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Character Chart Rubric

Category 4 3 2 1
Physical Includes all Physical traits Includes some Includes
Traits physical traits are correct for physical traits for incorrect
mentioned in almost all all or most physical traits of
text. characters. characters but all or most
many are characters,
incorrect. some characters
not attempted.
Personality Good insight into Personality traits Includes some Includes
Traits all characters' are given personality traits incorrect
personality correctly but for all or most personality traits
traits. minimally for characters, but of all or most
most characters. many are characters,
incorrect. May some characters
mix physical not attempted.
traits with Does not
personality demonstrate an
traits. understanding of
the concept of
personality traits.
Age Gives all ages Gives correct Ages specified No age specified
correctly where ages where were or incorrect age
appropriate. appropriate for appropriate, but given for all or
most characters. most are most characters.
Good/Evil All characters Almost all At best, only half Incorrect
are identified characters are of the characters labeling of good
correctly as identified are identified or evil for all or
good or evil. correctly as correctly as most characters.
good or evil. good or evil.
Mechanics There are no There are 1 – 2 There are 3 – 4 There are 5 or
and spelling or spelling or spelling or more spelling or
Grammar grammar errors. grammar errors. grammar errors. grammar errors.
Effort and Chart is Chart is fairly Chart is either Chart is messy
Neatness completely neat neat and messy or parts and unreadable.
and readable. readable. are unreadable.