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Date _______________________ Group ____________________ Section ______________________

Novice (0-3) Accomplished (4-7) Expert (8-10) SCORE
A. Laboratory Skills
1. Manipulative Members do not Members occasionally Members always 10 points
Skills demonstrate needed demonstrate needed demonstrate needed
skills. skills. skills.
2. Experimental Members are unable to Members are able to set Members are able to 10 points
Set-up set up the materials. up the materials with set up the materials
supervision. with minimum
3. Process Members do not Members occasionally Members always 10 points
Skills demonstrate targeted demonstrate targeted demonstrate targeted
process skills. process skills. process skills.
4. Oral Members are able to Members are able to Members are able to 10 points
Communication answer questions with answer questions with correctly answer all
many errors. few errors. the questions.
5. Safety Members do not follow Members follow safety Members follow 10 points
Precautions safety precautions. precautions most of the safety precautions at
times. all times.
B. Work Habits
6. Time Members do not finish Members finish on time Members finish 10 points
Management on time with with incomplete data. ahead of time with
incomplete data. complete data.
7. Preparedness Members do not bring Members bring only Members bring all 10 points
the required materials. some of the required the required
materials. materials.
8. Teamwork Members do not know Members are on task Members are on task 10 points
its task and have no and have defined and have defined
defined responsibilities most of responsibilities all
responsibilities. the time. the time.
9. Cleanliness Messy workplace Clean and orderly Clean and orderly 10 points
during and after the workplace with workplace at all
experiment. occasional mess during times during and
and after the after the experiment.
10.Ability to Members require Members require Members do not need 10 points
work supervision by the occasional supervision to be supervised by
independently teacher at all times. by the teacher. the teacher.