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Task 1

APA Newspaper Reference

Below is an example of a correct APA reference for a newspaper article. DO what is being asked.

Hardy, Q. (2012, March 6). Intel’s new chip: A best defense in the cloud. The New York Times.
Retrieved from

1. Circle the author’s name.

2. Circle the date.
3. Circle the title.
4. What information is included in the date? ______________________________
5. What information is before and after the date? __________________________
6. Which part of the reference is in italics? _______________________________
7. What information is at the end of the reference? ________________________
8. Is the information for an in-text citation? Why / not? ______________________
9. Is this reference for a Bibliography? Why / not? ________________________
10. How many parts does this reference have? _______________________

Task 2

Identifying the 4 Parts

Identify the 4 parts of the APA references for the 2 newspaper articles below. Write on the table,

A.) (2012, January 22). Retrieved from Stringent standards come into effect in the
food sector. Zaman, S. Gulf News.

B.) The National. Retrieved from Malek, C. Europe approves camel milk. (2012, March 7).

Author Date Title Publication information (where?)



Task 4

Put the following citation information into a correct APA reference. Write your answer after the text.

Retrieved from http:///

Facebook loses privacy case in Europe.
Raice, S.
2012, March 6