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Five Senses Unit

Date: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6

Lesson * Introduction to *Charting and *Science Based * Science Based * Science Based *Summative
Topic/ 5 senses: Smell, exploring new and Learning Activity; Inquiry Learning Learning Activity; Assessment;
Content: Touch, Taste, exciting Sight Activity; Taste Review &
Sight, & Hear. descriptive words Touch Unit Test
to use throughout *Charting their *Charting their
this weeks unit. discoveries *Read a Senses discoveries
*Quick Inquiry of poem from book *Talk about
Hearing *How are senses *Read a Senses the project
can give a reaction poem and assign
* Read Senses through our it.
poem memory, emotions,
and signal danger
* Talk about the or harm to us.
reactions that can *Further
occur from each exploration of
of our senses, Smell: Science
both good and Based Learning
bad. Activity: and the
abilities humans
and animals have
through this sense.

Amount of
Time: 50 Minutes 50 Minutes 50 Minutes 50 Minutes 50 Minutes 50 Minutes

Morgan Dobrosielski & Tatiana Shellhamer