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Plans for the Flying Cloud

The following is a list of plans I have found for the Flying Cloud. There are
significant differences between almost all sets of plans, likely because there is no
evidence that original plans were produced and different generations of ship modelers
have guessed at how the ship was laid out. The one exception is [P-McKay] which
may be the most accurate representation of the lines of the ship.

The Horace E. Boucher Manufacturing Company built of two of the models listed
in the models reference. They have published multiple sets of plans for the
Flying Cloud.
[P-Boucher 1928] Flying Cloud plan, 1928 - blue prints. Marked “Boucher,
Inc. 415 Madison Ave, N.Y.C, C.G. Davis 1928”
Hull, Deck and Lines - Same deck layout as [M-Boucher 1916] except aft
companionway faces forward and shows boats over aft hatch
Rigging plan - blue prints
[P-Boucher 1929] No draftsperson listed. Flying Cloud plan. No date. Marked
"Boucher Ship Models, New York NY". The Boucher company was located
in New York in the 1920s so I'm using a date of 1929 as a guess.
Hull, Deck and Lines – black line print - identical to [P-Boucher 1928]
Hull, Deck and Lines except for the title block
[P-Boucher 1939] No draftsperson listed. Flying Cloud plan. Marked "Copyright
1939 by Boucher Playthings Mfg. Corp."
Hull deck and lines – almost identical to [P-Boucher 1928] Hull, Deck and
Rigging Plan – [P-Boucher 1928] Rigging Plan with pin plan, looking
forward plan of topsail talliard and notes about rigging and painting
[P-Boucher 1943] No draftsperson listed. Flying Cloud plan. Marked "Rigging
plan marked redrawn 1943." Essentially the same as [P-Boucher 1939]
Hull deck and lines identical to [P-Boucher 1928] Hull, Deck and Lines
Rigging Plan - identical to [P-Boucher 1939] Rigging Plans
BlueJacket Shipcrafters is the successor to the Horace E. Boucher Manufacturing
[P-Bluejacket 1940] No draftsperson listed. Flying Cloud plan. Plan marked
"Bluejacket Shipcrafters - S. Norwalk. CT." No date. Bluejacket was located
in S. Norwalk CT in the 1930s & '40s so I'm using a date of 1940 as a guess.
Rigging Plan - copied from [Boucher 1939] or an earlier version of this
[P-Bluejacket 1974] A. Montgomery, Flying Cloud plan, 1974,
Deck and Hull Plan - labeled as traced from [P-Boucher 1928] with
additions by A. Montgomery. Additions include cross sections and
deck furniture details.
Sail Plan - labeled traced & additions made by A. Montgomery 7.25.74
Rigging Plan - identical to [P-Boucher 1928] Rigging Plan
[P-Bluejacket 1986] "RBR" for BlueJacket Shipcrafters, Flying Cloud plan, 1986.
This set is completely new.
Hull& Deck Plan - shows skylight in front of mizzen mast, aft
companionway faces aft, no capstans on poop deck, no
companionway in front of poop deck, no boats over where that
companionway would have been, midship gangway both sides, 3
Emerson’s ventilators, air ports under poop deck & focsle
Spars and Rigging -
Miscellaneous - mast & yard dimensions, notes on colors, pin layout. sail
[P-Crothers 1997] William L. Crothers, The American-Built Clipper Ship 1850-
Cross section - based on [McLean FC] - page 99
Cross section - based on [Hall 1883] - page 100
Deck Plan - page 394
[P-Douglas] George B. Douglas, Auxiliary Clipper Ships, The Rudder, Volume 35
- 1919, pages 531-533.
Sail Plan
Lines - based on [McKay]
[P-Fisher] A. J. Fisher, Inc. Royal Oak, MI - Flying Cloud plans, no date - likely
about 1934 (there is an ad for Fisher plans for the Flying Cloud in the
December 1934 issue of Popular Science).
Hull & Deck Layout - looks copied from [P-Boucher 1928] Hull, Deck
and Lines
Details Deck Fittings - deck furniture & boat details
General Rigging - standing and running rigging, line details
Pin Plan & Misc - simple pin plan, topsail halliard, spanker boom etc
Masts & Spars - mast and spar dimensions
[P-Hall 1884] Henry Hall, Report on the ship-building industry of the United
States, 1884
Lines - appear to be redrawn from [McKay]
[P-Lane] drawings from [Lion]
Main Cabin
Passenger/Officer's Cabin
[P-MacGregor] David MacGregor, British & American Clippers
Lines - redrawn from [McKay]
Sail Plan
[P-Magoun 1926] F. Alexander Magoun, Flying Cloud plans, 1926. Available
from the MIT Museum and in [D-Magoun]
Hull: Lines, Body & Sheer - copy of [P-McKay 1860]
Profile and Deck - same deck layout as [M-Boucher 1916]
Sail Plan
Details - capstan, pump, mast details, halliards, some pin details, bowsprit
[P-Mamoli] Mamoli, Flying Cloud plans, 1987. The plans that come with the
Mamoli Flying Cloud kit
Building the Hull #1 - framing and general planking
Building the Hull #2 - pin rails, focsle, plating
Deck Furniture & rudder
Masts and Shrouds
Running Rigging #1 - pin map, jib lines, stays & backstays, bowsprit
Running Rigging #2 - pin map & lifts
Running Rigging #3 - pin map & yard control lines
Overall Plan - hull, standing & running rigging
Deck, Masts & Yards - - same deck layout as [M-Boucher 1916], mast &
yard block details
Framing - drawings of framing parts, masts & years dimensions
[P-McKay 1860] Mary McKay, Flying Cloud plan, no date, Available from the
MIT Museum. [Lane 1982] speculates that this plan may have been drawn in
the 1850s or 1860s by Donald McKay's second wife Mary, from information
in her husband's files.
Hull lines, calculations and sail plan

[P-Popular Mechanics-orig] Popular Mechanics, Flying Cloud plans, unknown

Lines- carving guide for hull
Hull & Deck - same deck layout as [P-Boucher 1928] Hull Deck &
Hull construction for solid carved hull
General Rigging Plan - simplified standing and running rigging
[P-Popular Mechanics] Popular Mechanics, Flying Cloud plans, 1928. Also a
series of articles by James Tate in the magazine - same deck layout as
[P-Boucher 1928] Hull Deck & Lines
Lines & Sheer #1 - bow
Lines & Sheer #2 - stern
Deck & Deck Furniture #1 - overall deck view, furniture details
Deck & Deck Furniture #2 - aft deck
Deck & Deck Furniture #3 - forward deck
Rigging #1 - rigging details
Rigging #2 - mast & yard measurements, standing and running rigging
[P-Sterling] Sterling Models, Philadelphia, PA
Hull, Deck & Rigging Plan - same deck plan as [P-Boucher 1928] with
added boat on poop deck before mizzen mast and aft companionway
facing aft, construction details for hull
Masts, yards and rigging details - step by step rigging instructions
[P-Tate] James Tate, "Build This Model of Flying Cloud", (no date) 48-page
booklet of Tate's Popular Mechanics articles. Includes many detail drawings.
[P-White] W. A. White, Flying Cloud plans, 1933/34. Available from the MIT
Deck Plan - Same deck layout as [M-Boucher 1916], ads spare spars and
topmast, furniture out of proportion
Lines and Offsets
Rigging Plan, masts, spars, sails, standing rigging, braces, sheets and lifts
Transverse Rigging Plan, showing masts & spars, standing rigging and
yard halyards
Transverse Rigging Plan, running rigging
Transverse Rigging Plan, showing stunsl's, stunsl booms and rigging