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Objective :

Looking forward for the challenging DBA assignments and to apply my knowledge for the
growth of the Organization and be a part of the team that dynamically works towards the
development of the organization.
Professional Summary :

 4+ years of IT experience in database administration Installation backup recovery,

testing, disaster recovery & support in production using SQL Server.
 Experience in Upgrade/migration of several instances and databases from SQL Server
SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012, from SQL Server 2014 and 2016
 Performed database regular Backups (Full/Differential/Transaction Log Backups into
Disk and striping for large Databases) using native and third party tools and also
Restoring on requirement.
 Experience of using various replication models like Snapshot, Transactional replication
(Planning, Replication Tools, Implementing Replication) in Large Database.
 Providing 24X7 supports to all the production databases.
 Experience in Troubleshooting of SQL Server new features like Always on Availability
Groups, and Clustering.
 Strong in monitoring and optimizing the performance of Applications, databases,
Stored Procedures, Queries and Indexes using Extended Events, Activity Monitor,
Dynamic Management Views and Functions.
 Experience in documenting and implementing Disaster Recovery Plans using Database
Mirroring, Log shipping and Replication with different topologies for production
 Solving Deadlock without using trace flag and without any code changes.
 Expertise in Performance tuning, Optimization, Statistics by using SQL Profiler,
PerfMon and DB Engine Tuning Advisor and also using Data collector to catch up Slow
Running queries
 Implement in Scheduling Database tasks - Jobs, Alerts, Emails, Notification.
 Implement Health Check of Server Using Power shell & Github and Disk I/O.
 Involve In Migration using Power shell With DBA Tools
 Measuring Disk Bottleneck using Diskspd Tool
Technical Expertise :

 Database : SQL Server 2005,2008,2012,2014,2016

 Operating Systems : Windows 2008/2012
 Tools : Profiler,SSMS,Perform,DTA,WPR,WPA
Academics :

Project Details:

Client Introduction:
The Prudential Insurance Company of America is a Fortune around 400 companies whose
subsidiaries provide investment management, and other financial products and services to
both retail and institutional customers throughout the United States and in over 30 other

Roles and Responsibilities:

 High Availability Disaster Recovery during SQL 2016.

 Production supporting DBA activities in huge OLTP environment

 Query tuning based on High CPU, Memory and Logical reads and writes.

 Analyzing and Designing and implementing different types of Replication Models.

 Used SQL Extended Events to find badly performing queries and deadlocks.

 Setting up DR solutions using, Mirroring, Always On in for High Availability.

 Involved in Health Check process for database

 MS SQL Server installation, configuration, performance tuning, and client/server

connectivity issues, query optimization, backup/recovery, running Database Consistency
Checks using DBCC.

 Data migration (import & export –BCP) from Text to sql server.
 Used SQL Profiler, Windows Performance Monitor for troubleshooting, monitoring,
optimization of SQL Server.

 Performing database refreshes to prod to dev Server.

 Migrated from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012/2014/16

 Worked in 24X7 production support with a rotation basis.

 Restored and recovered databases to point in time for testing, pre-prod and production

 Monitored database status including CPU, Memory, I/O, Space and dead lock using SQL
Server Utilities.

Client Introduction:
Mondelez is an American multinational confectionery foods and beverage company. It
consists of global snacks and food brands and also grocessry operation. The company head
quartered located in Chicago Manufactures chocolates, Biscuits, Gums and powerdered
beverage .The mondelez international Portfolio includes several billion dollar brands such as
belvita, Chips, Nabisco, Oreo, Ritz etc... The company has annual revenue of about $30
billion and operates in approximately 160 countries.

Roles and Responsibilities:

 Installed And Configured SQL Server and also Applied Security fixes, and Involved in
Migrating SQL Server 2005 Servers to SQL Server 2008/12.

 Maintained database response times in 24X7 Production environments, proactively

generated performance reports.
 Planning and implementation of database Backup/Restore and Disaster recovery based
on SLA.
 Configuring and Administering Database Mirroring, Replication Log Shipping on SQL
Server and Always On.
 Running Index tuning wizard and rebuilding indexes for faster query response.
 Writing Stored Procedures, Fuctions and triggers based on the requirement.
 Creating Jobs/maintenance plans for Database.
 Implemented MS SQL Server security policies and granted object level permissions.
 Creating Jobs for rebuilding of indexes and update statistics.
 Planning Configuration and Monitoring of Log shipping, Performed Role Reversal of
Primary and Secondary Servers of the Log Shipped database.
 Configured Transactional Replication between Primary Server and And Different read-
only servers With Separate Distributer Server and experience in Troubleshooting
replication Problems.
 Query tuning based on High CPU, Memory and Logical reads and writes
 Involved In Deploy the packages.
 Checking the database integrity in non-business hours
 Respond to incident tickets and provide updates in a timely manner. Escalate where and
when necessary Moving the databases from one location to another location.
 Coordinate and implement both planned and unplanned change records.
 Responding and working on the on call incidents without fail as per SLA.


SQL Server 2005/2008 /2012 Enterprise Edition with Clustering, OLTP & OLAP environment
that includes Production (24x7), Replication, Migration, SSMS ETL, Microsoft Windows 2003/
2008R2 Server