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Ownership of a thing is transferred to Ownership is transferred to buyer upon

the creditor to settle a monetary delivery but he has the option to revert
obligation such ownership to the seller

Lacks formalities but nevertheless Ownership of the thing sold is retained

shows the real intention of the parties to by the seller despite delivery to the
create a specific property to secure the buyer, but the latter agrees to pay if he
performance of an obligation finds the thing satisfactory
They refer to interchangeable goods Delivery that takes place when the
that allow one to be replaced by another buyer who was in possession of the
without loss of value thing sold at the time of sale continues
to be the owner
Proof of the perfection of a contract of Negotiated by indorsement

Includes a warehouseman, carrier or Sale of property to the highest bidder

other person who receives the
possession or custody of the thing
Even professional inspection is not The party in a contract of sale who is
sufficient to discover it obligated to transfer the ownership of
and to deliver a determinate thing

Exercised by the seller by obtaining Consideration paid for the purpose of

actual possession of the goods or by holding one to his promise to buy or sell
giving notice to the carrier having actual a determinate thing for a certain period
possession of the goods of time
It is made by the buyer with knowledge Applies to persons who, under certain
of the risk of eviction; hence, the seller circumstances cannot purchase certain
will not have any liability if the buyer is property
The person obligated to pay the price of Delivery through the execution of a
the thing purchased public instrument
Delivery of a movable by mere Deprivation by final judgment of the
agreement of the parties if the thing vendee of the whole or part of the thing
cannot be transferred to the vendee at sold based on a right prior to the sale or
the time of sale an act imputable to the vendor
Negotiated by mere delivery Refer to goods to be manufactured,
raised or acquired by the seller

It is made by the buyer without The sale of hope or expectancy

knowledge of the risk of eviction

The consideration of the contract is Includes one who has received as

another thing conditional payment for goods but the
condition has been broken by reason of
dishonor or insolvency of the buyer
Applies to persons who cannot bind Include everything indispensable for
themselves in a contract including a sustenance, dwelling, clothing, medical
contract of sale attendance, education and
Document used as proof of control of The balance is payable in its entirety
the goods, or authorizing the possessor after the payment of an initial sum
of document to transfer or receive the
goods represented
Right given to an adjoining owner of an A contract for the delivery at a certain
urban land to purchase the same ahead price of an article to be manufactured
of others if such land is held for specially for the customer and upon his
speculation special order
The sum stipulated as the equivalent of An unpaid seller’s right to retain the
the thing sold goods for the price while he is in
possession of them

The right to be subrogated upon the Remedy of buyer to withdraw from the
same terms and conditions stipulated in sale and ask for damages
the contract, in the place of one who
acquires a thing by purchase
Seller’s undertaking that the buyer shall An encumbrance imposed upon an
enjoy legal and peaceful possession of immovable for the benefit of another
the thing sold immovable belonging to a different
Stipulation in a contract of sale involving Person employed by the seller or
an immovable that the sale is auctioneer to raise the price in an
automatically rescinded upon failure of auction sale
the buyer to pay the price

Delivery of the keys of the place where Document issued by a common carrier
a movable is kept or stored acknowledging the receipt of the goods
and agreeing to transport and deliver
them to a specified place
Contract for the storage of goods for a Right of the seller to repurchase the
compensation thing sold and the exercise of which was
reserved by the seller at the time of sale

Buyer’s remedy which involves the Delivery that takes place when the seller
proportionate reduction in the price of continues in possession of the thing sold
the thing purchased after the sale but as lessee, depositary
or otherwise
A unilateral promise to buy or sell a The creditors are given the right to sell
thing which is not accepted by the the debtor’s properties and apply the
promisee proceeds to their respective claims

It has for its purpose the transfer to Sale of an expected thing

another person of the right to collect the