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CAMBRIDGE Se STUDENT'S BOOK STARTER Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks & Peter Lewis-Jones ‘The authors would ike to thank all hose whe have made ‘ontibutions to the development, creation and production of Think. Many thanks to teachers in various counties for piloting the couse and for ‘their valuable feedback. harks too other stodens, or ther enthusiasm {and fr putting up wih manuscripts rather than the atractve pages our ‘designers nave ceated in he mesrtine, ‘The members of our digital am, Helen Kenyon Amareet Puewal and Brendan Wightman fr thelr expertse and creative thought ‘Thanks a0 to Chl Willams fr hs imvaluale production suppor. We would keto thank the Cambxidge English teams around the world for ‘hee cominuous support. ‘We would keto thank very warmly our editorial teem: Rebecca Raynes, era Dania Peter NiFariane, Cela Kec ard Katyn Davies or al the energy anc care they have putinto ths project. Ow specal thanks go 1 1 Burgess (Commisining dite), Kate La Storia and Claus Focco (Publsnes, Beinde Fenn Pubishing Manager and James Dingle (Editorial Director fr their dedicaton to Think, the great spit of colabovaton anc ‘many excelent suggestions we got fem them ‘We are indebted tothe Cambie University Pres leadership: Frances Lowndes (Global Publishing Directo for being inalved so actively inthe Planning stages ofthe project despite her huge workload: John Tue 2nd Nel Tomkins (Deputy Managing Directors), Micha! Feluze (Managing Dieecto and Peter Philips (Chie Execute) forthe constructive dialogue ‘over the years, Last but rot est, re would tke to thank ou partners Mares, Ariana and ‘loud, Without thet support tis project woul rat have happeres CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Universy Printing House, Cambridge C82 885, United Kingdom emir University Presi part ofthe University of Cambridge Ie furthers the Unversys ison by eisseminating knowledge in ‘the pursuit of educatn, leering and research at te highest internationel levels of excellence vawncambridge oro Infermation on this te: weuw cambridge orgfhink (© Cambridge Unversity Press 2016 This publication iin copyright. Subject to statutory exceptan and to he provisos of relevant colective lensing agreements, ro reprecction of any art may take place without the wniten permission of Cambridge Uriversy Pres, Fist published 2016 Printed in aly by Rotolito Lombardia SpA ‘A catalogue record or this publication i avaiable from the Bish Libary IsBN 978-1-107-58572.0 Students Book Starter corpus Development of ts pubicaton has made use ofthe Camere English Corus (CEC). The CEC is a computer database of conternperary spoken {and written Engish, which curently stan at over one billion word includes British Englsh, American Erlich and other vats of English it ao icles the Cambridge Leemer Corpus, developed in coladoraton ‘with Cambrcge Enaish Language Assesiment.Cambrdge Universty ress has built up the CEC to povde evidence about language use that helps to produce better language teaching mater, English Profile “This products informed by the Engish Vocabulary Plo, bit as part of English tfle, a colaborate programme desgned to enhance ‘elearning, teaching an aseesiment of English wordwide. ft main funding panes are Cambridge University Press and Camibdge English Language Assessment and its amis to crete a ‘rot’ fr Engsh inked tote Common Exopean Framework of Reference for Languages (CE) English Profle outcomes, suchas the Engish Vocabulary rai, il Provide detailed information about the language that eames can be expected to demonstrate at each CE level offering a dear benchmark fer learrers' proficiency For mare information lease vist we, enclshproieorg CCombridge Dictionaries Cambridge dictonares ae the world’s most widely used cctonares for learcers of Englsh. The dctonares are avalabe in print an anie at cictonarycarrbrdge.rg. Copyeght © Camaridge Unversity Pres, repreduced with permission. ISBN 978-1-107-58727-2 Students Book with Online Weskbcok and One Fractie Starter IsBh 978-1-107-58784-7 wockbook wth Onine Practice Starter ISBN 978-1-107-8815.8 Combo A wth Online Vlorcdook and Online Practice Starter IsBN 978-1.107-58822-6 Combo 8 wth Onine Workbook ard Online racice Starter IsBhv 978-1-107-58616-5 Teachers Book Starter ISBN 978-1-107-58630-7 Class Audio