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5/21/2018 (4) What is the building cost per sq ft in India?

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What is the building cost per sq ft in India?
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Rahul Ajmera, Real Estate Developer and Analyst
Sq Ft.?
Answered Apr 29, 2016

The exact construction cost depends on several parameters such as height of I want to build a 1000 sq. ft building. How much
stone, brick and cement is required?
building & quality of materials used (Cement, Bricks, Electrical Fittings, Sanitary
What is the cost of building a normal marriage hall
Ware, Tiles, etc.)
in India at 10000 sq ft?

How can I determine the cost of land per sq. ft.,

But assuming that you are going for standard stuff (FlyAsh Bricks, Legrand
versus the cost of a building per sq. ft.? For
Fittings, Jaquar Fittings, etc.), then here's an approximate cost for construction instance, if a lot is 25,000 sq. ft., and the...

on basis of Builtup Area: What is the cost of Burma Teak wood per sq ft in

For G+1 Building - INR 1200/sqft. How much cement is required for 1600 sq ft?
For G+7 Building - INR 1600/sqft.
What’s is the cost to build a 2400sq ft custom two
For G+12 Building - INR 1800/sqft. story home per square foot in the Bay Area?
For G+22 Building - INR 2000/sqft.
How many bricks are required for 10 sq.ft.?

The cost of construction increases with height of building due to increase in

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safety compliances & difficulty of construction. More Related Questions

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Priyank Shah, Construction industry enthusiast, Undefined love for

Answered Mar 14, 2016

Building a home in India generally takes around a year, and involves a lot of
processes and interactions with people. Key processes include designing &
getting approvals, site marking & clearance, excavation & refilling, construction
of structure, finishing and handing over. The home owner has to interact with 1/10
5/21/2018 (4) What is the building cost per sq ft in India? - Quora

multiple parties and agencies to get the house built. These generally include an
architect, a main contractor, several subcontractors, contractor’s supervisors
and labor ‒ for services; and retailers, dealers and distributors ‒ for materials.
Keeping many of these factors in mind, building cost differs from place to place.

For Delhi NCR and Gurgaon region, the general cost for a complete home
construction (turnkey construction) starts from approx INR 1649 per sq.ft.
(this include everything from construction to finishing).

Again, this pricing varies according to the kind of home you want to build. While
researching, I came across BuildMyHome . They have beautifully displayed the
details and specifications of home construction based on your budget size.

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Mayur Shetty, Journalist

Answered Jan 30, 2016
Originally Answered: What is the building cost per sq ft in India?

The cost of construction varies depend on the nature of the structure and how
elaborate are the fittings.

A decent basic house can be constructed at a cost of Rs 1,000 per square foot.
The cost of constructing a room in  a five star hotel (including the expensive
tiles, bathroom fittings etc) is close to Rs 25,000.

The best way I can put it is to look at the cost of construction of a concrete shell,
which is around Rs 800 per square feet. To this you can add the cost of adding
materials depending on preference or budget.

Cost of construction of a concrete shell: Earthwork (digging for the foundation,

concrete bed, rubble masonry and stone foundation, columns, beams lintels,
brickwork, concrete shelves kitchen platform etc.  While constructing the shell
the per unit cost is highest for beams, lintels (around Rs 500 per cubic feet) and
the concrete slab (Rs 250 per square foot).

The large internal costs include: Cost of flooring (cheapest for cement/mosaic
most expensive white marble) Doors and Windows (sliding windows cheapest Rs
35 per square foot). Bathroom piping and plumbing are another major cost.
Electrical wiring would be on an average around Rs 500 per point.

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5/21/2018 (4) What is the building cost per sq ft in India? - Quora

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Hitesh Jain, 2+ years as Precast Production Engineer in Magicrete Building

Answered Oct 4, 2016

Building cost would actually depend on the technology choosen. Generally :

Structure cost with AAC Blocks : 600 Rs/sft

Structure cost with insulated EPS Panels : 750 Rs/sft

Structure cost with Precast Hollow Core panels : 700 - 750 Rs/sft

Structure cost includes sub-structure , super-structure till plaster.

Finishing cost would vary as per the preferences.

