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1. Draw and explain the architecture 8086 with neat diagram.
2. Discuss the types of addressing modes with suitable example in 8086.
3. Write short note about assemble rediretives and macros.
4. Write an 8086 ALP to find sum of numbers in a array of 10 element with flowchart.
5. Explain the different types of instructions sets with examples in 8086.
6. Describe the interrupts of 8086 and list types with service routine.
7. Write an 8086 ALP to find largest number in an array.
8. Write an 8086 ALP to sorting of numbers in an ascending order.
1. With neat diagram explain the maximum & minimum mode of operation in 8086.
2. Draw the timing diagram for memory read and memory write cycle of explain the activities of states.
3. Discuss the pin configuration of 8086 with neat diagram.
4. Describe in detail about system design using 8086.
5. Explain in detail about system bus structure with neat diagram.
6. Draw and explain the architecture 8087 co-processor with neat
7. Explain in detail about closely coupled & loosely coupled
configuration with neat diagram.
1. Describe the programmable peripheral interface IC8255 with neat block diagram.
2. With neat block diagram explain the keyboard and display controller IC 8279.
3. Draw & explain the block diagram of alarm controller with 8086 processor.
4. Explain in detail about the operation of Traffic Light control with ALP.
5. Discuss the operation of USART IC8251 with neat block diagram.
6. Explain the need of DMA controller with its functional diagram.
7. Discuss the operation of DAC interface with 8086 processor with neat block diagram.
8. Explain the operation of successive approximation ADC & interface with 8086 processor with neat
9. Explain in detail about the operation of 8253/8254 timer neat block diagram.
10. Describe the operation of interrupt controller 8259 with neat block diagram.

1. Explain the architecture of 8051 microcontroller with neat diagram.
2. Briefly explain the addressing modes of 8051 with example.
3. Enumerate about the I/O ports available in 8051 microcontroller.
4. Describe in detail about various instruction set of 8051 with example.
5. Discuss in detail about special function registers in 8051.
1. Draw the diagram to interface a stepper motor with 8051 & explain. Write a 8051 assembly language
program to run the stepper motor in forward direction.
2. Explain in detail about the Sensor & Memory Interface with 8051.
3. Discuss in detail about 16x2 LCD interface with 8051 microcontroller.
4. Explain in detail about the various interrupts in 8051.
5. With a neat diagram how 4x4 keypad is interfaced with 8051 microcontroller. Write 8051ALP for
keypad scanning.
6. Describe the different modes of operation of timers/counters in 8051 with its associated register.