CDs Starter, ISBN 978-1-107-58638-3 Video DvD Sianer Ise 978-1-107-58687-3 Presentation Plus DVD-ROM Starter ‘Adksivona resources for this ablation ot www cambridge orgthink Cambrge University Press es no responsibility forte persistence or accuracy of URLS fo external © thidsparty mteret webstesretered ton hs publcation, and dees not guarantee that 3) content on such webstes is, er wil remain, accurate or appronrat, Information regading prices, travel timetables, and other factual ifarmation given in this works correct at the time of fst printing but Cambridge Universty Press does nat guarantee the accizacy of such information thereof THIN STUDENT'S BOOK STARTER @ Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks & Peter Lewis-Jones CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS CONTENTS Welcome p4 —Theslhabet; Colours International words Articles a anlan: The day: Saying Helloand Gecabye ‘Classroom abjectss Numbers 0-20; lural nouns Classroom language Numbers 20-100; Messages; Review CaS) Sen Ble S aN SS Lele Pe Getingtolnow ereore "Counties an nstinaltes Shing sbouyoursetandcthess (dec Ting doawectnge to bepeguive inguinal pad paces descbe cigs | am “belgeoon an trt ane) |Mometelogame "| | Shectpeneee Seas Expressing likes and dies Review Units 1&2 p28 Deering good aes Tani member eee ey Powesve adjectives Mouse and are thet oe aes tose Paying compliments | Grainy boas aaa Ea fee ergo Giving directions | onefany Buying ina shop nearer Review Units 3&4 p46 HY “abking about habs and activites [Present simple Free-tine activites “aking about technology habs Acverbsof frequency Gadget | a me | Present simple (negative and questions) Encouraging someone Tpoga fiend Tare hs gorpotive pvc ard quien) Pract body Deserbing people | Countable and uncountable nouns Deserbing people Review Units 5&6 pét Taking bout abilities Sport Teling thetime Prepositions oftme Telingthe we Talking about routines and dates Months and seasons Making suggestions Ordinal numbers | Tahig about mse sdeclng ether | Describing scene ket dont ie ing | Teling bouts and thes | Review Units 7&8 p82 Talking about food andleatinghabits | must/ mustit Food and drink ai aa reaenaiy | Seren per) nase | Asking nicely and oflering ferro | Onmgmiangene | ‘Wn tbotochewnere a agi cx woe Talking about he past See ates 7 Aingirnhmomaieatepan _|fesaeric ate 2/iee re Fea ita emi Review Units9 & 10 p 100 dking nd soswenngabourgsstholiays | Fast sms keg verbs ~~ Terband noun pas ] Ting abou aly inthe pat Petal ge sn one) Acjectves | Describing pire | Sequeeing(niten) : | Tlkingabout reve andtaapor’ | Comparative apcves “anspor 1 Comparing tings “nel ones ogra laces | ‘Axthetran station | | =e Review Units 11 & 12118 Pronunciation pages 120-121 Getitright! pages 122-126 Speaking activities pages 127-128 ESNUNGUCNNNETINS ans anemones nag omens Oe | se ete Photostory: Justa little joke es ern | es cee Nee re eh cinloe SS roa eames ee vane eee ae me Loa nae ae iy oan eet art this] that] teve those Values: Families Reading Arte: Kate Middleton Selfesteem: Being partofa family Dislogee: Agta family Photoetery:A song for Ruby Listening Disloguer: Desertsng fry _Weting™Descnpton Yourfvourte room Word stress numbers Values: My towniety | Reading. Brochure: Window ofthe Word [Train to Tink: Exploring numbers Dialogues Inthe hope Caitre: Park round the world | Listening Dialogues Asking for dvections I ‘Writing Brochure: brochure for your town/city | Preensimple versa paron | Values Beer oper orbeteralone? [Reading Newent: ove le dub Sistem: Wr mates me fapoy Sse beer col you? Photosory Ne schoo py | Listesing Nonlogies Deroy eecronk dpe | feelers | Miting” Pragaph Day nyoutte [ ngvowsacunde Vales: fend Reading. Arie Are fire Taito eke itononte de Dalogue: spe or Olin Gia ekomng perl sound he word Listening een fenasapoands Wing! Poogaph: Secbg end Long vowel sound | Values: The importance of sport, Reading Arle: Theyre good! Selfesteer: iy tine cake ‘Article: Te Other Fra Photostory The bigmatch cs eee a ee tering Chasen | Sesae Sereaes ae Intonation —liting eme Taine ghngive ces | Vales How ov eas important "Reading Arle Yong lichen ars eee Nensend dope nareraurnt Poston Tee Listening Dialogue: Cooking Writing Merc: Areal pan for your friend Pact smple regular verbe ‘Values: Hard work and achevement Reading Artie: twas ar dream tobe an astronaut