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Mary’s Catholic High School, Dubai

Year 2 First Term Science Revision
Name: _________________ Date: _______________

Q.1. Write the three main things that all plants need in order to grow well.

1. 2. 3.

Q. 2. Draw, colour and label the main parts of the plant/ tree. (root, stem/ trunk, leaf)

Q. 3. Write down the functions of these parts of a plant:

a) stem: ______________________________________________________________


b) leaves: ______________________________________________________________


c) roots: ______________________________________________________________

Q. 4. Order the different stages in the life cycle of a butterfly by writing the numbers
correctly in the boxes:


Q. 5. Circle the stage that you belong to, in the life-cycle of a human:


Q. 6. Label the parts of this Tulip Bulb, using the given word bank
Q. 7. Explain with drawings the germination of a seed.
Q. 8. Match by writing the correct numbers:

Life Process Explanation/ Meaning

Moving around.
1) Sensitivity

2) Growth Produce offsprings.

3) Respiration Responding to changes around.

4) Reproduction Taking in food.

5) Excretion Turning food into energy.

Getting bigger or taller.

6) Nutrition

Getting rid of waste.

7) Movement