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Waterproofing Solutions

by ConShield Technologies

Con Shield Compatible


Waterproofing Solutions
for concrete structures

biotech armor for concrete

Waterproofing Solutions
by ConShield Technologies

Water is concrete’s relentless foe.

Whether it’s by rain, flooding,
waves, rivers, groundwater, or any
of a hundred other forms, water is
always attacking, trying to work its
way into concrete’s tiny cracks
and pores. And once it gets in,
the freeze/thaw cycle, oxidation,
erosion, and other destructive
processes can tear down even
large, well-built concrete

Protecting concrete facilities

from water damage is no easy
task. Coatings and sealants can
break down over time and patches
eventually fail. When they do, the
concrete is defenseless.

Really, it would be best if the

concrete itself was watertight. If ConShield® Technologies has been helping
the actual concrete matrix stops engineers and sewer departments successfully
solve Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC)
water penetration, then there will for the past two decades. With Crystal-X™
be no coatings or patches to fail, Waterproofing Solutions from ConShield®
and the concrete structure would Technologies, the added protection of water-
proofing can now be combined with the superior
remain watertight even after technology of ConMICShield® through fully
decades of wear in very compatible solutions.
harsh conditions.

biotech armor for concrete

A liquid concrete additive designed to
Waterproofing Solutions make new cementitious installations per-
by ConShield Technologies
manently watertight. Crystal-X™ AdMix
Crystal-X™ Waterproofing forms millions of fine crystalline fibers
Solutions, a complementary line inside the capillary pores and micro-cracks
of ConMICShield® compatible while concrete cures and hardens to
waterproofing products, ensures reduce the pore diameter and block the
the highest quality and most flow of water through the capillary voids.
comprehensive concrete
protection available for existing Crystal-X WP
and new installation
concrete projects. A dry powder used to create a cementi-
tious slurry for waterproofing the exterior
Uses: surface of existing concrete and masonry
• Tunnels and subway systems above and below grade.
• Foundations
• Precast structures Crystal-X Sup
• Parking structures
A specially engineered fast setting, non-
• Reservoirs
shrink, strong, waterproofing cementitious
• Sewage and water treatment plants material, for concrete repair and water-
• Swimming pools proofing of concrete.
• Underground vaults
• Sewer pipe Crystal-X WSH
• Manholes
• Bridge decks A liquid surface material which deeply
penetrates concrete and mortar surfaces to
• Parking structures
waterproof, densify, harden and dustproof
• Dams concrete and Portland Cement based
• Piers material surfaces. Crystal-X™ WSH may
• Industrial floors be used with all of the above Crystal-X™
• Horizontal and formed vertical repairs Waterproofing Solutions.
Liquid Crystalline Waterproofing
Additive for Concrete
• Creates water impermeable concrete
• Meets NSF/ANSI 61 Typical Applications
• Protects reinforcement Any concrete mix requiring waterproofing (water
• Easy to use impermeable) capabilities:
• Liquid, not powder – NO clumping • Tunnels and subway systems
• Does not require premixing • Foundations
• A unique liquid waterproofing additive for concrete • Precast structures
• Consists of a water based suspension of • Parking structures
inorganic waterproofing agents • Reservoirs
• Can be added to concrete during the batching • Sewage and water treatment plants
process or in a ready-mix truck with full • Swimming pools
mixing capabilities • Underground vaults
• Unlike powder additives, there is no risk
of clumping Advantages
• Makes concrete denser and enhances many of • Not a dry powder - easier and safer to mix;
the concrete’s properties. Crystal-X™ AdMix homogenous - no fear of clumping
will enhance the concrete freeze/thaw resistance • May increase concrete strength
when used in properly designed concrete with • Resists extreme hydrostatic pressure, positive
air entrainment. (active) or negative (passive) water pressure side
• Can seal hairline cracks up to 1/64” (0.4 mm)
Working Principal • Becomes an integral part of the concrete
• While concrete cures and hardens, • Not a vapor barrier - allows concrete to breathe
Crystal-X™ AdMix forms millions of fine • Maximum water/cement ratio of concrete
crystalline fibers inside the capillary pores should not exceed: 0.55
and micro-cracks • Negligible interference with water
• Crystalline fibers achieved during reaction with reducers and plasticizers
cement components considerably reduces the • Negligible effect on slump
pore diameter, thus blocking the flow of water • Negligible influence on air entrainment
through the capillary voids of concrete while still • Non toxic
allowing water vapors to escape. • Permanent
• Treated concrete is permanently watertight • Less costly than most other methods

Crystal-X™ AdMix Healing of a Hairline Crack of Treated Concrete

The following photos illustrate the crack-sealing capabilities of Crystal-X™ AdMix for static (non-moving) cracks:

Magnification = 5x
Crystal-X™ AdMix is supplied pre-mixed in a labor time per bag of dry blend alternatives
5 gallon pail. Open and use, store and re-use. and eliminates waste of unused excess mixed
Pre-mixed product eliminates up to 10 minutes dry blends.
Coating for Foundation
Water Proofing
• Specifically designed to waterproof the
exterior surface of concrete and
masonry above and below grade
• Normally applied with a Tampico
brush or can be spray applied
• Not intended as a decorative finish coat
• Used to waterproof foundations above
or below grade or waterproof the back
coating between face brick and
back-up units

Features and Benefits:

• Waterproofs concrete and masonry
surfaces above and below grade,
interior and exterior, and positive and
negative sides
• Apply to concrete block, brick, stone,
precast concrete or formed concrete
• Apply to both positive and negative
side (when hydro-static pressure is low
and aesthetics are not important)
Specially engineered fast setting, non-shrink, strong,
waterproofing cementitious material, for concrete
repair and waterproofing of concrete

Where to Use:
• Sewer pipe
• Manholes
• Bridge decks Features and Benefits:
• Parking structures • One component-easy to use
• Dams • Shrinkage compensated-reduces early shrinkage
• Piers • High early and ultimate compressive strength
• Industrial floors • Compatible modulus to concrete substrate
• Horizontal and formed • Freeze/thaw durable
vertical repairs • Improved placement and workability
• High density provides low permeability
minimizing infiltration of water and
deicing chemicals (salt/chlorides)

Waterproofing, Densifier and Cementitious

Product Hardener
• Liquid surface material deeply penetrates concrete and mortar
surfaces to waterproof, densify, harden and dustproof concrete
and Portland Cement based material surfaces
• Helps achieve maximum strength and abrasion resistance of
material surfaces without altering the natural appearance
of the concrete
• Hardens, waterproofs and toughens concrete and cement
mortars for improved durability
• Enhances adhesion capabilities to a wide variety of surfaces
• Increases resistance to many industrial chemicals
• May eliminate water curing

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