Train to Think Sequencing ‘ticle Fctonal heroes Guture: Statues _Linenng Dalai Fedle Sturdy evening Proposal Astatue in mysoun Past simple irregular verbs Values: Animals and us Reading Article Erin and Tonk tothe rescue Self-esteem: Animals ad nature ‘ari Extnc animals Photostory: The spider | Lscening Dalogue: ecysholiy Waiting Blog entry:A day inthe fe ofan animal Values: Transport and the environment Reading Arie: The greatrace Trainto Think: Compering | ‘Ati: My favourite journey ‘Gulture: Transport around the world Listening Dialogue: Atthe tran tation Writing Description: Unusual forms ef transport WELCOME The alphabet Colours 1 Write the colours in the correct places in the key. / AaBbCcDd 2.2" _Ee Ff Gg Hh 6jj Kk LE Mm Nn Go | Pp Qq Rr Ss ‘Te Uu Ww Ww Xx Yy Zz Listen to the alphabet. Then listen again and repeat. NN Listen to the sounds and repeat. Key 1 _white 7 2 a peo 9 fe ee (pana 5 0 ‘ : Werk in pats: Se) Your narne 2 2 Workin pairs. What colours can you your partner. Your partner writes your name. ian a see around you? Tell your partner. ishelshe correct? International words 1 Match the words in the list with the pictures. Write 1-16 in the boxes 1 airport | 2 bus | 3 café 4 city | 5 football | 6 hamburger 7 hotel | 8 phone | 9 pizza 10 restaurant | 11 sandwich 12 sushi | 13 taxi | 14 television 15 tablet | 16 wifi I Listen, check and repeat. EEEXING Work in pairs. Choose ‘one of the words in Exercise 1 and spell it to your partner. He/She writes the word. Is he/she correct? WELCOME ——— Articles: a and an The day 1 Match the sentences in the list with the pictures. 1 Write the words in the list under the pictures. Write 1-4 in the boxes. afternoon | evening | morning | night 1 Isa blue football. 2 It’san orange football 3 Itsaed football. 4 It'sa black and white football ts € & € 2. Writeaoran. © __an__ airport 1 Italian restaurant 2 red bus 3 sandwich ‘ yellow taxi 5 orange phone 6 ‘American football player 7 famous actor WELCOME Saying Hello and Goodbye 1 Complete the dialogues with the words in the list. Listen and check. Bye | Good | have | Hi How | moming night | See you thanks | this 3 Dave Good Mr Thomas. MR THOMAS Hello, Dave. How are you? Dave I'm ine, thank you MR THOMAS Good. ll see you in class. Dave 6 Mr Thomas. ; 1 ANDY Hello. My name's Andy. 2 TOM Hi,Andy.!'mTom,and® this is Lucy. ‘] wey 1 Andy. ma ANDY Hi, Tom. Hi, Lucy. » 4 JM Bye, Rachel RACHEL Bye, Jim.” later. Jim Yeah, ® a good day. 2 ABI 2 afternoon, Mrs Hamilton, MRSHAMILTON Hi, Abi? areyou? 5 ABI Great,‘ ‘And you? Sut Good? Mum MRS HAMILTON I'm fine, thanks. MUM — Night, Sue. Sleep well Classroom objects 1 Lookat the pictures. Do you know these words? not, ask your teacher: What's... in English? a eS 4 3 5 q 7 ae ipa eee o- ao 2 Write the words in the list under the pictures in Exercise 1. Listen, check and repeat. board | book | chair | computer | desk door | pen | pencil | projector | window 3. Are there any other classroom objects you can think of 4 ‘Work in pairs. Point to the pictures in Exercise 1. Ask and answer questions. What's this in English? It's a desk. 5 ‘Work in pairs. Find things in your classroom and say the colours. aredpen an orange chair Numbers 0-20 1 CDEEGE Look at the numbers 0-20. Listen and repeat. © zeroy'oh! 1 one M1 eleven 2 wo 12 twelve 3 three 13° thirteen 4 four 14 fourteen 5 five 15 fifteen 6 six 16 sixteen 7 seven 17 seventeen 8 eight 18 eighteen 9 nine 19° nineteen 10 ten 20. twenty 2 ‘Work in pairs. Choose three numbers from Exercise 1. Tell a partner to write them. Is helshe right? 3. ECDREE Listen and write the phone numbers you hear. 4 ‘What's your favourite number? ‘Compare with a partner. Plural nouns 1 Write the words under the Le ¥§ na + % 2. Match the singular and plural nouns. Singular Plural © oneman |b a. three people 1. one woman b fourmen 2 one person € sixchildren 3 one child 4 five women WELCOME Classroom language 11 CDREE Listen and number the phrases in the 2 order you hear them. Write 1-10 in the boxes. isten again and repeat. a Open your books b Listen! € Put your hand up. 4 Look at the picture e What does this mean? £ Sorry, don't understand, That's right h That's wrong 7] i Close your books. i Work with a partner, Numbers 20-100 1 ‘Match the numbers with the words. Listen and check. a 20 fifty b 30 eighty « 40 ninety 4 50 seventy e 60 cone hundred #70 thirty 3 80 @ twenty h 90 sixty i 100 forty LOOK! 33 =thiny-three S6~= fifty-six 97 = ninety-seven Messages 1 Read and listen to the message. Complete the message to Liam. Hi, Liane, message fron oliver Holmes. His house muneber is" he bus meomber is 2___—— His phone mumuber is 2 How do you say these numbers? Listen, check and repeat 14 4 49 7 74 287 5 54 8 95 3B 6 Write the numbers. 