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(56:15) In the beginning of the Living the Mystical Live Webcast series you got the Advanced Heart Meditation
and this was something that you were intending to hear, download, read, and then read out loud and record for
yourself so that you can hear yourself from your own layer of knowingness saying the same words.

Discovering what it takes for you to raise your internal power level and your internal knowingness of the words
so you can reach a flow that is manifesting your will and recording it so that you, at a another date, can listen to
what you’ve recorded in your sacred discipline style so that you can hear in your personal meditation what you
are projecting to yourself and what you begin to discern from your own voice.

Many people in the comments said they had a tough time hearing their own voice or had to record it a bunch of
times because there were parts that they would go back and listen to that didn’t make sense to them or there
were certain parts that truly changed them every time they came back they had to record it again and again and
again until they got to a super high frequency and understood that process of learning and relearning, creating
and recreating was what ultimately got them to the next level so that they could understand the next interwoven

In the heart meditation you learn about bringing to your heart that was the original thing that started with you
blaring the fetus over it, going into the heart and clearing it out, going into the pericardium and understand the
pericardium is what protects you from time.

The Sanctuary of All Souls is just as in-depth as the meditation for the Advanced Heart Meditation. And what
you’re going to learn about is advancing your ability to visualize to aide you in expanding specialized moments.

By using the Sanctuary of All Souls and combining it with the Shaman’s Death or combining it some of the
other teachings that are going to be coming up, you’re going to learn how moments can be greatly amplified by
the repetition process that includes the illumination. Innate within these teachings are illumination. So
repetition and illumination come hand in hand when you are engaging sacred discipline above the mediocre
level, striving to change yourself, even just a little bit, striving to create joy when you are the person listening to
your own projection even if it is an awful recording, forgiving yourself in the moment and then going and
recording it again with the joy behind you with the power behind you saying this is my life no one else’s and it
will be only me, that individual person who makes choices, that gets to make it to the next level.

So, one of the first teachings in the Sanctuary for All Souls is THE CHAMBER OF REGENERATION OF HEART
 Now this part is asking you to advance your ability to visualize. You are going to be given a process
where you enter a visualization being asked to spend 3 dream days and 3 dream nights inside that space.
And what will it take for you in that guided meditation moment hearing your own voice to make the
power 3 dream days and 3 dream nights in a place of solace and regeneration of heart space.
 It’s a litmus test; can you accept the gift of your own love through visualization and creation.


 This is a garden that you will visualize and begin to share energies with for an entire dream day.
 Can you get the energies of the day in your visualization while being in a beautiful garden knowing that
that garden was there to share perfect dream emanation space so you can have the clarity of dream space
within yourself?

(1:00:58) Then you will be moving to what’s called PRAYER GROUNDS OF REGENERATION OF INTER-
 This is the next litmus test of creating imagery, knowing that fetal moments, fetus in the womb moments
are coming; that are asking you to do prayer. How to become inter-connective with yourself. How to
take the teachings that have been brought to you throughout these 3 dream days, the whole dream
afternoon, the dream nights and all the heart meditations and bring them to your internal prayer grounds.
 Where the visualization place within the Sanctuary of All Souls that sets you in a protected universal
space; now create within it. Create the joy of prayer within it. And enjoy a prayer, you will regenerate
into the fetus of the mother’s womb and discover the birth; how to bring joy to the birth. So many
people are, have birth traumas in their spirits. They were born C-section, there were issues going on
with the mother and father before the birth, or whatever was going on karmicly. This is where in the
Prayer Grounds of Inter-Connectivity we can go back to those birth trauma moments and clear them,
clean them, repair them, renew them, rejuvenate, recycle them, recreate, whatever it is we need to do
make that trauma no longer a trauma but a great victory from the I AM, who knows they are the divine
transmutation source of the self that they should choose to interact in this visualized space of self-
healing and self-nurturing.
 This place of regeneration is of internal fortitude. The I AM birth. What it took to be an infinite being,
to plan an agenda and then to forget what it is and be born. And take up the responsibility as the I AM
technology at birth, who will go through growth stages and puberties and highs and lows. Who will be
looking at for the myriad of infinite choices that the fetus created in the infinite womb until such a time
the teaching reminding you, you can go back and communicate with that infinite womb time you. What
method and modality you use will be your visualization, your creation, your inter-co-creation and your
inter-connectivity to why you were born. There is where you make a companionship to that baby that
was born, separate of your mother and father. You send that baby your love from the moment of its birth
‘til it popped out that tube and said “I’m alive” with its first cry.
 Do you have that responsibility? Are you ready to be that form of Shamaning of the self, knowing that
time is not linear?