I would suggest to visit Custom Home Builders Contractors as they are stop
solution for building GHAR.

39.3k Views · View Upvoters · Answer requested by Paul Thomas, Abahee Mukherjee, and 1 more

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Rajarao Garikipati, lives in Navi Mumbai

Answered Nov 19, 2016

Building cost varies from place to place , the nature of the soil,levelling required,
area and stairs , and various other components like the type of wood
used,flooring and roofing, the type of electrical and sanitary fittings used, and
the extent of elevation and the ingenuity of the workers to complete the given
work in time and judicious use of the materials.

The following may give a rough idea:

1. Levelling of the land required to construct the building at required

height, a minimum of three feet above the road to get better aeration
and ventilation and to offset the increasing height of the road in future.

2. If the soil marshy and clay the foundation of the building should be
atleast fourteen feet deep with other precautions. Take the help of
architect invariably with proper plan before starting.

3. The number of stairs to be constructed determine the depth of the


4. Now a days,light weight Nixon bricks are available and if you feel they
suit you use them upper stairs to reduce costs on plastering, which
costs approximately ten percent.

5. Decide with your family if country wood can be used.

6. Now a days, roof is covered with pop / gypsum ceiling , latter being

7. Flooring, granite,marble and tiles at lot cost variant are available. Have
a market survey with family and decide. 3/10
5/21/2018 (4) What is the building cost per sq ft in India? - Quora

8. Never compromise on electrical and sanitary fittings as they are prone

to repair frequently.

9. Average cost of construction will be between 1500 and 1800 per square
foot depending upon the materials you select to use.

10. General hints being that decide the plan taking into consideration of all
the concerned and avoid construction/ demolition which increases cost
and time. Arrange goo workers after proper enquiries about the
competence and integrity.

11. Never allow the work to get delayed due to financial,lack of

materials,change of plan or opinions in between which will have
cascading effect.

12. As far as possible, try to purchase materials on your own after proper
enquiries and hard bargain.

13. House construction in the present day is a highly daunting task

draining all your energy and money and very often difference of
opinion with best dear on the use of materials,designs and various
issues.wish u all the best.

Raja Rao
38.3k Views · View Upvoters · Answer requested by Aruna Sengottaian

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Prafful Singh, Quality over quantity

Answered Feb 24, 2017

Building cost depends on the individual taste and preference . The more you
incur the more the cost rises. Building a home is like building a dream, so cost
can never be fixed it is always lum-sum. You always have to keep a portion of
backup amount so that things can go according to the way you want . An average
building cost to build a building in india can goes to somwhere 1500-1600sqft ,
and by this cost i mean decent construction . It wont be counted as an average
construction but certainly way above then that . Rest as i said taste and
prefernce matter .

15.6k Views · View Upvoters · Answer requested by Vedant Patel

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Bhushan Chitte, lives in Pune, Maharashtra, India (2008-present)

Answered Jul 4, 2017

There are Categories in Building Construction Like Residential, Commercial etc.

in residential there is again types like Bungalow, Small apartment & Multi stored
Buildings Now as per cost point of view it is depends upon the

1. Type of Structure

2. Specifications

Now if building is having 12 Floors & Moderate level of specifications like

Vitrified Flooring, Branded CP Sanitary Fittings, Plastic Paint Etc. The Cost
Comes to around Rs 1250/-Per Sft for Building & For Development Rs 200/- Per
Sft. including all site developments, final figure Comes as Rs 1450–1500/Sft of
slab area. 4/10
5/21/2018 (4) What is the building cost per sq ft in India? - Quora

If Specifications Changes Cost is Also Changes .

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Karthik Marripoodi, Entrepreneur, Tech Enthusiast and a Follower of Real

Estate Industry
Updated Jun 16, 2017

The cost of construction of a Building/ Bungalow will vary depending on the

specifications that you choose and the raw material costs in your city.

With a specifications usually provided by budget housing builders, the cost of

construction should come around Rs. 1300/- per sft . This should include all the
costs such for Architectural Design, Structural Design, building construction
and external developments (such as compound wall, Gate etc.,). The lump sum
rate should include the laisoning cost but will not include the charges for
construction permits & building approvals (as they change from city to city).