24 _twenty-four 47 60 89 30 58 n a Now listen and complete the message to Abi. Hi Abi, Message from mvs Davis. Her house number is 1__ The bus number is? Her telephone number is? WELCOME Review 1 CSEBEY Work in groups. Play the first letter game. ‘* Listento the letter ofthe alphabet. ‘+ How many examples can you find for each category in the table? You get one point for each correct answer, The winner s the group with the most points. Actor Penelope Cruz Peter Jackson pen pencil International word pizza phone Total Points 8 2 Complete the words with the missing vowels 4. Put the dialogues in order. Write 1-3 and 1-4in and then write them in the correct column in the the boxes. table below. 1 © foetal 6 choo JIM Great, thanks. And you? 1 dior 7 fv TJM Good morning, Fred. 2r_st__rint 8 y_l_w FRED I'mfine, thanks. 3 _r_ng 9 port FRED Hi,Jim. How are you? 4 pin 10 gr__n 2 5 he. " ght Lucy Yeah, have a good day. International Colours Numbers Classroom lucy Bye, Sara. words objects SARA Bye, Lucy. See you later. football 3 Work in pairs. Choose three pictures and spell the words for your partner to write. Is helshe correct? OBJECTIVES FUNCTIONS: getting to know someone; talking about yourself and others GRAMMAR: Question words; the ver robe YVocABULARY: countries and nationalities; adjectives v 2 Work in pairs. Talk about famous people from different countries. Neymar is from Brazil READING 3 Read and listen to the website and choose the correct words. 1 Match the names of the countries with the 0 Pedro is fromGraai the USA. places on the map. Write 1-10 in the boxes. ie ogee 1 the UK 6 Brazil 2. Brittany is from London / Manchester. 2 Mexico 7 Portugal 3 Missy Franklin is a swimmer f runner. 3 the USA 8 Japan 4 Olegis Portuguese / Russian 4 Spain 9 Turkey 5 Olegis 17/12. 5 Russia 10 South Africa 6 Harukais from Jopan / the UK. 7 Zheng Jie isa runner / tennis player. 1: ONE WORLD : <8 What's your name? Who's your favourite athlete? Pedro. Usain Bolt Where are you from? Why is he/she your favourite ''m Brazilian. fromaccity called athlete? Belo Horizonte, Because he’s amazing! How old are you? Ym 10, What's your name? ‘Who's your favourite athlete? My name is Brittany. My favourite athlete is Missy Franklin. ‘She's a swimmer. ‘Where are you from? — fm British, 'm from Manchester. Why is he/she your favourite pas athlete? How old are you? Because she's great! tm 12. — What's your name? Who's your favourite athlete? Im Oleg Mariya Savinova, She's a runner. Where are you from? Why is he/she your favourite I'm from Russia. live in Moscow. athlete? a Because she's fast! How old are you? — Imi What's your name? ‘My name is Haruka, Where are you from? I'm Japanese. 'm from Tokyo. THINK VALUES a The Olympic Spirit Choose a slogan for the website. How old are you? One world together. tna Exercise is fun. Win, win, wint Who's your favourite athlete? Zheng Jie. She's a tennis player from China. Why is he/she your favourite athlet Because she's awesome! B 4 VOCABULARY Countries and nationalities 1 Write the country under the flag. Listen and check. Brazil | Japan | Mexico Portugal Resta South Africa | Spain | the UK | the USA | Turkey = \ IN 2 Look at Exercise 1. Complete the table with the nationalities of the countries. -an -ish ese Spanish 3 ‘Work in pairs. Describe a flag to your partner. He/She guesses which itis. This flag is ved and blue Is tthe Russian flag Yes, it is! Ee GRAMMAR Question words 1 Look at the website on page 13 and complete the questions with the words in the list. Then choose the correct words to complete the rule. How | What | Where | Who | Why © What's your name? 1 ___areyou from? 2 old are you? 3 _'s your favourite athlete? 4 is hefshe your favourite athlete? How, Who, Where, What and Why are "question / because words We often use the word ?queston / becouse to answer a Why question. 