This is what the Sanctuary of All Souls is…

- To challenge you in the litmus tests
- To give yourself the greatest of creations that are there

(1:04:58) Now I want to explain what I am doing when I’m reading this. I created this. And in this creation is
a connection to the Infinite Source. My intention behind this creation is make it an open source method for you
to make your hyper creation. That every part of it is as neutral as possible to pass on the essence of the
experience of what it is I went through in the many iterations of my journey as a healer of myself, healer of
others, the person whose presenting of knowledge that is an authentic sacred neutral position.

This individual piece is one of many others that are a part of the course. It is an individual tool that has
individual tools within it that can be made and applied to many other spots.

There is a strategy within this Sanctuary of All Souls that allows you the a la cart system to use in a moment to
help you get out of some of repetition without illumination, so you can be in repetition with sacred discipline
and illumination.

I am projecting at my highest frequency. I have done radio shows that have had millions of people listening at
any given moment. There is an unseen world here going on, each person that is here now, each person who will
be a view in the future and all people who have left from the beginning of the video for whatever reason, they
are all still a part of this to this perception of me. And here is my infinite point of view, perspective and
projection as a method for you to entangle and understand as an authentic sacred neutral perception of healing
the self through the use of the will, through the alchemy of creation.

Return to the Sanctuary of All Souls

This place is something that exists outside of time, outside of space, that is available for every sovereign
being out there seeking healing solace and the regeneration of their soul.

This place is your Source connection.

I want you to begin this visualization process that gives power and form and co-creation to the
Sanctuary of All Souls, for when we return to the truth for the Sanctuary for All Souls we discover there
are four common places where we come to learn, to reconnect to your sacred journey, reaching that
point where you know you need sanctuary and at any moment at choice you can make a no time choice
to go to this place of the Sanctuary for All Souls that is protected by Source itself. Can you give
yourself this gift you’ve had since birth?

Allow yourself to visualize what this place would look like? How it would welcome you?

Here are some examples:

- On the very edge of the horizon’s line is a large pyramid with dozen of other structures around it.
Something the ancient knowingness inside your DNA has seen thousands of times before on this
world and millions of others.
- Use that imagery to begin your journey to those sacred pyramids of consciousness and wisdom,
connected to Source incarnate now.
- Each step you take modifies your vision of Source incarnate now and it makes it a part of the sacred
journey, on the sacred route of the scenic understanding of your personal process of communion and
union with Source.
- As you come closer to the structures you see the pyramids and the statues, obelisk and the great
temples to the sun, places to view the skies and the stars. The place is bustling with spiritual
astronomers, consciousness explorers, people of wisdom, joy and happiness. They welcome you to
their sacred space of Sanctuary of All Souls. For to get here means you have awareness of it. This is
your key to being here, present in the Sanctuary for All Souls.
- You led to your personal regeneration chamber. It is a chamber of regeneration of heart space. You
are given a set of instructions that tell you to go to this chamber, to a garden, then to a prayer ground.
This will be something you will repeat in this place of sacred power incarnate connection.
- Inside this chamber is a big pool of water; very warm to the touch, steaming. Go inside the water.
Feel it encompassing your body. Allow it to bond with this current vision.
- And you are now making the conscious active choice to spend 3 dream days and 3 dream nights in
this place of water, solace, steam and the regeneration of heart space that is the I AM presence now.
- Allow the water to be the new pericardium, creating a duplicate I AM shell around your spirit
- It is your individual choice to empower this vision for the next three dream spaces. Will you make
that choice?

