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Quarter 4th
Topic / Title Application of the Concepts of Chemical Reactions / Effects of An Acid Rain
Grade Level 10
Time Allotment 120 minutes
Prepared by Mr. Irvin N. Ecalnir
Learning Competencies and Objectives
1. Explain how factors affecting the rate of chemical reactions are applied in food preparation, control of fire,
corrosion prevention etc.
2. Analyze effect of chemical reactions on life and the environment through visual presentation.

Prerequisite Concepts and Skills:

Ask students to identify the different evidences of chemical reactions shown in the four (4)
pictures on the presentation. Laptop
Manila Paper

ENGAGE (5 minutes)
Students will analyze sets of pictures linking to acid rain and answer the following
questions? Manila Paper
Figure 13. Effect of Acid Rain on Marble (page 430, Grade 10 LM) Marker

Question: What effect does acid rain has on limestone/ marble statues?
Figure 14. Effect of Acid Rain on Plant Growth

Question: What effect does acid rain has on plant growth?

EXPLORE ( 10 minutes)
(Group Activity) Nitric oxide NO2, a product of combustion of gasoline in automobiles is (per group)
one of the culprits in the formation of acid rain. Referring to Fig. 15, analyze how NO2 is
converted to nitric acid HNO3. Colored papers
Manila Paper

* Identify other problems posed by acid rain.

EXPLAIN (20 minutes)
After the activity let the students report and discuss their answers in front of the class. Manila paper
ELABORATE (10 minutes)
Discussion on acid rain, a chemical reaction that has environmental issues. Refer to page Powerpoint
432 of Grade 10 Science Learning Module. Video Presentation
EVALUATE (5 minutes)
Let the students answer the following questions: Paper
1.What natural processes can contribute to acid rain?
2.How is acid rain produced?
3.What adverse effect can acid rain pose on living organisms and its environment?
4.Who should be responsible for cleaning up the pollution problem?
5.What measures are taken to address the problem?

EXTEND (5 minutes)
Group the students with 3 - 4 members, let them prepare a visual presentation of a
chemical reaction, involved in:
A. Food processing and preservation
B. Fire control
C. Corrosion Control
D. Photochemical Smog
E. Haber Process
F. Catalytic Converter
G. Car Air Bag
H. Formation of ozone layer in the stratosphere
I. Formation of Acid Rain
Let them research on how a specific chemical reaction poses useful or harmful effects to
life and the environment.

Refer GRASP TASK Design Prompts to assist them in the organization of their activity.

Let them present their visual presentation.


Science 10 Learning Module

Pp 432 - 436

Video Presentations
What is an Acid Rain?
Youtube Link
Critical Thinking Rubric:
4 3 2 1
I determine what I can usually tell Sometimes, I have I often get important
concepts and what concepts and trouble telling the and unimportant
relationships are relationships are difference between information mixed
Identifying the
important in a important in a important and up.
complex system of system. unimportant
abstract and concepts and
concrete relationships in a
information. system.
I use what I know I analyze new With help, I can I usually cannot
about the subject information and make inferences, but make inferences
along with my make reasonable sometimes my about what I am
Making inferences personal experiences inferences. inferences are not learning.
and knowledge to based on good
make reasonable reasons.

I use several I use some strategies Sometimes, I am I often cannot tell

strategies for for evaluating fooled by the difference
evaluating the sources information that is between reliable and
Evaluating Sources reliability of a variety not reliable false information.
of different kinds of

I do whatever I need I make an effort to If someone reminds I am usually happy

to do to learn more learn more about me, I learn more with what I already
about ideas and ideas and concepts about ideas and know about
concepts that are that are new to me. concepts that are information, and I do
new to me. new to me. not bother to find
out more.

I can clearly and I can explain my With prompting and I cannot explain my
thoroughly explain opinions by giving guidance, I can opinions so that the
my opinions by good reasons for explain my opinions make sense.
Communicating giving good reasons them, orally and in orally and in writing.
for them, orally and writing.
in writing.