2 Choose the correct words. Gon)! Why old is your best friend? What! Where is your mother from? How's | What's your favourite colour? Where ! Who is your favourite pop star? 4 Why / Where is helshe your favourite pop star? 3 Work in pairs. Ask and answer the ‘questions in Exercises 1 and 2. What's your name? My name is Belena. Jh/ or /w] in question words Go to page 120. co LISTENING 1 Work in pairs. Look at the photos and tick (/) the correct flag for each photo. 2 Listen to a radio quiz called One- Minute Challenge and check your answers. GRAMMAR tobe ‘1 Match sentences a-h with items 1-4, Write the letters in the boxes. Bruno Mars e Maria Sharapova sushi cariocas She's Russian. Its Japanese. They are Brazilian Its food He's a singer. They are from Rio de Janeiro. She's tennis player. He's American. 1 ONE WORLD Choose 2. Look at the sentences from the radio q the correct words. Then complete the rule. 1 lam / are from London. 2 Youam/ore wrong. 3. They am/ are from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, = RULE: The verb tobe changesfor diferentsubject pronouns | Jam American. YoulWelThey'__ American, HelShelt?__ American. We often use contracted forms ater pronouns. lam = tm YoulWelThey are = You're / We'te / They're He/Shefit is = He’ / She's / i's \ pe LOOK! Singular i you helsherit 3. Complete the sentences. Use contracted forms where possible. 0 I'm from New York. 1 She__a famous actor. 2 Jacob from the USA. 3 Liam and Ben ny best fiends. 4 We __inClass 28. 5 You wrong, Sorry ==> THINK SELF-ESTEEM The ‘Me’ flag 1 Choose things that are important to you. © one colour © two activities © one animal 2 Use your ideas from Exercise 1 to draw your flag. Tell your partner about it. ww is blue and ved. ve my favourite cles. Here's fsthal It's my favourite sport. Hereis muse. ove snusiz, Here i a panda. 1s my favourite anal 15 16 READING 1 Read and listen to the dialogue. Who knows more about football, Jamie or Marta? JAMIE MARTA JAMIE MARTA JAMIE MARTA JAMIE MARTA JAMIE MARTA JAMIE MARTA JAMIE MARTA JAMIE MARTA JAMIE MARTA JAMIE Nice shirt Thank you. It's the new Barcelona shirt. I know. 'm a Barcelona fan, too. So what's your name? ‘Marta. And what's your name? Im Jamie. Nice to meet you, Jamie, Nice to meet you, too. Where are you from, Marta? {fm from Spain. m from a small town called Teruel. Spain isa beautiful country. Yes, itis. So who's your favourite Barcelona player? Umm ... er... Tony Kroos? The German player? Yes, he's great Yes, he is. But he isn’t a Barcelona player. No? He's a Real Madrid player. ‘On! Irs late. Time to go. Bye, jamie. ‘Oh, OK! 2 Read the dialogue again. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). Write the correct sentences. © Jamie is a Real Madrid fan. F Jamie is a Barcelona fan. ‘Marta is Spanish Marta is from a big town. Tony Kroos is Italian. Tony Kroos isa Barcelona player. 3. Write the questions. 1 Q A ImJamie, Q A I'm from a small town called Teruel Tony Kroos. >p FUNCTIONS Getting to know someone 1 Put the dialogue in order. sten and check. GINA Nice to meet you, too. GINA, I'm from Paris. GINA, Yes, itis. GINA Fm Gina, 1 GINA What's your name? PAOLO Nice to meet you, Gina. PAOLO Whereare you from, Gina? PAOLO Paris is beautiful city. PAOLO I'm Paolo. And you? 2 pairs. Act out the dialogue. 3 Work in pairs. Make your ‘own dialogue. 1. ONE WORLD VOCABULARY Adjectives J Write the words in the list under the pictures. Listen and check. big F¥ | adirty football | afastear anew pen aslowbus | asmall pizza an expensive computer anold phone | cheap tickets clean shirts WRITING Personal informat n Look at the questionnaire. Answer the questions about you in full sentences. 2 Match the opposites. onew dA a slow 1 big b expensive 2 dirty small 2 cheap a che We'te really excited about your visit next month. ‘Answer the questions about yourself to find the 4 fast © clean perfect roommate 3. Put the words in order. © old /computer/an aux old computer bike /new ‘expensive [an / restaurant train fast fa dirty / shoes book I cheap /a LOOK: In English, adjectives always stay the same. new pens NOT newerpens green cars NOT greenrears PHOTOSTORY: episode 1 1. Look at the photos and answer the questions. How many people can you see? Where are they? 2 Now read and listen to the photostory. Check your answers. Bea RUBY Hi, Elle. | RUBY Who's that? ELLIE Hi, Ruby. How’sit going? + DAN That's Thomas. RUBY Great, thanks. Oh, hello, Dan. ELLIE Who's he? DAN Hi, you two. DAN He's in my class. He's new. DAN He's from Paris, He’s cool. OK, time to go now. See you tomorrow. RUBY Bye, Dan. ELLIE See you later F | ELLIE He's from Paris? is RUBY Paris. That is so awesome! r ELLIE Tknow! 