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NEwYORK | Department gree. | of Health ANDREW M CUOMO HOWARD A. ZUCKER,MD.,J.D. SALLY DRESLIN, M.S, RN. Governor Commissioner Exoculve Deputy Commissioner June 1, 2018, Douglas Sansted ‘Crystal Run Healtheare 185 Crystal Run Road Middletown, NY 10841 FOIL#17.02.284 Dear Mr. Sansted ‘This letters in response to your September 25, 2017 letter to request thatthe Department ‘except certain information trom disclosure as trade secret or erticl infrastructure information, or information that would cause substantial injuy to the competiive postion of your entiy if disclosed, pursuant to Arcle 6, Section 89(6) ofthe Public Officers Law. This was in response toa FOIL requestfor“[alny ‘progress reports’ submitid to the Department of Health by the vendor (Crystal Run Healthcare LLP) forthe [Contract # C31 185GG and C31184GG] since Oct. 1, 2016, as required in the master contracts. (And alry ‘claims for reimbursement by the vendor, as ‘described in the master contracts for [these] projects” Ithas been determined thatthe Department wil grant al ofthe requested exceptions from disclosure except as follows. In regards tothe °C31184GG pd and"C31 18566, pat documents, the Department will grant all of the requested exceptions from disclosure, except for certain ema correspondence with the Department of Healt, Claim for Payment forms, Matching Funds Reports, check requests for and invoices from government agencies, Application and Certificate ‘or Payment forms, FedEx tracking confirmations, and certain other records whose redaction requests were inconsistent throughout. The Department has determined that you didnot set forth suffclent justification to. show that this Information conslituies “trade secret,” or “ciltcal Infrastructie” Information, of “would cause substantial Injury to the competitive positon” of (Crystal Run Healthcare, released. Pease find enclosed, for your convenience, an electronic copy of your application with our office's redactions of trade secret or critical infrastructure information, oF information that would ‘cause substantial injury to the competitive postion of your enliy, contained therein. Please note ‘hat this document contains addlional redactions made by our office, such as those read to personal privacy pursuant io Public Officers Law § 87(2)(t). Please aiso note that these are not {he final records proposed for release as our office continues to undertake iis own legal review as described above. ‘Should you disagree withthe Departments determination solely regarding the redaction of any trade secret or cial infrastructure information, or nformation that would cause substantial injury to the competiive position of your entiy if disclosed, pursuant to Aricie 6, Section '9(5)()1) of the Pubic Officers Law, you may appeal such denial in wring within 7 business days fo the Records Access Appeals Officer, Division of Legal Affairs, Empire State Plaza, 2438 Corning Tower, Albany, New York, 12237-0026, If you require adaltonal information or wish to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me at (518) 474-8734 Sincerely fdeomare Hows, E=a,) Records Aczoss Offs Enclosure ce; Robert J. Freeman, NYS Committee on Open Government (wo enclosure) FOIL requestor (wio enciosure) Ritlysd