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London Walsh

Edu 220

Lesson Plan

Standard – Ordering Rational Numbers

Grade – 5th/ 6th

Objectives: SWBAT order a set of numbers from least to greatest.

SWBAT understand the relationship of negative and positive integers on
a number line.

Materials/ Equipment: Masking tape labeled from -15 to 15

Sample worksheets
Quiz for end

a. Begin by reviewing what a number line is. Have students draw a number
line on their worksheets
b. Have students mark various positive numbers on the number line.
c. Introduce new vocabulary: Rational numbers – any number that can be
placed on a number line
d. Begin introducing negative numbers by talking about temperature. “has
anyone ever been somewhere super cold? So cold that the numbers on the
thermostat were negative?” Explain what negative numbers are by showing
various negative numbers to the students on the number line. This way the
see the relationship to 0.
e. Write -7, -10, and 1 up on the board and ask students which is the largest.
Tell them 1 is the greatest after a few responses. Don’t explain why.
f. Have 3 students come up and give them each a different number. One at -7
one at -10 and one at 1. Have them stand on that spot on the number line.
Explain to the class that the number farthest to the right on the number
line is larger.
g. Ask the students in the room again which number is largest.
h. Continue writing groups of numbers on the board and repeat steps f and g
to have them stand in their spot and allow the children build the
relationship of ordering positive and negative numbers.
i. Write 5 different groups of numbers on the board to quiz the children on
ordering rational numbers. Make sure they draw a number line to check
their answers.
a. Review number lines
b. Learn rational numbers
c. Participate in activity with the tape
d. Do a quick ordering quiz.

Closure: Now that you guys know what a rational number is, next we’re going to
learn how to add and subtract those rational numbers. Remember that decimals
can be placed on the number line too so we will practice those as well.

Evaluate: Five question quiz to assess students’ ability to recognize and apply the
relationships of the numbers on the number line in order to place them from least
to greatest.