1 ONE WORLD DEVELOPING SPEAKING 3 Watch to find out how the story FUNCTIONS tines, i continues Talking about yourself and others 1 Is Thomas from France? 2 White he Risen 1 Match the questions and answers. © Who's that? 6 Where's he from? How old are you? Who's your favourite singer? 4 CCE Watch again. Choose the correct word in each sentence. © They are ini ice crea a fastfood shop. 1 The chocolate ie eream is for Elie Ruby 2) Thomas (Tom) is American / French. a He's from Paris. 3 He's from Paris, Texas / Paris, France. b That's Thomas. 4. The ice creamis very good | isnt very good. Beyoncé. 4 tmn PHRASES FOR FLUENCY 2. Putthe words in the correct order to make 11 Find the expressions 1-4 in the story. Who says dialogues. them? 1 How'sit going? 2. See you later. 3. Thatisso awesome! 4 Tknow! 2 How do you say the expressions in Exercise 1 in your language? 3 Change the underlined expressions. Use an expression from Exercise 1 1A Thisis my new bicycle. B Great! 2. Hi, George. How are you? 3. A Thisisa nice computer. 1A that /who's? B Yes. itis Who's that? 4. OK, Im off now. Goodbye! 5B Mary [that's 4 Complete the dialogues with the expressions A. she / from / where's ? from Exercise 1. B the UK/from/ she's. © A Moscow isa city in Russa 2A they/are /who? 8 thaw ' B_ Mario/ are /and /they / Alex ck rile Bont A. are/ from / where | they ? : 5 8 from/they / Mexico / are ca icoruesap ein 3A Hi lyour/name /what’s? i: ; 8 Bob/I'm - A old /you, Thow/ are / Bob ? 3. A Goodbye, Mike. a ait, 8 ___________., Annie. A. favourite / your / singer / who's ? 8 EdSheeran. 3 Workin pairs. Act out the dialogues. Then make similar dialogues. 9 READING 1 Match the phrases with the photos. Write 1-6 in the boxes. 1 onatrain 4 atschool 2 onaplane 5 onabeach 3 atastadium 6 onabus 2 Work in pairs. Student A, close your book. Student B, test your partner. What's A? It's ‘ona beach. 20 OBJECTIVES Funcrions: talking about feelings; asking questions expressing tikes and ickes caanman: to be (negative, singular and plural) to be (questions and short answers) ‘object pronouns Vvocanuiany: adjectives to describe feelings; postive and negative adjectives 3 SEI Read and listen to the text messages on page 21. Where are the people? Write the names under the correct photos in Exercise 1. 4. Read the text messages again, Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). Nicky is worried, T Andrea is at school. ‘Andrea, Amy and Katie are on holiday Ryanisbored The bus driver isnt angry. James isn't happy. Nicky Hithere,'m at school, There are 12 girs ‘and 15 boys in my new ciass. They aren't very friendly. "ma litte worried. @ But the teacher's really cool. How are you? ‘Are you OK? See you soon, 1006 < Ryan 'mon the bus to school and 'm not very happy. its so full and i'm very hot. @ The drver isn't very nice and he's angry. Ten more minutes to get to school. See you soon! 3.16 BTHINK VALUES Welcoming a new classmate 1 Look at the picture and answer the questions. 1 Where is Emily? 2 How is she? 3. Why sri Emily happy? The frst day at my new school Um tored ed sed Whee are my friends? 2/1 FEEL HAPPY Andrea Lock a my ahoto mon the beach. i's not end sunny.'m very hapoy. @ i'm with 2Amercan gis, Amy and Kate ies fun! wat ab0.t you? Hows your nolcay? is rice nere? 326 James Htmatthe stadium, is 4-010 the cher team. The lyersin my teem aren't good Are teytredor bored? vm sac. @ Footbal is 2 gest gare, bat his maton ft reat. Bye Imagine you are Emily's classmate. What's OK @or not OK @? © talk to Emily @ 1. help Emily smile at Emily laugh at Emily not talk to Emily ask Emily questions Compare your ideas with a partner. 18's OK to smile at Emily. Itisn’t OK to 4 Work in pairs. Think of other things you can do to help Emily on her frst day. 2 VOCABULARY Adjectives to describe feelings 1 CORBIS Match the feelings in the list with the pictures. Write 1-10 in the boxes. Listen and check. 