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Clinton Township, MI 48038
Kelly Shock - Principal
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December 15, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

Miss Pecoraro completed her student teaching at Huron Elementary in the fall semester of 2017.
She has an excellent rapport with students, parents and staff. She feels confident in the classroom
situation, at staff meetings, parent conferences, and interacting socially with the staff. Miss Pecoraro
uses her sense of humor and gentle manner when dealing with the students. She looks for the best in
each student and considers how to help each one be successful.
Miss Pecoraro utilizes a variety of teaching styles to meet the needs of all students. She is aware of
student interactions and personalities and makes necessary adjustments in room arrangements to
improve classroom climate. She prepares teaching materials in advance and writes and follows
complete weekly plans. She is flexible enough to make adjustments in those plans when needed and
can flow with the spontaneity that often happens in an elementary classroom.
Miss Pecoraro creates an interesting and stimulating environment for learning. She uses her own
personal experiences in making instruction relevant to the students. She is knowledgeable in the
content that is being taught and is reasonable in her expectations of the abilities of the students. She
has used both large and small group instruction and recognizes when to give additional individual
help. She balances work with pleasure and gives the students plenty of opportunities for interacting
with each other.
Miss Pecoraro also maintains excellent records of students’ progress and develops appropriate and
authentic assessment procedures. She returns work quickly to students and gives more instruction
when necessary. She provides feedback to students and administers praise appropriately. If students
have difficulty grasping a concept, she can reorganize her plans to accommodate further instruction.
Miss Pecoraro paces her lessons to the needs and responses of the students.
Miss Pecoraro has a wonderful easy-going personality. She is comfortable in the classroom and
participates in extra curricular events. She relates easily to staff and administration. She is realistic
in evaluating her techniques and adapts well to unexpected changes. It is apparent in her performance
that she will be an excellent teacher and an asset to any teaching staff.


Dina Jablonski
Fifth Grade
Huron Elementary

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