Refer Rates for House and Bungalow Construction for detailed building
specifications and the approx sqft cost that you shall incur with those
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Viya Constructions, Construction Service Provider (2008-present)

Answered Nov 27

Construction cost varies quite a bit across India and it would be very difficult to
comment on a common square feet cost across India. Nevertheless there could
be some common factors that could be used to arrive at an indication of
approximate costs across regions.

We are a Construction company based in Kerala and can comment specifically

about costs incurred in our state. Construction costs vary based on the materials
and labour that is required for a house out of which labour is more or less
independent of the materials chosen. But the type of materials chosen can have
a significant impact on the cost of construction translating to a specific Square
Feet Cost per Construction.

Broadly the Construction cost would depend on the following

1. Type of Foundation chosen (Based on the strength of the soil)

2. Type of structure chosen (Framed / Load Bearing / G+1 / G+2 etc)

3. Materials Chosen for Structure and Finishing

4. Volume of Design elements included in the building for non structural


If we were to take an approximation then we could say that cost of construction

per square feet for a good quality durable house which does not require any sort
of soil strengthening ( Piling etc) would vary from about Rs 2000 - about Rs.
2300 per square feet for a good quality structure with good quality materials
chosen. 5/10
5/21/2018 (4) What is the building cost per sq ft in India? - Quora

There could be many ways to quote a lower square feet for construction by going
for non durable lower quality materials as well as by non conformance to solid
engineering in terms of building the structure. This is not advisable since this
would eventually create more problems than the costs saved and would also
reduce the life of the building in the long term.

Also on the other hand depending on the type of finishes chosen this could go
up quite a bit if one were to go for luxury finishing products.

Another factor that should be considered is the cost of interiors which is not
usually factored in while quoting per square feet cost of construction since that
would again depend on the nature of extent of interiors a particular home owner


Viya Constructions
4.6k Views · Answer requested by Sreedharan Menon

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Shriram Kumar, Helping People Build Their Dream Home

Answered Nov 7, 2016

The cost of construction will depend on the geographical location of the project.
For eg. a home construction project that takes 1500 Rs/Sqft in Chennai will take
1200 Rs per Sqft in Jaipur. This mainly due to variation in price of Locally
Procured materials and Labours as well as availability of Sand, Cement and Steel
in that particular state.

Apart from these variations, cost of project within a particular city will vary
dpending upon the following factors :-

1. Purpose of Construction - A house that will be rented once completed

will have very basic features and fittings as compared to one where you
will stay personally

2. Type of fittings and internal finishing - Using Jaguar Fixture vs

Parryware and using Marble Floor vs Vitrified tiles make a significant
cost difference

3. Exterior Cladding/Finishing - If you are looking for expensive stone

cladding for your house, this will cost extra

4. Total no of floors and built-up area - For a residential construction,

cost tends to decrease with larger area and more number of floors. For
eg. a G+2 construction for a 1000 sqft plot will be slightly cheaper than a
G+1 1500 sqft plot, although both are 3000 Sqft in built up area

PaperToStone is India’s largest Marketplace to hire reliable and cost effective

Contractors to build your house. You can calculate the cost of your project using
our cost estiation tool.

Cost Estimator - Home Construction | PaperToStone

Or visit us a PaperToStone - Design | Construct | Renovate for more

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5/21/2018 (4) What is the building cost per sq ft in India? - Quora

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Krishna Mohan, Civil Engineer

Updated Mar 15, 2016

Construction Cost of building is depending on the cost of Construction

Materials and Labour Charges . Rate of factory made material like Steel and
Cement is not same in all locations . So construction cost of  will not be same in
Delhi, Udayapur , Kotta and Ahmedabad . Kindly inform me the rate of  River
Sand, 20 mm & 40 mm size Stone aggregate and Bricks ( Conventional country
made bricks and  factory made bricks ). I can give you the rate of  Construction
for One SFT any where in our Country . For Example  Bricks and River sand is
available in reasonable prize in Delhi,NCR, Hariyana and Up. So rate of
construction will be having an impact on this.
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Elegansinc Brand Agency, Manager at Elegansinc