1 angry | 2 bored | 3 cold | 4 excited 5 hot | 6 hungry | 7 sad | 8 thirsty 9 twed | 10 worried 2 Match the sentences with the pictures. Write 1-6in the boxes. anene Its your birthday. It's one o'clock in the morning. ‘There's great film on TV but the TV is broken Itsan awful day. Your mumis angry with you. You're on a plane, 3 Work in pairs. Tell your partner how you feel in the situations in Exercise 2. Your partner guesses the situation. I'm excited, Number 1? ===> 2 GRAMMAR to be (negative, singular and plural) 1 Look at the text messages on page 21. Complete the sentences. Then complete the rule. 1 They__very friendly. 2. Thedriver very nice and he's angry. i SPE EEE eee RULE: We form the negatwve of to be with subject + best 1"m not sac. (am not) You aren't sod (are not) Helshettr sod (is not) Wie aren't sad (are not) Trey?, sod (are net) = aetna 2 Complete the sentences with the correct negative form of tobe. © Adelaide _ isn’t _ happy today. She's very sad You in my team. You're in Mike's team, They eleven years old. They are ten, No pizza for me, thanks. hungry. ‘Angie's favourite colours blue. It__ green. 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of tobe. 0 We_ ¥ American. We _aren’t _X British. it Xsad.l __v happy! 2 Danny __V twelve. He Xeleven 3 ht Xhot.It ¥ cold! 4 Lucy _¥ worried. She K excited. Vowel sounds - adjectives Goto page 120. ETRAIN TO THINK Categorising 1 Read the words in the list. Put them into four categories. There are four words for each category. afternoon | angry | book | bored | chair | desk evening | excited | grey | morning | night orange | pencil | purple | white | wortied 2 Work in pairs. Compare your categories. Think of a title for each one. Category 1 grey, orange, 2.1 FEEL HAPPY LISTENING 1 Listen to four dialogues. Match two of the dialogues with the pictures. Write a number (1-4) in the boxes. 2 Listen again. Complete the dialogues with cold, tired, excited and angry. © A IsNoakis mum sad? B_No,sheisnt. She's angry A. Are Chris and David worried? 8 No,they aren't. They'te 2 A IsTed worried? B_ No,he isnt. He's _ A IsAshley hot B_ No, she isnt. She's very GRAMMAR to be (questions and short answers) 1 Lookat picture Ain Exercise 1. Choose the correct answer. Then complete the rule and the table. 3. Lookat the rule again. Complete the A Areyou hot, Ashley? dialogues. ‘No, tm not. B_ Yes, am. 'No, Im not. Geert abe reat eae =, B Nol I'm just tired. RULE: We form questions with | + subject, 2A James and Tim your best ‘We form short answers with ? + subject + tobe friends? (not. B Yes, they They \ ee area inmy cass at school. Question Short Short 3A ‘Ms Brown your English positive negative teacher? —— a B_ No, she She's my mother's ‘Amin your team? Yes,youare. No, youaren't. friend. AreyouOK? Yes lam. No,'mnot 4A Amlin your team? oe helshefit Yes, he/shelit is. No, B No,you Veafrectn Pier wenn, Arewenyotr-|Yetweere’ — [Nag SA _ Jules French? team? B __. He's from Paris. 2 they OK? Yes, they No, they aren't. ae ‘i late? B We're early. 2. Putthe words inorder to make questions. Writethe 4 Work in pairs. Ask and answer. answers. : © African /he lis {South /? (yes) a ee [she South African? Yes, he is hungry you are? (00) Brazil they /from/ are? (yes) you/ 12/are/? (yes) shes [tired 7 (p0) late /Iam/? (00) Ave you cold? Ave your best friends from the USA? Is your teacher in the classroom? 5 Think of three more questions to ask your partner. Then ask and answer. ===> 2B 24 READING 1 Read and listen to the dialogue and choose the correct option. Nick and Connor decide to a goto the cinema B listen to music, € gotoaclub for young people. Read the dialogue again. Number the photos in the order that Connor talks about them. Write 1-5 in 3. Correct the sentences. © Nickis tired. He isn’t tired. He's bored. 1. The Formula One race is at eight 2_ Johnny Depp isin the film. 3. The song is by The Feeling 4 The new T-shirt shop in town is open. 5 Nickis a member of the club for teenagers. the boxes. CONNOR What's the matter, Nick? Are you tired? NICK Tired? No, no. 