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RP 202 • RP 302 • RP 320

Technical Specifications RP 202 RP 202 RP 302 RP 302 RP 320 RP 320 RP 320

Bale chamber dimensions Diameter 1,25 m 1,25 m 1,50 m 1,50 m 1,50 m 1,50 m 1,50 m
1,23 m
1,5 m3
1,23 m
1,5 m3
1,23 m
2.2 m3
1,23 m
2,2 m3
1,23 m
2,2 m3
1,23 m
2,2 m3
1,23 m
2,2 m3
Round Balers
Wrapping material Sisal twine running length 200 or 330 m/kg
Plastic twine running length 400 - 700 m/kg
Net running length 2000 or 3000 m
width 1,23 or 1,30 m
Consumption /bale Twine 47-120 m 47-120 m 57-140 m 57-140 m 57-140 m 57-140 m 57-140 m
Net, approx. 10 m 10 m 12 m 12 m 12 m 12 m 12 m
Pick-up Pick-up width 1,50 m 2,00 m 1,50 m 2,00 m 2.25 m 2.25 m 2.25 m
Distance between outer tines 1,15 m 1,60 m 1,15 m 1,60 m 1.86 m 1.86 m 1.86 m
Distance between tines 64 mm 64 mm 64 mm 64 mm 64 mm 64 mm 64 mm
Dimensions LxWxH 4,30 x 2,30 x 2,42m 4,30 x 2,34 x 2,42m 4,45x2,34x2,57m 4,45x2,34x2,57m 4.75x2.48x2.70m 4.75x2.48x2.70m 4.75x2.48x2.70m
Tractor power required 33 kW/45 HP 36 kW/50 HP 47 kW/64 HP 47 kW/64 HP 50 kW/68 HP 50 kW/68 HP 60 kW/81 HP
PTO drive 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm
Driving speed, max. 25 km/h 25 km/h 25 km/h 25 km/h 25 km/h 25 km/h 25 km/h

Equipment 앬= standard; 앪= optional RP 202 RP 202 RP 302 RP 302 RP 320 RP 320 RP 320
BALERCONTROL E 앬 앬 앬 앬 앬 – –
BALERCONTROL III – – – – – 앬 앬
High hitch or low hitch adjustable 앬 앬 앬 앬 앬 앬 앬
Standard pick-up with guide wheel 앬 – 앬 – – – –
Short crop guide for standard pick-up 앪 – 앪 – – – –
Wide pick-up with two guide wheels and – 앬 – 앬 앬 앬 앬
integrated short crop guide
VARIOTWIN twin twine wrapping 앬 앬 앬 앬 앬 앬 앬
Additional twine box 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪
VARIONET net wrapping 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪
Tyres 11.5/80-15.3 Impl 앬 앬 앬 앬 앬 앬 –
Tyres 15.0/55-17 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪 앬
Tyres 19.0/45-17 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪
Tyres 500/60-22,5 – – – – 앪 앪 앪
Universal drive shaft with wide angle joint 앬 앬 앬 앬 – – –
Universal drive shaft with free wheeling device 앪 앪 앪 앪 – – –
and wide angle joint on tractor side
Universal drive shaft with cam type clutch, – 앪 – 앪 앬 앬 앬
free wheeling device and wide angle joint on tractor side
Automatic chain lubrication 앪 앪 앪 앪 앬 앬 앬
POWERGRIP rollers with greasing system 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪 앬
Bale discharge ramp 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪 앪

Subject to alterations. The details and diagrams provided in this pamphlet are approximate and,
apart from the standard scope of supply, may also include special accessories.
BP001-0905-0946.21.20.05 Printed in Germany

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Round Balers
Clean Forage – Healthy Animals
Nothing is more important for live- With the Round Balers RP 202/ RP 202 SPECIAL RP 320 FARMER Supplied as standard equipment heavy duty roller bearings comple-
stock farming than healthy animal RP 302, Welger offers unrivalled RP 302 SPECIAL These models are fitted as standard BALERCONTROL III is the most up ment the standard PROFICUT crop
feed. Especially the feed produced of machinery which meets the require- These models have a pick-up width of with a 2.25 m wide pick-up and rota- to date easy to use control unit for chopping device with a 4.5 cm knife
the farm can give the safety deman- ments of successful modern farmers, 2.00 m which is a main feature. Two ry feeder. MASTERCUT 12-knife cut- operating the machine from the spacing to give an extra short cut and
ded by the consumers. due to their design and high manu- pickup guide wheels ensure a consi- ting unit is available as an option. tractor seat. the HYDROFLEXCONTROL anti bloc-
facturing quality. stant height to cleanly pick up the BALERCONTROL E largely controls Both the RP 220 MASTER and RP 320 kage system. A lubrication system for
For baling hay and silage it is very complete crop even with very wide almost all baler functions from the MASTER have the option of either the the POWERGRIP roller bearings has
important that the swaths are gathe- RP 202 CLASSIC swaths. The stone-resistant star rotor tractor. 12 knife MASTERCUT or with the been fitted as standard in order to
red cleanly without unnecessary de- RP 302 CLASSIC fitted behind it gives a high capacity 23 knife PROFICUT crop chopping meet the high demands of farmers
bris and that maximum compression These two models are fitted with a flow of grass into the compression RP 320 MASTER mechanisms. and contractors.
is maintained for pre-wilted silage. 1.50 m wide pick-up with direct feed chamber. This unit is directly driven In addition to the 2.25 m wide pick-
to the compression chamber, inclu- by the POWERSPLIT gear transmissi- up, all MASTER models are fitted with RP 320 PROFI The user-friendly control unit
The best forage quality is obtained ding all the well proven features of on, which helps to reduce power. the HYDROFLEXCONTROL convey- A model specially designed for con- BALERCONTROL III is also
from a high output baler, combined the popular Welger fixed chamber ing channel floor which is able to flex tractors and large-scale farmers who included as standard.
with good reliability to ensure high round balers. up and down to adapt to different need a baler for the most demanding
profitability in unsettled weather con- amounts of forage in the windrow. silage conditions, featuring extra
Uncompromising Stability –
For Supreme Silage Performance
Steel roller concept... BALERCONTROL
rotating for ever Everything easily visible –
and ever... everything under control!
The compression chamber is fitted All Welger Round Balers have basic
with steel rollers all round, which electronic control and monitoring
are essential to ensure the rotation units. All main functions of the baler
and formation of the bale in all are controlled with a hand held unit
crop conditions. BALERCONTROL E from the tractor.

