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What Could Go Wrong?

- How to deal with Meestaeks in E+:YiA projects

Before the After the
Arrivals Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Training Course Training Course

How to assure
The Erasmus+
Creating the quality during the
project cycle
Frame (program, What can go project Growing from
expectations) wrong during implementation? mistakes
Mistakes in the
Bonding through Learning through Action plans I
prep. phase
Mistakes our Mistakes
2 Online
1 Online What’s our
Common 6 weeks and
Preparation Attitude towards How to deal with
Mistakes and 3 months after
Week Mistakes? management Action plans II
Best Practices the Training
issues during
during the follow-
Mistakes and project Youthpass
Registration Free afternoon up phase
Learning preparation? &

Reflection time Reflection time Reflection time

Welcome - You
Let’s celebrate
missed the point Organization Fair
Mistakes Dinner out Free evening Farewell evening