'm not tired, Im bored. CONNOR — Whyare you bored? NICK Because there's nothing to do. Nothing to doatall. CONNOR Well, there's a Formula One race at five. Its on TV. NICK Formula One? | don't lke it CONNOR — Really? What about a film? There's anew film on at the cinema. NICK A film? Who's in it? CONNOR Ben Stiller. He's so funny. NICK Ben Stiller? | don't like him. He's not funny. He's terrible CONNOR Erm. What about some music? Listen to this song. Its the new one from One Direction. NICK One Direction! Are you joking? | don't like them. CONNOR Well do you like ice cream? The newice cream shop in town is open, Nick Ice cream? No, | don't lke it. CONNOR What! You don't lke ice cream? Nick No, I don't CONNOR OK, what about the club? Nick What club? CONNOR The new club for teenagers. NICK Him, 'm net sure. CONNOR —_ButJenny is amember. NICK Jenny? CONNOR — Yes,Jenny Carter. NICK Jenny Carter? CONNOR Yes, she goes there every Friday. Nick Really? Let's go! GRAMMAR Object pronouns 1 Complete the dialogues with them, it and him. Read the dialogue on page 24 again and check. Then use the words to complete the table. CONNOR There's a Formula One race at five. Nick Formula One? | don't lke" CONNOR Ben Stiller so funny. Nick I don't like? CONNOR Listen to this song, Nick One Direction! Idontt ike > Subject Object L me you you he ‘ : she her it aan we us they » VOCABULARY Positive and negative adjectives 1. Look at the words in the list. Write N (negative) or P (positive) in the boxes. anful [N) | bad funny | good | great excellent P exciting terrible Work in pi each of the following. . Give one example for How To Train Your Dragon 2 is a fomy fl a funny film an excellent actor abad film an exciting computer game agreat sportsperson a terrible singer a great country a good book an awful actor => 2/1 FEEL HAPPY 2 Complete the dialogues with the correct object pronouns. 0 A. Dadsangry B Yes heisn't very happy with __us__, Tom. 1 A Doyoulike Maroon 5? B No, I don't like. 2 A Doyou like Jennifer Lopez? B Yes,Ilike She's great. 3A Doyoulike ? B Yes, | think you and Peter are great. 4 A Doyoulike ? B Yes, | think Jack is funny. 5 A Doyou like my new bike? B Yes Nike 6 A Bob, | really like iseer B_ Ireally like you too, Alice. ===> FUNCTIONS Expressing likes and dislikes 11 Which of these sentences means ‘is good"? Which means ‘is bad’? 1 Idor't lke Taylor Swift. 2. like Shakira 2 Put the words in the correct order to make questions. A. you/ like The Rolling Stones / do/? B_ you/ Katy Perry /like dos? 3. Match the answers to the questions in Exercise 2. 1 No,I dontlike them. They're terrible, 2 Yes, like her. She's great. 4. EEETMIN Work in pairs. Talk about the films, actors, bands or singers you really like / don't like. De you lke Lorde? Yes, lke her. [think he’s great. De yu lke the Divergent fms? No | dow’ like them. Theyre trib, 25 Masks from around the world al bao This is a lion mask from China. In many countries in Asia, there are lion dances!iTfere are alvays two people in a lion — the maskis on the head Bes off one dances The lion dances are very beautifull Tourists love them. This mask is from North America It’s mask from the First Nations! The masks here are from Greece. They are 2,000 peoplelin Canada The maskis yyeats old. They forthe medicine man ate masksiion thelactors in the Greek theatre Masks are an important part of the c Venice, Italy. There are many different types of carnival masks. For exemple. the mask in this picture is called the Colombina. Camival masks are often very beautiful and some are very expensive 1 Look at the photos on page 26. Find 4 these things. masks | alion a mask from the First Nations people one dancer | sweets | tourists 2 What feelings can you see in the masks? Mask murber 1s happy. 3 [DEERE Read and listen to the article. Which countries are the masks from? WRITING Describing feelings and things 1 Read the text messages. Write the names under ‘the photos. 2 Read the text messages again and answer the questions. Whereis Henry? Ishe happy? Why? / Why not? Where is Tom? Ishe happy? Why? Why not? 3. Howdo Tom and Henry ... 1. start their text? 2. finish their text? eer Kperaes, 4 Imagine you want to write a text message to a friend. Think of answers to these que 1 Where are you? 2. Are youhappy? 3 Why?/Why not? 2/1 FEEL HAPPY Read the article again. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). © The Lion dance is from Canada. F 1. The North American masks for a doctor. 2. The Greek masks are 200 years old. 3 Halloween is only a holiday in the USA and the UK. 4 Colombina is a type of Italian mask. Which of the masks do you like? Which do you not like? Why? Tell your partner. 5. Use your answers in Exercise 4 to write a text message (35-50 words) to a friend. Henry Hi, Annie. 'm in the car with my family I'm excited because I'm on holiday. Yeah! Two more hours to get to the beach! Haw are you? Are you OK? See you scon! < eee 7