 Your next place is that is on your list is THE GARDEN OF REGENERATION OF DREAM SPACE.
 You have left the first chamber. You are wearing comfortable clothes. You’re walking through
courtyard and the people are happy, full of joy and sharing wisdom. You stop at a corner and the
people are offering food. Some food for wisdom.
 What wisdom do you have to share to the vendor in the Sanctuary of All Souls? You have a bite to
eat knowing that you’ve spent full three dream days and full three dreams nights in the chamber of
heart space.
 The bite of food in the Sanctuary of All Souls, reconnects you to the great spirit incarnate within.
And now it is time for you to go back, research and look for the mystery within yourself.
 You make your way to THE GARDEN OF REGENERATION OF DREAM SPACE (1:12:13). Here there are
the most incredible gardens, flower, plants, bushes, trees in perfect unity and synchronicity of color
and unity. Allow yourself to visualize this amazing garden that is here to reconnect you to dreams
for that is the very purpose of these flowers and plants and bushes. They have generated themselves
in the Sanctuary of All Souls to reflect their perfect dream unity, asking for you to simply connect to
it and share your dream space with it so it can cleanse repair, renew and regenerate your dream
space, connected to your heart space, freeing you of the density of the world, allowing Source
incarnate now to be a part of your dream space.
 Dedicate an entire dream afternoon basking in the sun in THE GARDEN OF REGENERATION OF
DREAM SPACE. It will be your own self-discipline service that empowers this vision to have that full
dream day power behind it.


 You have spent a day in the sun with the flowers and plants and now you know night is coming,
asking you to connect to a different part of your soul.
 This journey that I have described into the Sanctuary of All Souls is something that can be applied as
a single teaching meditation, individual or a higher level of co-creation, for what I am doing is
setting a stage in a metaphor in which your own creation can create your own source incarnate form
of regeneration so that we can all act at the highest forms of life
 I have been to the prayer grounds of meditation. I have been to the prayer grounds of inter-
connectivity and they have taught me the most important lesson of all:
 When you arrive at the prayer ground, your knowingness is present.
 When you arrive at the prayer ground you are ready to pray.
 When you arrive at the prayer ground you are ready to make even deeper forms of sacred
communication that you have done before, because you have been in the chamber of regeneration of
heart space, you have been in the garden of dream space, now you can play in the fields of clarity
and begin the prayer, praying with source itself.
 When you regenerate your inter-connectivity with source it starts with the visualization of how we
started as a fetus in our mother’s womb. We were a heart, and then that heart grew arms and legs
and a spine and a head and a brain and we were born and we forgot who we were.
 Our inter-connectivity is a part of the fetus in our mother’s womb. Here is where we give prayers to
the fetus in her mother’s womb, knowing that it is us, still an infinite source connection and us the
future micro-being saying back to its processes what we went through.
 You are choosing to make interconnectivity a part of your self co-creation on the prayer grounds of
 You will need many prayers, your wisdom is there, your life force is there. It simply takes action to
turn knowledge into more wisdom
 On the prayer grounds of regeneration of inter-connectivity you can use all forms of tools because it
is about the sharing and the sanctuary, the joy of prayer and when you discover the joy of prayer the
next chamber will be ready for you, the next place in the Sanctuary of All Souls will be ready. It
means you have reached the Unicode expression.
 I am ready to re-enter the moment of my birth, where the will to live was my first non-dream
 This place of regeneration internal fortitude reconnects you to the fetus who is now a baby, who took
their first breath in a sacred world before you were imprinted upon. By making your conscious
application of the sacred so that the fetus and the baby has been born, has been connected in that
moment of birth, there is an intense will to live.
 And this is what you must learn to connect to in the Sanctuary of All Souls by giving the power to
the sanctuary, by your visualization process you are not giving away power to individuated beings;
you are going to source itself. The place where all souls come for respite and protection,
regeneration of heart space, dream space, inter-connectivity, and the drive and will and internal
fortitude of what it takes to live in the third density world.

By doing this practice daily the mystical will become part of your dream days and nights.

When you choose to spend time in regeneration of heart, dream, and eternal connectivity, with internal
fortitude in the chamber of heart space you make yourself in that vision, spend three dream days and three
dream nights there.

In the garden of regeneration you spend an entire day in the sun there.

Can you create that in your visualization and self-teaching? Can you truly give yourself the extra credit you

When you arrive at the prayer grounds, do you have prayers that are ready to be said in the Sanctuary of All
Souls prayer ground so you can regenerate your inter-connectivity to all the different forms that you do exist

And once you’ve acknowledged all forms of existence you move into the moment of birth so that this I AM
will to live and go through the DNA activation of self-awareness.

By expanding your awareness and using techniques like this you will begin to have a greater ability to
transverse the multiverse.

See you in the dream world.