Answered Mar 22

There are many categories in building and construction for example Wood-
Framed, Heavy Timber,Ordinary, residential,commercial structures. It depends
on material quality, location, Foundation etc...Approximately Rs.1200/- to Rs.
1500/- per Sft. For more info visit 2 BHK apartments in Medavakkam
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Abhay Kumar Verma, Mumbai Real Estate

Answered Oct 25, 2015

In Mumbai sub urban area you can get agencies who will construct buildings on
lock and key basis at Rs.  1200/- to Rs. 1500/- per Sft , in Mumbai SOBO ( Down
town ) it will be Rs. 2500/- to Rs. 3000/- per sft, In areas near to Mumbai ( about
70 Km. ) but connected with Mumbai with local transport it will be just Rs. 900/-
per sft ( affordable type ) but actual building cost also includes Municipal
approval fee/ architect fee/ legal fee / undertable expenses etc. In Mumbai
suburbs it can go upto Rs. 1500/- per Sft , so In Mumbai sub urbs building cost
comes to Rs. 1500 + 1500 = Rs.
 3000/- per Sft
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Anil Poonia, President at AAGAZ : For A Better Tomorrow

Answered Feb 12

It varies as per location for example in south India like in Mysore Bangalore it
would be around 1800–2000/ Sft and north india it would be about 1400–
1600/Sft . The assumption is the std building with certified tile of somany/
johansan/ Makrana stones , cp fixture Cera equivalent and 9 inch walls and nice
cladding lime Dholpur stones equivalent. 7/10
5/21/2018 (4) What is the building cost per sq ft in India? - Quora

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Satish Lonkar, studied at Real Estate

Answered Aug 8, 2016

Cost of construction of building in India depends upon various factors, such as

type of building, specifications proposed for it, number of floors proposed in the
building, location of building, subsoil conditions in the building plot etc.

unless you know the data as said above it will be difficult to answer your
2.4k Views · Answer requested by Chintan Master

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Vikram Yashashvi, Patriotic and nationalistic.

Answered Mar 2, 2016

Foundation, structure of every building should have same materials, must cost
the same everywhere, adjusted for varying cost of labor.

So in high labor wage areas, this would for today would be between 750-850 per
square feet.

Next is finishing, which would include, flooring, wood work and handle and lock
fittings, plumbing, electrification, painting, false ceilings, and decor. This will
cost as per the choice of the customer and can vary from 200 to 2000 per square

It all depends whether you use a mosaic tile or a vitrified tile and so on....
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Santosh Kulkarni upvoted this

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Kuldhir Singh, Architect and contractor, commercial construction, interior

Answered Aug 17, 2016

Its varies as per structure type:

1. load bearing one floor structure in brick= Rs. 600 to Rs. 800 per sqf

2. for framed structure of two floor basic finish= Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1400 pe

3. For Framed structure big house all facilities = Rs. 1800 to Rs. 2500 per

4. For Big Banglow = Rs. 2200 to 3500 per sqf

This is only construction cost and land cost is not included.

Thank you
16.2k Views · View Upvoters · Answer requested by Arindam Banerjee

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5/21/2018 (4) What is the building cost per sq ft in India? - Quora

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Pravin Pawar, Estimation cum Tender co-ordination at Smc Infrastructure (2016-present)
Answered Mar 31, 2017

As per my work experience

For first class residential building cost should be 1300 Rs/sq.ft. incl. plumbing
and electric charges.


for second class residentail building cost should be 800–900 Rs/sq.ft incl.
plumbing and electric charges.
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Rajeev Yadav, works at Aao Ghar Banao (2016-present)

Answered Feb 25, 2017

Charges are 300 - 2200 Rs/Sq Ft for Normal Interior & Exterior Construction in
914 Views · Answer requested by Sanjay Sharma

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Sanjay Mundra, In Real Estate but avers of it as investment

Answered May 12, 2015

Average around Rs.1200 per sq ft but it can go up or down depend on quality,

location and floor.

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Krishna Chitranshi, 10 years experience in real estate marketing.

Answered Dec 17, 2016

It depends on quality n inputs but a good to best should cost Rs 1200/- to Rs

2500/- per sq ft.
907 Views · Answer requested by M Nandan

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5/21/2018 (4) What is the building cost per sq ft in India? - Quora
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