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Lh DET NORSKE VERITAS WELDER PERFORMANCE QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATE, Qualification Cosee! Standards: EN ISO 9608.2 Conitiestion bay : ONY Cenfeation 8 V, Designation: EN ISO 9606-2 141 P FW 23.3/23.1 § 16/8 PBI Certificate Registration No.: ROT 2010.20328 Employer: Oversiulzen Thermal Enginearing BV. Riddorkork Weide Stas] Rage aunog Waldng proceed [Fa Ta Pa a Tab eT Preto ree aa aad FW AW [Baonaalomnes [2a tema pzieaeezs Fae ent s S Doigasoon | ERETEE (AMGS) | United earners 678 = Pips oasis me = Taare oT ot place ‘Samer fond Waidng pean — [PA Sighs — wa Weng Paes BRETT =n Singha [oT wae ma oO ides |S SO TATE il c | nies ‘utemtena El eee | Tainted Pieces of wetting: Rsseraoa 111802010 xara A veri 0 69) imo Felon Rae | RATS TOSSA R. Mapectntent = cared Waar Fetomed capes | WPTRTAE TER OS Place: Barenarcht awe 11-03-2010 Cr = Desens Teteaared = ‘Quaticaton vad unt: agra GAS NT ea = 14-05-2012 a - o Pears wae | RAE Re OTE Fags VE ra Tea = Bad Rana = ier Feannad amped | Rica WIE Repo OTAET papa ToTE ‘See reverse side for conitnatin statenent by ployer and protonation by DNV Cerifeaton 6.V. Adetonal information may ako be stated tring column “Supplement remarks = Aiea ‘Advies, real Welding ProcedureTest Record we No.: LAB 1764 OSR.xx ANERDUYN B.V. Testdate: 11-03-2010 Kerio 50 Customer: Oversluizen Thermal Enginesring Ridderkerk 28880 Newer Order Nas none: +310T8S 401635 uta WeOR/ WO Fax anoytesose1 —-PWRSNo LAB 1363 ax 310763 405616 ae WEE SNONBS AOSSTE | Examiner: A. Verdin (WT 650) seer Al taneumen) Certauth.: Det Norske Veritas Barendrecht Website: wnlbverduynnt 2 DAV erm: RO DRI XEN 180 1614-2 XEN 150 9606-2 8 mm (L-profile Sid UA 100x64x8mm) Test plate I heat No ‘Test plate 2 heat No. RMRIG334. [Alloy $754 22 Alloy 6082 T6.C Ward PB Welding process: M1 Interpass temp.: ‘200°C Preheat temp. min.: toc PLWH. Ia Welder / operators HLS. Mohamadsidik 121-02-1951 / Paramaribo HIM /ID pass, ID5879828 Solid / FEW / SMA ‘solid AWS. spec. / las. AWS AS 10: ERS356 (AIMS) EN spec. class: Brand Lincoln Electic Type wit: LNT AIMes Batch No: |srpao73202 Shietdinggas/ Flux: Argon 30% + Helium 70% (1 ace. ISO 14175) Backinggas: es Log current ime a oe Yep | Leo) pe |ierl oo | oo | aie Letine| “te | Sm [acs pe eam [cana | om) a Se pe ies ores = (ayWPS ace, BN T30 13609. Daas welding onsale dentition ss OADTDT wares WPOR: © (PS sc ENO 156041 Das! welding consume ml eines C2 NDTIDTtseprs p Welding Procedure Specification aig ‘Client; Atlas PIWPS NoalAB 1363 Project: Cooler Rev No._:00. IRSO Inspec. by: 1 [Seas 22.3 ace: IS 15608 Dim, Pie DNV Certification / MME R’kerk | Base | + | Tepe] Alloy 5784 H22 Dim. 6mm ‘Scope of work: material [> [Group] 23.1 acc. ISO 15608 Dim, Piste ‘Welding Procedure Qualification = | Tepe! Alloy 6082/16 /C = §mm Welder Performance Qualification [Drawing No. na. a Root: Filling pass: Back welding: Overlay weld: ‘elding process na, 141 na. a. Position: | PB ding, -Pavsesss Lit es Tackwelding: [Min temp: > 10°¢ Pre-heating temp: Interpass.temp, Soaking temp: — °C _ [zloec 200°C Soaking time: ~ Heat treatment: [pre-heating detalss na. Insulation: Dyes Eno , Dyes pwn: Ble AWS AS 10: ERS3S6 (AIMES) ‘Argon Heo 7% ~~ (13 ace, ISO 14175) 2\ . | Edge preparation/bead sequence Cone acing wraag | apie | “riter™ | nin, | Stein sean Mate 1/008 | patsy | ampere | Voge nin Ta | air ERS [3S AC [60200 | Te1s | —TeIe | KE Prep weld edges: Mechanical cutting / degreasing. Featment of root na [POR No. To be qualified Range POR: As per ENISO 156142 | WPQ ace: Ace. EN ISO1S614-2 t Swil6mm a: 3wi6émm 1S0 9606-2 Dz > 150mm Pos.: PA+PB - NDT/DT | As per applicable code requirements Prepared by: ‘Approved by Client Date: Lassner A ~ Bika Witkoe BV Keri 30 28800, me Ta