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ROE aa ee +In 1997 and 1998 several auto manufactures introduced a new type of OEM security system called an “Immoblizer”. Thisnew type of security system will not allow the vehicle to start unless a propery coded Ignition key is used. The key used in this system contains a transponder which holds the electronic circuitry to produce one of atilion possible codes. When the Ignition key isin close proximity to the ignition switch, (within two inches) the transponder becomes activated and sends a signal to an “Immobilizer” receiver mounted next to the ignition switch, The "Immobilizer receiver wilthen communicate with the Powertrain Control module or the Engine control module which, ithe Fight code is produced, will enable the fuel supply or igitian system allowing the vehicle to start and run propery. The only way to bypass this, system when remote starting s to introduce a coded signal o the Immoblizer’ receiver while te remote start is operating the igniton system in the vehiele, This can be done by acquiring an extra ignition key from the car dealer. The car dealer can cut and code the new Ignition key into the systems memory for use with the vehicle. Once an extra ignition key is obtained, you may interface with the system using the folowing steps and the diagram below. 1 Access the ignition switch by removing the shroud surrounding the steering column. 2. Wrap 18-24 guage wire atleast 5 times around the base of the extra Ignition key and secure tightly 3. Wrap the same 18-24 guage wire atleast times around he Ignition switch and secure tightly 4. Route both ends ofthe wir to pins #87 and #30 on your S.P.D.T. Relay. 5. Safely secure the extra Ignition key atleast one foot away rom the ignition switch, loniton Sten Anton. crn ats ses Tasca ne et pa oan” End View "OMEGA Disclains Any Responsibility or Liability In Connection With Ingallaion © Omega R & D, Ine. 2000,