Both the automatic or manual start of

twine or net tying and the bale coun-
ter display are standard features.
Chain lubrication –
economical and BALERCONTROL III
non polluting Standard on MASTER and PROFI
This new concept for chain lubricati- models. With their full graphic
on has a new feature of a permanent display panel this makes baling
Mechanical tailgate locking pump. control child's play!
The models RP 202-320, like all
Welger Round Balers, are fitted Exactly the right amount of lubricant Everything is in full view with the
as standard with mechanical tailgate is distributed to each relevant part BC III: actual amount of material
locking. during the whole of the baling in the bale chamber, bale density
process. setting and also, of course, the
This device holds the compression bale counter. The control buttons
chamber fully closed during bale are illuminated to allow easy ope-
formation, which guarantees maxi- ration at night.
mum density and reduces loss of
short grass. In addition, it is very
user-friendly because only one
single-acting hydraulic connection
is required.

POWERSPLIT main gearbox

with split power drive –
a load shared is
a load halved!
Angular gears and transverse drive Roller lubrication – PROFI specification –
shafts are incorporated into one oil maintaining efficiency! machine should look like
POWERGRIP steel rollers – filled gearbox housing. The separate (Optional for FARMER A high specification model for profes-
profitable quality drive to the rotor and bale chamber and MASTER models) sional farmers and contractors. The
POWERGRIP rollers are manufactu- can transmit heavy loads very ef- To reduce wear and tear on the roller PROFI features extra heavy duty roller
red from thick-walled seamless steel ficiently and cannot be damaged bearings during difficult silage condi- supports and extra large bearings
tube. No welding seams which are from torsion tension. tions, as well as in unsettled weather, to ensure a long and trouble free
subject to cracking! 10 longitudinal it is best to lubricate regularly. working life in the most difficult
ribs with an optimum roller diameter Due to this, all components have a silage conditions.
provide a good grip, even with hea- long working life and require less The Welger central easy-access roller
vy silage or very smooth straw. Solid tractor power. lubrication system minimises mainte-
forged shafts, not assembled from nance costs and downtime.
disks are capable of taking the high
compression forces.
Innovation – made by Welger –
features for better silage
secret for maximum output! chopping units – fast – economical! every time!
(only for RP 320) perfect bale silage! The feature of this twine tying system High density is not the only essential.
Unique feature for Welger Round (only for RP 320) is the variable speed feed gear con- The bales should also be of uniform
Balers. Everybody knows this – you By using the crop chopping units MA- trol. This device allows for a sufficient size and shape as well as looking
drive a little too fast or with too little STERCUT or PROFICUT, you will not number of rotations of the twine at the good. Time after time the Welger net
attention, and the machine is bloc- only obtain the desired structure inside edges of the bale, this enables the ba- wrapping VARIONET produces just
ked! It takes time to un-block it and the bale but also higher densities and le to be wrapped quickly yet ensuring that.
even with complicated reversers po- a better quality silage. The crop is cut that the ends do not fall apart.
wer and time is lost. All this is elimina- to a length of down to 4.5 cm by sera- Due to the well-proven net roll suspen-
ted with Welger Round Balers. ted solid knives, this provides optimum Double tying – sion, along with a special extension
unravelling and chopping the crop, double protection device, the net is stretched tight to the
which, among other benefits, impro- All Welger balers are designed to maximum width of the bale, when ex-
ves the use of mixer wagons. allow simultaneous twine and net ty- tra wide net is used, even over the
ing. This can give up to 30% saving edge of the bale.
Knives can be fitted or removed wit- in wrapping material costs and mini-
hout tools making the setting of the mises crop losses. This makes the bale look neat and
desired cut length quick and easy. provide protection against bad wea-
From the tractor seat, the knives can ther and crop loss.
be easily retracted or engaged by two
double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

HYDROFLEXCONTROL allows the Even in cases when it is just too much, and the blockage passes into the ma- Wide pick-up – clean
front part of the conveying chan- no problem! Just lower the conveying chine without any loss of crop: within forage – healthy animals!
nel floor to flex up or down a channel hydraulically, controlled seconds you are at fully operational The pick-up virtually floats over the
little when unevenness in from the tractor seat, speed again. field, due to a fine adjustment of the
the windrow occurs, support wheels coupled with a
enabling the „lump” HYDROFLEXCONTROL – spring-tensioned floating unit.
to pass into the a unique feature Thus forage contamination is virtually
machine quickly. of Welger Balers! eliminated. The pick-up, which has
(only for RP 320) ball bearings throughout, not bushes,
with narrow spaced spring steel tines
along with a specially designed
cam disc to retract the tines cleanly,
avoiding any crop loss. The wide
pickup width ensures a clean field
andwith no contamination and a
long working life.