 2012

> This is the last opening of the program until 2013

> Billed in Three Monthly Payments of $295

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